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C3 well performance

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Production & Completion System

System analysis allows PE to both analyze production and design well completion.
(After Mach et al. 1979)

Production & Completion System
Production performance involves matching up the following three aspects:
(1)Inflow performance of formation fluid flow from formation to the wellbore.

(2)Vertical lift performance as the fluids flow up the tubing to surface.
(3)Choke or bean performance as the fluids flow through the restriction at

Pressure loss distribution.

Production & Completion System

Effect of skin on bottomhole pressure Pwf

Linear flow of liquid through rock


Flow Regimes

Flow Regimes - Comparison
Pressure profile at location r = ri


Steady-state Flow

Semisteady-state Flow

Unsteady-state Flow


Time to feel boundary
 Assumed well is completed in a circular reservoir with
drainage radius of re, then the time it takes for pressure
transient to reach the boundary is:


ct is the total system compressibility

IPR curves

Single-phase liquid flow



Single-phase gas flow



Single-phase gas flow



Gas PVT data

Gas Well Performance
 Rawlins and Schellhardt



Rawlins and Schellhardt analysis


Slope = 1/n

Gas flow rate qg

Gas Well Performance
 Houpeurt (non-Darcy flow effects)


Gas Well Performance
 Houpeurt (non-Darcy flow effects)

 Jones, Blount, and Glaze

Graph to determine a and b


Slope = b

Intercept = a

Gas flow rate qg

Oil Well Performance
 Vogel IPR


 Fetkovich



Oil Well Performance
 Jones, Blount, and Glaze (non-Darcy effects)


Oil Well Performance
 Vogel’s IPR for two-phase flow



Determination of J
 J is determination depends on the flowing bottom-hole
pressure of the test point


Wellbore Flow Performance
 Pressure drop in the wellbore

Kinetic energy correction factor

For most practical applications, assume W = 0, a = 1

Work done

Irreversible energy losses


Pressure drop in pipe
 Pressure drop for any fluid at any pipe inclination:

Flow Through Chokes
 Wellhead choke controls the surface pressure and production rate

from a well
 Chokes usually are selected so the fluctuations in the line pressure
downstream of the choke have no effect on the production rate

 Flow through the choke at critical flow conditions.
 The flow rate is a function of upstream or tubing pressure only
(downstream pressure must be approx. 0.55 or less of the tubing


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