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Commingled Well Model (CWM)

Commingled Well Model (CWM)
Software for modelling the behaviour of Commingled Gas Wells

Well Test Knowledge International

Our Commingled Well Model is the result of many
years of experience in well analysis. This package will
be a powerful tool for anyone attempting to understand commingled well flow.

Commingled Wells Behave Differently
Uncertain GIIP distribution
Differential depletion
Zone rates varying with time
Composition varying with time
Non-uniform velocity profile
Difficult allocation problem

The CWM features:

Unlimited layers
Individual layer inflow calculations

Zone-by-zone material balance
2-phase wellbore pressure loss calculations
Unlimited timesteps

ommingled Well Model

Predict crossflow
Plan commingled completions
Track compositional variations
Manage zonal allocation
Compute individual layer volumes by matching PL
or DTS results

Available under licence to registered users;
detailed help and product support included.
Training courses are also available.
For further information and product support
contact cwm@wtki.com.au or visit our website

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