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1.Would you like + Vinf …..?
2. Would you mind + V-ing….?
Would you mind if + clause (not true)
3. You had better + V- inf
- would rather + Vinf ….(than)
- prefer to inf => prefer sth to sth
4. too + adj + for O + to inf
5. adj+enough +for O + to inf
6. so +adj+ that + clause
- such (a/an) ….N + that + clause
7. It’s + adj+ to inf
* have a chance + to inf
8. I know + Noun Clause (Wh-w + S+V..)
9. Comparison of adjective.
- as + adj + as => not so/as +adj+as..
- better +than => more + adj +than
- the tallest in many => The most +adj
10. advice/ tell/ ask/ request + sb + to inf
- have/ beg + sb+ Vinf
11. Wish – present=> S+ V-ed/ V2 (be = WERE)

- past => S+ had +PP…
- future => S +would + Vinf >< S + hope + will+Vinf
12. Unless = If not
13. That is the first time + past clause => S + present perfect + since/ for + time
14. If only S+ would Vinf => If only you would stop complaining!
15. Tag-question: I am a teacher, aren’t I?
You’re listening to me, are you?
16. so am I/ so do I = I am, too/ I do,too.
- I am not either/ I don’t either = Neither am I / Neither do I .
17. not only…but also…as well
18. One of + plural noun
19. all of us = almost us
20. keep + V-ing = continue to inf
21. used to + V inf (habit in the past)
=> am/is/are +used to +V-ing (habit in the present)
22. Make sb +to inf
She laughed because of the clowns => The clowns made her laugh.
23. Would you go to London if you could? => I would If I could, but I don’t think I
If I could = If I were able to.
24. go + V-ing
25. Relative Adverbs Where, When
- Teacher’s day when students show their gratitude to their teachers.
- Mother’s day when children show their love to their mothers.
- Viet Nam where we were born
- Hoa Thinh where I was born is a smaal village.
26. Call/ choose/ consider/ select + O+ CO (complement object)
- We choose Nam the monitor.
- We call him Tommy.
27. Miêu tả sự vật ngày càng phát triển.
- The river gets bigger and bigger
- The girl becomes more and more intelligent.
28. The direct speech and reported speech.
- Mary said, “I will come back this department store tomorrow”
=> Mary said that she would come back that department store the following day.
- Mary said to me, “I will come back this department store tomorrow”
=> Mary told me that she would come back that department store the following day.
Question: - “what is your name?” the teacher asked me
=>The teacher asked (me)what my name was.
Note: She said, “Are you thirsty, Mary?”
 She asked Mary if (whether) she was thirsty.
1. Change in tense
Direct speech Reported speech
Present simple past simple
Present Progressive past Progressive
Future simple would + verb
Can/ may could/ might
2. Change in adverbs and articles
this → that
these → those
here → there
now → then
tomorrow → the following day
today → that day
Direct speech Reported speech
Present simple
… progressive
Future simple
can/ may
must had to
needn’t didn’t have to
II. Reported questions:
→ Yes/ No questions (if/ whether )
S + asked ( O)
Wanted to know + If/ whether +
Wondered S + V
adj + er and +adj + er
more and more +adj
yesterday → the day before…
Example 1:
S1: Do you like pop music?
S2: She asked me if/ whether I
liked pop music.
Example 2:
S1: Where do you live?
S2: She asked me where I lived.
29. Have/ beg (passive)
- S + have + sth+ passive…
30 It is said that = People say that
31. Compare: (hai sự vật ngày càng phát triển song song)
Short adj:
Long adj:
32. V + preposition
be amazed at / be amused at/ be delighted at/ be interested in/
take part in/
Take care of = look after
be bored with/ be fed up with/ be tired of/ tell sb about st/
get rid of/ give up/ depend on/ be different from/
explain st to sb/ agree with sb/ be in a hurry/ be helpful in/
be strict with/ be famous for
be coved with/ be bored with/ be fed up with/ be tired of/
be necessary for/ be afraid of/ be similar with/ be pleased with/
be angry with/ be in trouble/ be satisfied with/ be surprised at/
be worried about
Worry about/ call for/ write to sb/ belong to/ be married to sb/
take over/queue up = line up
put on= Wear
The adj +er + S+ V, The adj +er + S+ V
The more +adj + S+ V, The more +adj + S+ V

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