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m acca canada orientation guide

ACCA Canada

There are over 1,900 ACCA members and affiliates and over 800 ACCA students in Canada presently. Many
ACCA members are employed across Canada in public accounting firms such as KPMG, Ernst & Young, Deloitte
and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Others are employed in various other industries, including government agencies,
Human Resources and recruiting, manufacturing, oil & gas, etc.
ACCA Canada is engaged in a number of initiatives designed to raise awareness of ACCA with the business
community, such as a high profile conferences, articles and advertisements in major business magazines and
newspapers, and Sustainability Reporting Awards. Other ACCA members in Canada are also very supportive of
new members arriving to Canada so prospects for ACCAs are improving.
While the ACCA designation does not have statutory recognition in Canada for the practice of public accounting,
opportunities exist in various industry sectors, public practice and government agencies. Members will need to
demonstrate their skills and training to Canadian employers and recruiters, and be prepared to promote
awareness of the quality of the ACCA designation. For convenience, summary information about the standard of
the ACCA qualification is provided below.
ACCA is governed by the regulations of the UK Companies Act which state that the final level of the examinations

must be at least equivalent to a three year UK degree. Completion of Parts 1 and 2 of the syllabus provides the
option for students to apply for a BSc in Applied Accounting awarded by Oxford Brookes University. The Part 3
examinations are comparable to that required in the final examination of a UK Masters degree.
Should you have further questions concerning the ACCA program, please contact ACCA's global customer service
centre or ACCA Canada office:

ACCA Connect
2 Central Quay
89 Hydepark Street

ACCA Canada
55 St. Clair Ave. West
Suite 255

Glasgow G3 8BW
United Kingdom
Tel: 011 44 141 582 2000
Fax: 011 44 141 582 2222
E-mail: info@accaglobal.com

Toronto, ON M4V 2Y7
Tel: 416 966 2225
Fax: 416 967 6320
E-mail: info@ca.accaglobal.com

This guide has been produced by ACCA Canada office. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this booklet is accurate
and up to date at the time of publication. ACCA accepts no liability for inconvenience or loss caused by the publication of any out of date or
inaccurate information, January 2010.

On arrival in Canada we suggest that you:
1. Contact ACCA Connect to update your mailing and employment details. Alternatively, you can do this
yourself through the ACCA website and your MyACCA login. If you do not update your details, you will
not receive correspondence from the Canadian office, as well as newsletters and information about
various activities and events in Canada.
2. Apply for your SIN (Social Insurance Number) number and apply for the GST (Goods and Services Tax)
rebate – request the forms for new immigrants for both of these from the Canada Revenue Agency.
3. Apply for child tax benefits if applicable. The form is available from the Canada Revenue Agency.

4. Apply for your driving licence.
5. Open a Canadian bank account.
6. Prepare your resume (CV) in Canadian format (see examples at the back of this guide).
7. Prepare your portfolio showing references from various sources i.e. bank and character references as well
as those referring to previous employment.
8. Be prepared to take any reasonable job offered to get some initial experience in the Canadian workplace.
9. Consider taking a part-time job or contract work until you are established here. The Canadian job market
is actually far more geared to this kind of employment in the 21st century, even for all levels of senior
financial management and members should be prepared to adapt, if necessary, to this job market.
10. Utilize some of the resources not-for-profit agencies and employers have been developing to assist ‘New
Canadians’ to find their way more easily into the workforce and build up the contacts and network they
need, for example, job preparation programs, mentoring, internships, and volunteer board positions with
registered charities and voluntary work placements.
11. Obtain an evaluation of your qualifications by World Education Services or other Canadian institutions
such as CGA-Canada (Certified General Accountants of Canada).
It is very important that you keep your thoughts on the positive side while settling in Canada. A positive attitude
will be evident to the people you meet with and will go a long way to helping to secure employment.
Profiles and Contact Information for the ACCA Canada Committee, including representatives in the different parts
of Canada are given on the ACCA Canada Website under ‘About ACCA Canada’ and ‘ACCA Canada Board of
Through various profile-building activities ACCA Canada has raised the awareness of the ACCA designation with
many Canadian employers in order to assist members and students in finding employment with these
organizations in Canada. Listed below are the Canadian Approved and Linked Employers. However, your search
for employment need not be limited to this list.

These organizations have been approved by ACCA to cover members’ Continuing Professional Development
(CPD) requirements through their learning and development systems. Members can complete their ACCA Realise
requirements automatically as employees of these organizations in Canada.
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) is one of the major Canadian banks and posts many of its
accounting and finance or senior financial management positions as open to ACCAs: www.cibc.com.
Ernst & Young LLP is a Big Four accounting firm who have posted jobs in the national press including ACCA as
one of the designations that they are looking for from candidates. The firm has recently obtained its Approved
Employer status in support of the Continuing Professional Development of ACCA members for all its Canadian
operations: www.ey.com.
OMERS (Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System) is a leading public sector employees pension fund
with extensive operations and ownership of other enterprises in Ontario, Canada and globally. They became an
Approved Employer for CPD with ACCA in September 2007. www.omers.com.
The Bank of Montreal (BMO Financial Group) is a major Canadian Bank. www.bmo.com.
UBS Global is a premier global financial services firm offering wealth management, investment banking, asset













Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a technology solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions globally. They
have global accreditation as an Approved Employer with ACCA for the training and development they provide
their staff: www.hp.com.
Other global Approved Employers for CPD purposes with significant operations in Canada include:
American Express
General Electric
HSBC (www.hsbc.ca; jobs@hsbc.ca),
IBM Worldwide Accounting
The Proctor & Gamble Company
Thompson Reuters
Standard Life
There are also a number of firms in the process of applying for approval and who have conditional approval with
ACCA until this process is finalized. If you are employed by one of these firms then you might expect your CPD
will be covered under their learning and development systems in due course and announcements should be made

within the firm, at that juncture.
KPMG LLP is one of the Big Four Accounting firms with offices across Canada. www.kpmg.ca. For job
opportunities please visit their Careers section at www.kpmg.ca/en/careers.
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) LLP is one of the Big Four accounting firms www.pwc.com/ca/en. For job
opportunities please visit their Careers section at www.pwc.com/ca/en/careers.
Schwartz Levitsky Feldman LLP is one of the largest accounting firm in Canada with offices in Toronto, Montreal
and Ottawa, the firm has applied for Approved Employer. For job opportunities please contact hr@slf.ca.
Schwartz Levitsky Feldman LLP is also a member of HLB International - a worldwide network of independent
professional accounting firms and business advisors www.hlbi.com.
Scotiabank is one of North America's leading financial institutions and Canada's most international bank. The
bank is in the process of extending this approval to all its global operations. www.scotiabank.com.

Canadian Tire is one of Canada's 35 largest publicly traded companies and operates an inter-related network of
businesses engaged in retailing (hardgoods, apparel and petroleum) and services (financial and automotive).
Direct Energy is a leading North American supplier of energy and related services for residential and business
customers; a subsidiary of a major UK energy company (Centrica). To view their current employment
opportunities please visit: www.directyourenergy.ca.
Alcan is the world’s second largest producer of primary aluminum and a predominant global producer of valueadded engineered products in aerospace, automotive and beverage cans. Headquartered in Montreal:
City of London, Ontario is a city of 350,000 people about two hours to the west of Toronto. London is regarded
as a superior place to live and the City is actively interested in recruiting financial staff for its operations.
Interested members should check the City’s website, www.london.ca or contact Tina Tewkesbury in the Human
Resources department, ttewkesb@london.ca.
Dell Canada. Dell are a leading technology provider who are an Approved Employer with ACCA in Ireland and the
UK. www.dell.ca/toronto.
DHL Express Canada. Global organization with over 30 years of international experience, domestic coverage to
every postal code in Canada and worldwide coverage to over 220 countries. www.dhl.com. You can send your
resume to resume.ca@dhl.com.

Other Canadian organizations that are familiar with the ACCA designation and have recruited or have ACCAs on
their staff, and who you may wish to contact or peruse the websites of, for suitable jobs opportunities, include:

ABC Group

EPI Environmental Products Inc., Vancouver


Esso Resources Canada Ltd., Calgary

AccPac International Inc.

EthicScan Canada

Agricore United, Winnipeg

Executive Risk Services Limited

Agrium, Calgary

Export Development Corporation


Fairchild Radio Group Ltd., Vancouver and Toronto

Assante Financial Management

Falconbridge Ltd.

ATI Technologies

Federal Express of Canada

Aventis Pasteur Ltd.

Fern Mist Enterprises Ltd.

Bell Canada, Vancouver

FNF Canada Company

Benjamin Moore & Co Limited

Financial Institutions Commission, Vancouver

BlueCat Networks Inc.

Gerling Global Reinsurance Company

Brookfield Residential Services Ltd


Canadian Business for Social Responsibility (CBSR)

Goldfarb Shulman Patel & Co.

City of Vancouver

Grand & Toy, Montreal

Canada Mortgage & Housing Corporation

Grant Thornton, Vancouver

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board

Hakim Optical

Canada Revenue Agency

Hattin Moses Sugarman & Co


Hays Personnel

Cellex Power Products Inc

Hudsons Bay Company

Centennial College

Hydro One

CIBC World Markets

Imax Corporation

Cigna Life Insurance Company of Canada


Cirque du Soleil

ING Canada

City of Mississauga www.mycitycareer.ca

International Financial Data Services

City of Toronto

Investors Group, Markham, Calgary, Edmonton

Coats & Clark Canada

Kellogg Company www.kelloggs.ca/career


Kingsway College

Colliers Macaulay Nicolls Inc., Vancouver

Kingsway General Insurance

Community Living British Columbia

Lipton Wiseman Altbaum & Partners

Conseil Scolaire De District Catholique Centre Sud

Little Mountain Residential Care & Housing Society,

Domtar, Montreal


Doubleday Canada Limited

Loccitane En Provence

Duke Energy

Malaspina University College, Nanaimo

Dyadem International

Manulife Financial

Encore Cruises

Maple Leaf Foods

Enerflex Systems Ltd., Calgary

Marsh Canada Ltd

EPCOR, Edmonton

Mintz & Partners

Moore Stephens Cooper Molyneux LLP


Morguard Investments Ltd

St. Lawrence Cement

MRS Group of Companies

State Street

Nestle Canada

Stikeman Elliott LLP, Vancouver

Nexen Inc., Calgary

Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada

Oilexco, Calgary

Suncor Energy, Calgary

Ontario Management Board

Sunnybrook & Women's College Health Sciences

Secretariat www.gojobs.gov.on.ca


Ontario March of Dimes,

Syncrude Canada Ltd

Ontario Ministry of Finance, www.gojobs.gov.on.ca

T & T Supermarket Inc., Richmond BC

Ontario New Home Warranty Program

TD Bank Financial Group

Organon Canada Ltd

The Bank Of East Asia (Canada)

Petro Canada, Calgary

The Canadian National Institute for the Blind

Phillips Petroleum, Calgary

The Great West Life Assurance Company

Potash, Saskatoon

The Nature Conservancy of Canada

Prime Management Group

The Sacks Partnership

Radian Communication Service

The TDL Group Ltd.

Robert Half Management Resources

Toronto Police Service

Rogers Communications Inc.

Toronto Public Library

Rosenberg Smith and Partners

Toyota Tsusho Canada, Inc., Cambridge Ontario

Royal & Sunalliance Insurance Co

TransCanada Turbines Ltd., Calgary

Royal Bank of Canada (RBC Financial)

Truster Zweig LLP, Richmond BC

Royal Canadian Mint, Ottawa

Turner Moore LLP

SB Partners

Twentieth Century Fox/Incendo TV Distribution Inc.

Sears Canada Inc

University of British Columbia

Shoppers Drug Mart

Van Houtte Coffee Services

Sing Tao (Canada) Ltd., Vancouver



William F White Ltd

Smucker Foods of Canada Co.

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board

Networking is very important in Canada. Try to build up your networking group through student and member
contacts, social engagements and other groups, particularly professional, with which you may become involved.
ACCA Canada events are listed here. Please also see the article ‘Networking Your Way to the Top’ after the
sample resumes at the end of this guide.
The government and large Canadian employers have become aware of the difficulties new immigrants to Canada
face and the need for the Canadian economy to integrate these new Canadians rapidly into the workforce. As a
result, many resources have been developed, especially in Toronto, to assist foreign-trained professionals.
Job Preparation Programs
The first thing new Canadians need to do is attend and complete a Job Preparation Program to give them the job
search and other related skills to be able to properly look for and find suitable positions in their local economy.
These programs are usually government or community agency funded and available through Human Resources
and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) and can be found on their website http://www.hrsdc.gc.ca/eng under
Policies and Programs.
There are a number of organizations in the Greater Vancouver Area as well that work with skilled immigrants to
help them integrate into the labour market with services that have been developed to meet the local labour
market needs. One of the organizations is Immigration Employment Council of BC www.iecbc.ca.
Here are some of the pitfalls that may stand in your way of obtaining employment:
Top 10 Things that Might be Holding You Back from Landing Your Dream Job…

Don’t let your parents get too involved with your job search – your parents can definitely offer you some

great job searching advice and even give you some great contacts for networking but don’t let your parents hand
out your resumes for you.

Don’t use the same resume for every job application – think of your resume as a sales and marketing

tool and tailor it accordingly to the audience.

Don’t think the job will find you rather than you finding the job – start creating a path to your desired

position rather than waiting for one to appear.

Ineffective use of networking – networking can be extremely valuable, think of the 6 degrees of

separation and how you can use that to your advantage.

Expectations are too high for the position you are looking for – don't expect to start at the top, or even

the middle. You have to prove yourself from the ground up.

Don’t work on a job search in-between going to the beach and the gym – treat your job search as a full

time job.

Looking for jobs rather than looking for companies – when you pursue a job you are actually setting

yourself up for a series of opportunities within that company. If you have a company that you really want to work
for, contact them periodically to find out whether they are hiring or not.


Not tapping into the ‘hidden job market’ – you may be uncomfortable at first but alumni associations,

professional associations, meetings and events, conferences and trade shows, member directories, etc. could also
be of great value to your job search.

Neglecting to apply for volunteer positions – volunteering is a great way to expand your network and

gain industry experience.

Be optimistic!

New Canadian Job Fairs
These are offered all across Canada by the North American Strategizing Institute. They feature many employers
who are looking for a diversified workforce and recognize the potential that internationally-trained professionals
bring to Canada and its businesses. You can find out about upcoming ones and locations from their website:
You may also want to check out some of the job banks:
Job Bank is a governemnt of Canada website, which not only offers services to job seekers and employers, but
also provides information on Canadian labour standards and labour market. www.jobbank.gc.ca.
TorontoJobs.ca is a job search website www.TorontoJobs.ca, and a full-service recruitment firm. It provides
services to both job seekers and employers within the Greater Toronto Area.
Monster.ca is a job search website, which will also help you put together your resume and cover letter, as well as
provide career advices. www.monster.ca.
Workopolis.com is a job search website, which contains jobs from various industries. www.workopolis.com.
Jobs.ca is a job search website, which also connects job applicants and employers. www.jobs.ca.
Internships and Mentoring
The Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council (TRIEC) is a multi-stakeholder council that is working to
improve access to employment for immigrants in the Toronto region, to utilize the skills, education and
experience brought to Canada: http://www.triec.ca/. From this site you can contact two other primary resources:
Career Bridge creates paid internship opportunities with employers that are committed to providing relevant work
experience to professional-level newcomers www.careerbridge.ca.
The Mentoring Partnership matches skilled immigrants with established professionals who share the same
occupation. ACCA Canada is a corporate partner of TRIEC and The Mentoring Partnership and has also utilized
this program to assist us in running our own mentoring program for members in Canada. Members who have
established themselves in Canada can satisfy their CPD requirements by mentoring more junior ACCA members.
Members who are new Canadians can gain help from this program so they are better able to use the skills,
education and experience they bring with them to Canada. www.thementoringpartnership.com.
Mentees need to meet specific screening requirements and to have completed a Job Preparation Program as
detailed above to qualify. Please see the Mentoring Partnership website for more information on this program.

Candidates who do not meet program criteria may nevertheless be eligible for an online mentoring program called
Canada Info net which can be accessed at: www.canadainfonet.org. CanadaInfoNet provides mentoring,
resources, and forums that assist skilled, experienced, and expert professionals and business and trades people
who are new to Canada, or are considering immigrating to Canada.
There are also a number of organizations in the Greater Vancouver Area that work with skilled immigrants to help
them integrate into the labour market with services that have been developed to meet the local labour market
needs. Here is a website that is very useful for identifying community resources and programs:
Other Co-Op Opportunities
North American College provides mentoring, experience and exposure to the preparation of financial statements
in Canada, operating a Canadian Experience Reference Building program. www.nacollege.com.
Many members also actively assist newer members and new immigrants to Canada. You will have a chance to
meet them at ACCA Canada events. You should also send a copy of your resume in Canadian format to the ACCA
Canada office in case members provide the office with information on openings with their organizations.
Members and students can find Canadian jobs posted on the global website www.accaglobal.com by loging into
their MyACCA account from the top bar.
Visit the public libraries and make use of trade publications, such as Scott’s Industrial Directory and The
Commercial Trade Directory. These will include the names of all companies in any given area. These publications
can be a very useful aid in the search for job. You can obtain details of contacts within organizations (targeting
those sectors in which you have previous experience) and then ‘cold call’ to see if they have any openings. Door
to door job searches can be very effective and impress prospective employers.
A recruiting firm matches companies with people seeking temporary or full-time employment. A recruiter presents
positions to candidates based on the specific requirement that a client company has; and how that requirement
matches a candidate's skill set.
Be sure to invest some time in screening firms to make sure you select the best partner for your job search.
Identify firms that meet your needs based on the information you have, and develop questions to ask
representatives at each firm. To maximize the benefits of your relationship with a recruiter, be proactive by
contacting them regularly to keep them informed of your job search and to learn of positions they are working on.
Robert Half Canada


David Aplin Recruiting






Global Recruitment Solutions Canada




Canada has two national newspapers and hundreds of local newspapers. The Globe and Mail runs
advertisements every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Their website address is www.theglobeandmail.ca. The












www.nationalpost.com. You may also want to check out local newspapers: Toronto Star, Toronto Sun, Calgary
Herald, Edmonton Journal, Montreal Gazette, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun and others.
A Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) exists between ACCA and the Certified General Accountants of Canada
(CGA-Canada) allowing reciprocal membership if a member has completed the required local tax and law
courses. There are also opportunities to obtain further related financial qualifications lke CIA, CFE or ACFI which
can assist ACCAs to develop their careers in particular specialist areas. Some ACCA members also pursue other
recognized Canadian designations like CA or CMA. Listed below are further information on these.

Certified General Accountants Association of Canada (CGA)
700-1188 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6E 4A2
Tel: 604-669-3555
Fax: 604-689-5845
Website: www.cga-canada.org
E-mail: public@cga-canada.org
This MRA strengthens the already excellent relationship between the two bodies and provides a route for
qualified members of either body to become a member of the other body, and to enjoy the benefits which both
organisations can offer, which include increased international recognition and improved professional mobility.
Central to the agreement is the requirement that, in order to gain membership of each body, members of both
bodies must successfully complete an overview course in Canadian/UK tax and law, approved by both ACCA and
CGA-Canada. The CGA-Canada course is now available online, thereby allowing ACCA members to commence
the application process to become members of CGA-Canada.
Please note that:

Members of both bodies who apply under the terms of this agreement will be required to maintain
membership of their original designation;

The MRA does not convey practice rights; members of both bodies wishing to obtain a practising
certificate for general public practice or audit work from either ACCA or CGA-Canada will have to meet
the additional requirements specified by each body.

CGAs wishing to apply for membership of ACCA should use the application form in the 'Related documents' area
on this page. ACCA members can obtain the relevant CGA application form directly from CGA-Canada by using
the link on the side of this page.
Details on Overview of Tax and Law Course
If you are not exempt from taking this course, please complete the online course ‘Overview of Canadian Tax and
Law’ on CGA-Canada’s website as follows:
Go to PD Net at https://www.cga-pdnet.org and click the ‘Register Now’ button. Complete the online registration
form and ensure that ALL fields marked with * are completed as they are mandatory. (Be sure to confirm that
you are not a CGA or student).
Once you have completed the registration process you can access the course for purchase.
Click on ‘Professional Development’ then select ‘Online Courses’ (under ‘Filter by Type’). Click on the title of the
course or access the course by typing ‘Overview of Canadian Tax and Law’ into the ‘Search’ function. This will
bring you to the course description page where the course can be purchased by clicking on the ‘Buy now’ button.
When you successfully achieve pass marks of 70% for each of the quizzes, print your Certificate of Completion.
CGA Degree Requirement
CGA also requires members to have a degree. Members who have completed the BSc in Applied Accounting
through the ACCA-Oxford Brookes partnership will satisfy this requirement.
ACCA members need to be aware that, per UK university matriculation requirements, it is not possible for the
ACCA members to go back once complete on their ACCA and obtain the Oxford-Brookes degree, you would have
to be enrolled whilst taking your ACCA exams to qualify for the degree programme.
If you do not qualify for the Oxford-Brookes BSc in Applied Accounting, there are a range of options, should you
wish to fulfill the MRA requirement in order to obtain a CGA designation, to assist you with your career in Canada
and internationally:
 Depending on the stage of your career you may wish to consider obtaining an MBA or other Masters degree to
further your career in this direction. Here is the link to the on-line MBA ACCA offers in partnership with Oxford
Brookes http://www.accaglobal.com/oxiif/home.
 ACCA also offers an opportunity for ACCA Part 3 students, affiliates and members to can gain a fast-track
entry through free-of-charge credit transfer and exemption when they matriculate for an MSc in Financial

Management offered by Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University. The MSc offers specialist study
in the areas of corporate finance, investments and risk management and is available on-line. Further
information on the programme can be found by visiting www.ebsglobal.net.
 The Open University in the UK grants significant credit to ACCAs and it's possible to get a bachelors degree
with only a year's full time study. This may not be a very good option for those members already in Canada,
but may be an option for UK-based ACCAs without a degree who are contemplating migration to Canada and
would like to meet the CGA MRA or other requirements for a degree: http://www3.open.ac.uk/credittransfer/professional/award000472_4_BD.shtm
 Members applying for CGA membership through the MRA will be qualified to take the Bachelor’s programme
offered by CGA Canada through Laurentian University, Athabasca University and Southern Alberta Institute of
Technology (SAIT). Further details can be obtained from the CGA Canada website www.cga-canada.org.
 Similar programmes may also be offered by other local community colleges and universities. You should
check with Conestoga College who offer programmes through the University of Windsor and Seneca College in
Toronto that now offers degree programmes.

Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA)
173 Homewood Avenue
Willowdale, Ontario M2M 1K4
Tel: 416-223-5326
E-mail: iia@homewoodave.com
Website: http://www.theiia.org/index.cfm?doc_id=5136
ACCA Exemption Information: http://www.theiia.org/index.cfm?doc_id=82
ACCA now has an agreement in place with IIA, ACCA is moving towards the global implementation of this
partnership and does recognize the IIA’s leadership in establishing professional standards for internal audit. In
Canada the IIA has over 3,000 members. ACCA members can complete a Certificate in Internal Audit (CIA) by
passing three examinations, as this body grants part-exemptions from the CIA program to ACCAs.
Canadian employers realize you have top-level finance and accounting skills once you have a CIA and an
accounting qualification, and would not tend to be concerned that your accounting qualification is not a local
Canadian one, once you have a CIA as well. For more information on the CIA program please go to their website.
Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE)
3266 Yonge Street Box 1408
Toronto, Ontario M4N 3P6
Tel: 416-480-9475
Fax: 416-480-1813
Email: acfe.toronto@sympatico.ca
Website: www.acfetoronto.com

This qualification in combination with an accountancy qualification also holds good weight with Canadian
employers. ACCA members need to become associate members of ACFE, submit a certification application and

pass the CFE Examination - a self-administered, Windows-based program that tests your knowledge and
expertise in the four primary areas of fraud investigation: Fraudulent Financial Transactions, Legal Elements of
Fraud, Fraud Investigation, and Criminology and Ethics. For more information on the program please go to their

Association of Canadian Forensic Investigators
81 Chaplin Cres.
Toronto, Ontario M5P 1A4
Tel: 416-226-3018
Toll-free tel: 1-877-552-5585
Fax: 416-482-3363
Email: info@acfi.ca
Website: www.acfi.ca
The ACFI is a non-profit Canadian organization whose objective is to promote and foster a national forum and
governing body for the affiliation of professionals who offer to the public, governments and employers, their
expertise in the areas of fraud prevention, detection and investigation.

The Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants (CICA)
277 Wellington Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 3H2
Tel: 416-977-3222
Fax: 416-977-8585
Contact CICA: click here
Website: www.cica.ca
Despite giving reciprocity to the ICAEW who have exactly the same standing as ACCA in the UK, the CICA seeks
to discriminate against ACCA members and treats the ACCA designation as a starting point for their program,
giving exemptions from 16 of the 17 pre-requisite university programs but not from their accountancy program.
You would also have to complete 30 months of training in a Chartered Accounting firm in order to become a
member. This policy is well-outlined on the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ontario website,
www.icao.on.ca under, ‘Become a CA’ and then ‘Foreign-trained Accountants’ and the fact sheets listed there.
We also know that in Alberta, CA students go through the, so called, CASB program which consists of 7 modules
and a unified final exam (UFE). ACCA members who have an ACCA practising certificate can get an exemption
from all modules except for module 7, which is preparation for the UFE. After passing module 7, CA students
only have to take the UFE. Members with a practising certificate may wish to investigate whether similar
provisions exist with their provincial CA body. Information on ACCA Practising Certificates is available here:

Certified Management Accountants of Canada (CMA)
Mississauga Executive Centre
One Robert Speck Parkway, Suite 1400
Mississauga, Ontario L4Z 3M3
Tel: 905-949-4200
Toll-free: 1-800-263-7622
Fax: 905-949-0038
Website: www.cma-canada.org
The Certified Management Accountants are generally considering Canadian university credits for entry into their
program and do not give any exemptions to internationally-trained accountants.

Canadian Institute of Management
15 Collier Street, Lower Level
Barrie, Ontario L4M 1G5
Phone: 705-725-8926
Toll free: 1-800-387-5774
Fax: 705-725-8196
Email: office@cim.ca
Website: www.cim.ca
ACCA members would satisfy entry requirements for CIM Professional Manager Designation (P.Mgr.). For more
details please visit their website.
Masters Degree Programs
The University of Windsor recognizes the ACCA qualification for entry into its Executive MBA programme. For
further information on their programs please go to their website, www.uwindsor.ca/business or contact Associate
Dean, Academic Operations, Dr. Diana Kao, kao@uwindsor.ca.
Athabasca University, ACCA qualification has also been approved as a designation with which to apply for entry
into Executive MBA program along with five years of progressive management experience. For more information
please visit http://www.mba.athabascau.ca/.
ACCA also offers an online MBA in partnership with Oxford Brookes University in the UK. Full details on this
program can be found here: http://www.accaglobal.com/oxiif/home.
ACCA also offers an opportunity for ACCA Part 3 students, affiliates and members to can gain a fast-track entry
through free-of-charge credit transfer and exemption when they matriculate for an MSc in Financial Management
offered by Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University. The MSc offers specialist study in the areas of
corporate finance, investments and risk management and is available on-line. Further information on the program
can be found by visiting www.ebsglobal.net.

Students studying for ACCA in Canada do so by self study, utilize the website resources on the ACCA global
website or purchase correspondence courses as advertised in student accountant magazine. Recently some
universities and colleges have also begun providing face-to-face tuition in ACCA courses or courses that can be
equivalent to this as detailed below. Examinations can be sat in examination centres across Canada. Please note
that all required textbooks can only be obtained through the UK (www.bpp.com; www.foulkslynch.com,
The Odette School of Business, University of Windsor, is registered under the ACCA University and Colleges
Registration Scheme (UCRS) and by studying their BCom and Masters of International Finance programmes one
can gain exemption from Parts 1 and 2 of the ACCA Professional Scheme. For further information on their
programmes see their website, www.uwindsor.ca/business.
Dorset College located at 1885 West Broadway in Vancouver, BC is looking into the possibility of becoming a
tuition provider for ACCA students on the West Coast. Finalized details have not been determined at this stage
but interested students can always contact the College directly or check their website to determine the latest
developments in this regard:
Tel: 604-879-8686
Web: www.dorsetcollege.bc.ca
There are also a number of university and college programs in Canada that can offer a range of exemptions from
ACCA exams and enable students to advance well in the ACCA program by attending their degree or diploma
courses. These include:
Athabasca University, Bachelor of Commerce (all Fundamental Level papers except F7); Diploma, F2 & F3.
Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Bachelor of Commerce, F1 – F3.
Columbia College, Diploma in Accounting and Finance Management (all Fundamental Level papers except F7).
Concordia University, Bachelor of Commerce (F1 – F4).
McGill University, Diploma in Management (F1).
Mount Saint Vincent University, Bachelor of Business Administration (F1 – F4).
Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Bachelor of Commerce (F1 – F4).
Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Diploma in Accounting, six semesters (F1 – F4). Note: Seneca
also has a Graduate, Bachelor of Applied Business in International Accounting and Finance currently under
review for further possible exemptions.
St. Francis Xavier University, Bachelor of Business Administration (F1 – F4).
St. Mary’s University, Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting (F1 – F6, & F9).
University College of Cariboo, Bachelor of Business Administration (all Fundamental Level papers except F7).
University of Alberta, Bachelor of Commerce (F1 – F4).
University of Lethbridge, Bachelor of Management (F1 – F4).
University of Manitoba, Bachelor of Commerce (F1 – F4); Masters of Accountancy (F1 – F4).
University of Saskatchewan, Bachelor of Commerce (accounting major F1 – F5 & F9; other majors F1 – F4).

ACCA Canada organizes student meetings and study facilitators who can give assistance to ACCA students
studying in Canada. These meetings are usually being held before examinations sessions and can assist students
to network, find what resources exist to assist them with their studies in Canada, find study buddies and/or
develop study groups for themselves.
Textbooks should be ordered from the usual suppliers, as advertised in Student Accountant, including:
Foulks Lynch (ACCA approved publisher)
4 Griffin Centre, Staines Road
Feltham, Middlesex, TW14 0HS United Kingdom
tel: + 44 (0) 11 8989 0629
e-mail: sales@ewfl-global.com
web: www.foulkslynch.com
Kaplan Publishing (ACCA approved publisher)
Kaplan Financial Flexible Learning
West Gate, 6 Grace Street, Leeds LS1 2RP United Kingdom
Phone: +44 (0) 113 200 6375
Fax: +44 (0) 113 243 0133
Email: flexiblelearning@kaplan.co.uk
web: www.kaplanpublishing.co.uk
BPP Publishing Limited
142-144 Uxbridge Road
Shepherd's Bush Green
London, W12 8AA United Kingdom
tel: +44 (0) 20 8740 2222
fax: +44 (0) 20 8740 2240
e-mail: reception@bpp.com
web: www.bpp.com
Some students have bought textbooks from www.amazon.co.uk and found this to be slightly cheaper than
ordering direct from the publisher. Also Canadian students occasionally have textbooks to sell, in which case you
will receive an e-mail from ACCA Canada notifying you of which secondhand textbooks are being sold.
Currently, Stouffville College also has textbooks available for most ACCA courses. For further information on this
contact the college directly: 416-850-3030 or info@stouffvillecollege.ca.
The Canada office does not have staff that are familiar enough with all the details of the new Qualification
syllabus or the previous Professional Scheme syllabus in order to be able to determine the suitability of former
textbooks for the new Qualification examinations.

Students are sent out an exam entry form and exam centre list just after the results are sent out each session.
The student must then select which of the options for exams they want to take; they must also choose which
centre they want to sit at from the list. If there is no centre near them on the list, then they can make a written
request for a special centre in their own town (or anywhere they want to sit). On the exam centre list there are
regular centres (Toronto, ON) and special centres (Calgary, Edmonton, Montreal, Vancouver). Special centres
carry additional fees to cover the costs of running the centre – this applies to special centres which are requested
by students.
The price of Special Exam centres varies for different cities and in some cases depends on the number actually
enrolled for one sitting at a particular centre, for this reason you will be billed separately for Special Exam Centre
fees by the supervisor of examination centre.
There is no Canadian stream and it is unlikely that one will be developed in the near future.
In Canada, about one third of the students study UK stream about another third study International stream and
the rest a mixed collection of streams from Africa, Asia and Europe. Canada is a former British colony and so
taxation and auditing law are relatively similar to the UK.
As Canada plans to adopt International Accounting Standards in 2011, you may also want to consider the new
international options depending on where you see your career in accounting and finance taking you.
Personal and Corporate tax courses are available through companies such as H&R Block and Softron Tax.

3392 Winchester Road
Toronto, Ontario M1H 2K5

Bus: (416) 999-9999
Res: (416) 888-8888

Senior Financial Executive with extensive experience across a broad range of diverse businesses. Particular
expertise in strategic planning and control, treasury, information systems, human resource management,
divestitures and taxation matters. Strong administrative and people management skills combined with a keen
business sense and ability to identify and manage change.
XYZ Company
Vice-President, Finances and Administration, 1992 - 1998
XYZ Company is one of Canada’s major industrial contractors specializing in mechanical and electrical
installations for both new and existing plant facilities, in addition to manufacturing and distributing steam
generators to the international marketplace.

Managed financial, taxation, information technology, insurance, human resources, industrial relations,
health and safety, and audit functions with accountable staff of 25 through five managers.

Extensive day to day involvement with Corporate Bankers to secure improved operating terms and
maintain an excellent relationship with the banks during a period that the Company was highly

Planned and implemented tax strategies, financial organizational structure and business plans that met
shareholder objectives.

Negotiated new short and long-term capital financing packages, with both Canadian and International
financial sector, such as the start up of a joint venture partnership with a Canadian based company to
manufacture “once thru steam generators” for worldwide distribution.

Designed new Group Retirement Savings Plans for all salaried employees and significantly enhanced the
benefits package while assuming the human resources role.

Completed sale of significant volume of buildings and equipment which improved company’s overall
cash position.

ABC Company
Chief Financial Officer/General Manager, 1990 - 1992
ABC Company distributes building supplies to both the construction and retail markets in Ontario.

Provided direction for day-to-day operations of Company in all areas, including sales, marketing,
administration and financial reporting creating a more unified operation.

Directed Management and Sales Training Programs which enhanced sales volumes and led to
reorganization of branch sales operations.

RST Incorporated
Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, 1986 - 1990
RST Incorporated produces and sells water treatment and specialty chemicals for the Canadian marketplace.

Managed financial, MIS and human resources administration with accountable staff of thirty through
three managers. Also a member of Management Committee comprised of the President, five Senior
Managers and outside Board of Directors.

Identified and implemented new IBM 38 computer hardware system and relevant software, on time and
on budget.

Improved visibility and confidence in the Financial, Administration and Management Information
Divisions by implementing staff reduction and reorganization programs.

Improved operational cash flow procedures to accelerate collection of receivables and lengthen payables
days, enabling parent companies to maximize return on investment.

Designed new financial reporting package which improved accuracy and timeliness of information.

DEF Limited
Vice President, Finance and Administration, 1985 - 1986
DEF Limited is a manufacturer of trackless mining equipment used in underground hardrock applications with
sales throughout the world.

Managed total finance, MIS and human resources function, resulting in an improved financial operation
which enabled Shareholders to sell Company. Played a key role with President in divestiture of

Installed new inventory and control system which reduced costs and brought inventories under control.

Collaborated with Marketing Division in structuring offshore joint ventures and distributors to increase
market segments.

Truckers Group
Secretary/Treasurer, 1980 - 1985
Corporate Controller, 1978 - 1980
The Truckers Group was a privately owned Canadian designer, manufacturer and marketer of Champion Motor
Graders to over 80 different countries, with manufacturing facilities situated in both Canada and the United

Managed financial administration of Group with accountable staff of 50 through five Controllers.
Directed control of budgets, operations analysis, audit, legal, banking and facilities management.
Member of 6 person Executive Committee which directed 800 employee operations.

Directed all tax matters resulting in considerable savings to Company through sale of R & D tax credits,
aggressive stance on many areas in filing returns and coordination of tax audits.

Completed review of corporate insurance coverage, and made subsequent changes which resulted in
over $250,000 annual savings in premiums.

Coordinated acquisition and divestiture of various companies outside of the Group’s manufacturing
operation helping them to achieve their business objectives.

GHI Company
Chartered Accountant, 1974 - 1978
Student Auditor, 1972 - 1974
Student Auditor, 1971 - 1972

Honours Business Administration
University of Calgary - 1971
Certified Chartered Accountant - 1974
Extensive seminars and courses including taxation, MIS, acquisitions, public offerings, insurance and human
resource management.

Member, Canadian Tax Foundation
Institute of Chartered Secretaries & Administrators
Past Treasurer of many organizations

51Downey Street
London, Ontario N5L 4Q5
(519) 666-7777
E-mail: bob@netcom.ca
A strategic thinker with in-depth experience in the packaged goods industry, with expertise in financial operations
management. A participative leader who demonstrates a high concern for people while maintaining a results
oriented bottom line focus. Excellent analytical and facilitation skills with a pragmatic approach to problem
XYZ Company., London, Ontario 1965 – 1999
A group of private companies manufacturing and distributing cookies, candies and crackers in a global market.
Assistant Treasurer (1998 – 1999)
 Led Credit, Cost, Accounting and Computer Systems staff team of 15 developing both short and long term
goals which supported management.
 Established and monitored financial, cost and credit control policies and systems to create a climate of better

performance measurement.
Worked with external income and sales tax auditors to ensure tax compliance and minimize the tax liability.
Prepared the Corporate Canadian and U.S. tax returns in conjunction with staff in a timely and accurate
Negotiated long distance telephone rates which resulted in a 50% annual reduction in rates.

Handled the due diligence reporting for the acquisition of a U.S. food manufacturing operation.

Controller (1981 – 1998)
 Managed Credit, Budgeting, Cost Accounting, Financial Reporting, Computer Systems and Office

Administration, in a team environment with 5 direct reports, coaching and developing staff to achieve their
personal goals.
Developed the financial reporting systems migrating from a manual to a computer system serving both
operations and management with over 5,000 general ledger accounts.
Established and coordinated the budgeting process ensuring managerial input from all sectors of the
company, with annual updates and supplied budget to actual comparisons every four weeks.
Designed, with an outside consultant, and supervised the renovation and construction of 3,000 square feet
of office space in London and Toronto, resulting in better utilization of space, and improved office efficiency.
Served as a member of the SAP/R3 Implementation Team responsible for Financial Accounting and Control.
Analyzed through the Cost Accounting system, historical cost information, current costs to benchmark and
projected future costs of new and existing products to forecast gross margins.
Forecasted, at the corporate level, sales by territory and product to identify costs to gross margins and
incorporated into the annual budget.
Monitored the discounts and rebates by customer to ensure they were in line with corporate policy.

Finance and Budget Manager (1979 – 1981)
 Supervised a staff of 15 in Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll, Invoicing and Computer

Prepared the annual budget and developed the entire system using Lotus 123 in order to distribute the
budget over the 13 accounting periods for approximately 100 cost centres.

Cost and Budget Manager (1971 – 1978)
 Computerized the manual cost system, creating a more timely and efficient process.
 Developed a daily efficiency reporting system for plant operations, indicating labour utilization and material
consumption compared to standard.
Prior to 1971 supervised accounts receivable and cost accounting.

CGA designation
Numerous managerial, business and technical courses
Proficient in Windows 98, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word), Lotus 123, WordPerfect 6, internet and email
Working knowledge of PowerPoint and Access

 President of London Bookers Board of Directors (current)
 Ward 1 Chairperson London Charitable Society door to door campaign
 Member of London YMCA (current)
 Past President London Chapter of Certified General Accountants Association of Ontario and current member

Past President of Grand Valley Chapter Administrative Management Society
Past member of Smith College - Business Administration - Management Studies Program Advisory

342 Juniper Crescent
London ON N5A 3E9
Phone: (519) 444-3333
E-Mail: tony@met.ca
Product Management and Senior Marketing manager with 20 years experience in the High Tech field. Proven
success in managing strategies and programs from conception, through development and onto execution.
Effective in achieving results by generating common focus through coaching, team building and objective setting
in an often changing environment.
ABC Limited 1997-1999
General Manager (1998-1999)
Control Room Display Systems Business Unit
Managed all business unit activities including Sales, Product Management, Marketing Communications and
Support. Worldwide mandate with budget responsibility of $30 million.

Spearheaded the development and execution of an Integrated Business Plan that addressed all aspects of the
business including Market Analysis, Competitive Analysis, Product, Sales, Distribution, Marketing, Support,
etc. This created the foundation for success for the Business Unit, generating over $20 million in revenue in

Redefined the sales and distribution strategy resulting in a more focused and more cost effective means of
selling, distributing and supporting Control Room display solutions.

Director of Marketing (1997-1998)
Projection Systems Division
Responsible for all aspects of Marketing including, Product Management, Marketing Communications, Sales
Order and Support with a staff of 24.

Created a new Product Management Process including Job Description, Skills Definition and Objective
Setting, giving the team a better understanding of their roles and responsibilities.

Defined and introduced a customer focused approach to determining market/product requirements, enabling
the company to develop and deploy the industry’s first large screen projector built specifically for the Rental/
Staging Market, achieving major success in its first seven months of introduction.

Initiated and managed the creation of new templates for sales tools designed to increase sales productivity
within the direct and indirect channels. These tools helped standardize presentations and they reduced
inconsistencies in the selling stories.

Defined and deployed numerous formal marketing processes for Product Requirements, Releases/Launches
and Pricing which resulted in quicker time to market. Released approximately 30 major products and 45
minor enhancements over a two year period resulting in new sales records for the months of July ’98 through
to December ’99.

Conducted market research and analysis of the worldwide installed base of Control Room projectors in order
to develop a clearly defined sales and distribution strategy.

Defined and supervised the creation of an internal and external Internet Home Page designed to improve the
availability of information and sales productivity. Recognized as one of the best Home Pages in the industry.

RST LTD. 1979–1997
Director, Product Management (1993–1997)
Image and Payment Systems Business Unit, Woodbridge
Managed a staff of up to twenty-one Product Managers in their efforts to successfully define, develop and
deploy solutions for the worldwide Document Imaging and Item Processing markets.

Led restructuring initiatives through five major reorganizations within a twelve month period, maintaining
focus on program deadlines while improving Employee Satisfaction from 45% to 85% during a time of
tremendous insecurity and change.

Identified market requirements for the European and emerging markets (e.g., France, UK, South Africa,
India, China). Combined with our ongoing success in North America we became the industry leader in
worldwide ship share and installed base (i.e., 60%).

Supervised thirteen major releases and the creation of an internal and external Internet Home Page,
increasing revenue by 22% over 1996 results (i.e., $110M vs $90M) while maintaining one of the highest
gross margins in the company.

Defined and implemented a better way to track and report monthly sales activities and developed an
aggressive plan to ensure that maximum revenue was realized.

Product Manager/Senior Product Manager (1984-1993)
RST Document Management System and Item Processing Solutions, Woodbridge
Accountable for the commercial success of a number of product lines within the RST financial product
portfolio. Included market research, competitive analysis, the creation and execution of Business Plans,
Product Requirements and Product Releases while working as a team member with all of RST’s externally and
internally focused organizations.

Developed a new sales and distribution channel for RST’s first document imaging solution, known as RST
DMS, achieving $300 million in worldwide sales within three years of introduction.

Defined and created two major releases/launches of the RST DMS within the first two years of introduction.

Conducted extensive market research for a major replacement program resulting in:
 Establishing a new benchmark within the corporation for Business Planning.
 Creating well defined Product Requirements.
 Having minimal change to the Product Requirements during the development phase.

Developing the product on schedule and within 10% of budget.
Creating a very focused and well understood release/launch of the product.
Increasing installed base from 65% to 73% and annual ship share from 70% to 76%.
Achieving $31 million in annual revenue.

 Becoming the sole provider for this kind of solution in the world.

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