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Xây dựng chiến lược marketing cho sản phẩm boganic e

1. Abstract
According to the report of the World Health Organization (WHO), the world
now has about 350-500 million chronic hepatitis patients that is one of the main
causes of liver cancer. Low living conditions, environmental pollution, unsafe and
hygiene food, habits of drinking more alcohol and drug use are the causes that make
the rate of hepatitis in Vietnam very high.
Medicine to treat and protect hepatocellular from medicinal chemical origin is
still lacking at present, along with a shortage of treatment drug is usually very high
cost, and medicinal chemical drugs have unwanted effects as well. Herbal
preparations have many advantages in terms of safety, cost of treatment and
environmentally friendly compared with pharmaceutical preparations. Thus, the trend
of using the products of natural origin is the inevitable trend worldwide.
Originating from the urgent issues above, Traphaco Joint Stock Company has
invested and researched a range of liver, detoxification tonic Boganic product by
combining 3 Vietnam's herbs Cynara scolymus, Glinus oppositifolius and Pharbitis
nil. "Research on producing Boganic liver - Detoxification tonic fromVietnam
Herbals" work has been made and the results of this work is the basis for forming
ideas and developing BOGANIC product chain. Within the scope of our group
exercise, we make Marketing plans for BOGANIC product under the form of cream
eaten directly or mixed in water to drink.


General description of product

Boganic is a unique combination between three natural medicine to increase the
potency of the drug with a target of treating some liver, bile diseases, according to
mechanisms: increase exudation of bile, liver rehabilitation, anti-inflammation,
detoxification, anti-allergic, diuretic.
PRESENTATION: 20 gram box
Each jar contains:
Extractum Cynara scolymus: 100 mg,
Extractum Glinus oppositifolius: 75 mg,
Extractum Pharbitis nil: 7.5 mg,


* Excipient of each sugar covered softgel:
Each softgel contains:
Extractum Cynara scolymus: 200 mg,
Extractum Cynara scolymus: 150 mg,
Extractum Pharbitis nil: 16 mg
Actiso (Cynara scolymus): contains main active substances such as Cynarin,
polyphenols, inulin, mineral salts. Polyphenols are effective for reducing cholesterol
in blood and protecting liver. Inulin is needed for diabetc. Actiso is used for treating
liver function deficiency and jaundice, increase of blood cholesterol level, treating


Polygonum avicula: contains essential oils, avicularin, quercitrin, Emodin. It

has diuretic, anti-inflammation, anti-diarrhea, and intestinal parasites anthelmintic
effects. It is used for treating cystitis, urinary retention, strangury, bacillary dysentery,
jaundice, itch, pimple, hemorrhoids and leucorrhoea.
Ipomoea hederacea: contain Glucosid, Pharbitin, laxative effect, diuretic,

Combination of 3 drugs increase the force and effect:
Laxative - Diuretic – Antiseptic effects - detoxification
- Decrease liver fuction, especially due to overuse of alcohol drinks.
- Prevention and support in treatment of hepatitis induced by drugs or
- Liver insufficiency, hepatitis with symptoms of fatigue, jaundice, indigestion,
urine retention, constipation…
- Allergy, pimples, itch, unricaria due to hepatopathy.
- Atherosclerosis, hyperlipaemia.
Before the equitized period (from 1972 to 1999):
Organizing drug production of the Railway Health Service, established on
November, 28th, 1972. With 15 staff key tasks dispensing prescription drugs. Serum
production, fluids, distilled water for hospital serving the railway industry during the
resistance war against America health along with the Railway Health Service,
headquarters at 75 Yen Ninh - Hanoi.
Some years later due to the requirements of the situation, moving production teams
work only active circulating drug delivery. 8/31/1977 held to be re-produced with
functional recovery tasks performed drug production and drug supply equipment for
the entire railway industry, now has 37 employees.
Railway drugs factory was established on May, 28th, 1981 To upgrade from
drug production Railways, while expanding the scale of production.

Pharmaceutical enterprises railway, established on June, 01 th, 1993 (with
transaction name as RAPHACO) legal status, seal, separate accounts, the production
sector drug supply, now there are 80 employees, legal capital of VND 150 million,
rudimentary equipment, outdated, cramped space (the 340 m2 factory), more difficult
than favorable, but with courage, spirit of determination mind to overcome difficulties
of building a step forward now.
Pharmaceutical and medical material and equipments Company - Ministry
of Communications and Transport was established on May, 16th, 1994 as a trade
name TRAPHACO with functions including the production and sale of
pharmaceuticals, supplies and medical equipment. Company stores hire business in
18A Le Duan, No. 9 Lang Ha, No.31 Lang Ha, No.108 Thanh Cong for general
warehouse transfer. The circulation directly involved in drug distribution, supplies,
medical equipment helped capture the business needs of the market. In our desire to
meet quality and production scale, the company built 6,000 m2 factory premises
rented by at Bai Phuc Xa, Xuan La 1, Xuan La 2 and Phu Thuong.
The company has completed pharmaceutical production factory construction at
Phu Thuông - Tay Ho - Ha Noi in1998 on rent 1.500 m2 area) and Drug
Administration recognized standards GMP - ASEAN (ASEAN Good Manufacturing
Practice). This is the first GMP production line - ASEAN in the North.
Equitized into Pharmaceutical and medical material and equipments Joint
Stock Company - Ministry of Communications and Transport on September, 27th,
1999 with 45% State capital, according to the policy renewal, reform of state
enterprises to improve business efficiency. This is the most important point, the
leadership and all staff have been actively preparing all legal requirements for the
General Meeting of Shareholders held on founders November, 15th, 1999.
The equitized period implementation (from 2000 to now):
January, 2000, Pharmaceutical and medical material and equipments Joint
Stock Company - Ministry of Communications and Transport operating under
formal model JSC to July, 05th, 2001 Pharmaceutical and medical material and
equipments Joint Stock Company - Ministry of Communications and Transport
renamed TRAPHACO Joint Stock Company: carry out import and export trading

activities: Pharmaceutical products; Cosmetics; Pharmaceutical materials; medical
materials and equipments; Functional foods, wine, beer, soft drinks:
In 2002, Company was established the first branch in Ho Chi Minh City with
office area and GSP store. In 2004, Company inaugurated and put into use GMPWHO production Factory is located on area of 10,000m2 in Hoang Liet, Hoang Mai
district, Hanoi. In 2006, established the second branch in Da Nang city and in 2007,
company had inaugurated the factory traditional medicine at Van Lam - Hung Yen
standard GMP-WHO and established high Technology TRAPHACO JSC. June, 26th,
2009, launch TRAPHACOSAPA Limited Liability Company at Lao Cai,
TRAPHACO officially 100% owns capital, transition from a joint venture between
TRAPHACO Company and Lao Cai pharmaceutical, inaugurated the third branch at
Nam Dinh city. In 2010, established 4 branches in: Nghe An, Thanh Hoa, Hai
Phong, Vinh Long.
The modern management tools are also been applied in company: ISO 90012000 by BVQI Organization (2006). March, 07th, 2007, the company is certified ISO
14001-2004 QUACERT. October, 2007 TRAPHACO officially certified to practice
good 5S (Tools of the Japanese 5S management has been effectively applied in the
November, 26th, 2008, TRA stocks were officially listed on HOSE.
Overcoming the difficulties of the early stages the equitization, the
company has endeavored to achieve success and be recognized: The honor was
awarded the "Third Class Labor Medal" of the President (2002). Appellation
“Enterprise for the advancement of women” – KOVALEVSKAIA awards for
collective female scientists of TRAPHACO (2005).
November, 27th, 2007, TRAPHACO JSC its 35th anniversary and is proud to
receive the Second Class Labor Medal by the President of Socialist Republic of
Vietnam awarded the Third Company & Group Company. Over 35 years of
construction and development, the TRAPHACO was really strong and have a lot to
contribute to the protection and health care as well as the development of the
pharmaceutical industry Vietnam.

In 2009, 10 years the equitization enterprises operating efficiency. TRAPHACO
is recognized as the most famous brand pharmaceutical industry Vietnam, Vietnam
Gold Star TOP 100.
In 2010, TRAPHACO is the only unit of Vietnam Prize by the Organization
WIPO World Intellectual Property awarded. Awardees III Social Responsibility in the
field of Environment (CSR), Vietnam Gold Star TOP 100. And especially on
December, 10th, 2010 TRAPHACO was honored to receive Ceremony “Labour
Hero” Title achievement in the period development from 2000 to 2009.
In 2011,
+ November, 2011 TRAPHACO have successfully bid TRAPHACO high
technology JSC increased its stake at CNC TRAPHACO from 12.83% up 50.96%.
+ Established more 5 branches in Binh Thuan, Dong Nai, Quang Ngai, Can
Tho, Khanh Hoa.
+ TRAPHACO honored to receive the award TOP 100 Vietnam Golden Star
"award particularly" TOP 10 typical enterprise social responsibility”.
+ First time attendees TRAPHACO "poll Annual Report 2010" and has won
the award "Best Annual Report". Along with this award, TRAPHACO ranked AAA
"Annual Report Vietnam credit rating" for businesses operating efficiency,
demonstrating transparency, strong financial strength, long-term growth prospects and
control the business capital and lowest risk.
+ June, 2011 “ Development of a grinding tool to identify medicinal plants and
Hoai Son herbs” scheme located in GreenPlan project (research and development
project sustainable medicinal TRAPHACO) has received funding from the World
Bank through the program "Vietnam Innovation Day 2011”.
+April, 2011 toipc “ TRAPHACO honorably receives the title - “The Famous
Brand in Vietnam”.
In 2012
+ October, 29th, 2012, TRAPHACO has become largest shareholder of
Pharmaceutical - Medical Supplies Joint Stock Company in Quang Tri with the
percentage of ownership is 42,91% charter capital.
+ May, 11th, 2012, TRAPHACO has officially become the largest shareholder

of Dak Lak Pharmacy - Medical Supplies JSC ownership rate is 24.5%. on October,
10th, 2012 TRAPHACO has offered to buy the shares of JSC Pharmacy - Medical
Supplies Dak Lak increase its stake from 24.5% to 51%.
+ Established 2 branches in: Quang Ninh, Gia Lai bringing the total number
of branches in over 14 companies in this branch (2branch grade 1, 12 branches 2
+ June, 2012, TRAPHACO honored to receive “ International Quality Award”
at Federal Republic of Germany. May, 2012, TRAPHACO was received TOP 10
typical business community. June, 19th, 2012, TRAPHACO Certification has been
awarded "TOP 50 of the most effective business in Vietnam ". On October, 04th,
2012, the decision TRAPHACO received First Labour Medal by President.
In 2013
January 2013, TRAPHACO is recognized as National Brand.
TRAPHACO won the National Quality Gold.
February, 11th, 2013 at London, United Kingdom of TRAPHACO honored
received the award International Best Enterprise by European Business
Assembly (EBA) awarded. EBA is a non-governmental organization based in the
UK working for the development and management of economic, social and
Attending the awards ceremony, 41 enterprises from 33 countries around the
world businesses and organizations are awarded based on an assessment of
achievements in commercial activities and the successful model in developing
economies. Most companies award activity in the industry that brings high value to
society as infrastructure construction, petrochemicals, agriculture, banking, health and
education. Database to assess the business is from the official statistics in the country,
the world ranking business or professional publications. At the ceremony he mundane
Code - CEO TRAPHACO was also honored as "excellent manager" for the
achievement of business leaders.
May be said that Traphaco is quite successful brand in Vietnam.
Mentioning the success Factors of TRAPHACO brand, the reason is that
TRAPHACO have already anticipated the change in the perception of modern man for

medicinal products and health conditions in the coming decades ghost researchers call
it consumer tendencies in society. Consumers not only in Vietnam but also the world
becomes not want to depend too much on modern lifestyles , flooded forest between
western medicine products ( derived pharmaceutical chemicals ) will be used to fast
treatment but there are many side effects , long-term effects on health . Few years ago,
the use of bleach widespread panics created for consumers not only by the price issue,
but also potential unwanted side effects.
Not only in Vietnam but also in the world but given River appear to return to
nature. When life is satisfied increasingly materialistic , people will tend to be desired
enhanced quality of life and respect for the environment. In consumer awareness
about Health and Medicine also have similar changes, but as a return of folk remedies
and want to have a balance and harmony of yin and yang to improve the quality of
health. Social increasing trend highlighting cures more fond of her husband , refined
transmission lines, transmission enrichment , conditioning , balance underlying
illnesses repulse ... Meanwhile, the contract is safer and fewer side-effects. And it is
also an important prerequisite for TRAPHACO can find a “great space" to "anchor"
your brand on the mind of the consumer.
Success Factors 2nd of TRAPHACO know include the nation - an element
belonging to "countries of origin" to create a brand identity TRAPHACO . This factor
is based on the source lines are Vietnam's traditional medicine should be based on
standardized values and lessons from traditional medicine has a century ago , there
have been ma huge impact to medicine modern . Evidence that Vietnam has a system
of research facilities and medical treatment to traditional medicine vast relief medicine
more than 45 nations, more than 242 general hospitals have traditional medicine
departments , 4,000 valid standards organization ... Oriental medicine is not a strange
language which has become a cure familiar to many people . Therefore, TRAPHACO
bring repatriation of an image that represents "Vietnamese identity", close does not get
any stranger to the writer and the finish is very "mystery" Western consumers.
3rd point affects the shaping identity that characterizes of TRAPHACO product.
Palm trees and knowledge of natural, traditional experience of generations drawing
from thousands of years has been a source remedies derived lines are provided.

This is an important characteristic of the TRAPHACO product - factors that
make up an image friendly, safe and closer to humans than are products derived drugs
soluble. And images trees, flowers and leaves attached a theme, a way to call and call,
an "icon" is TRAPHACO typical image used to advertise your products.
TRAPHACO products that use the words compelling ad to new client package
as: “Solution from nature - Efficacy and Safety” (Tradin used to treat colitis),
“Spiritual tonic, herbal” (Positive blood work), “Natural origin” (Siro Slaska cough
treatment), “Solutions for Fatty Liver” (Carmanus)…
Recently, TRAPHACO’s picture also linked to the development of clean fuel
regions in Vietnam. This approach not only contributes to the alleviation of poverty
but also the ambition of building a national brand for Vietnamese medicinal Nam.Viec
failure and directly as a pioneer for the development of medicinal empty area not
clean is only intended to add value to products from growing, which is a unique
initiative of TRAPHACO to create new value for the brand identity in all perspectives
"product", "organization" provides as " symbolism". The angle of the product, this is a
commitment to improving the quality from "A to Z". But if looked at from one angle
picture of an organization 's work TRAPHACO escaping benefits of a business merely
to take care of shared responsibility , resource exploitation countries contribute to
developing an industry export-oriented numb bring jobs and income for millions of
poor farmers. With respect to the icon, attaching trademarks TRAPHACO image
material areas clean is an approach to bring your collection to enjoy for many
consumers. TRAPHACO should not only advertising is a drug manufacturer , ghost or
become a symbol of power and caring for human health protection in the direction you
safer , to shape an word " Mind " and " Prestige " - " soul " of the TRAPHACO brand.
The fourth important factor creating TRAPHACO brand, and if no elements on
supply factors contest but did not do justice to its role, is the ability to rise through the
stages of the value chain from cultivation, processing, marketing and consumption on
the market according to a management company and produced entirely colored
"western". Thanks to this process, TRAPHACO has created two specific
advantagement for business which is:
Role leads the market through new products

TRAPHACO always has been a pioneer in research and cover-up of high-quality
products. Therefore the features of its products effective TRAPHACO - Quality Creativity - innovation pioneering products always have a place in mind to better the
user and the market. With superior quality, our products TRAPHACO often worth
more products of the same category of other manufacturer and supply Therefore, trade
TRAPHACO Product Key rivals followed imitate, even piracy, Counterfeiting.
Create differentiated value from technology
For modern image, a community is very important innovations in traditional medical
practices in all forms and quality. The basic feature of this process is to create a "core
competence" research and product development (R & D) for enterprises, combined
with the improvement, standardization of stages of the production process in order
industrialization and modernization of this product, which can be summed up by the
phrase “modern technology”.
Technological factors were developed in the following three points to create unique
value for the product in TRAPHACO:
- Apply technology, data processing "clean - safe": instead of the traditional style is
collecting folk, TRAPHACO towards the development of areas of cannabis
production on one angle to replace imported products, quality control, lower costs and
form data gaps are so endangered.
- Research and product development: TRAPHACO investment in research and
development stages (R & D) of about 5% of annual revenue. New products on the
market branded products TRAPHACO up to a maximum of over 200 generic for the
company each year.
- Apply processing, modern packaging technology: Besides the traditional format,
TRAPHACO creative, Additional Dosage Forms extra two dollars "upgrading" and
“innovative". But typical products in the format "cover upgrade" was sighted
members, Instant Tea knotweed, Instant Tea ventricle, positive reinforcement Festival,
cadef ... who are the product ranks senior TRAPHACO. But TRAPHACO new dosage
forms were removed from the research process are forms of hard capsule , soft capsule
, pellet , or tablet , film coated tablet dosage forms ... this has just helped to stabilize
the product quality, of ensuring the effectiveness of treatment , consistent with the

requirements of the tastes of modern society . Cover a community the key to its value
added for oriental medicines and overcome the disadvantages of traditional oriental
Through this fourth element, TRAPHACO has become a brand differentiator in
creating an animation - Western medicine combined attractive and innovative: take the
images brought modern colors to convey the soluble content was transformed Solved
information. General intangible, TRAPHACO imagery is a combination of two
modern elements and communication has been wrapped up in this business slogan
your "New Technology about traditional character”.
1.3. The target market identification
Drug delivery systems are planned and managed on the basis of compliance
with standards, technical regulations and supply of drugs towards scientific and
reasonable, to ensure access for people with drug favorably, ease in all situations.
Regarding distribution, wholesale drugs: companies have policies aimed at
accelerating the process of opening branches locally eliminate intermediaries to
shorten the path of drugs, lowering production costs. Deploying the application of
advanced drug delivery technologies, based on the implementation of regulations on
good practice medicine distribution (GDP) and Good Storage Practice (GSP).
Regarding supply, retail drugs: the specialized regulations aim to allocate
sufficient retail facilities, the dispensing point, especially in disadvantaged areas,
mountainous and remote to any people always have to use drugs when they are ill.
The company is also urgently reorganize, construction and retail outlets all across the
country, creating the conditions for the formation of large chain pharmacies are
competitive in the market, in order to achieve the purpose of all providing orientation,
drug use is not reasonable to rely on distributors multinational pharmaceutical, not
being dependent on foreign investment.
Vietnam has become a full member of the Association of Southeast Asian
Nations ASEAN and the World Trade Organization WTO, the harmony and
integration with the world is the inevitable trend and extent of becoming more deeply
wider. Cooperation and integration in the field of international pharmaceutical, first of
all necessary to determine the role and position of Vietnam's pharmaceutical industry

in the pharmaceutical value chain worldwide. Striving for pharmaceutical industry
Vietnam become an integral part of the pharmaceutical industry systems and world
regions . In step with this trend in the right direction in the modernization of
traditional medicine , ethnic elites promoted on the basis of modern machinery and
techniques successful export products abroad has made Traphaco breakthrough. To
overcome these barriers , as well as strict increasing demands of the market, the
system applies Traphaco GMP- WHO and ASEAN GSP/GLP- and apply the quality
management system ISO 9001:2000, environmental management system ISO
14001:2004 and application management tools of 5S , Kaizen - the Japanese .
Therefore, not only prestige in the domestic market , has recently Traphaco exported
to some countries in the region such as Myanmar , Laos , Cambodia and European
countries such as Belgium , Ukraine ... Currently, the product has been registered
Traphaco protection in over 20 countries around the world including Boganic started
appearing in the market Ucaraina - the city of Kiev . The company also conducted a
review of the legal requirements to open a branch in the city of Kiev , enabling people
to easily access product and company can expand its market to other cities and further
to the neighboring countries of Ukraine.
Development targets of Traphaco to 2020 will establish economic group
business products and health care services, research and development of high-tech
products of natural origin. With Traphaco, to grow, to expand production, from
leadership to staff to respect the views: Taking science and technology-centered,
taking to market orientation, taking as growth dynamics, get quality commitment to
1.4. Competitive advantage
Boganic is one of the products of TRAPHACO application theses State
“Building pharmaceutical manufacturing processes cleaner and cleaner process for
the preparation of a number of high quality products”. With good treatment efficiency,
treatment costs reasonable, produced from domestic raw material extraction, product
Boganic has achieved many awards in the past years as scientific solutions and
innovative technologies Vietnam award essence of Vietnam, Vietnam Gold Star,

VIFOTEC prize for work "manufacturing Research Boganic liver tonic herbal
detoxification Vietnam”...
Traphaco confirmed its position and its brand in the pharmaceutical industry in
Vietnam. Continuous 14 consecutive years the title "Vietnam High Quality Goods" by
the consumer vote (1998-2011), awarded "Vietnam Golden Star" (2003, 2010), is
recognized as the "Brand The most famous pharmaceutical industry Vietnam "(2009).
In 2007, President Traphaco was awarded "Second Class Labor Medal" and in 2011
was awarded to innovative science VIFOTEC for Boganic.
The proactive input source is considered very important problems with
Traphaco, avoiding the effects of the world economic crisis, contributing to deficit
reduction, generate revenue for businesses of Vietnam's satellite Traphaco. Some
drugs are mined in Vietnam as 100% in the steering nail care products blood brain
activity, cover-up products Ampelop, artichoke in Boganic ... Around 30 thousand tons
per year pharmaceutical clean was used in Traphaco.
According to a survey by market research firm IMS to midyear Boganic
Traphaco ranked 8th in the top 20 sales best selling product on the pharmaceutical
market in Vietnam. Boganic group leader in protecting liver derived pharmaceuticals,
accounting for 29.7% market share by revenue. This result demonstrates the
effectiveness of the strategy of "Green Health" which is pursuing Traphaco.
Traphaco strategy ' Green Health '
This strategy is built on the foundation of natural medicinal herbs, to ensure
sustainable development, environmentally friendly, closely linked with the
development of the economy and bring health to the community.
According to survey of Traphaco JSC, Vietnam has advantages in terms of
biodiversity with over 4,000 species of plants and mushrooms have medicinal uses,
many endemic species expected in new drug development. Thus the navigation, focus
research and production of drugs of natural origin are being viewed as a major
breakthrough in the pharmaceutical industry.

And more importantly, it also provides clean medicinal products (pharmaceuticals)
quality, safety and effectiveness (high hygiene standards), better serve for the
prevention and treatment for people and contribute to enhance the reputation of the
business. Besides, do not stop investing Traphaco facilities, extensive cooperation
with scientists, research institutions ... The company has collaborated with the
Institute of Biotechnology - Research Institute VN science and application of
biotechnology in the production of products to create products with more advanced
features Vietnamese and more efficient use and treatment. Special applications in high
technology artichoke leaves extract: yeast dissolves the polyphenols, the active
conservation of polyphenols in artichoke.
Traphaco is also a pioneer in the business proposals and partnership with the
Institute and the Institute of Medicine, School of implementing the State level
"Building pharmaceutical manufacturing processes cleaner and cleaner process for the
preparation of a number of high quality products."This is a prerequisite for the
production of medicinal products from clean, safe and efficient. The results of the

research have been applied to the production of key products such as Boganic.
Products with natural ingredients, GACP guidelines apply quality control-WHO.
The distribution system was built on existing systems Pharmacy in the country
and Kiev.
The company has a trained professionals staff and business executives, career
devoted to business.
Traphaco Company is member for Union for Ethical BioTrade.
Most Famous Trademark in the Vietnam Pharmaceutical Sector 2000
(implemented and announced by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry in
cooperation with Nielsen Marketing Research Company).
From the success of the strategy "Green Health ", European Business
Association (EBA) based in the UK award "Best International Business" for Traphaco.
August, 2013, company also received awards "ASEAN Famous Brand in 2013" from
development associations Economic Cooperation Vietnam - Laos - Cambodia.
October, 02th past, Traphaco became a 2013Vietnam Gold Star in Top 10 is also the
Top10 Social Responsibility Association of Young Entrepreneurs by Vietnam Vote.
1.5. Positioning declaration
With Positioning views: taking science and technology-centered, taking to
market orientation, taking growth as motivation, to get quality customer commitment,
Traphaco will become a strong economic group, economic business products and
health care services research capacity and developing high-tech products of natural
Consumers expect products to help your body healthy while "processing plant
and detoxifies body - the liver a healthy".
The tendency to use herbal products is increasing due to herbal folk remedies
are considered benign, natural origin. Moreover, compared with the drug dosage
according to the chemical formula, essential oils in herbal therapy has few side
effects, easy to adapt to all objects, including the elderly and young children. Products
derived natural quality control of raw materials, produced by the manufacturer is a
member of UEBT. The product is full of scientific research and facilities used.
Products are distributed to the favorable location of Pharmacy System.












BOGANIC- Strong Liver with Natural

Đến năm 2020 trở thành tập đoàn kinh tế mạnh trong lĩnh vực chăm sóc và bảo vệ sức
- "Taking science and technology as center, taking market to orientate, taking
growth as motivation, taking quality to commit to customers."
- Sustainable development is based on continuous improvement of product quality,
service quality; business development associated with environmental protection and
building corporate culture.
- Product rientation: “New Technology & traditional identity”.
- Market: Towards exports and satisfy the maximum demand in the country,
contributing to the national drug strategy: increase the rate of using domestic drugs.
- Development of multi-function, focusing on scientific research, training and
development of human resources.
Quality of products and services determines the existence of an enterprise.
Increase value for society, customers, employees and shareholders is the goal and
the motivation of sustainable development.
Creative labor is the foundation of development.
Co-oprerate, share, commitment and implementation is the foundation of
corporate culture.
The age and tradition is identity of TRAPHACO.
TRAPHACO operates with the confidence of its customers and shareholders, with the
motto "good faith Business”
- KNOW YOURSELF, KNOW OTHERS: Creating quality products, understand the
characteristics and advantages of the product policy of the company over similar
products on the market.
- ASSERT YOURSELF: Bold company image and products of the company to the
- COMPLETE: Respect, listen to satisfy customer requirements in possible

1.6. Revenue, profit, market share
Estimated revenue: 480 billion dong.
Profit: 95.67 billion dong.
Domestic market share: 50%, Foreign market share (Kiev): 5%.
2. Analysis of market direction.
2.1. SWOT matrix



The staff that has professional qualifications loves their jobs, and
loves the company and product, distribute








No understanding much about the
culture of Ukraine.

customer enthusiastically and timely.

Distributing products widely and
extensively to each Pharmacy.


Advantage of products is natural
origin, controlling quality meets
UEBT standards. The product works


The difference of product is the
combination of three particular types
of herbal plants in Vietnam (3
Medicinal Herbs).







famous pharmaceutical brand in


- Many Vietnamese overseas manage Technical Barriers to pharmaceutical
chain of retail systems including

products for export to European

systems of Pharmacy.

countries in general and Russia in

3. Analysis of customers and market segmentation

3.1. Analysis of customers
Products will focus on serving consumers in the following groups:
+ Knowledgeable and urban people have understanding of the harmful effects of
environmental pollution and the consequences of not using clean food…
+ People with impaired liver function have anorexia symptoms, or allergic.
+ Used for liver insufficiency, hepatitis with symptoms of fatigue, jaundice,
indigestion, urine retention, constipation.
+ Detoxification, anti-allergic especially due to overuse of alcohol drinks.
+ Atherosclerosis, hyperlipaemia.
3.2. Market segmentation
- TRAPHACO accelerates to build the distribution system through the establishment
of more branches in the provinces in the country. The company decided to buy 6
locations to build office and warehouse system in Khanh Hoa, Quang Ngai, Gia Lai,
Thai Nguyen, Hai Duong, Quang Ninh.
- Traphaco Sapa One member Limited Company is a subsidiary of Traphaco and goes
into stability and development, Traphaco Sapa has successfully completed the task of
providing timely, adequate production materials for Traphaco, especially Extractum
Cynara scolymus.

- Promote and enhance the brand value of the product: BOGANIC.
- Get the most effective distribution channels in North, implement at CRM project
(customer Care) in the customer relationship.
- Build, develop distribution channels in Southern to ensure achieving sales growth
target of 50 % in 2010, being the basis for achieving high and sustainable growth.
- Prepare the conditions for GSP, GDP certification in Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang.
Develop 3 agents at the northern branch in Nghe An, Thanh Hoa, Hai Phong. Prepare
conditions for further development of the branch to ensure proactive control of
distribution channels.
- Actively promote exports to ASEAN countries (Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia) and
Eastern Europe (Ukraine) but still have to ensure financial security.
- Boganic drug is mainly exported to Ukraine market concentrated in the Kiev capital.
Not stop there, development strategy of Traphaco to open more distributors, agents in
other capitals across Ukraine. Once having its brand in Ukraine, Traphaco also
expands its market to the other countries in the world. Drug products will be sold at
the distribution channels called pharmacies.

4. The overall objective and specific business to reach
4.1. Mission statement
Devote to the society with epochal and rich traditional value product - services
in order to improve the quality of life.
Always satisfy customer needs, create meaningful work and promotion
opportunities for employees.
Increase value for investors.
From SCIENCE to life inherited Vietnam traditional medicine for thousands of
years, Traphaco has put new technology into production. With the slogan: "New
Technology & Traditional Identities", Traphaco has devoted to society epochal and
rich traditional value products, services.
By 3 bases: traditional identity - green technology - high-quality human
resources, Traphaco is on the right era path-"The green health path", became the
provider, dedicate the society with epochal and rich traditional value product services. That is also the path for Traphaco to become the No. 1 pharmaceutical brand
in Vietnam.
Strong Liver with Natural Herb
4.2. The overall aim of the number of sales, market share, net profit, profit on
investment capital
4.2.1. Overall objectives:
Investment in development of enterprise resources: human, material and
financial resources. Take advantage of the opportunities, advantages, limitations of
difficulties, maintain and expand domestic and foreign markets for old products and
new products. Enhance promotion, brand promotion, brand retention of Vietnam’s
leading pharmacy.
4.2.2. The objective of the number of sales
48.000.000 products x 10.000 đ = 480.000.000.000 dong/year.
Account for 50% of domestic market share.
In Ukraine, account for 5% of market share.
Profit: 95.67 billion dong/year.
Net Profit: 71.75 billion dong/year.

ROE: 10%
4.3. Specific objectives tied to milestones.


Sales (dong)

Profit (dong)













5. The strategies and tactics to achieve goals
5.1. Pricing strategy
The selling price is 10.000 VNĐ/bottle, put price to confirm high quality, reputation
brand position of Traphaco.
5.2. Product strategy
- Quality of products meet EU Pharmaceutical Dictionary standard.
- Material Source is grown and harvested according to GACP-WHO standard.
- Produced in factory conditions met GMP-WHO standard.
- The product is designed for the convenience of users, mix to drink or eat directly
with bitter-sweet taste, aromatic characteristics creating trust to detoxify the liver.
5.3. Promotion strategy
- Advertising:
+ Join local and Kiev fairs: design booth, poster, slogan...
+ Advertising on television.
+ Advertising on Health newspaper
+ Advertising activities and development on the medicinal plant, harvest
according to GACP-WHO standard: articles, video clips of the activities, broadcast or
YouTube, Facebook.
+ Advertising on being a member of UEBT - Traphaco Company is a member of
UEBT (Union for Ethical BioTrade): Company respects the international law of the
conservation of biodiversity, sharing benefit with indigenous people to participate
medicinal plants cultivation. Products are brought to consumers in a convenient way
to contribute to the community health care.
+ Join advertises on Biotrade's website.

+ Join advertising, introducing products, company on specialized magazines
- Sales activities in the country as well as in Kiev:
+ Deploy to wholesale companies, pharmacies.
+ Organize to transport goods to companies and pharmacies.
- Sales promotion:
+ Discount in the first year for the wholesale centers 10% of the selling price,
maintaining 3-5% in the next year.
+ Apply stable, reasonable discount policy for distribution intermediaries.
+ With Drugstore Pharmacy: organize staff to marketing and propaganda
directly and receive goods, transport goods to places.
+ The marketing staff set up customer records, report periodically on the
+ Regular pays attention to pharmacy owners and gives gifts to them on special
occasions: Tet holidays, birthday.
- Public relations:
+ Join conference sponsors; invest in facilities built for hospitals.
+ Organize activities gifts for the elder.
+ Care patients in hospitals.
+ Organize medical care, treatment and give medicines free in remote areas.
+ Training guides on medicinal plant cultivation.
+ Give seedlings and seeds for people at growing medicinal plant area.
+ Care farmer union activities.
+ Participate in activities supporting poverty reduction programs, flood
For companies in general and TRAPHACO Company in particular, the
Marketing development is essential for the expansion of the target market. Marketing
strategy of advertising of TRAPHACO in the future will focus on propaganda
purposes for the public to see the image of a business which has ethics,

professionalism and efficiency in the community health care through the provision of
high quality products of natural origin.
Planning department:
 Prepare products fully and timely under the demand, requests of the Marketing
department. In case not meet the schedule, inform 2 weeks in advance for
Marketing, Business departments.
Provide timely information regarding the production of products for Marketing, Sales
& Development Research departments.
Business block
 Head Sales Department - Branch Manager in the Central - Branch Director in
the South, Kiev are responsible for:

Perform output and sales that have been assigned.

Assign a specific plan for each province in the area of management.

Supervise and speed up implementing new product launch ... and timely

feedback on progress, implementation levels as planned for departments adjust.
 Monthly gather, provide sales figures and market feedback at the areas for the
Marketing department.
Research and Development department
 Coordinate closely with the marketing department, sales department and
planning department, ensure stable product quality to market and provide








 Prepare training materials on products for medical representatives.
Marketing Department
 Order goods under the schedule and timely to meet market demand.
 Provide timely tools for business block to reach the market and deploy
products successfully to meet the sales target according to plan.

 Undertake communication activities (training business part, coordinating
business block to continue training in the province in accordance with the
proposal of business, PR activities for the general public, pharmacy,
promotional activities on the means of mass media consistent with the
product's coverage).
 Tracking sales situation, update market feedback from business block.
6. Budget plan
6.1. Sales, expenses and Marketing budgets
Year Budget





Cost of goods sold













48 Million






















384.330 480.000


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