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Ứng dụng giải pháp eCRM cho bộ phận tiếp thị bán hàng ngân hàng thương mại cổ phần công thương việt nam e


XXI century is considered as the explosion of the information technology
industry. The development of information technology, especially the advent of the
Internet has brought a new and effective goods and services business method. To date,
the term "electronic commerce" has not become strange to most people around the
world. Electronic Banking with many Vietnam advanced features has met the needs of
modern life and has become more and more popular in Vietnam. The application of ecommerce activity has created a major breakthrough in the field of economics.
Whether developing countries, the level of information technology is not high but
Vietnam has recognized the importance and necessity of this type of service. With this
trend, Vietnamese banks increasingly focus on technology investment, development
utilities; bringing electronic banking comes to life, to conquer the huge potential of
the market.
In commercial banks, Techcombank can be considered as the first bank in ebanking development. The project "Development of ecommerce for F@st - eCOM" of
Techcombank has began to be deployed from May 2007, with the goal of developing
alternative trading channels to diversify the products and customers services and
provide all the basic products and services of the bank for customers in the shortest
possible time, thereby improving the quality of customer service.
With the goal of increasing the number of issued cards, as well as increasing
profitability for the Bank, Sales Department – under the Card Development Centre we would like to give a "Plan for ICT application to enhance the performance of the
Department in particular, and Techcombank in general in 5 year period from 2014 to

2019 which is the immediate action program in one year from 6/2014 to 6/2015. It is

the development of electronic commerce in cards selling services at Sales Department
- Card Development Centre.
Introduction about Sales Department - Card Development Centre Techcombank.
1.1 Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint- stock Bank - Techcombank
Vietnam Technological and Commercial Joint- stock Bank - Techcombank was
established on September 27th, 1993 with the initial registered capital of VND 20
billion. Through 20 years of operation, until now, Techcombank has total assets up to
over VND 180 billion, becoming one of the largest joint-stock commercial banks in
Vietnam. With a network of over 360 branches and transaction offices in 44 provinces
and cities nationwide, and has a staff of more than 7,800 people, Techcombank serves
more than 2.3 million individual customers, 66,000 business customers. In particular,
Techcombank is the first and only one that is awarded as the leading bank in
technology applications solutions by Financial Insights.

Vision: Become the best bank and a leading business in Vietnam.


To be the preferred and most trusted financial partner of our customers,

providing them with a full range of financial products and services through a
personalized/customer centric relationship.

To provide our employees with a great working environment where they have

multiple opportunities to develop, contribute and build a successful career.

To offer our shareholders superior long term returns by executing a fast growth

strategy while enforcing rigorous corporate governance and risk management best

practices according to international standard.

Core value:

Customer first. We treasure our customers and work hard to offer them the

products and services that best meet their needs.

Innovation. We are good but can always be better therefore we never stop

learning and improving.

Team work. We can achieve our goals by trusting our colleagues and

collaborating to deliver the best to the bank.

People development. We develop our people to achieve their best potential and

reward our best performers.

Accountability. When we commit to do something, we do whatever it takes to

get things done.
1.2 Sales Department - Card Development Centre
Centre Structure
Centre Director



Card sale

The mission of the Card Business office:

Looking for customers using cards


Customer Guide of procedures related to issuance, use, card complaints …


Preparation of documents and perform necessary procedures to serve according

to customer needs.

Establish procedures to monitor and supervise the implementation of customer


Managing and storing customer information profile.


Clue for customer care management after sale.

Staff at Card Sale Department:
Sale Division
Operation Division
Each group has 01 team leader

Number of group

No. of sale employee

Each division has one head of division
Business situation in sales division and targets set out in the next year.

The total number of cards issued in the first 5 months of 2014 is 1250 cards. In

average, each employee is issued 21 cards / month.

The goal in 1 year from May 6/2014 to 06/2015, the average number of cards

applied for 1 months of Employees: 50 cards / month

Target 01 staff / months: 30 cards / month.

Target 01 team / month: 90 cards / month.

Preliminary process for supply credit card:

Step 01: Searching customers under different sources

Step 02: Collecting customer records.

Step 03: Verifying customer profile and proposes income limit.

Step 04: Transfer to operation division to issue cards.


Real situation of ICT in Card Sale Department

Currently each employee entering the probationary period at the Bank will be granted
desktops, telephone, and equipped printers, copiers, scanners, projectors.
In the card printing room, there are printed batteries and devices supporting modern
Software and business supporting applications
Bank is probably the most used business software and business supporting
When installing user for personal computer of the staff, they are fully supported to
install the software text editor (Word, Excel, Powpoint, Photoshop ...), email
management software (outlook 2007), the customer information management
software, software speed records for approval, card check software…
Information Technology Services
During the work, all errors or issues need advice on information technology, staff can
call to call IT for distance support.
Every month, the bank in general or card center in particular is maintained by
maintenance crews for hardware and software support. Therefore, the error occurs in
the process of working always be overcome in time and rarely occurs over half a day.

Internal connection network (LAN, intranet, Internet)
Besides using internal network (LAN, Intranet and Internet network) , all internal
bank information, new policy information, products, material updates have been
uploaded to the intranet for staff throughout the system that can be read, downloaded
and managed effectively.
Internet is used to lookup customer information, information relating to competitors
and the information required in the evaluation process customer records.
Frequency of email use
Email is used continuously, due to the system should close all exchange rotation
system outside the approved documents, the staff also work with each other directly
through the mail and exchange issues needed media work or important information.
The use of websites and e-commerce.
Website is used to lookup more information concerning individuals as CIC, CIC
business, businesses operations information, competitor information ….
E-commerce is used to sell the bank services such as card, account and credit. When
customers have demand, they will register on the website of Techcombank and
download services.

For example, when choosing individual account opening registration, card
issuance ... will go to the next page and fill out the required information at the most
suitable transaction room/branches for customers.

After completing the registration, the system will inform:
Successful registration!
Thank you for registering the product services of Techcombank. Within 03 working
days, Techcombank will contact you to confirm the service needs of the customer and

guide clients the next procedure. All information related to online product using
registration, please contact Telesales department 84-4-37301988 ext 8349 or e-mail
address: tcb_support@techcombank.com.vn
Besides, Internet Banking payment service is used commonly and satisfied by
customers with fast speed, more utility in transactions, money transfers, savings, bill
payment, insurance payments, phone recharge ..., and intelligent interface for ease of

Human Infrastructure:
All human resources in the bank as well as departments of card center have the basic
knowledge to use basic software, and are trained to use specialized software in the
banking system.
2. Assess and compare with other departments within the unit or competitors.
Currently, banks have all card-issuing registration services on the bank website.
However, the process is the same and the processing time is approximately equal:
Contents of steps
Customers fill information

Process division

Process time

Technology Centers

12 hours after receiving

Filter and transfer

Information Processing

2h - 4h after technology



center transfers

on website
Process information


To receive and to contact


6pm - 12pm after receiving

customers to advise and

information from

collect records

information processing

So from the request of customers to receiving advice, minimum processing time
is 24 hours, card issuance time and card is activated is at least 5 days, depending on
the time of document offer of customers.
After registration, the customer must wait 24 hours to be called and consulted by
customers in term of information as well as guidance documents that should be
provided for each type of card. So if you plan to develop e-commerce systems in the
bank card business is success, Techcombank will become the first bank in issuing
cards to customers with extremely fast time, increase cards issuing productivity for
sale staff, create convenience for busy customers who do not have much time come
directly to the branch / transaction room in the bank.
With this plan, the contents of steps and processing time as following:
Contents of the steps
Customers fill out

Processing division Process time

information on the website
and download necessary
image files or scanned
documents on the website
To receive information,

Technology center

If the profile is uploaded in the

verify information and

2nd to the 6th day, profile will be

transfer information to a

received in 2-4 hours of work.

processing division

If the file is uploaded on the
holidays, the system will receive

Receive and evaluate

Card business

on the next working day.
2h - 8h after technology center

customer’s profiles and


transfer information and profiles

propose to issue credit
Implement card issuance

Card center

24-48h after receiving the profile

=> So with this solution, the total time of receiving profile until give back card to
customers, for debit cards, only takes 1 working day, for credit card takes 1.5 - 2
working days.

ICT application and development planning of sale department - Card

Based on applications planning in the ICT at card department

Goal in 1 year from June/2014 to June/2015, the average number of cards per

month applied for one month of Employees: 50 cards / month.

Improve efficiency and productivity of sales employees, decrease labor costs

while still increasing the number of cards issuance in the coming years.

Using e-commerce to sell card products, especially a credit card is not high.

Processing time is slow, many steps leading low card issuance process for customers.

Enhance the competitiveness of the banking system.

Plan contents
 Identify deployment contents
Currently, the website of Techcombank is pretty full when introducing news about
product and present details about the products usage.
At the register, in addition to filled information, you need to add item for
download documents (depending request of the profile when issuing each type of
card). So that, when customers register card issuance through website system, just
download the requested profile, the system will automatically send the information to
the customer and records room of the cards business center. Sale department bases on
profile and lookup to verify the authenticity of documents, conducting card issuance.
Thus, customers only need to come to the center to submit the original profile and get
card after 3 working days.
 Identify the expected results.
With the usual procedure, when selling the card through Website, customers
register information and after 3 days to be contacted to assess the needs and collecting
records. From registration to finishing collection of the profile will take one week.

Then take another 3 days for card issuance, total time to the customer if the card is
registered on the Website is 10 days. So every month, each employee only issue very
little online registration cards.
If further development of E-commerce features in the sale of such cards, each
Customer takes only 3 days since registration until receiving the card, reducing 3
times, thus raising the number of cards issuance thanks to online registration.
With time and enforce reduction utility of sales employee, the development of ecommerce has helped sale employees to achieve specific objectives in one year that
issuing 50 cards / month / person.
At online services register, card issuance register (including cards), need
additional information required for each type of card records. With a credit card,
maybe inform card limit information can be approved in about how, what should these
 Listing the work checklist and human resource to implement
Work checklist

Implementation time

Implementation human

Restructuring contents on

From Jan to May/2014

Card business department


cooperates with technology
centre of Techcomank

Install process of receiving

From March to

Testing department –

information, profile of


Profile transfer department

Install profile filter software From Feb to May/2014

IT centre cooperates with

according to checklist

Testing department –
Profile transfer department

Install software
automatically converts
documents to email of card
employees right after

From April to May/2014

IT centre cooperates card
business department

registration time of
Testing, experience

From May to June /2014

Card business department

In the contents of website, Install profile filter software according to checklist,
it must specify profile checklist according to each type of card :
Type of card

Required profile

Debit Cards

Personal profile of customers

Credit Cards

Personal profile of customers
Collection profiles of customers
Purpose profile of card using of customers

Profile that needs to supply

Documentary ( Image or
scanned file)

Personal profile:

The path to the image file

- ID/Passport
- Residential document
Collection profile:

The path to the image file

- Labor contract / appointment decision.
- 3 months salary statement / salary factor decision.
Purpose profile:

The path to the image file

- Card issuance recommendations (including
sufficient information about family income, main
and sub income, card limitation needs.
Other documents: Customer’s profiles wants to
have further supply

The path to the image file


The Action Plan: “Improving E-Commerce Applications in card business in

period from 2015 to 2016”
The overall objectives:
- Wide application of IT in all departments, business centers, branches, transaction
rooms has provided high efficiency in card sales work, expanding network of
customers using bank cards.
- Adequate investment of IT infrastructure, ensuring IT application process of
departments, branches and transaction rooms. Continue to improve the operation
quality of card profile filtering software, preliminary appraisal software of credit card
limit, customer information management software...
- Content quality must be improved, providing full information, updates quickly, serve
customers' needs.
Specific objectives by 2016:
a. In term of the technical infrastructure of IT:
- Develop and complete information infrastructure to ensure the operation of
information technology application in State agencies in the safe and effective network
environment, creating development platform of electronic city.
b. In term of e-commerce application in business in the department, branch/transaction
- 100% of people know how to use the card issuance through website system
- The profile processing software, evaluation software, records filtering software is
deployed to each branch / transaction room as well as departments and centers;
- 90% of the card records from the online card issuance register service.
- 100% of cards issued in the shortest time: 1 working day.
- 100% of recruited business employees must be trained expertise in e-commerce
business, understand how to handle online records and via specialized software.
Content of IT application planning – period 2015 - 2016
1. Invest in upgrading infrastructure
- Keep fully equipped computer equipment for departments, branches and transaction
rooms: Desktop computer, scanner, and copier ... to ensure each employee must have
01 internet connected computer right after being recruited.

2. E-Commerce Application in the branches and transaction rooms
- Allow installation of internet at branches and transaction rooms.
- Implement investment of specialized software: data integrated software, customer
collection acquisition software from the website system...
- Should create a specialized team of 1-2 sales staff on website system, collect
customer profiles registered on the website as quickly as possible
3. Invest human resources to serve the E-commerce improving for cards business
- Continue training, improving IT skills for all staff
- Organizing training courses on specialized software using skills.
4. Solutions
- Promote communication weekly
- Establish IT inspection and control group to deploy, inspect, supervise and evaluate
the performance of the departments in tem of the implementation of development
plans in ecommerce business.
5. Building human resources organization:
Establish an IT specialized team in each department, branch / transaction rooms; each
room, department arranges 01-02 IT specialized employees;
Slides of Management Information System
Website of Techcombank https://www.techcombank.com.vn/

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