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triển khai đề án phát triển CNTT tại ngân hàng phát triển việt nam VDB e

Name: The Vietnam Development Bank
Year of Establishment: 2006
Capital: VND 10.000 billion
Asset size: VND 300.000 billion AND plan to VND 500,000 billion by 2020
Address: 25 A Cat Linh, Dong Da, Hanoi
Tel: 04.37365 659
Fax: 04. 37 365 672
Website: http://www.vdb.gov.vn
In the system of banking and credit institutions in Vietnam, VDB has a special place
and serves as an effective tool of government investment in the social economic
development of the country. With the strategic direction developed into a modern banking
professional, decreasing reliance on budget, VDB can not build and develop a modern IT
system. This causes pressure but also opens up a great opportunity for the development of
IT systems. In the context of the VDB can not even build yourself a strategic roadmap for
IT development, the construction and deployment of IT projects will develop feasibility
and applicability in the short and medium term activities, an important contribution to
creating a solid foundation for the later IT’s development of the VDB.

The purpose of the project:

The research project, assess the status of the VDB’s IT which proposes general
requirements are oriented towards the overall IT system
(1) Develop a modern IT system to meet the operational requirements
(2) Maintaining, strengthening and human resource development in both quality and
(3) Enhance the quality, efficiency in the exploitation, processing and providing
information for executive leadership at all levels.
(4) To study and formulate and promulgate shortening mechanisms, processes of
procedures implementing IT projects in the framework of compliance with the legal

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requirements of the State.

The Scope of the project 

The scheme is applied to study systems of the whole IT industry VDB (including the
Headquarters and Exchanges branch VDB). The scheme stops at research, assess the
status of the VDB IT systems, from which the proposed solution, the basic tasks to be
carried out. The solution detailed technology roadmap, cost estimates ... only the overall
To ensure the feasibility, the scheme applies to the period from 2014 to 2019 and
2030 taking into account the views.
Here's assessment, detailed analysis of the contents of each IT system in the VDB:

Infrastructure, IT equipments 

1.1 IT Equipments
a) Procurement, handed use
Currently, the VDB was basically fully equipped for all sectors of IT equipment
according to the annual procurement plan. Procurement slower than current requirements
arise, the usual round of shopping deploy a 2 year / time
b) The management, warranty maintenance and disposal of IT equipment:
The computing devices are at the center of IT management and IT department at the
branches / transaction offices, every 3 months / time units reported the use of IT

equipment in HSC (Center IT)
1.2 Network communication.
VDB has implemented projects to upgrade communications infrastructure with 3
stages of development, so far completed the implementation of the third stage.

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VDB network model is divided into 3 regions Center. VDB has hired two channels of
two different providers, not by each other's common infrastructure and FPT VNTP to





Thus, the communication network of the VDB was completely meet the requirements, the
basis for the deployment of value added services such as online conferencing, internal
phone ... on this system.
1.3 System data center and backup center
VDB has succeeded in deploying centralized data at Head Quarter, however, in the
current Head Quarter is not really data centers (Data Center) in accordance with
standards which only contains the server room.
Currently, the VDB no backup center, but just a simple backup at least "double the
critical IT equipment".
Data Center (and backup center) basis, is very important conditions for implementing
the project of modernization of the VDB in the future. This is an important weakness of
the current VDB.

2. Application Systems
2.1 Core banking
Thanks to funding from the World Bank, the bank deployed in Vietnam modernization
projects, sub-projects, including IT. Accordingly banks core application software (called
CORE-BANKING) according to international standards for the management and





After 2 years of construction and development, software VDB online now serves as the
VDB's CORE software, have created an important step to VDB gradually standardized
and complete business processes, thereby:

Control the whole industry data accurately and timely


Reduce the number of reports that must be sent to the Head Quarter branch

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To raise the whole industry officials, how to implement change jobs


Greatly reduce errors by automating accounting


Unified client management, responsive focus VDB payments

However, after about 3 years of use , the software has exposed some shortcomings as
follows :
- No cover all the operational activities segment of the VDB
- The stability of the software is not high . Software technology obsolete over time ,
the expansion / complementary increasingly limited operations
- The system is overloaded or when the number of transactions
- Reporting system integrated with transactional systems
- Depending on the partners have not yet reached the level of a professional class
Global Core – banking
Replacing software using software online VDB - CORE BANKING modern
international standards are essential needs. However, the change to using the CORE BANKING from abroad is complex, costly and resource requires drastic in the project
work . This is the biggest problem of IT systems in the current VDB .

2.2 The satellite software (software outside the Core)
For the VDB, the software now has the following satellites:
• Manage security key
• Manage billing Son Hydropower
• Electronic Payment Interbank
The above satellite software is working well and meet the requirements of the VDB
2.3 Software reports for executive management
To perform automatic begin exporting report output for the operation, this software
rendered report with data obtained from the data warehouse software VDB online:
Reporting system operator serving HO Report
Statistical reporting system sends SB

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Software search whole industry information
2.4 Other software tool
This is the software tool for the purpose of serving other independent data relative to
the trading system daily operations of the VDB.
The software currently meet the basic requirements of the unit, related parts. In the
future will develop 2 integrated e-mail system above into a single system with new
technology in order to facilitate the use and management of the entire branch.
2.5 The software platform other systems
This is a separate software to serve the development, management of IT
infrastructure, including systems software such as operating systems, software, database
management, software operating equipment, software tools, middleware software,
antivirus software, security etc. ..

Strengths of IT systems

Up to now IT systems has VDB has strengths as follows:

Concentration data, data management unified whole industry daily


Data not misleading


IT system has become the means indispensable goods


Meet the basic requirements for operating daily services and reporting the state


Head Quarter Allows monitoring and control of the entire branch operations.


To permit specific types of transactions "forward - reverse - switch - adjustment" of
the VDB
Overall, the current IT system has made progress but still not really meet all current

requirements and development trend in the future, weighs about serving the needs of the
VDB activity level, still many of the VDB array operations have not been computerize

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The weakness of the IT system: 
IT Systems VDB also some limitations:
- The supply / additional equipment for the entire sector usually slower than

required due process procedures lasting investment
- No data center and backup center standards
- VDB core software online has many shortcomings, limitations and processing
technology, not CORE modern international standards.
- Multiple arrays are not professional computerization: Managing collateral loan,
auto loan classification, ODA management, underwriting ...
- Data warehouses are not standardized reporting software remain the simple , yet
professional .

Deploy software applications difficult because business processes are not stable ,

determine needs professional management and selection of building software . The level
of interest of many business units in IT is not high , is not standardized and consistent
lack of management targets.

No built -quality process management software , use the software effectively

uneven .
- IT workforce was thin , the training has not improved and in-depth .
- The IT security has not been evaluated , independent reviews . No central
management and control is the use of IT equipment end users . No building was
modernized IT strategy methodology and vision systems from the international
organization of professional consultants

The opportunity to build IT systems for VDB
Thus, the current IT systems only meet business needs in the short term. With

strategic orientation VDB developed into a powerful financial institution on a par with
national development banks in the region, the need for modernization of the VDB
information systems becomes more urgent than ever. Could be confirmed: right now, if
not improved rapidly, developing information systems, the information systems VDB
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will not be able to meet the development of the VDB system in future.

Challenges when building IT systems for VDB VN
- The software is mainly applied in the VDB hire external partners to build , IT

Center serves as a bridge to the business units to the construction of professional
problems for partners deploy our software development then accept the transfer of
technology and operational management support later .
In the process of deploying software projects have encountered difficulties when
doing so :

Identify the topic in detail difficult, prolonged, or slow to change project


The difficulty in choosing partners build / deploy many risks and resources of
partner experience .


Decree 102/2009/ND-CP and the implementing guidelines difficult to apply in
the context of the VDB deployment than IT projects . This caused major delays
for VDB wasting resources :
o It takes more time and manpower to prepare
o Lost opportunity costs of operations while the slow deployment of IT
projects ;
o Another issue , not only for the banking sector , which is a waste
because information technology equipment depreciation .

Vietnam Development Bank is a tool for implementing policies to economic
development - economic development of the country. Activity of the Vietnam
Development Bank for non-profit purposes, the required reserve ratio of 0% (zero
percent), not insured deposits. Development Bank by the Government to ensure solvency,
are exempt from taxes and the state budget as prescribed by law.

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So no rival industry competition. Other financial institutions in the world similar
in the framework of the subject article without any conditions studied for comparison.






1. Building the strategy IT development
* Overview of IT the strategy development commercial banks
IT Strategy depends on the business strategy of the bank. The Bank's strategy is
clear as a basis to build IT the strategy, in which each step must be the goal of building
human resources, communications, hardware, software, ... IT strategy may need to be
adjusted to suit the trends of IT and operations of banks
* Experience consultant selection
Most of the big consultants (PWC, IBM, Deloitte ....) there are names will be
required to meet the bank's advice. Important here not to choose a consultant that is
selected personnel needed to meet the requirements and job counseling.
Special factors counseling abroad, banks require 100% permanent work in
Vietnam or at least 3 days a week to facilitate exchange and work. Language barrier was
quite difficult problems when working with foreign partners, eliminate barriers,
VietinBank and BIDV has recruited a team of translators to work with consultants.
2. Converting core-banking
* Hiring consultants for core converted
- The selection of hire consultants core switch
The advice from the commercial banks are choosing to hire consultants corebanking transformation. The consultant basically working, thinking, problem approach
overall nature.
It is from the experience, knowledge and objectivity of the consultant, they have
high influence, capable of convincing leadership.

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VietinBank that commercial banks have a standard business and has extensive
experience in implementing Core Banking VietinBank therefore choose not to hire
consultants that core self-realization learn, choose some appropriate core (based on hit
list price: http://www.inntron.com/core_banking.html). But VietinBank still have to hire a
consultant to write the Bidding Documents and monitor implementation (VietinBank
hire-PWC PricewaterhouseCoopers).
- The main content of the consultants core converted choose
Before you make a new model should assess the limitations of the current system core,
which determine the direction of the current core:
+ Upgrade Core
+ Or replace the core,






- How to approach and selected a short list of some core - banking
Most banks have views towards narrowing the core strategy : not every application
integrated into the core software , the building complex software core for easy external






Each core systems have strengths and weaknesses , the bank must choose the most
suitable system for banks , not modern but selected core is inconsistent with the bank .









Each bank scale , organizational structure , operational strategy , business process ,
accounting furniture , ... different choices must therefore be banking technology ( IT not )
most appropriate for you to modify to avoid core .
- Require providers demonstrated capacity ( POC ) in selected core processes
When the request for POC only given input data and achieve goals , not detailed
implementation steps as this will inadvertently impose the old process of core banking
system of the contractor , the this worked very hard to achieve the desired effect . The

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contractor shall state how it handles from the different evaluation and selection system
that best suits the bank .
- GAP ANALYSIS ( analysis of deviations between core systems and business systems ) in
the process of implementing
GAP analysis ( analysis of deviations between the two systems and core business systems
) is important to consider the appropriateness of the core . Parts of the banking business
decisions 80 % of projects successfully implemented core (especially the GAP analysis ,
testing , ... ) .
* The way organizations deploy
Many reasons for the slow progress of the project , the biggest of which is how to
manage the activities of the project .
- Experience building reporting systems
The bank recommends building independent reporting systems outside the core
system by requiring users always arise more and customizable reporting system in the
core system can only meet in the basic report . Therefore, the system should be split into
2 report system
+ Some immediate report print directly on the core operators meet the transaction
reporting serve immediately.
+ Some reports computational requirements, the processor should be separated into
independent system data processing end date to restrict the report just recently traded in,
especially late in the reporting system.

Focusing  maintain  current  IT  system  to meet the  maximum requirements
under existing capabilities:

Maintain and strengthen operational staff VDB software online. Enhance

personnel both in quality and quantity, promoting training . Periodically reassess and
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interested staff remuneration.

Continue to rent for maintenance , technical support for this software


Extract from the report system gradually trading system to reduce the system load

at the end of the month / year . Accelerate the implementation of the project " VDB
reporting system " .

The solution proposed is specifically built data warehouse for reporting statistics

for HSC -based multidimensional BI technologies ( BI - Business Intelligence ) is the
processes and technologies that businesses / banks use to determine manage huge
volumes of data , exploring knowledge helps enterprises can make the decisions more
effectively in their business activities .

Try to limit big business changes , the new generation is simply handled

according to " detour " to match the unified process in VDB online program , to avoid
breaking system was stable after 3 years of operation .

If the need arises to new business complex is separated into specific software ,

such as satellite software QL Son La hydropower . Currently, software development
trends are shrinking core banking functions of the module . Core banking modernization
only include modules : Credit , deposit , customer management and internal account
management , other modules such as general requirements , branch management ,
reporting , billing , accounts trade , allocation and post-investment support , ... are
separated into independent software connection to exchange data with core - banking via
standard connections .

Ensure operational infrastructure systems smoothly and timely replacement /

additional equipment damage , fully depreciated . To enhance good relationships with
supply partners , hardware repair equipment necessary to support timely avoid
interrupting operations .

The business unit priorities exploit online data from the VDB , limited branch

established requirements and send reports . This requires both a challenge both in the

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process of deploying VDB online.

Integrated 2 e-mail system with new technology to manage and use unified whole

industry. This is the first step to professionalize and modernize IT.

VDB promulgate regulations to modify / standardization of statistical indicators,

disaggregated targets to increase the efficient use of existing IT systems


Overcoming the limitations of IT systems, through the implementation of
the following solutions:
- Develop and promulgate VDB internal processes to accelerate deployment of IT

projects Decree 102/2009/ND-CP .

Implement Data Center building ( Datacenter ) served as executive producer of

the banking business . The upgrade will be done easily without affecting existing systems
as well as applications and services are being exploited
- Implement projects Provision of IT systems VDB . In the future , the goal to build
redundant systems geographical distance is systematically than 30km .
- Hire consultants CORE choice for VDB . CORE software deployment overseas to
replace the VDB software online. Core banking system is a module of basic operations
such as bank deposits and loans , customers
- Along with the implementation of application software , training end users to use
the software has always been important to ensure that IT systems can operate effectively .
Deployment Project " VDB reporting system " to build data warehouses and standards
applicable reporting tool professional, thus :
- Implementing the AD (Active Directory) to manage the use of the computer
industry for the end user, thereby tightening IT security management from head office to
branches, the user has control informal work than in work time, to avoid data leakage out
of the system.
- Develop software satellites operating strategy of the VDB with modern technology

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platform, easy connection to CORE.
- Strengthen and regularly trained IT staff and end users. IT sector is growing at
high speed, the updated technological knowledge requires frequent and continuous.


The   solution   towards   becoming   a   professional   bank,   is   operated   on   a
modern IT platform:
Implementing successful transition CORE modern platform will be critical to the

process of modernization activities of the VDB. The soul of the IT systems of a credit
institution's core-banking, it not only reflects the level of banking technology
organizations but also the role of technology in professional activities of such
organizations . CORE will help VDB modern management operations more efficient,
more professional; reduce resources for the review and synthesis of data from which
investment resources to improve service quality, system administration skills
Hiring foreign consultants to develop a roadmap to assess IT strategy and
implementation plan to modernize IT standards / international level.

Implementing solutions / projects under the strategic roadmap. When all the
IT strategy, which indicate professional from the obvious steps, each step
consisting of the goals to be achieved, the projects need to be implemented to
achieve the goal.
Each year the project will evaluate and adjust strategies to fit the actual
In the above solutions, software solutions and solutions in information
processing priority because this is implemented, two urgent issues need to be
addressed and can be solved in the short term in service business needs

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The solutions are specified by the plan are expected to be deployed until 2019 based
on the current state of the current needs of the VDB (not to mention the modern services,
services in the same market ... hybrid). The beginning of this work may be adjusted
according to the development strategy of the IT VDB later.
Organization of implementation:
IT Center shall: implementation of the scheme
Department: Balanced plan, the Board of Finance and Accounting, Customer Center, the
Credit Committee: Chaired build the business requirement for IT applications, in
collaboration with the Centre for IT in implementing IT projects of the VDB.
- Training Center: Chaired organizing IT training for professional staff and IT staff with
the contents of the Scheme.
- Organization and Personnel Committee: chaired implementing recruitment solutions,
IT organizational structure
- Fundamental Building Committee: Coordinate with the construction of process units
deploying IT projects throughout the VDB system.

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Building infrastructure IT platform
Project Stage 3 media networks
Project upgrade / consolidated e-mail
system VDB (using Exchange)
Implementing the AD (Active Directory
Project Data Centers (Data Center - DC)
VDB in K1 - Hao Nam
Implement internal telephone system based
communications infrastructure VDB
Administration (Disaster Recovery - DR)


Develop business applications VDB
Upgrade VDB software online converted
to accrual accounting - expense.
hydropower payment



Deploying smart systems BI reports
Implementing projects of international
payment VDB.
Prepare to deploy converted to new corebanking alternative for VDB online.
Implement projects to provide services
over the Internet VDB (if any)
Deploying PKI public key project (if the
project through the Internet service is

Paris Graduate School of Management - PGSM

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prevention and internal credit ratings
The software profession other than corebanking

The other task
Construction of the IT development
strategy VDB (hiring consultants)
Additional procurement of IT equipment
annually as required
Training (training of IT and end-user

2 - Perspective 2019-2030
- Human Resources and IT sufficient number of qualified , knowledgeable professional
to deploy IT services throughout the system .
- To promote and upgrade the communications network to the network model and the
modern focus .
- Core Banking Software Modern Foreign efficient operation , covering all the main
business of the VDB .
- Initially formed to focus the entire data warehouse industry ( Enterprise Data
Warehouse ) , features integrated data , stored historical information and follow a
standard uniform medium
- Intelligent reporting system to meet the requirements of the decision support VDB
leaders and leaders of the branch in the system at the same time professional staff has the

Paris Graduate School of Management - PGSM

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ability to operate smoothly in the open systems arbitrary operators reporting (ad - hoc )
analysis and forecast information .
- System redundancy modern IT is deployed, ensure efficient operation requires a high
level of data redundancy (No Data Loss) and maximize operational availability (High
Availability) the most important system software of the VDB.
- IT system security at all classifiers, from communication networks to software
applications, databases and data mining.
The estimated costs for modernization:




CORE choose to hire consultants for VDB



Deployment Project "reporting system VDB"



Deploying QT project billing, CIS VDB


Deploying Data Center (Data Center - DC) VDB in K1 - Hao Nam



Implement projects IT backup center (Disaster Recovery-DR)


Regular procurement of IT equipment to meet the requirements to replace /



complement the whole industry


Implement procurement and deployment of the VDB CORE



Hiring consultants develop strategies to modernize IT



Additional satellite software to meet new business requirements


The utility increases on existing infrastructure (TT conferences, ...)



430 B.VND

So to summarize, the current modernization of IT systems, VDB should focus on IT

Paris Graduate School of Management - PGSM

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development in accordance with international standards for fair funding and investment
in key areas on the basis of restructuring the investment rate of the IT sector (section
hardware, software, networking, and telecommunications), priority for training, valued,
encouraged IT resources and intellectual investment products, software products aimed
at becoming a modern bank was "first from the development.
Thus, if the overall solution mentioned above are implemented effectively and on
schedule, optimistic that we can trust in the near future, IT will cover all business
segments, contributing VDB to the success of the implementation of the tasks assigned
by the Government.
2. George Raymond McLeod, P. Shell, Management Information Systems - International
Edition 9th Edition.
3. Home page of Vietnam Development Bank http://www.vdb.gov.vn/Trangchu.aspx?

Paris Graduate School of Management - PGSM

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