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General plan on information technology application through building
information systems and E-commerce activities implementation at Tran Anh Digital
World JSC

Company Name: Tran Anh Digital World Joint Stock Company
English trading name: TRAN ANH DIGITAL WORLD JSC.
Address: 1174 Lang, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi
Business license and enterprise code number: 0103018927 Registration 13th changed
by The Department of Planning and Investment in Hanoi issued on 05.30.2013
Legal representative of the enterprise: Mr. Tran Xuan Kien – Chairman
1. The process of formation and development:
Tran Anh Digital World Joint Stock Company was established under Decision No.
0102004703 by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi City dated on
03/11/2002. The company was officially changed from Ltd model to JSC model with a new
name: Tran Anh Digital World JSC from the date 08/08/2007 in the certificate of
registration business number 0103018927 by Department of Planning and Investment of
From the foundation, Tran Anh had only 05 people working in a shop area larger than
60m2. After nearly 12 years of operation, the current company size has increased with more
than 1000 employees and 10 locations with business area 27.000m2. Inherent operational

processes, the development of Tran Anh events and business policy breakthrough, pioneer
in the field of business computer equipment such as business policy "to sell at wholesale
prices into the hands of consumers”, "warranty" 1 for 1 in 6 months" and "warranty in case

the IC is fire and explosion”, policy "committed to refund when the price is fluctuate " etc.
Thereby, Tran Anh has maintained a high growth rate, all aspects of a comprehensive and
sustainable surprising than the name of the other company in the same field. Currently Tran
Anh is one of Vietnam's leading companies in the field of business technology products.
Customers trust by Tran Anh policies, commitment and service ... that many retail
electronics company - Computers - Mobile others cannot.
After a while affirming the field names on business computers - components and
digital entertainment equipment, office equipment and mobile phones, dated on 24/12/2009,
Tran Anh has expanded into field of Electronics, refrigeration, appliances to electronics
Supermarket - Computers - Mobile. Supermarkets electronics - Tran Anh Computer has
wide space, booth décor scientists create favorable conditions for client visits and product
Tran Anh Company has a staff of highly qualified professionals (more than 50% have
graduated from University and College in Economics, Engineering), can afford to meet all
requirements even most demanding of customers. Not only that, the staff of the Tran Anh is
full of enthusiasm and attitude in the way of customer service. All employees in the
company are understood Tran Anh: Customers decide the future existence and development
of Tran Anh
Thus, all the members of Tran Anh Company are always interested in the concept
and thought: Serve your customers as we are serving our own.
2. Vision
- Becoming the largest professional system electronics stores - Computers - Mobile
scale in Vietnam.
- Building Tran Anh to become a professional working environment where all
individuals can maximize creativity, leadership and ownership opportunities with a truly
high democratic spirit.
- Building Tran Anh become a really common house for all employees in the
company by sharing interests, responsibilities and obligations of a fair and transparent way

3. Company core value
- Discipline-oriented professional;

- Complete service organizations toward top;
- Dynamic towards collective creativity;
- Committee to the local community and society;
- Work and honest actions;
- Actions towards efficient and effective social enterprise
4. Company philosophy business
- Company culture is the foundation and pillar of development, aggregation and
honor all those human elements of business towards the harmonious development


- Built-in in all the policies and services that the company brought to market all the
basic value to the image of an electric company - computer - mobile: Pioneer +
Optimal + Standard.
"Customer Satisfaction is our happiness" is what Tran Anh company staff mind
and strive.
 HO: 1174 Lang, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi
Tel: 1900 545 546
Fax: (84-4) 3766.7708
 Tran Anh - Cau Giay: 1174 Lang, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da district, Hanoi
Tel: 1900 545 546
Fax: (84-4) 3766.7708
 Tran Anh - Dong Da: 159 Thai Ha, Dong Da district, Hanoi
Tel: 1900 545 546
Fax: (84-4) 3537. 5324
 Tran Anh - Long Bien: 7-9 Nguyen Van Linh, Long Bien Dist, Hanoi
Tel: 1900 545 546
Fax: (84-4) 6257 3532
 Tran Anh - Hai Ba Trung: 2 Dai Co Viet Str, Hai Ba Trung Dist, Hanoi
Tel: 1900 545 546
Fax: (84-4) 3766.7708
 Tran Anh - Ha Dong: 110 Tran Phu, Ha Dong Dist, Hanoi
Tel: 1900 545 546

 Tran Anh - Ba Dinh: 36 Cat Linh, Ba Dinh Dist, Hanoi
Tel: 1900 545 546
 Tran Anh - Tu Liem: 9 Pham Van Dong, Tu Liem, Hanoi
Tel: 1900 545 546
 Tran Anh - Hoang Mai: 1283 Giai Phong, Hoang Mai Dist, Hanoi
Tel: 1900 545 546
 Tran Anh - Thanh Xuan: Royal City, 72 Nguyen Trai, Thanh Xuan Dist, Hanoi
Tel: 1900 545 546
 Trần Anh - Times City: 458 Minh Khai, Hai Ba Trung Dist, Hanoi.
Tel: 1900 545 546
 Customer service center and guarantee: 1174 Lang, Lang Thuong Ward, Dong Da
district, Hanoi
Tel: 1900 545 546
Fax: (84-4) 3766.7708
1. Current status of IT applications in Tran Anh.
Tran Anh also began applying information technology to business processes since
2006, since the company was only business of commodity computers. So far, the company
has become the supermarket business corporations but on the application of information
technology has not developed much.
First, about the application software, the company has now only financial software
management accounting and inventory management software. Two applications are
currently being operated very well because the whole 02 are ordered separately as requested
by company leaders. About financial accounting software, in addition to the management
accounting profession of the state, this software also doubles as the management of
purchases and sales. Bill of sale and selling process is also incorporated into this software.
In addition, system management reports for management as well be ordered separately
according to company requirements. Similar to financial accounting software, warehouse
management software is also made for Tran Anh Company with typical management system

with bar code inventory management in detail each component in warehouse. All entry and
inventory systems use barcode system.
Second, the e-commerce application, Tran Anh has Website at address
www.trananh.vn and personal e-mail inbox. Website of Tran Anh always has large traffic.
All operations on sales, promotion information and consulting services customer care ... are
to be deployed on this Website. In early 2013, Tran Anh also joined Facebook - the social
networking site to spread the great features of this social network.
Although current applications are still operating well, however today, the numbers of
business locations by Tran Anh are 12. With over 1000 employees and over 100,000
customers, existing applications are not sufficient to meet the current and the system has
revealed many shortcomings.
Financial accounting software with integrated sales management software and
connect to the warehouse management software leads to an enlarged database quickly.
Language and database are built on older technologies should be limited by capacity and
processing speeds result in very slow access speeds and frequent errors. These problems can
be overcome but the speed greatly affects the employee's work and the operation of the
system. This weakness has led to an inability to connect online with each other selling
points. Data updated from time to time be pre-booked and are not continuous and online.
Generally, the software did not meet the real needs of today's limiting and speed of service
2. Overall solution development and application of information technology in
Tran Anh.
Currently, Tran Anh has 12 business locations electronics stores in Hanoi area with
over 1000 employees. The larger the enterprise is competitive pressures and pressure as well
as higher management. The discrete process management, complex information systems,
many if not kept pace with changes every hour of reality is the major obstacle for businesses
in race improve quality, reduce cost product - services to meet the increasing requirements
of customers ... therefore, the urgent issue of the company is:
 How to manage and control the sales policy and sales analysis of business processes?

 How to control the situation and planned inventory supply of materials in time? How
to plan shopping to serve business?
 How to effective analysis as well as the profit and loss for an order?
 How to monitor and control the timely financial condition, budgets, expenses and
 How to capture and timely control the activities of the company and its subsidiaries
at anytime and anywhere. How managers can quickly grasp the situation changes in
the operation of their business to take timely decisions?
 How to enter data quickly and accurately, reduce risk, errors in data entry process,
while ensuring the safety and security of data?
The question posed is quite a headache problem for corporate governance. The
answer is to have a system of software applications that support a comprehensive and
centralized management of all the resources, all the company's data. Data is entered only
once and is used throughout the operation of the company. For example, with an imported
item, it will only be entered once and the information about the item that will be managed
from the point of purchase until it was sold and moved to the warranty. Whether sitting
where specialized professionals and executives can also have the same flow of information
and updated online. Currently, this solution has existed in the world and in Vietnam. This is
a management software solution for Enterprise Resource Planning also known as ERP. With
ERP software, all the information will now be managed centrally, as a whole company. This
is the solution that Tran Anh needs to have in the future.
1. Why deploy ERP software?
a. ERP is the perfect solution for overall stable environment.
With over 12 years of development, Tran Anh has become a leading company in
home appliance business. Today, with over 1000 employees, operate apparatus of Tran Anh
is running smoothly and the working environment is very stable. The stages in the system
include consulting order from the customer care until all is done according to standard
procedures and customer special praise. With ERP solutions, business data will be operated

in accordance with existing procedures. The flow of information is entered once and saved
data transfer across the system in accordance with the process and ensure consistency.
b. ERP solution to improve business efficiency
An ERP system with functions such as CRM or sales channel management solution
can help businesses increase efficiency of business operations to better cope with the effects
of the economy. Along with the enterprise ERP can allow business to operate more
efficiently while using less manpower, thus saving the cost of wage labor. In terms of
operational processes, ERP enables businesses to automate business processes manually
before and totally eliminate redundant activities, not deliver value. In addition, ERP helps
businesses to better meet customer needs while reducing inventory costs and transportation.
c. As the trend needs to be done.
ERP is an inevitable trend because this trend is the result of five other important
trends, recognizing trends right age and time to suit changing trends is the most important
part in the strategic planning of each company.
The first relates to the Internet is changing the world every day, every hour. If the
highway can only shorten the geographical distance, the internet really remove them ... In
other words in future, every company use internet.
The second is globalization, this trend is due to the initiative developed countries,
and underdeveloped countries must be followed. In the process of globalization,
international competition will gradually replace domestic competition. Businesses are no
longer in the auspices of the State. In the near future, a company cannot afford to lose
international competitiveness at the local market.
Third, the pace of change is faster. We easily observe the dizzying change of product
design and manufacturing technology to create them. If the characteristics of quality '80s,
'90s restructuring is characterized by decades in which we live is the speed. Access to more
information is profoundly changed the lifestyle of the consumer. When business activities as
required by the market to achieve very high speed, then the business itself has changed. In
future only those companies with the ability to react quickly to new market changes likely
to survive and grow.

The fourth is the customer's interests which are considered more important than ever;
consumers are more knowledgeable, demanding increasingly high and more choice for any
products or services. In the future the company only needs to understand and meet the
interests of new customers have the ability to survive and grow.
The fifth is the formation of an information society. In recent times, we often hear the
phrase "knowledge economy". The economy also has another name and information society.
From a market perspective, such as a hurricane, the information the consumer has changed
profoundly and comprehensively. They not only have information on pricing, products of a
company but also familiar enough information about alternative products of competing
firms. The access to information is open for businesses new business opportunities.
Information becomes a competitive advantage. So in this context, businesses cannot survive
and grow if it lacks personal information.
Because of the above reasons, ERP is an inevitable trend and Tran Anh is certainly
not an exception.
2. The typical ERP solutions on the market
There are so many ERP vendors in the world and the provider also has presence in
Vietnam. Some Vietnamese businesses also give some of their solutions, and which
dominates the market. Each offer solutions is usually applied to a field or a particular
industry, a particular business in which the most prominent is FPT, TVE, Oracle, SAP,
OpenERP, Fast...
a. Oracle's ERP Solution
On ERP Market, Oracle E - Business Suite is known as one of the leading ERP
solution in the world. The first version - Release 1. From then until 1992, when Oracle
launched Release 9, the difference between the later version and the previous version is not
much, just a few modules added or enhanced features of previous modules. But to Release
10 was released in 1995-1996, the Oracle solution has become a comprehensive
management solution that covers multiple array operations such as Financial Accounting,
Human Resource, Payroll, Project Management, Purchasing, Sales, supply chain
management, production management, business management and marketing... Next Release

11 was introduced in 04/1998 was Release 11i first appeared on May, 2000. Since then,
Oracle continues upgrade and complete directions to Release 11i and Release 12 will take
place in the next few years with significant changes.
Currently, Oracle has more than 26,000 customers worldwide use Oracle E-Business
Suite, in which 94% of customers are using Release 11i. Especially, with the Construction
contracting information systems management and treasury budget (TABMIS - project by the
World Bank funded over $ 54 million) with IBM Business Consulting Services in 12/2005
the Government of Vietnam has been officially selected to deploy Oracle solutions to
modernize the financial management system of their own.
b. SAP's ERP Solution
SAP is a provider of software solutions to leading global enterprises, with productspecific areas for almost all operations of the business. Enterprise Resource Management
(ERP) solution, including the best solutions for the identified business processes, helping to
streamline the entire enterprise, and the rapid deployment solution that allows early
collection efficiency investments.
The solution in mySAP Business Suite is designed in the form of modules to fit the
budget and business of enterprises. Because the solution uses open technology, can expand
so businesses can begin to deploy parts, then be easily extended functionality when business
needs arise. In addition, each solution is designed for rapid deployment to help businesses
get faster ROI.
mySAP Business Suite is built on SAP NetWeaver - platform and integration
application of SAP. Based on Web services and other open technologies, SAP Net weaver
make the operation as a unified basic attributes of each solution in mySAP Business Suite,
ensuring close interaction between all solutions SAP, and any other SAP solutions.
The combination of advanced business applications and integration technology
ensures open for business investments today and in the future while providing businesses
the ability to clearly see all of the functions, created the added value of the business. mySAP
Business Suite also includes portal technology which is protected by SAP, this technology
allows users to easily access information and identify applications they need.

In summary, the solution in mySAP Business Suite enables enterprises to unify and
align people, information, and processes across multiple business and technology
throughout the enterprise.
mySAP Business Suite solution
mySAP Business Suite is a collection of comprehensive business solutions in the
world, providing the best functionality built for complete integration, providing unique
abilities for each field, can open unlimited expansion, and supports easy collaboration over
the Internet.
mySAP Business Suite includes:

Enterprise Resource Management - mySAP ERP
Customer Relationship Management - mySAP CRM
Product Lifecycle Management - mySAP PLM
Relationship Solution Provider Management - mySAP SRM
Solutions business activities Management - mySAP SCM
SAP NetWeaver
In which SAP ERP is enterprise resource management (ERP) of SAP. mySAP ERP

combines complete functionality, scalability, and the world's most effective for enterprise
resource management technology with an open and flexible platform. All these functions are
supported by the SAP Net Weaver technology platform. mySAP ERP package includes set
of four separate ERP solutions provides a strong foundation for the business processes of
the enterprise:

Human Resource Management
The business services
The foundation of SAP solutions
SAP Net Weaver is the technology of the solution in mySAP Business Suite, the SAP

xApps composite application, partner solutions, and applications developed by customers. It
also provides functionality for enterprise services architecture (Enterprise Services
Architecture) - orientation of SAP solutions for service-oriented business.

c. OpenERP Solutions
As an open source software, OpenERP allows quickly customize and completely
from input interface, for the process to best fit each business, make sure to meet almost
physical characteristics management demand of the business.

Business Process



Financial Management

Purchase Management

Sales Management


Manufacturing Management

Stock Management

Human Resource & Payroll

Document Management

Reporting & Dashboard

Business Intelligence
Depending on the specific management needs of each business, these modules will

be selected for optimal deployment.
3. ERP implementation plan in Tran Anh
a. Selection of suppliers.

With the above solution, Tran Anh will deploy Oracle solutions for the following

- This is one of the world's leading provider of long experience and proven solutions ,
units in Vietnam has selected this solution and has successfully implemented


- Oracle Database can accommodate very large data stream , suitable for retail
business units have a large amount of goods as the Tran Anh (Tran Anh has more than
200,000 shares of goods, more than 100,000 customers and nearly 3000 orders per month to
be managed ) .
- Oracle ERP solution has fully modules, are integrated together in the form of
centralized management database and online support through Internet links. This is Tran
Anh solutions that are geared towards.
- Oracle was developed by FPT, can modify the solution according to the actual
requirements of the enterprise.
 Introduce the main modules of the Oracle E-Business Suite
 Financials
Oracle Financials gives businesses full picture of their financial situation and allow
full control of the business transactions, help increase the rate of extraction of information
and transparency in the financial statements thereby increasing the efficiency of business
operations. Businesses can close the terminal window to make faster, more accurate
decisions based on immediate data provided by the system, reducing the cost of enterprise
operation. The main modules of the Oracle Financials General Ledger, Account
Receivables, Account Payables, Assets...
 Procurement
Oracle Procurement includes designed modules to effectively manage the
procurement of goods, services and complex diversity. The procurement management
module allows enterprises to manage the procurement requirements across the enterprise,
procurement, and management and supplier selection. The module consists of procurement
Purchasing Manager, Purchasing Intelligence, i-Procurement, Sourcing, i-Supplier Portal.
 Logistics
Oracle Logistics Manager supports the entire supply process, from inventory
management to shipping and the return to the Inventory Management module, Mobile
Supply Chain, Supply Chain Intelligence, Transportation, Warehouse Management, etc.
 Order Fulfillment

Oracle Order Fulfillment enables management of the sales process is very flexible,
providing timely data, the ability to contribute to the timely implementation of customer
orders, automate the sales process from collection, and contribute to reducing the cost of
sales and order fulfillment. The module includes Sales Management Order Management,
Configuration, Advanced Pricing, i-Store, Supply Chain Intelligence...
 Manufacturing
Oracle Manufacturing helps optimize production capacity, from the stage of raw
materials to final products. Supports the production environment simple assembly (Discrete
Manufacturing) production and processing of environmental complexity (Process
Manufacturing), Oracle Manufacturing help improve and control manufacturing processes
better. The main module is the production manager of MDS, MPS, MRP, BOM / Formula,
WIP, Quality, Costing.
 Human Resources
The modules of Oracle Human Resource Management helps businesses effectively
manage their human resources. Oracle provides tools to align employees with organizational
goals, support all professional personnel management, recruitment, training, salary... The
modules include Human Resources, Payroll, Training Administration, Self-Service HR, HR
Intelligence, Time & Labor, Advanced Benefits, i-Learning, i-Recruitment
 Projects
Oracle Projects help improve the project management, providing relevant
information to the people involved, from which enterprises can coordinate rhythmic
projects, optimize the use of resources, decision-making timely. The modules include
Billing Projects, Projects Costing, Project Intelligence, Project Resource Mgmt, Project
Contracts, Project Collaboration...
 Planning & Scheduling
Planning & Scheduling Oracle module includes planning support, as well as
providing production planning. The main module includes Supply Chain Planning, Adv.


Supply Chain Planning, Demand Planning, Global Order Promising, Mfg. Scheduling,
Inventory Optimization, Collaborative Planning, and Supply Chain Intelligence
 Intelligence
Oracle E-Business Intelligence is a reporting application analysis to provide the
timely information, accurate to the leadership, staff and operational management. Oracle EBusiness Intelligence built-in Oracle solutions should significantly reduce deployment
 Maintenance Management
Oracle Enterprise Asset Management and Maintenance Module, Repair, and
Overhaul support initiative in planning and implementation of maintenance, maintenance of
equipment, plant, machinery, vehicles ... maintenance work will be done better to help
increase the life of the property, ensuring the safety and reliability of machinery and
In addition to the above ERP modules, Oracle is also rated as a top choice for
businesses expanded ERP with the deployment of CRM (Customer Relationship
Management) and SCM (Supply Chain Management).
 Key features of Oracle solutions
 Fully operational modules
Oracle E-Business Suite modules are fully Financial Accounting, Human Resource,
Storage Management, Procurement, Sales, Project Management, Production Management.
 Full integration - centralized data
The module is built according to the overall design with a unified data model and on
a single database. Data management is focus, full, sharing, and unified across the entire
 Automation of operational procedures
Operate according to business process, complete integration between modules, the
input share for the professional staff at the initial operation arise, enhance data flow control
 Advanced architecture and technology

Three layer architecture (client, application and database), the environment and
Internet computing architecture. Database and technology platform of the world's top
Oracle, virtually unlimited storage volume and data processing
 Safety, high security
Security and safety data are very high, decentralization consistent with the role,
position and duties of each individual unit.
b. Implementation plan
The implementation process will follow the process:
1. Pre-evaluation screening
2. Package evaluation
3. Project planning
4. Gap analysis
5. Reengineering



Package evaluation

6. Configuration
7. Implementation team training
8. Testing
9. End-user training

Project Planning

10. Going live
11. Post-implementation

Gap analysis





End-user training

team training

Going live



c. Expected plan

Deployment items
Pre-evaluation screening




Package evaluation




Project planning




Gap analysis













Implementation team training








End-user training




Going live



d. Cost Estimation
In the ERP needed modules, Tran Anh will not buy these modules: Project

Management, Planning, and production management. As the retail business unit, Tran Anh
has not done to produce goods so in this period, they have not been implemented this



Unit price












Order Fulfillment



Human Resources





Administration report


Maintenance Management







and sales management

Above is the General Plan on information technology application through building
information systems and implement E-commerce activities at Tran Anh Digital World JSC.
This plan builds on the foundation of Oracle ERP system implementation. The plan is
scheduled to run on, additional details will be conducting the actual implementation.
 Website: http://www.fis.com.vn/
 Website: http://erp.vn/
 Lecture course of management information system


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