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Tính tất yếu phải xây dựng chiến lược trong doanh nghiệp
How do the company business success and maintain that success? Certainly not the
business of the company in a secure manner and tradition. No strategy, companies such as
ship without rudder, not knowing where to go. To succeed in the long term, companies
must not only perform the activities to meet the current market, but also to adapt the
activities to meet the new market and market changes.
The strategy demonstrate how an organization expects to create sustainable value for
shareholders. Of a business strategy is a master plan that shows how the business will
achieve the mission and objectives of their. According to Fred David: "Strategy is the art
and science: Prepare, implement and evaluate the decision function helps achieve business
objectives." (Fred R David (2011), Strategic management concepts and cases, Prentice
Hall, p.5).
Benefits of strategic management has been tested in a variety of industries, with
many types of businesses with different size, can summarize the three most basic point,
which is:
- Make clearer perspective for corporate strategy, creating consensus across the
enterprise, committed staff, the trust of shareholders and other stakeholders on the
development of business and building a sustainable business platform
- Focus more on what exactly the meaning of strategic importance, customer
satisfaction is the source of sustainable value creation, generate superior financial results

- Improved awareness of the rapidly changing environment and adapt to these
changes to sustainable development and building professional team
Several companies simply built better suited to a number of business or business
line. The fall in the right spot at the right time with the right strategy and the right people is
simply impossible. Therefore, sooner or later, most of the companies are facing a crisis. So
the question is not whether the crisis occurred, which is to deal with such crises yet.
Without preparation by setting up the right strategy and implementing regular assessment
will lead to a crisis and bring about serious consequences for the company, employees and
the wider environment surroundings.

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To clarify the benefits of financial and non-financial giving strategy right now need
to understand the level of strategy and strategic management


In any organization, strategies exist at several different levels - stretching from the
entire business (or group companies) to each of the people working in it.
Corporate Strategy - related to the overall goals of the business and scale to meet
the expectations of the contribution. This is an important level because it is heavily
influenced from investors in the business and at the same time it also provides guidance for
strategic decision-making throughout the enterprise. Business strategy is often presented in
a clear "mission statement." Corporate Strategy describes the overall direction of an
enterprise on its general attitude towards the development and management of enterprises
and its various product lines. often business strategy consistent with the group's three stages
of growth, stability, retrenchment strategies 
Business Strategy - Business strategy typically occurs at the business unit or product
level, and its emphasis on improving the competitive position of the products or services of
a company in a specific industry or market segments that serve the business units. Level
strategic business units can fit in two main groups: competitive strategy and corporate
strategy. In a business can have many business strategies, the strategic business unit level
support company strategy level. In a company there is only one level strategic business unit
level, the company's strategic business level strategy
Functional strategy - a strategy of functional departments in businesses like
marketing, finance, production and logistics, research and development, human resources,
information systems strategy function is ... a method of functional areas to achieve the
goals and strategies of the company and business units by maximizing resource
productivity. Level strategic support function to strategic business unit level and corporate

Strategic management process consists of four elements:
- Environmental Scanning
- Strategy Formulation
- Implementing the strategy
- Evaluation and Control

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Environmental Scanning: is the process of collecting and analyzing information
from the external environment and internal business.
Analysis of the external environment including natural environment factors
resources, climate, social environment factors: Economic, Social, Technology, Politics, and
industry analysis : markets, suppliers, customers, competitors, government, community ...
to identify and anticipate opportunities and challenges for business in the future. The tools
used in the external environment analysis is PEST analysis, life cycle of products analysis
and analysis of competitive forces to seek out the best market opportunities and threats for
the development of company.
Analysis of internal business including organizational structure, corporate culture,
and the internal resources to identify business strengths and weaknesses of the business and
find out what core competencies and comparative advantages online. The tool used to
analyze internal business analysis resources tangible and intangible resources to create
sustainable competitive advantage, value chain analysis, the functional analysis, tissue
analysis 7S, experience curves to determine the potential resource strengths and
weaknesses as implicit resources.
Strategy Formulation:
As the process of developing a long-term plan, including elements
- Strategic vision: Image of the business in future
- Strategic Mission: The reason for the existence of business
- The objective of the business: The results to be achieved in the future. The main
target group of the businesses including:
- Financial Factors: To succeed, we must become like in the eyes of
shareholders? Financial performance is key to the success of a business. Strategy describes
how company to create sustainable growth in shareholder value
- Customer Factor: To achieve the vision, we have become in the eyes how
customers? The success with target customers will be an important factor to improve
financial performance. The selection of the right set of values that give customers a central
element of the strategy.
- Internal factors: To satisfy the needs of our customers, we have excelled in
any process? The internal processes include the management and operation process, the
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customer management processes, innovation processes, social processes regulated by state
agencies. These processes led strategy. The effective internal processes and identify
appropriate ways to create and sustain value. Enterprises should focus on a few key
processes capable of generating a set of values giving different customers and are critical in
enhancing productivity and maintaining business operations.
- Factors of learning and development: To achieve the vision, we have to
study and how to develop? Intangible assets are the fundamental source of sustainable
value creation. The composition of elements of Learning and Development is human
capital, information capital and organization capital when mounted with the business
strategy to attain high availability: It is likely gathering and maintaining the process
changes necessary to implement the strategies.
- Strategies: The plan to achieve the goal, the mission of the enterprise
- Policies: The Essential guide to decision
Implementing the strategy
As the process of putting into action strategies, including the following factors:
- Programs: These activities necessary to implement the plan
- Budget: The cost of the program
- Procedures and processes: The order of the steps necessary to do the job.
Evaluation and Control:
Measuring and evaluating strategic adjustments to ensure the completion of the
actual results of the the strategic objectives.
One of the successful businesses in implementing the right strategy in business to
create exceptional results which is the story of the Massan Group.
Massan Group is building a sustainable business platform through proper
Masan Group is one of the largest companies of private sector in Vietnam, with
activities focused on building and creating strong business platforms market leading ma
main highlight that the stories revolve around the areas of consumer goods and natural
resources in Vietnam. Massan Group has achieved many impressive accomplishments in
the construction activities, acquisitions and manage business operations platform large
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Over the years, Massan Group created several brands of consumer goods most
widely recognizable; had developed a large distribution network in Vietnam for products
and its services; Develop advanced production facilities; and assembled a diverse team of
experts including experienced no ability to win in the emerging markets. All packages
constituting provide a platform operated evolving.
Success of the Massan Group came from commitment to maintain position as a
leading company in the private sector in Vietnam, in terms of scale, profit and earnings for
shareholders, and potential partners growth as well as the hiring manager's favorite
Vietnam. To achieve these goals, Massan Group focusing its activity in areas where a
company in the area of private sector in the country may lead the market and can scale
development through the engine in shaving and applying the most appropriate strategy.
In a dynamic market offers many potential opportunities such as Vietnam, an
operation to business success and strong discipline adultery, Massan Group the Trust in a
number of other important factors:
Business activities generated cash flow
Masan believe that sustainable growth in the developing markets like Vietnam
requires building business activities generated cash flow. Massan Group does not
participate in the sale and purchase assets such as land purchase or participate provided
short-term speculation. Massan Group only compete in areas that internal forces strong
growth, business model proven effective resume private sector investment in the region and
has the potential to build large-scale enterprises. Therefore, Massan Group has determined
consumer goods and resources are its key sectors.
The foundation leading operator
Sustainable growth can only be achieved through the construction of systems and
platforms works best . When joining a sector, Massan Group developed its own strategy for
one and models that can be replicated business to reach the market leader position in each
business sector. This allows Massan constantly investing in the best operating system .
Over the years , we have investment in developing new products , branding , production
facilities , distribution networks , information systems , and most importantly human
resources . To date , Masan Group has owned operation systems market leader in each
respective field .
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Build up Scaling
Market leading position in terms of scale allow us to successfully compete in the
regional context private sector fragmented and competition from multinational companies
and public enterprises which desperately fierce . As one of the largest companies in the area
of private sector in Vietnam , Masan Group offers many advantages to access to capital ,
workforce and professional talents and opportunities aimed at large scale construction of
the foundation system and efficient operation . Massan Group build up scale through
targeted business and strategic application integration, promote the growth of the activities
mentioned in the existing business and expedite growth through transactions appropriate
acquisitions with a focus on the company's industry .
Capital allocation circumspect and strict capital texture
Massan Group has raised a total of over 1.2 billion long-term funding in the past
years , thereby creating more favorable conditions for investment activities and business
building strategic . I Massan Group who executed circumspect capital allocation by using a
larger share of the proceeds to investors and increase the percentage of ownership in the
existing business activities of the company . For the acquisition of the Nui Phao project ,
basically cash Massan Group . Massan Group has deployed less than 20 % of the capital
raised to acquire new businesses - namely Vinacafe Bien Hoa, and Vinh Hao Mineral Water
Proconco . Massan Group believes that business activity and those iconic brands of the
companies but would create " paths " wide open , helping the company to penetrate deeper
into consumer products .
Management team and world-class reputation partner
Massan management team of the Group in all organizational levels are professional.
Massan Group encourages them to contribute by giving them the opportunity to become
shareholders and those who deserve preferential treatment to work effectively. On building
partnerships, we work selectively with companies global reputation, ability appraisal and
authentication business strategy, provide information on business opportunities and
beneficial access long-term funds.
Thinking big from long-term vision
Massan Group long-term investments and resolve not to select a shortcut , but can
save a lot today but go much loss probability is huge value in the future . For Massan Group,
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where word meaning focus time and resources to contribute to the construction , human
tectonics , branding, product development , infrastructure and distribution systems . Massan
Group provides in agreement with a view to sustainable profitability and reap real value
investment strategy in market share and market leading position also requires time to
develop a vision and far rather than the immediate short-term benefits .
Massan Group achieved outstanding financial results through proper strategy
Instant noodles industry Massan Group is a good example of a long term vision. In
late 2008, Masan like "wager" double instant noodle industry launched a new campaign to
hang a label mass market. At that time, instant noodle industry profit margin is low and is
dominated by a large company abroad already the market leader in more than a decade
past. However, Massan Group still sees a huge opportunity in this sector, an opportunity
can do turn things around through construction activities and branding.
After more than four years to invest in production capacity, brands and distribution
systems, now become the Massan Group noodles second largest in the country and with
this strong growth momentum, can become leading companies in the industry in 2014. And
with the scale continues to expand like, gross profit margin, it can be as high.
A similar story came about with the Nui Phao mine, which is the project we bought
in 2010. Took control after, Masan has recruited a team of experienced professionals from
around the in area and design, construction of the plant according to the highest standards of
safety and environment. After nearly 4 years has operated successfully tested mineral
processing plant in Vietnam, first, apply international standards with more processing
capacity of 3.5 million tons of ore per year.
Thanks to investments in these areas, in 2014, revenue is expected to increase
considerably and reached the landmark 1 billion U.S. dollars. This achievement will help
achieve Massan Group size and leading position in the market, which are extremely
essential quality criteria to create a profitable and sustainable shareholder value.
Efforts closest Massan Group in the field of investment is focused on business entry
strategies beverage industry.
Financial results shown in the following table:
Turnover and profits of Massan Group

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Net turnover
Gross profit
Gross profit margin

Massan Group is building a team of professional managers through appropriate
Right people - Massan method, a model unique partnership, according to the
measure, the functional unit of Massan Group equal cooperation and promote the strength
of its own to enforce the construction activities and development of large-scale business.

The number of the employees Massan Group and its subsidiaries

The team contributed expertise as follows:
- Risk management and capital allocation - is the foundation of financial
management and investment, high dike focused activities, risk management and optimal
capital allocation;
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- Reach and local execution - the ability to get search business and to develop
business opportunities, and manage risk effectively but local;
- Professional management - a team of experts in national and international
experienced , headed in each field , combined with strategic partnerships prestigious .
Massan Group has invested heavily to have a team this strong professional
management in all levels , including subsidiaries and associated companies . Massan Group
believes in the recruitment of professionals with multinational experience and have
experience working in the domestic market . In Masan Group, members of the management
apparatus that experiences bring breadth and depth hatched from renowned companies such
as JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley . In subsidiaries , the management team comes from the
cave where multinationals like Unilever , Nestle , P & G , Pepsi , OZ Minerals , Placer
Dome and MMG .
Massan Group trust and high dike know talent promote business values and
experience Project management innovation in organizations with fast growth rate . Masan
Group collection of young professionals , dynamic and international marketing experience ,
have the ability to perform many diverse projects to bring the highest value to
shareholders . Massan Group built a unique execution platform and has established a record
continuous success in a market in its infancy . Management team plays a key role in Masan
Group of metabolism from a self-contained private office but became a corporation in the
private economic activity in key areas of the consumer goods industry and resources .
In summary, the strategy is understood as a comprehensive integrated plan of the
corporate unity. It lays out the development trend in the long term, affirm main objectives
of the business, outlining the basic resources of an enterprise, it suggests ways to deal with
these uncertainties are more likely to change the most common of the business in a
competitive environment. So the strategy is a basic plan, platform, has the task of
identifying the resources, create unity resources to focus on the objectives, use the power of
the organization to carry items that goal. Competitive strategy helps businesses seize
market opportunities and create competitive advantage in the market by the use of limited
resources with business results to achieve high goals, helping businesses to consider and
determine what direction to go. The business environment changes rapidly and creating the
opportunities and threats in the future. Right business strategy will help businesses better
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leverage opportunities and reduce risks related to the business environment. Business
strategy to help businesses better prepared to cope and do all the movements of the market.
Business strategy while reducing risk and enhancing the ability of businesses to take
advantage of business opportunities as they emerge.

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