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“What do you know about talent? According to you how to attract and
develop talent?.
I. What is talent, talent identification.
Talented people is talent and capacity. As society grows. Each field of
economics, culture. Social science has covered many industries and professions to
which each has the narrow specialization within it. Therefore, the scope of
activities of each person narrower and narrower and more intensive. There are also
areas requiring vision breadth in the areas of macroeconomic management, policy,
management and social sectors. However you catch many issues but the problem is
less intensive. People who work in fields that require extensive visibility, ability to
capture the relationships, the general rule in social advocacy and analysis, getting
to the right to assess the situation. Such a talented person who has profound
knowledge within their work and capable of solving tasks within the scope of his
work. The second is difficult to know what resources, what is also good. A talented
people is usually have considered the following manifest:
1. Person successful completion of assigned work. Whether it is big or small the
job, talented people always pleasing level on the ability to complete their work.
2. Person dared to accept the challenge by calculating the risks. Talented people
dare to take the hard (high test) but not Daredevil. Despite hard work, talented

people is often successful, thanks to "know yourself, know who".
3. Person decision-making. Talent often "owned" their fields and are in charge of
making quality decisions explicitly.
4. Person coach: Talented people is never hidden profession, and always ready to
coaching his junior colleague to raise the collective new heights.
5. Action: Talented people said to work, and always willing to be the first to
embark on the job

Talented people is not necessarily a manager, which can appear at any
position within the organization. Each sector, professional, may appear Talent. In
organizations, from high to low, each person has a certain influence on the overall
success. An important customers will appreciate the images provided by the
manager, sales people, delivery people, and even the reception. A bright idea for a
new product can come from customer care staff normal ... If the employees are
talented people in their place, the company will easily get the dominant position in
the market , by:
- Works better thanks to the talented people decisions quickly and accurately and
successfully completed the task.
- More stable, thanks to the talented people always willing to share and build their
own forces instead.
- Develop faster, thanks to the talented people has always dared to accept the
hard, the spirit of "say to do."
Our team of talented people is the most valuable asset of the company. With
a team of talented people, companies have the ability to re-establish successfully in
the past, and elevate the future winner. Build a team of talented people is the dream
of many companies, but not everyone is done. Attracting talented people is not
simply a recruitment advertisement. Retain talent is simply not paid. Developing
talented people is not simply send them to school the most advanced expertise. To
successfully build a team of talented people, companies have created an
environment where talented people want to work. The company built environment
is the brilliant boss. The talented people dream of working together in an
environment of brilliant boss. Our team of talented people need to know they have
chosen the right career path, can be difficult, but they are the most promising, and
the company has processes and tools to support their development. Talented people
must know that they will be challenged creatively, fair assessment, and pay

The business wants to identify potential talented people quickly, accurately,

some points to note:
1. Listen to them talk, to understand the will of their hearts: talented people
potential will often sudden, they rarely say or tell lies in public situations. Their
words mostly from the heart, from the heart are the words contained nature, not
frills, ornate. So it reflects more realistic and expressive thoughts, their true
2. Watch the action, identify goals to pursue: a person's behavior represents the
pursuit of that goal. Some people only pay attention to dress, what they are
pursuing is delicious dressed. A great invitations, gifts, of gift which they pursue
damage a little but a lot, great work. Someone miscellaneous work, good
leadership sycophantic, then what are they pursue their personal interests ... If any
person in his position expectations, then they will find a way to keep that position.
Only talent has no fear of losing position, just do not try to look for opportunities
to express themselves. So, all the words, actions are relatively rustic, natural. If
entrepreneurs realize "signs" of a talented if not a little "polish", which "sign"
represents a valuable way, then boldly use them, ten percent are believed eight and
nine trust.
3. Analysis of action to identify talent: Talented people potential in the maturing
stage, developing, there are people even in the beginning of financial period. But
has the talented people, all have the innate qualities of talent. Or is there little
chutzpah from, or is there a noble qualities "near the mud that does not stink of
mud", or "Three years of not talking, but when it comes to amaze everyone, or is
beyond the manifest through ordinary people. summary, the talented people was
other all the people who normal.
4. Listen reputation for moral evaluation: Person good recognize talent, always
keep sober-minded, independent opinions of his detractors unaffected. For a list
talented people have not praised by others, which should be heard conflicting

opinions. For potential talented people, not a name that is praised, it should be
mindful, to the.
The way to detect talented people in your company are engaged work and
1. Enthusiastic to learn all aspects of the job: Good staff aware that myself just a
small elements of the organization's work and elsewhere are still many other things
more important than work them. Therefore, they are always trying to learn other
aspects of the operation of the business. They are well aware of the importance of
both the financial sector and governance, from which they can create a positive
impact on the many activities of the company.
2. Watch as his company: The employees are very good at carefully when making
decisions about the cost, and the opportunity to think about the long term future of
the company. They can easily assess the risks, benefits and interests of individuals
placed under corporate interests. To promote good employee qualities, businesses
need to be transparent in all activities. When corporate transparency and sharing of
information on important financial and business philosophy with the new
employee, the employee can make the right decisions.
3. Creating opportunities for certain: The good people do not necessarily have to
work in marketing or sales department can help the company grow. But their
common point is very dynamic, open and appreciate the relationship as well as the
power of the collective, in order to offer solutions, certainly opportunities for the
company. Conditions should be created so that all employees understand the
business value of the competition, since it can easily identification opportunities.
Enterprises also need time to reward staff efforts to identify and pursue
4. Solve problems before they arise: The best staff actively seek to change current
practices in order to avoid the potential risk. To develop employee strengths, so
clear communication of vision, the mission of the company to them and encourage
them to offer suggestions, ideas to improve job.

5. Honesty: Good staff understand that conceal the bad news will not be good for
anyone. They are always looking for positive ways to communicate bad news to
everyone in the organization to prevent problems that can happen in the worse way.
Therefore, enterprises should create an open environment for employees to speak
the truth.
6. Voluntarily towards high standards: The best staff actively work to implement
high standards and meet expectations, expectations of your boss without reminding
your boss. Enterprises should monitor and timely reward employees with selfconsciousness so they can achieve high standards through the results, the quality of
work that they bring to the organization.
7. Develop yourself and those around you: The best recruiting efforts not only for
the development of the profession itself, but also inspired to colleagues around and
help them develop as yourself. Good staff always show an example of the process
without jealousy.
8. Constantly research and innovation to adapt to change: The best employees are
actively exploring new ways, began testing new things and perfecting new ways of
doing it without having to have the seniors only. Enterprises should invest time and
costs for the research activities of staff, encouraging them to explore new projects
and reward employees who come up with useful findings.
9. Share happiness with those around them: good staff understand the engine, and
the difficulty of human relationships in work, life. They always know how to
arouse joy, inspiration for myself in work, life and joy to share with family, friends,
colleagues around. Enterprises should create an environment for employees to
openly express and share their personal feelings, and encourage employees to work
hard to make the dream of their own legitimate .
10. Help your boss shines: Good employees are always known to keep the image
of the previous boss people around, help your boss confirms its value. Of course,
they are also the ones that can make this a subtle and clever way. The boss should

express our appreciation for the employees to act like they feel the value, the
importance of itself and further develop its capacity.
II. Attract, develop and retain talent.
Upon entering the market economy and international economic integration, one
obvious role in the development of talent, so everywhere are looking for ways to
attract talent. However, this task is not simple. First of all, as they say "new
thinking must change", because if you use the type thinking heap will not have the
attraction. Some localities often give way: If the doctoral, masters of the locality,
was admitted to the payroll, land-grant, a grant, a subsidized initial amount. This
policy received his doctorate, master's incompetence(Of course, not all such cases).
These people are really capable of much consideration to the question: What to do?
The ability to fit my? Working conditions are good? The future development? Life
and living conditions of yourself and your family like? Cultural institutions in
place it is? To answer most of the questions which they make decisions. On the
side of the user's account must also have the required clarification. Need to answer
three questions in a logical order is certain: Attracting talent to do? Attracting
someone? Attracting how? First, choose the right fit job requirements. After
answering the question: Attractive to do? Sought to answer this second question is:
Who Attract? A simple way to answer the second question is to select the right
person for the job, solve the job but not very user fees and not too expensive.
Question: Who Attract? How to manage the return to the use of the above
mentioned. After determining who is attracted to be able to answer is how to
attract? Each person, each group, each profession has different different answers,
the answers can not be shared. So not everyone can use the talent. To use the talent,
first of all resources used to manage the people, who help them in the HR
department must also use the new financing to answer three questions in turn said.
Methods of attracting talent: Depending on the goals of management as well as the
aspirations and talented people of the conditions set out in the first question and the
second will go to negotiations and decisions in a meritocracy in following two

forms. Attracting talented people to own, not always need own talented people, but
also the need to have a talent. Reason own talented people inspires many and
people often note the following cases:
- When agencies need to charge a person with long-term jobs and affect the
development strategy of the agency;
- When the financial position of the related work of the secret agencies;
- When you can not afford to replace;
- When the competition, competitors always want to attract talent of their
opponents, especially with a rare talented people;
- When it comes to talented people constantly evolving, constantly promoted and
the decisions that have an impact or important to the development of the agency, in
other words, people do this as long as in the more profitable for the agency.
Attracting talented people to ownership is the highest form of attraction, which is
kind of the most expensive costs, and so the user must bring the highest efficiency.
The owner talented people sometimes have to take time, this is often expressed in
the contract. talented people can own lifetime (no pension regime), ownership until
retirement (or for some time after he retired due to hold the secrets of the agency),
owns a term (years years, ten years ...). The owners often make for restraint
talented people, so you need to be agreed by both sides.
Attraction to use in case there is no need for ownership or possession can not
afford it attract talented people to use. Talented people can be managed by one
agency, but still work for one or more other agencies. This is the form most
popular attraction for both solve the manpower requirements, talent agencies, but
do not necessarily have to manage, do not do much to change people's lives are
used. There exist many talented people in the form of freedom, not by an agency
owner. The developing countries, small and medium enterprises, new
organizational form often favored this type of attraction because they do not
qualify to own talented people. The form of attraction, using many types,

depending on where the object has managed or freely choose which agency to use
a reasonable method.
In our country today, attracting scientists from research institutes teaching at
universities, attracting professors and lecturers at universities perform research
topics learned in the Institute is essential to utilize capacity, gray matter, the
infrastructure of the two agencies. This will help improve the quality of education
and scientific research, to overcome defects in the system due to structural
mechanisms planning focus to the command, help universities and research
institutes to adapt gradually to market economy. Similarly, local corporations,
businesses need to attract scientists at the institute, the faculty at the University of
implementation of projects of their bodies such as technological innovation,
creating new varieties, the restructuring of the local economy ...
Attract talent Solution: Today the attract talent as an important strategy of all
countries, businesses and organizations, so there are many solutions to attract talent
to the organization , his country. Each country, each organization will apply the
general and common solutions, but trying to find their own solutions possible
victory in attracting talent.
First, closely associated respectfully, promote talented people and incentives
incentives (most common solution). The three stages are closely related to each
other in each moment, each field, the stitching may be strong, weak different but
not ignore any stage.
Want to attract the talented people they need to let them know they are attracted to
solve problems, it creates a truly charismatic. The importance of motivation will be
important to attract talent. It is a manifestation of the importance of good
respectfully. Answering the question of how to attract the big shows where talented
people to use. In the longer a fair remuneration for the contribution of human
resources for agency use. Specifically, the three stages of respectfully, and the
importance significant incentives will create total solutions for attracting talent.
This solution is often the dominant strategic technical solutions.

Second, the hunt for talented people, old talents "incognito" to the feudal dynasties
have spared no effort and mobilization of the state apparatus from the central to
local levels to find talented people.
Third, create an environment to attract talent. Talented people is the first desire and
dedication to work. Thus, creating an attractive environment, is very important
attraction for talent. In this issue of concern to the following three factors:
- Good working conditions including infrastructure such as laboratories,
experimental workshops (for scientists and technology, Professor ...), conditions on
the information quickly and timely, complete, accuracy. There is a good collective
activity, the same ideas, open work environment, transparency and democracy;
- Personal financial autonomy in its operations;
- Having a stable life.
Three above conditions are attractive environment talented people and also the
environment for talented people to grow. Some conditions require investment, but
there conditions are not need money, just the really important market management
and promote talents. In the field of education, science and technology, educators,
scientists often demanding work conditions and life in the middle.
The method retain talent: Many young people, seeking new challenges by
changing workplace, and the board of directors, the headaches many companies
scrambling for staff to apply for severance. The training of new employees spend a
lot of time and costs of the company, which is not always achieve the results you
want. To solve this problem, companies need to develop strategies to attract and
retain talent. It is important to note that the company needs a raise or promotion is
only temporary effects. The company needs to improve the work environment,
there are many interesting projects, the training plan ... simultaneously measures on
building a strong brand to gain the trust and affection of the staff. So how can we
create a work environment so that employees never want to leave the company?.
1. Building a healthy competitive environment: For the business achieved good
results, there should be a collective effort of all. No one can do it yourself good

things whether it is their job, so it is important to build team spirit and competition
within the company folds. You can choose one of two ways to create a healthy
competitive environment in the company:
- Establish specific responsibilities for each job position and the employee who
completed his work will be rewarded.
- Create a work environment at which, instead of evaluating the effectiveness of
individual, team the same employees are rewarded if a good overall result.
2. Building cultural recognition: Talking to managers responsible for finding out
what employees can make further progress. Launched rewards for outstanding
manifestations, this gives people a chance to shine as a good job. Some examples
of employee recognition is: thank you, employee of the month awards and
certificates. The positive recognition will help create a work environment
3. Creating an environment for personal growth: the applicants now want the
opportunity to develop themselves and continue to hone skills, abilities and
experience. Invest heavily in training, staff development and encouraging
employees and the company will benefit from that. For all who are involved in the
training snack will help them improve their skills, increase self-worth and selfesteem comforted them. Prove to your employees that they have no reason to go to
have the opportunity to grow and reproduce from within the organization.
4. Let's make a good impression: The next thing would make harder for recruiters:
wages paid to employees and provide them with all the benefits you can right from
the first day. The aim is to reduce the rate off work and retain talented people. So if
you lower initial wages down 15%, whether he has enough savings to pay for the
good if retained another company to pay them higher wages? Certainly not. Make
a good first impression and to know that your employees have to pay them at the
highest level you can be in their position. As each individual advancement, their
salaries are adjusted accordingly. Get to know the value of each job and soon pay
they deserve.

5. Choose person the right position: Ensure that employees are put in place suitable
jobs for them based on their ability, interests and personality. When employees are
put into place, the ability to match job requirements, preferences consistent with
the nature of work and the way that suits the working environment and the ratio
will fall off staff and to increased productivity. Employers can use the assessment
methods to determine the requirements of each job based on ability, interests and
personality fit, then use this information to place its employees on the work that
they will fulfill.
6. Design flexible working hours: young workers often prefer his work proactively
rather cramped work eight hours per day, five days per week. In fact the survey
showed that if the freedom, time for them to finish all the work only half the time
sitting in the company. Let's do a poll in the company, if the majority of employees
agreed to give them the opportunity to work proactively with its hour conditions to
achieve high efficiency.
7. Do not skimp on the praise: Many director criticize when employees mistakes
but forget praise when employees do their good job. They claim that it is the
responsibility of the course staff. Please improve themselves between directors and
employees, and encourage them to continue to strive in the form of bonus material
publicly. If the financial situation does not allow it a card, postal mail, or mail
thanks and encouragement also work well.
8. No arbitrary criticize: When errors occur in the job immediate all employees
worry will be held accountable. Action wise than "accusing" the board of directors
and staff relate directly have discussed to find out the cause of the violations, then
take all necessary measures to avoid the same mistakes repeated itself.
9. Create learning opportunities: To retain employees, you can show them that the
company wants to contribute to making their lives better and open up to them new
knowledge by creating learning opportunities possible. Any person interested is
guided, taught others. Build teaching staff on some important topics and assign
tasks to them, knowledge transfer, experience for staff. If the result of good

coaching staff as required, companies should be able to reward teachers, and
authors like no big reward, the citation or a thank-you enough to please them.
III. Breakthroughs in personnel policy, attract talent of Da Nang in 15 years.
"A few days ago, Da Nang organization of 15 years attract high quality human
resources to the locality. With a team of over 1,043 highly qualified people, who
are working in various departments, Da Nang initially created a generation of
dynamic staff, good business, good response to the building of cities modern
civilization. Apparently, Da Nang was one step ahead compared to many places in
the country to key talent, "said Dr. Nguyen Danh Chau, Deputy Chairman of the
scientific theme" The talent of Da Nang - Situation and solutions "such assertions
when it comes to policy development of high quality human resources of Da Nang
in time. As can be seen, the number 13 doctoral, 224 master's and 806 graduate
students in the educational institutions at home and abroad is the living proof and
specific to a deployment process for resource development policy human quality of
Compared with 1997, in 2013 the city increased workforce quality with 5% to
public servants and officials postgraduate degree (1997 2.78%). Percentage of
university degree increased from 44.8% to 59%. This is the need to create
conditions for sustainable development of Da Nang city in the years to.
Share experiences and solutions outlined at the conference, Mr. Dang Cong Ngu,
director of the city Department of Home Affairs, said attracting talented people
who created the sweet fruit of the work embodied in innovative, effective
performance and productivity of many talents. Outstanding contributions such as
the research and numerous awards are the talents of the city as a creative work has
confirmed the value of "gray matter Da Nang" is promoting a very positive effect .
Alone attracted 153 objects, 95 people have been rewarded with many forms,
including at the municipal level and level 17 respectively. According to English,
attract talent to do that is to say, that sounds easy, but very difficult to do. Need to

be patient, honest and truly, honestly rather attracting talent that requires this
condition, the other conditions shall never be effective.
If attract talent to the local but the leadership, direction and layout, use of the
sectors, the level does not the focus and promoting sometimes will backfire. "In
Da Nang, many people are attracted to what steps have been promoted, which is
endorsed, the agency agreement and make the work environment so that they
realize that they are agreed, is highly "Mr. Dang Cong Ngu confirmed.
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