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1.1 Introduction about Lien Viet Post Bank

Lien Viet Post Bank (LPB), formerly known as Lien Viet Joint Stock Commercial bank
(LienVietBank), was established under establishment and operation license No. 91/GPNHNN on 28/03/2008 by Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam
In 2011, with the Vietnam Post Corporation (Vietnam Post), contributing capital to the
Bank equal to the value of the Vietnam Postal Savings Service Company (VPSC) and in
cash. Lien Viet Bank has been allowed renamed in to Lien Viet Post Joint Stock
Commercial Bank by the Prime Minister and the Governor of the State Bank of Vietnam.
Along with the name change, Vietnam Post Corporation (Vietnam Post) became the
Bank's biggest shareholder of Lien Viet Post bank.
The founding shareholders of the LPB are Him Lam Joint Stock Company, Saigon Trade
Corporation (SATRA) and Tan Son Nhat airport Services Company (SASCO). Currently,
with chartered capital of 6460 billion dong, LPB is one of the 10 largest Commercial
Joint Stock Banks in Vietnam
The shareholders and strategic partners of the LPB are the financial institutions - big
banks operating in Vietnam and foreign countries such as the Bank for Agriculture and


Rural Development of Vietnam (Agribank), Wells Fargo Bank (USA), Credit Suisse Bank
(Switzerland), Oracle Financial Services Software Limited Company.
1.2. The concept of e-banking services
Currently there are many different interpretations of the concept of e-banking services.
There is the perception that e-banking is the banking services allowing customers to
remotely access in order to: gather information; perform payment and finance
transactions based on the depository account at a bank, and register to use the new
service. In this sense, e-banking services is a computer software system that allows
customers to learn and use banking services through its network connection with the bank
The State Bank of Vietnam also has a definition of e-banking services that is: “The
modern and multi-utility banking products and services of banking is distributed to
wholesale and retailers customers quickly (online, continuously 24 hours per day and 7
days/week, not dependent on space and time) through distribution channels (Internet and
access equipment such as computer terminals, ATMs, POS, phone landline, mobile phone
...) is called as e-banking services”
Thus, through the above-mentioned concept, we can understand that e-banking is the
banking services provided through electronic media and telecommunication networks. In
particular, under Article 4 of the Law on Vietnam Electronic Transactions, in 2005
electronic media is technology activities based on electrical, digital, magnetic, wireless
transmission, optical or electronic corresponding technology. Telecommunication
networks including the Internet, telephone networks, radio networks, intranet, extranet…
1.3. Advantages of e-banking
With the character that the transaction is completely done via electronics and
telecommunications networks, the advent of e-banking has brought many practical
benefits for banks, customers and society. For banks, primarily the advent of e-banking
services opens a new development channel for banking services. Through the provision
of e-banking services, the bank can easily expand the scope of their activities, reach

customers anytime, anywhere with no limits on space and time. Through the electronic
media and telecommunication networks, the bank may conduct promotional activities;
introduce products to customers more quickly and conveniently. Besides, the bank can
cut down related costs such as office expenses, staff costs and other expenses of papers,
treasury management system...
For customers, the actual e-banking service is easy to use, effective and can help
customers to save time and costs. The transaction steps through e-banking service are
already pre-programmed, so the customer only needs to comply with the required steps,
the transaction will be done correctly. Using e-banking services, with the electronic

media networking telecom customers can perform their transactions anytime and
anywhere. In addition, with the characteristics of the online transaction entirely, the banks
can link together into the card associations to facilitate customer in its interbank
For society, the advent of e-banking services has created a new operation mode,
contributing to the economic and commercial activities development, services and
tourism development, facilitating open extensive trade and economic cooperation with
the region and the world.
1.4 The actual use of e-banking services in LPB – Dong Do branch:
1.4.1. General situation
a. Operational scale and product kinds of e-banking services in LPB - Dong Do
E banking service products in LPB – Dong Do branch includes:
+ Card service
- Debit card
- International payment cards
+ System automatic teller machine ATM and POS systems
By 2014, the bank has 57 ATMs over the country
+ Some modern e-banking services


SMS Banking


Internet Banking


Mobile Banking


Bank Plus


Electricity bill collection service, collecting Viettel


E-Commerce Services - E-com: online shopping

b. Comparison of e-banking services of LPB – Dong Do branch with other banks
- In term of Features
+ E-banking services of Lien Viet Post Bank – Dong Do branch offers full basic
functionality to meet the needs of most customers when transacting with Bank: internal
and external transfer of the system, information inquiry, pay bills application, send a
+ With modern technology basis, e-banking services of LPB – Dong Do ensure fast and
automatic transfers, (compared with a number of banks that are applying semi-automated
technology, the online transaction receipt is be done through tellers), safety (security
technology, two factor authentication OTP).
+ Service interface is friendly, simple, and easy to use with many customers.
-In term of fee and limitations
+ Fee for e-banking service transactions of LPB – Dong Do branch is now at the lowest
cost (compared to all other banks)
+ Transactions limits are limited, but still ensuring customer convenience.
The e-banking services of LPB in general and LPB - Dong Do branch in particular are
full of basic utilities but there is not significant differences compared with other banks,
not to create individual characteristics of LPB.
2.1. The achievements


Many customers highly appreciate the service of Internet Banking and Mobile Banking of
LPB and they decided to perform most transactions through this channel instead of come
to the counter as well as the proposal to allow LPB to transact through internet banking
with high limits.
E-banking Services brings effective cost benefit, long-term for the branch, such as annual
fees, transaction fees (fees for payments, bill payments ...)
E-banking Services help CN save costs related to the expansion of kiosks, transaction
offices, reducing the pressure to serve customers at the counter, so that the customer
service reps will improve efficiency customer service and in-depth focus on the work of
sales, service development.
The services helps increase the number of customers, increasing demand of existing
2.2. These limitation and cause
a. Limitation
- The list of products and services is not rich, especially the products and services of high
technological content, savings products
- The quality of e-banking services have not yet satisfied clients in the higher levels as
sending cash into your account, opening account, transferring international transfer,
international payments, additional payments of bills through the Internet Banking service,
the registration service transactions directly to the trading desk of the bank branch, or not
implemented as call center services to compete with other banks as ACB, Dong A.
- Because of delays in implementing, the program is still in operation and completion,
many potential risks, lack of management providing electronic products. The
combination of the system's stakeholders, connection speed, or technical error terminal
does not guarantee the quality of service leads to low quality, customers complain about
- The e-banking products and services depend heavily on certain types of customers. The
number of customers registered to use the service is small compared to the number of

customers to open accounts at LPB – Dong Do branch, incommensurate with potential of
the bank.
- The implementation of these product promotional and marketing activities is passive
due to lack of uniform consistency from design to deployment services. The marketing
activities are not actually associated with the development of services.
- Handling customer’s complaints about products and services due to the fault or
inflexible technology system, answering customer's staff has yet to fully responsible and
contribution spirit.
- E-banking transactions depend heavily on traditional storage evidence, not yet showing
electronic transaction documents.
b. Reason of limitations
- E-banking products are still in the early stages of deployment, upgrade, development
strategy orientation have not yet carried out synchronously.
- Not specialized human resources, lack of practice environment, just focus on traditional
banking services
- Product promotion and customer policy is ineffective
- Although Branch has implemented most of the products and services, it is low
efficiency, revenue service still depend mainly traditional services such as billing,
underwriting, for trading ...; retail services such as WU, VnTopup, and Bank plus has not
developed in comparison with potential customers at the branch.
- Some new products and services have not been implemented for the client strongly,
incommensurate with the position of the branch locations on a geographical potential
development as the following services: internet banking, mobile banking, collection
services electricity, Viettel collection, e-commerce services e-com: online shopping.
- The coordination between departments in the branch to deploy product and service
development that is not harmonious, unified.
- Customer base has not diverse, primarily focusing on business customers, individual
customers are limited, and therefore, it is difficult to develop e-banking services.
- Due to the habit of using cash for all transactions, it has not yet to be changed.

- Educational level, income level is distributed unevenly between rural and urban areas,
therefore, now e-banking services only really develops in the big city.
- Due to the limits of the law and to ensure peace of mind for customers, before using ebanking services, customers have to register bank transactions to establish the legal
documents, implement a commitment between the bank and customers
3.1.Orientation and goals of e-banking service development of LPB – Dong Do
Vision by 2016: LPB becomes the leading commercial banks in Vietnam in the retail
banking sector, equal with advanced commercial banks in Southeast Asia; Provides
products, retail banking services in sync, diversity, quality best, fit the target customer
3.2.Solutions of e-banking service development of LPB – Dong Do branch
3.2.1. Solution for services scale development
a. Solutions for distribution channels expanding
- Increase the number of installed ATMs, POS, especially in commercial centers, public
places etc. …
- Focus on card development, especially international credit cards, more development of
utilities ATM card, ATM - POS deployment.
- Link to the University, opened for student account and ID card.
- To accelerate the deployment of e-banking services: Internet banking, mobile banking,
mobile banking, bank plus, ... to contribute to more complete system of product banking
services distribution channel to customers in general level of the market.
- Enhancing the new transaction places: associating with insurance companies, cars
purchasing agencies, supermarkets, amusement parks, entertainment, tourist attractions ...
so that the employees of this company are distributors of products and services for ebanking of LPB – Dong Do branch.

- Identify and focus on the target customers.
b. Solutions of human resources development
- Firstly, staff training policy. The application of modern technology required to gradually
improve the staff’s education. This is the key factor deciding success or failure of each
bank. Therefore, LPB – Dong Do branch must have plan to improve the staff’s education
through annual staff training courses to enhance communication skills and customer care,
improve sales skills, selling bank products and services to create a professional human
- Secondly, remuneration policies and attract talent: LPB – Dong Do needs to have a
suitable remuneration policy with a appropriate salaries scheme for each working
position on the basis of a comprehensive capacity evaluation to motivate and encourage
employees to and create a long-term commitment with the bank. Constantly expand ebanking product sales emulation program, besides, emulation and reward assessment in
the end of quarter, year, showing the timeliness of treatment policy. Reward and
punishment regime is clear; employee evaluation is fair and objective.
c. Marketing solutions:
+ Boosting sales activities
+ Boosting marketing and communications activities of e-banking services. Currently,
most banks provide similar e-banking products and services, consumers have difficulty in
distinguishing; assess the quality of products and services. So LPB – Dong Do needs to
create a style, a reputation for its e-banking services to go easy on the customer's
perception fastest through the following methods:
- Conduct market and customers segments to be able to identify appropriate markets and
target customers, on the basis of policies that build products and services at reasonable
- Strengthening internal marketing, LPB – Dong Do branch must be user and understand
the e-banking product and services of the bank. At the same time, building professional
marketing and customer relations staff, to understand customer needs and serve our
customers in the best way.

- Promote online marketing: Customers who have the habit of using the internet are
potential customers that can easily use the e-banking service.
3.2.2. Solutions for services diversification
a. Completing the existing products
- For card products group: Complete existing products in form and content, can change
the name or change the form and design of the card in order to be convenient and
beautiful, creating more attraction to customers and thereby create and maintain the
amount of customer using card.
- For e-banking product group: more complete utility of the deployed product but not
really effective to provide confidence to the customer, promotion policies apply some
private clients have paid big sales: calculate the fee waived or reduced money transfer
services, free shed salary in order to attract customers to large cash sales, increased
revenue service.
b. Developing new products
- For the card product group: diversify cards product portfolio, especially domestic debit
card, strengthen links with bases that accept cards as supermarket chains and restaurants
to increase card payment sales and ATM development and salary payment deployment.
- For e-banking product group: Need to invest, research to provide more and more the
utility of current e-banking products and developing more new products to meet
increasing demand of customers.
c. Ensure price competitiveness
- Perform e-banking services survey prices in a number of other banks to adjust prices
- Promoting flexibility of pricing policies, instead of just calculating each transaction as
at present, to extend the deadline a quarterly or yearly fee, apply incentives fee for VIP
- When applying for promotions, lottery, should apply to all e-banking services to
encourage customers to use.
3.2.3. Solutions to improve service quality

a. Solutions to increase utility for e-banking services
+ Strengthening equipment innovation, accelerate project completion, upgrade core
banking system to ensure fast transaction speed and timely
+ Ensure stable transmission system by investing in infrastructure and network
engineering development,
+ Rapidly deploy investment projects related chip card systems, call center project for
customer support, user-level management for the branches.
b. Solutions to improve the ability to meet customer needs
Building customer service standards
Building appropriate customers policies.
Building support and complaints channels of customers in order to satisfy and provide
confidence to customers when trading
c. The solutions to increases the reliability of e-banking services
 Enhance security by supporting network security software programs
 Adding to the contract e-banking service and disputes resolution if any.
 Provide commitment lies in its ability, should not make too high commitments to
attract customers.
3.2.4. Solutions to reduce risk in e-banking services supply

Risk management in the internal of the LPB – Dong Do branch
Risk management in e-banking transaction with customers
Risk management with third party
Risk management in case of incident

In recent years, LPB – Dong Do has continuously tried to enhance brand image and
status, striving to become the best banking services supplier. However, due to
competition in banking activities is more and more sharply and similar in technology
(Core Banking) is being deployed in commercial banks, bank products on the market is
quite heterogeneous, basically, market no longer exists the product with remarkable


features except the right strategy of each bank in or to meet the increasing demand of
To improve the efficiency of the e-banking system, LPB - Dong Do branch is trying to
build research and develop competitive products and service, updates and more
convenient for customers. The branch sets the goal to complete plans in the shortest time
to turn LPB become one of the leading bank for e-banking in Vietnam.


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