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With the competitive environment of global
nature as at present, to take the victory in the
market, whether domestic or international
markets, businesses must have effective business
Many businesses have been successful thanks
to effective business strategy but also many
businesses have failed because there is no
strategy for their business.
Business strategy is extremely important for the existence and operation of the business,
it set out big goals, planning a business venture or investment, or of a business before a new
phase now. A good business strategy pointing out all the issues necessary to prepare before
the implementation of the project and what to do (action plan) for implementing business
Business strategy is to build good help businesses get more profit, there is a safe
foothold in the business, proactively adapt to the business environment. Therefore, in its

business activities, enterprises need to develop a strategy for their business in accordance
with the conditions and circumstances of each particular, this is a necessary requirement for
any public enterprises.
Prior to the analysis of some of the basic benefits of the strategy, we need to find out
what the strategy is and why you should build strategy?
1. Strategic Management:

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Is a set of management decisions and actions determine the long-term performance of a
company. Management strategies include continuous action: review environment (both
internal and external); strategy development; strategy implementation and evaluation of
strategic control. Therefore, the research emphasis on strategies to monitor and evaluate the
opportunities and external threats in the context of strength and weakness within.
Strategic management is the originating business policy, strategic management topics
combined long-term planning strategy. However, contrary to strategic management business
policy-oriented general management, primarily inward interested in the integration between
the functional activities of the organization. Meanwhile, strategic management is not only
concerned with the integration of internal functions like business policy, but more emphasis
on the environment and strategy. Therefore, we use the term strategic business policies
2. Necessity of strategies:
A question is posed with many managers is
"Why should businesses have a strategy?"
To answer this question, Mintzberg (1987)
explains four basic reasons to help managers
and scientists to better understand the role of
strategy for the organization in general and for a joint particular industry. According to
Mintzberg, businesses need to have a strategy because strategy allows:

- Establish long-term oriented business;
- Focus efforts on implementing business tasks to achieve desired goals;
- Specify the type of organization and action-oriented goals set out;
- Develop strong computer and organizational harmony.
Business strategy plays an important role for the existence and development of every
business. Sound business strategy will produce a good direction for the business, the
business strategy can be seen as a guide to lead the way in the right direction now. In fact,
there are many small businesses have the right business strategy that achieves success,
surpassing competitors and make their position in the marketplace.

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Business strategy brings many benefits to the enterprise, its importance is reflected in
the following aspects. Business strategy to help businesses orient its activities in the future
through analyzing and forecasting business environment. Business activity is always subject
to the influence of external factors and internal.
Business strategy to help businesses both proactive flexibility to adapt to the fluctuations
of the market, while also ensuring that business operations and development in the right
direction. That can help businesses to strive for the goal of improving its position in the
Business strategy to help businesses grasp opportunities as well as a full range of risk
for the development of enterprise resources. It helps businesses exploited and rational use of
resources, promote the strength of the business. Strategy creates a trajectory for business
operations, business associates are helping individuals with different interests together
towards a common goal, and business development. It creates a close link between staff and
between managers and staff.
Thereby strengthening and further enhance the enterprise's internal resources. Strategic
business tool is efficient competition of enterprises. In the conditions of globalization and
economic integration now makes the influence and mutual interdependence between
business enterprises. Process itself has created fierce competition between firms in the
market. In addition to the competitive factors such as price, quality, advertising, marketing,
businesses still use as a strategic business tool to compete effectively.
3. Benefit of the strategy:

- Provide an opportunity to look at the future of the business but it contrast with the
current operations of the business or considering the performance of the business in
the past. Generally, we do not spend enough time thinking about the future of the
business because we are bogged down in the daily operations. This process will
ensure you take the time to do it;

- Focusing organized around activities important for businesses;
- Communicate to all stakeholders will now know where to go, what to focus on and
resources will be allocated somewhere;

- Create a structure for securing approval and funding for initiatives to support
business strategy;
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- Provide a framework for business planning details on all business units and
departments within the organization;

- To facilitate the necessary changes in the organization;
4. Develop a strategy to bring true benefit to the enterprise?
If a business built a true strategic, specific and successful implementation, according to
my personal opinion that businesses will achieve the following basic benefits:
First: There is a place in the market;
Second: Providing brand and corporate reputation;
Thirdly: profitable and long-term commitment of the employees and the
a. The first benefit: "There is a place on the market"
In the context of the country is difficult, due to the global economic downturn, the
business activities of enterprises difficulties, tightening consumer spending, manufacturing
goods are not sold out , making a large amount of inventory, no money to maintain
production. Many businesses have closed and declared bankruptcy because of tightened
bank debt, many businesses pay employees by the products they make, for example chili,
candy, wine, seasoning But ..... some downsizing right now, for alternating holidays, please
suspend premiums for employees because there is no money ..... But there are also many
businesses still operate normally and profitable high, the staff of life is guaranteed.
Why do they still exist and have been consuming market share in this difficult period,
because it is the survival of the business community to the rigors of the market has made
the business decision, the specific strategic actions and objectives clearly. They are
passionate people and desire to win, their collective activity, so that strategies are needed to
determine how to link the organizations activities. Moreover, the strategy is not only to
guide the activities of individuals in the organization to set objectives that need to be
created to hold a particular value, a particular sense of the presence of joint now for
members inside and outside factors.
As this is a plan or a model, and a particular position or prospects, strategies are needed
to determine the characteristics and specifies the nature of existence as well as the progress

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of the organization ; help members understand the role and significance of different
organizations and institutions, other businesses.
For example:
As we know the economic situation is in a difficult period greatly affected the business
activities in which the real estate sector , many companies had to bankruptcy because not a
sale , the real estate companies are racing to reduce the price of apartments, offering various
promotional way to find customers but also few people interested . During the difficult
period that has now caused a " fever " in the market by selling 10 apartments with trieu/1m2
, business owners that Le Serenity . In 2012, probably the year that the name Le Serenity '
hot ' than at any time . A series of projects have been entrepreneurs discount " shock ".
" Shock " because for the first time in Hanoi have a commercial condominium project ...
sold for $ 10 million m2 , cheaper price all social housing . Dai Qing Project ( Ta Thanh Oai
commune , Thanh Tri , Hanoi ) had made a " fever " in the rare earth market time was
“frozen" at present By properly implement specific strategies such as :

- Speeding, rapid turnover and enlist sales opportunities can be seen as success stories
of businesses;

- Apply advanced techniques, if applicable, the 1-month old technology can only be
one story, but if new technologies are applied can progress 4 times faster, ie 1 month
completed 4 floor. And so, the project's progress will be accelerated, the handover
time is much shorter than in the past;

- Enterprise also pay special attention to the location of the project. Businesses are
willing to pay high prices for one important position. If there is a beautiful location
can project high profitability. Strategy "buy high sell higher in an important
position," he always applied strictly to business;

- When you have less capital and capital markets, should adopt strategies to sell cheap
or cheaper to buy long-term business, cheap policy is a "way" best selling ".

- There are supplies, materials stability;
- Restricting loans from banks, so the capital mobilization of its customers want to

- Is the policy reasonable price, depending on the vibrant or quiet;
- Use of human resources in a reasonable manner;

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- Another reason which makes brands such as business reputation and product quality.
Thus, by the construction of specific strategies, action fast, seize good opportunities
have created a real estate market but not new but very "hot" today. The success of a
business not only in the field of real estate, but also very successful businesses in the
hospitality business with over 20 hotels across the country with quality 3-star or higher, and
the number but he is rising in the next year.
b. The second benefit: "Bring back the brand
and business reputation"
Today the world as well as in the country has a lot
of companies associated with the famous brands that
come with it is the quality of the product. Example:
Microsoft; Samsung; Toyota; Trung Nguyen Café;
Duy Loi hammock ranked ...
A successful brand, consumers know and admire
will bring enormous benefits to the enterprise. The value of a brand is profitable prospects
that brand that gives businesses both now and in the future. Besides, as has been wellknown brands, investors are not afraid to invest in the business; 's customers will now also
ready to cooperate business, supply of raw materials and goods for businesses.
Brands are always intangibles and cost of business, branding is a long process and
durable, require a specific strategy, depending on the circumstances reasonable and
creativity , boldness of each business. Branding process will be influenced by many
different factors, both subjective and objective. So it needs to have a specific strategy to be
able to respond promptly to incidents that may occur.
It is important in building brand strategy is to come from the target's immediate and long
term business. So brand strategy is always associated with product strategy, associated with
the investment strategy and financial plan of the business.
In fact, businesses can choose from brand strategy of the particular brand of goods to
business or vice versa from general corporate brand to brand for each individual

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To go from brand strategy to brand individual has developed general or particular brand
has developed a common brand is the way that businesses often choose large (multi-brand
strategy). The advantages of this approach is the ability to market faster, limiting the risk
from a particular brand is not successful and rapid development of other brands thanks to a
successful brand, but costs are large.
In today's market mechanism, analysis of an enterprise are the advantages and
disadvantages of themselves so that navigating own suit has become a matter of survival.
Worldwide, one of the methods has long been famous enterprises preferred option is
based on the SWOT matrix. The accurate analysis of SWOT factors have brought more
business success beyond expectations.
SWOT model is favored also by an important reason: Easy to implement in different
phases and in accordance with any other business model; Especially for small and medium
In recent years, Vietnam has many enterprises have applied this model to analyze the
advantages and disadvantages of business to find the right direction and success. For
example: Company Casumina, Hanoi Milk Company ...
So when the market has been steady, stable, reliable partner, plus there is a brand and a
product, the quality of business development at this time how the result has maintained that
and bring profits to your business.

For example:
Branding Strategy of Nike: "Just do it"
poster for Nike brand was launched in 1988.'s poster
showed Craig Blanchette - wheelchair racer famous
American (wheelchair racing only for athletes with a
disability) - with the words powerful, concise "Just
do it!" (roughly translated: "Be bold do you want!).


strategy, Advertising Age

magazine rated fourth in the best ad of the 20th
century, just behind the Volkswagen ad campaign, Coca-Cola and Marlboro. With this

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strategy Nike have hit on one of the most important psychological graves of Americans:
rising asserted, the will to succeed despite all obstacles.
During the 1970s , Nike's sales jumped double , even triple the year , from 14 million to
71 million in 1978 and $ 280 million in 1980 , $ 900 million in 1983 . 1979 , half of the
market for running shoes in the U.S. is controlled by the Nike brand . Next year Nike
surpassed Adidas in the U.S. market . The main reason of this success is due to
extraordinary Nike seized the moment : use jogging shoes market sports vacant since the
mid-1970s . Both Adidas and Reebok do not pay attention to this market . The main strategy
of the Nike brand in this period focused on the three spearhead : branding around basketball
superstar Michael Jordan , ad networks use across the country to create the overwhelming
presence of Nike brand in all places , system development " Nike city " based on the idea of
providing customers with a unique experience and very focused , " living in space Nike ,
Nike hear sound , look Nike found everywhere " .
It's no overstatement said that Nike has raised the
branding strategy to a new level that competitors can
rarely be reached.
c. The third benefit: "Bringing profitability and
loyalty of workers now"
The development of sustainable enterprises is
determined by the strategic planning specifically, clear
vision, always act when really capture opportunities. Choosing the right business strategy
embodied in the product or service that business customers are always choices, no
inventory, ensuring a stable customer base and are always increasing in stages, supply of
goods for manufacturing enterprises ensure ...
To ensure profitable and stable business life staff officers, the choice of strategy for each
department and each individual to how a particular product or service when making incur
lowest cost and most competitive price. for example, should be applied as profitability
measures such as striving to reduce production costs and lower product costs; saving
materials; Proper use of effective capital management; have a team of skilled staff trained;
introduce enhanced products to many consumers ...

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But a very important issue for business managers how to obtain a stable force
production , not overturn destabilizing in the manufacturing process of such enterprises .
Thus the need for a long-term strategy and specific to retain their employees to stick with
the job , stick with the business. for example, a number of businesses in the major industrial
zones in Ho Chi Minh City each holiday, they finished the registration table workers
employed for a number of workers after Tet holiday has not returned to work , directly
affecting continued production of enterprises . Avoid circumstances that happen to your
business , some companies have made positive strategies such as building accommodation
for workers , increased allowances , rental car initiative for home workers Tet ...
In short, if a business is whether activity in any field no matter what, want their
businesses operate better, not subjected to risk, the need to develop a proper strategy and
this work requires asked a lot of effort, time and money-minded to creative thinking and
vision is to have the macro for related professions. For those involved in developing the
strategy for a business, need to have the following conditions:

- Understand the current market, understand competitors, closely to the needs of

- Understand the business itself, core competencies, advantages as well as

- Understand the elements of the business environment have an impact on business
operations of the enterprise;

- General knowledge, broad vision for the sector, the professions can be related to
business activities, including the potential market in the future;

- Understand the strategic planning process;
- Experience in strategic planning to implementation and completion schedule.

Documents lecture courses in strategic management - Dr. Vu Thanh Hung, University of
National Economics




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