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The role of strategy for business
Business strategy plays an important role for the existence and development of each
enterprise. A good business strategy will produce a good direction for the business,
the business strategy can be considered as a guide for businesses leading the way in
the right direction.
Business strategy brings many benefits to the enterprise its importance is reflected in
the following aspects:

Business strategy helps businesses orient its activities in the future by
analyzing and forecasting business environment. Business activity is always
subject to the influence of external factors and internal. Business strategy to
help businesses both proactive flexibility to adapt to the fluctuations of the
market, while also ensuring that business operations and development in the
right direction. That can help businesses to strive for the goal of improving its
position in the market.

Business strategy helps businesses seize the opportunities as well as a full
range of risk for the development of enterprise resources. It helps businesses
exploited and rational use of resources, promote the strength of the business.

Strategic create orbit operations for businesses, helping business associates are
individuals with different interests together towards a common goal, and
business development. It creates a close link between staff and between
managers and staff. Thereby strengthening and further enhance the enterprise's
internal resources.

Business Strategy is a tool of effective competition now. In the conditions of
globalization and economic integration now makes the influence and mutual
interdependence between business enterprises. Process itself has created fierce
competition between firms in the market. In addition to the competitive factors
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such as price, quality, advertising, marketing, businesses still use as a strategic
business tool to compete effectively.
So can see the obvious benefits when businesses get the right strategy and
methodology, these benefits can be achieved through the performance of enterprises
applying business strategies in specific:
+ If it’s reach an agreement between the organization's environmental strategy,
structure and process of it will create a positive effect on business performance.
+ Benefits of strategic management has been tested in a variety of industries, with a
variety of companies with different scopes, can summarize the three most basic point,
is that:
- Do clearer strategic outlook for the company.
- Focusing more precisely on the significance of strategic importance.
- Improved awareness of the rapidly changing environment
However, to achieve effective, strategic management always need a formal process,
and it can start with the question:
- Where are business?
- If nothing changes , how will business go anywhere after 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 5
years or 10 years? The answer of strategic management can be accepted or not?

If the answer is not acceptable, need to perform administrative actions specific?

(adjusting) risks and considerations that need to be concerned.
In short, strategic management in business is not a new concept for enterprises in
recent years, but in its production activities are considered key to bringing business to
In the fact that, There are many small businesses have the right business strategy that
achieves success, surpassing competitors and make their position in the marketplace.
Specifically for Quang Trị Trading One Member Limited Company
Introduce about:
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Quang Trị Trading One Member Limited Company formerly known as Dong Ha Trade
Company, Establishment in May,1973, to January, 1993, Quang Tri trading was
establishment on a consolidated basis Dong Ha Trade Company and Quang Tri General
Trade Company, establishment of Trading Company of Quang Tri According to the
approval of the Prime Minister (Decision No. 139/2005/QD-TTg on June, 13 th, 2005),
The company retained the 100% owned Enterprise State: QUANG TRI TRADING ONE

Distribution Network Thailand consumer is formed with the advent of the first at
Quang Trị Trading One Member Limited Company branch, Economic Zone in Lao Bao

SECA on 11/1996. Following the formation of the unit member company: Company
Branch in Ho Chi Minh City, at An Giang province, Global Import and Export
branch, SePonmart supermarket

Now, the company is being importer and exclusive
distributor of consumer products from Laos and

The product line of high quality plastic of JCP

Plastic Products of Pioneer

Cosmetics of LION

Cosmetics of Cussons

Product of Beer Laos company

Representatives of the Company
is working with J.C.P. Plastic
Ltd. ( Thailand)

And other consumer products fromThailand as Con So fish sauce, Lactasoy soy milk,

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Currently, the products imported by the Company and
distribution were present in a number of cities and in
the major supermarkets as: Coopmart, Maximart, Consumer Thailand
imported by company and it’s
Intimex Supermarket,…
Distribution Network Thailand consumer goods
expanded with extensive retail network across the

introduced in





KM 81, route no.9, Lao Bao center, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri


(+ 84) 533 777 173


(+ 84) 533 777 796


(+ 84) 533 877 831



Previous trends stiff competition in the market both at home and abroad in the context
of global integration, application business strategy at the company in business
activities is an important issue and urgently needed in economic conditions and the
current business environment of Vietnam now, more than ever, the business strategy
and the best implementation strategy consistently become important, meaningful
survival now.
Recognizing the importance of strategic business leadership the company has
seriously evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the company to provide business
strategy best suited for your business.

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- As one of the first supermarkets in Vietnam to develop and provide Thailand
- As a member unit of Quang Trị Trading One Member Limited Company, with 100%
state long-commerce platform, supermarkets have many advantages and support
from the parent company in terms of capital, brand and management experience.
- In the past year, business activities of supermarkets always effective,
continuous increasing revenue and profit growth rate after year always met and
exceeded higher than last year.
- Product diversity about models, originating clear quality assurance, to meet
the diverse needs of customers.
- The company is importing and distributing consumer exclusive products
from Laos and Thailand.
- HR can not meet the quality and speed of system development
- Disadvantage geographical location: due to the poor central province should
contact commercial opportunity not as convenient as the other Ha noi or Ho Chi
Minh center.
- Nowadays, the average income of people is increasing rapidly, along with
suppressing the toad markets, traditional markets of this state are favorable conditions
for the development of powerful supermarkets. The changing consumer buying habits
from the sidewalk into the roadway and commercial center supermarket is inevitable.
-With people's increasing life lift people interested in health tend to lead to more
consumers use high quality products and ensure safety requirements, it is very
convenient for intrusion Thai goods higher quality, safer alternative to Chinese
- Accompanying the development of information technology customers can
exploit, explore product through internet here is a great opportunity for

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Seponminmart in advertising and promotion for the product category of your
- The fierce competition in the retail sector is growing because large corporations
like Metro, Bic C, Tesco, Carrefour and Wal-Mart flourished in Vietnam, other
companies do not have many opportunities financial capacity, experience, technology
does not keep the "big".
Although, Seponminimart was born in Vietnam but before the supermarket has
some weaknesses compared with competitors about: network, about the application of
information technology and electronic commerce, human resources, weak
infrastructure than…
- Due to the fierce competition when Vietnam joins the WTO, there is a high risk that
the company small, traditional shops out of business or closed.
- Especially largest retail group Central Group of Thailand is about to launch
supermarkets in Hanoi Robins and proceed to the Ho Chi Minh City.
- Increased operating costs make retail profit fell.
- Faced with the risk of the exchange rate by 100% Seponminimart products are
imported from Thailand.
Despite being one of the first supermarkets in the area of consumer goods in
Vietnam, Thailand, however in the current times of economic opening of small
private businesses as well as large supermarkets are also branded expand and
diversify its business sector every item Thailand should now appear in most retail
outlets and major supermarkets, this creates significant competitive pressure on
customer systems specialist Thailand of Seponminimart. Typically at Quang Tri
province has many supermarkets and trading businesses move to Thailand many
sources can be imported from Ho chi Minh and Ha Noi city as: Quang Ha
supermarket (Dong Ha city), Coopmart Dong Ha supermarket, Tan Tao business, An
Phat business (Ha Noi), Dai Thinh business… in addition to a significant number of
small businesses according Thailand imports topped $ main or sub topped $, traders
also wholesale and retail nationwide.

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With the pressure of such stiff competition Seponminimart also have certain
advantages compared with rivals such as experience in trade relations with Thailand,
have long brand than its competitors in the Thai consumer goods, has built the basic
chain system supply of goods to meet diverse enough to serve the needs of their
business strategy.
In the first phase development is due the first business enterprise in the field of
business should hang Thailand has many advantages , the direct competitor in the
field so not many business activities of the company strategy has not yet been valued
in accordance with the role and benefits of adopting this strategy at the company
operates mainly instinctive and emotional needs that particular item and then bring
major benefits brought in business . No strategic importance in the development of
resources such as manpower , distribution systems , supply chain strategy , especially
science and technology applied in the management of the company supermarket chain
. Consequently, companies face many difficulties in controlling the activities in the
area as well as the supermarket chain on most other provinces control problem of
supply chain and inventory volume inventory ( lack of strategic application of
information technology in an inventory of imported goods - production and
inventory) , do not have a strategy for human resources personnel should not meet
with the development of the company , especially the staff of high quality such as:
lack of personnel with experience in international trade and international payments ,
lack of qualified personnel to apply modern information technology ( application of
IT is almost mandatory in the management of Business Manufacturing Contract for
business enterprises supermarket) In addition to the appearance of competitors, the
Company encountered many confused about the direction of strategic commodities
and the development and expansion of the company's supermarket chain.
In short without the right strategy or strategies but they did not appreciate the
importance and the impact of the strategic activities of the company such as a person
walking down the street without identifying yourself go, the where, despite any crowd
(and market competition) pushed in any direction they move in that direction. If you

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go on like that forever theater will not grow naturally and then enterprise will no
longer be "the pioneer" in his field again.
In order to strengthen the position as well as meet new needs in the business of the
company in the context of economic integration with the fierce competition,
particularly in the retail sector with several large competitors both domestic and
foreign corporate leaders have proposed strategies for the company between now and
- Specific strategies:
- "Takeoff strategy" the period from 2012 to 2016 and vision to 2020 stick to two
motto, is that:...
- Take the development of qualified human resources and high quality make the
breakthrough (Focus on human information technology, communications and
international trade)
- Get to market quickly and in water firm to gradually expand into regional markets
and global processes that determine (IT as a bridge, the door to implement this
Along with the motto above two, three basic viewpoints should firmly grasp,
emphasizing the development and deployment "takeoff strategy" is:
- Moving from developing strong width to depth; from quantum to quality; enhance
the efficiency, productivity.
- Effective utilization of external resources (satellite units and the units of the product
supply chain as well as the supply of goods and technology transfer software) to
strengthen internal resources. MP to become the core and mostly, external force plays
an important role.
- Promoting active and creative in all business activities in accordance with market
flexibility, improve competitiveness throughout the system especially in the field of
Action plan and specific targets:
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- Completing and e-commerce development
- In 2014 continue to improve and enhance the sales management software in the
supermarket system of JSC Seponminimart by Digitech unit and provide transfer.
- Improving the performance of the system, can be flexible coordination between
database models concentrate or disperse:
- With supermarket chain systems in different geographic locations, meet unrestricted
exchange of data points in the central office in the management of products imported
goods as well as human factors (using database systems focus or disperse)
- Minimize costs when applicable coordination between local supermarket chains as
well as coordination of support satellite units.
- The transfer of qualified personnel in international commercial transactions, IT
experience. Organize separate into parts in order to meet the requirements of ecommerce.
- Focus on improving the quality of communication and promote products and
services via the Website in order to maximize the benefits brought by Websie
- Established analytical laboratory market assessment, competitor in a professional
manner with enough manpower to meet the needs of the system. Ability to capture
sensitive information quickly to make appropriate strategic and in timely
- Completing the training system, focused vocational training uniform and
professional skills as well as commercial activities Information Technology CBVN at
all levels in the system, improving the quality of staff clerk, desk stand ...
international cooperation in trade skills training, information Technology and
Communications, guaranteed to provide qualified human resources and high quality.
- There are policies and remuneration to attract talent, special incentives for qualified
people, capabilities and experience to the position and favorable conditions in the
business sectors of the company.

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The fact that:
- After you have specific strategies identified company goals more clearly this has
attracted a lot of business partners as well as the quality of human resources in the
field of business in Thailand Vietnam contributes to diversity and species richness
commodities market response.
- There are specific strategies that have contributed to the planning of production and
business activities of the company all the way easier. Actual deployment plan without
implementing the strategic plan that almost faced many difficulties the success of the
plan depends heavily on strategy. An action plan that builds on the basis of a proper
strategy is always feasible than an action plan based merely on subjective desire of
the plan set out.
- Having the right strategy to help enterprises more actively in production and
business activities, ability to capture timely, flexible in implementing development
strategies in the context of changing business conditions is complex factors important
in the success and development of the enterprise. Because any plans also contain the
risk arising unforeseen, potentially delaying or destroying plans. Therefore,
enterprises should prepare plans and plans to deal with unexpected incidents that may
occur, to decide quickly through a fast alternative strategy, is ready to meet the new
The strategic benefits that it brings a lot but in the framework of the article I just
mentioned and analyzed a number of benefits from the strategy of how the business
will not have a strategy and the business will be stars. My personal opinion through
the preliminary analysis on the three most basic benefits of the strategy is to give

Strategies to help businesses target more clearly, this will attract similar ideas


and similar interests in the entire manufacturing operations of the company
Strategies to help businesses get all the planned activities and certainly more


Strategies to help businesses be more active in all areas relating to activity of
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- http://qvcorp.com.vn/chien-luoc-cong-ty--1-2046
- http://sepon.com.vn
- Other documnet.

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