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Phân tích quy trình xây dựng chiến lược trong doanh nghiệp e

Phân tích quy trình xây dựng chiến lược trong doanh nghiệp
Strategy is a rosary, a series of activities designed to create long-term
competitive advantages compared with rivals. In the operating environment of a
company, including market and competitor strategies outlined for a company
behaves consistently. Strategic express a choice, a hit for the company that is often
called strategic positioning by professionals.
In the context of economic downturn like this, when a series of large and
small businesses are loss, many units is bankruptcy because they cannot resist
recession, many units to be converted into a new field model... We can see develop
strategies never become more important and are interested in business today.
Increasingly, problems develop strategies and implement strategies that
consistently show the importance increasingly vital for businesses. The strategy is
not all that now stood before the great hardships and suffering from the mistakes
from the rudimentary stages such as vision, no clear mission, no strategic priority,
no focus building core competencies... in addition to the opportunities and
challenges of the business environment is changing daily, hourly, requirements of
the Board of Directors, shareholders are increasingly higher... it requires businesses
always need to make the new strategy, reasonable, consistent with modern trends
as well as company policies... to take the business forward in the marketplace.
The process of developing the strategic has nothing new. Develop strategies
always start by identifying the basic information of strategic statement: vision,

mission, core competencies, competitive advantage and competitive scope. Since
then the business can identify strategic objectives, targets and strategic action plan.



Looking at the diagram above, we can summarize the strategy through 8 simple
steps as follows:
Step 1. Recognizing opportunities
Learning opportunity is really the start of planning. Opportunities can be found in
the present and future. In considering them, requires a comprehensive vision,
accurate competitive market, the customer needs, the strengths and weaknesses,
and the purposes to be achieved in the future. The planned implementation requires
the ability to predict the appearance of chance. Opportunities can be large or small,
can now worth worthwhile without the other now. The issue is important to predict
and early detection are big and important opportunity for the organization or for
Step 2. Setting goals
This step requires the identification of targets with specific results to be achieved at
each particular certain time. Since then need to identify the job to do, when to start
and implement complete end, where the focus must be prioritized.
Step 3. Premise planning development
That's the forecast, the assumptions about the environment, the basic policy can be
applied, and the existing plans of the company... It is important for managers to
accurately assess the conditions pre-on topic and predict the volatility and its
development. In fact , if the planning as understanding as the premise and
appreciate it, the general planning and strategic planning in particular,
organizations will increasingly be implemented and closely coordinated better. To
the planners understand and appreciate the preconditions of the plan, which
requires the highest level of management within the organization have the
responsibility to explain and facilitate subordinates understand them. With that
sense of debate in the exercise to build and choosing the appropriate axioms are

Step 4. Identify options

This step requires research and develops action different plans. When the plan
becomes larger, the search and plans build more complex plans.
Step 5. Evaluate and compare alternatives
After building implemented various objectives plans, need to consider the
advantages (benefits) and disadvantages (cons) of each option on the basis of the
premise and objectives to implement.
In the case of a single goal, and most of the factors for comparison can be
quantified, the assessment and comparison of alternatives will be relatively easy.
But in practice the plan frequently contain many changes, many goals and many
factors not quantifiable comparison. In such cases the evaluation and comparison
of alternatives is often difficult.
Step 6. Choosing the optimal plan
After comparing the plans, it will select the optimal scheme. Sometimes, the
analysis and evaluation of the plan shows that there are two or more suitable plan
and the administrator can decide to make some plans, not just strictly a preferred
alternative. In fact, to choose the optimal method people often rely on the same
basic methods: Based on experience; Experimental Methods; Methods of research
and analysis; and modeling method.
Step 7. Supporting planning
In fact the majority of the plan will need the support plan (additional) to ensure
good implementation plan.
Step 8. Budget planning


After the plan has been completed, this requires the target, the required parameters
to quantify them as: aggregate income; costs; the treasury profits... This will be the
key criteria for evaluating economic efficiency and quality of the construction plan.
So we can see, the same strategy as the enlightened path for enterprises, help
enterprises progress steadily destination. In the process benefits strategy gives
enterprises the basic benefits and the most important are:
 First, formulate a strategy to help businesses identify vision and mission.
For the business owners, when either starting, they must ask the question: What
the goal of the company is and how to operate the company? How do the
company's products have commercial value as well as the welcomed community?
How to make everyone work together to build company? How to inspire the
public? Divide foothold how fit for entrepreneurs in the organization? Goal setting
is an important work for success of any business, but it is especially important for
small businesses, these businesses can become confused while not knowing what
to focus on. Objective steering action, give the business to direct effort into it, and
it can be used as a benchmark to measure the success of the business of each
For all this requires business owners to have a sighted vision on the
development. A business without a vision is like a jungle with no clear direction, as
a large boat at sea without a compass. The vision is now a brief message and
direction throughout the long work for a brand. The role of vision is like focusing
lens all the power of an enterprise into a common point. Through enterpriseoriented vision would be to do what is and what is not, or not to do.
In short, the vision see the future of the business where and how in 10 years, 20
years from now. Nobody built a company only as a short -term project. The project
has a fixed destination but business always to reach milestones and milestones
helps predefined picture becomes clearer. Vision is the most fundamental basis for

all orientations of the target company, is the guideline for all activities and vision
are to be transmitted to all members of the company and help people understand
who they are, who they shall become and how they present purposes on the
market. Having understood the vision, mission, new employees can concentrate
and do the right things most cater to the overall objectives of the organization.
 Second, help building orientation strategic business is the direction of the
Routine questions that every business must always mind its inception: What is
the target market? Who is the customer?
What is the target market?
Target market is including the customer needs or wishes that the company has the
ability to respond. Understand this, company can gain an advantage over the
competitors, and achieve the goals that the marketing strategy is confirmed. Market
definition is considered as localized in the military front, a necessary move before
talking about how to hit. Will not have a certain individual enterprises have the
ability to meet the needs and desires of all potential customers. Enterprise supply is
not alone in the market. They face many competitors along the way to attract,
entice different customers. Each business is usually only one or few review on a
network that certain aspect of satisfying the needs and desires of the market. So, to
do business effectively maintain and grow market share, each business must find
their own market segments in which they have the ability to meet the needs and
desires of customers better against competitors. These market segments so -called
target market.
Who is the customer?
The key to any successful strategy lies in the choice of allocating resources to
customers. The constant competition for resources needs of the business units,
support organizations and external partners requires managers to have a method for

evaluating the selected resource allocation is optimal. Therefore, for any business
establishment does important decision and the most difficult is still defined service
object or person that will now provide products and services is one. Obviously,
when identified major customers, will now focus all resources of the enterprise to
meet customer needs and can be reduced to a minimum amount of resources
reserved for other objects.
A typical example of the selection of Piaggio target customers. As we know
Vietnam is a potential market for motorcycle production enterprises. Piaggio on
this market will face as many competitors as Honda or Yamaha so Piaggio must
develop strategies and objectives of management systems.
Piaggio launched target compiled after penetrating Vietnam market.
Dominate the market advanced scooters in Vietnam market; build a solid foothold
in the market. In 2006, Piaggio has sold 7,600 units in Vietnam market, and sales
are constantly increasing 10 % over the previous year. This can be seen Piaggio has
a great opportunity to head high on scooters overcome many other automakers like
Honda or Yamaha.....
Policy on market: Piaggio select market segments in which customers who have
high incomes, can afford to pay. Piaggio chose this market segment in accordance
with the company's products, the level of competition in this market segment is not
high. On this market segment, Honda is the only strong competitor with Piaggio.
And we have to mention about LX scooter which has won the women dominate
market in Vietnam for years, conquered by the most fastidious picture and
luxurious elegant styling. Ignoring the issue of fuel consumption, so many
demanding customers in the customer segments invariably choose Piaggio scooters
as a means of LX when the need of buying a motorcycle arises.
 Third, formulate a strategy to help businesses get the specific action plans to
achieve the goal of completing the mission.

The plan may be the program or any action lists, diagrams, tables which are
arranged according to schedule, a period, divided into phases, the execution time
step, and allocation of resources. At the overall level, the action plan has important
implications. Planning is the standard, the measure results than what was proposed.
Wrong plan though still necessary this is particularly important in business, it is the
focus of business activities. Writing a business plan is an important step in creating
a foundation for the process of implementing realistic objectives of the business.
When planning the management thinking will have more systems to be able to
anticipate the impending situation. A specific plan and the details will be
determined to win business help delay disease to achieve success. If you plan to be
taken seriously, it will create a powerful impact surprises.
Almost all of us know about the success story of Steve Jobs and Apple, or
Akio Morita and Sony, but the success of Lee Kun Hee and Samsung are still many
mysteries. Since Lee took control of Samsung in 1987, the company has achieved
remarkable milestones promotion 179 billion last year, becoming the largest
electronics manufacturers in the world based on revenue. Only about products
smart-phone of Samsung, we were able to win every day, every hour to analyze
and won praise for Samsung. In 2009, Samsung launched a strategic decision in the
field of mobile phone manufacturers are choosing Google's Android operating
system and Android devices for baked its first name Galaxy. "We had less success
with the first handset using the Android operating system," said DJ Lee, Samsung's
director of marketing. Meanwhile Android is still its infancy, was completely
inferior compared to the iPhone's iOS operating system. But Android open source,
meaning that it is completely free for any manufacturer wishing to do.
In 2010, Samsung introduced the Galaxy S, the pilot decided their second
strategy, which is used a larger screen. The screen of the Galaxy S is significantly
larger than the screen of the Galaxy and other Android phones. "We chose the 4

inch size, and it is too big for everyone," said DJ Lee. "There is a lot of controversy
around it." But the reality has proven to bring the screen back victories on the
market, and continue to make Samsung Galaxy SII and SIII models with bigger
screens. Today, Samsung's smart-phones have screen sizes from 2.8 inches to 5
inches (not to mention they also do the phablet, product mix between a phone and
tablet, with sizes up to 5, 5 inches). " Nobody knows what the screen size is the
most reasonable, so Samsung made out of all kinds of sizes to see what is popular,"
comments from Benedict Evans, a researcher from the consulting company Enders
Analysis. Produce the same kind of products with different sizes to find the most
popular kind is a costly way that most companies usually avoid. But the ability to
create screens, memory, processors, and other high-tech components to help
Samsung get the flexibility that rivals cannot be compared.
Thus it can be said, building strategy is extremely important and affect the
success of the business. Enterprises need to develop their strategies and specific
strategies as meticulous as they would bring this much success. Strategy will bring
success to the business as a lamp because it helps to understand the entire
company's mission and saw its goal to always keep the faith put business
predestined success.
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