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Phân tích những lợi ích của chiến lược mang lại cho doanh nghiệp – ví dụ tâp đoàn hòa phát e

Phân tích những lợi ích của chiến lược mang lại cho doanh
nghiệp – ví dụ tâp đoàn Hòa Phát
Any business that wants a long-term development and success go beyond that in
addition to the available resources is an indispensable right strategy specific . The
role of strategy is important not only for the vision , mission and solutions , but it
also includes directions for the long-term development of enterprises .
So what is the strategy ? Strategy is a rosary , a series of activities designed
to to create long-term competitive advantages compared with rivals . In the
operating environment of a company , including market and competitor strategies
outlined for a company behaves consistently . Strategic express a choice, a hit for
the company that professionals often called strategic positioning . The company
operates without a strategy such as walking down the street without identifying
yourself go , to where , despite every crowd ( and market competition ) pushed in
any direction they move in that direction . If you go on like that forever he will
only be a mediocre and alone in the crowd. A leader bravery will not want to
consign future of your business and competitor market wants to go , then follow
that lead . To do so he must deliberately set out a direction and try to influence the
market to lead in this direction , a direction that his company has prepared and will
therefore get more advantages than those who other . In any public confrontation ,
its rivals are imposing your game on the opponent it will be much better chance of
winning .

Thus, a clear strategy is a mandatory requirement for those aspiring to stand firm in
the first place .
In my 3 basic benefits that will bring strategic business if your business is building
a strategy right :

+ Profit
+ Customer loyalty
+ Brand Values
1 - Profit
If you do not make a profit , then the business will not survive and grow.
This is probably the first core value towards the business needs to start building a
strategy or develop a new product . It is often said to be the real new direction , if
not profitable , the business would not have been invested to develop not to
mention high goals and beyond . Profit brought not only can expand business scale
but also to expand its investment in other areas more profitable more. 2013 can be
said to be a difficult year for businesses . Inventories remain high , as the real estate
industry , marine transportation , natural rubber ... still not muted compared to
earlier in 2012 . 2013 was also a record year of delisting , which in many cases
voluntarily left the floor to see the function of raising capital stock market is no
longer as truoc.The but , in that gray picture , still there are many cases where the
situation emerged relatively bright , business flourishes 2013 .
Investment and investment :
Of course , not business investment also brings success , but it can be said
without investment , the business has flourished not so .Speaking to investors , not
to mention about REE . From a business called REE , " net " production , REE
continuous trading and investing in the business to make food . Currently REE is
known as a business investment multidisciplinary , multi-sectoral . And ,
fortunately , the investments of REE are proved effective and bring considerable
profits for the company . 4 main branches of the REE investor today is Coal ,
Electricity , Water and Real Estate . In particular , electricity and water are in the

process of increasing the price ! First 9 months of 2013, net interest REE 839
billion, over 29 % of the yearly plan . 9 months , own the associated companies has
brought REE 382 billion in profits .
No expansion investment like REE , Hoang Anh Gia Lai and vinamilk
resurfaced with search marketing strategy outside the territory of Vietnam .

2013 , continuous investment vinamilk dairy plant in New Zealand , buy U.S. dairy
company and began expanding operations into Cambodia . Vinamilk no secret
ambition to reach the top 50 largest milk producer in the world, striving immediate
revenue of $ 3 billion in 2017 . Hoang Anh Gia Lai expanding array of real estate
to Myanmar , and gradually release active in the country to see that not much
market potential . Besides , the investment in rubber plantation in Laos, Cambodia
and sugar bring significant advantages , the profit margin of 2 this segment
outperformed its peers in the sector in the country .
Hoa Phat Group is a quite different story : Talking to us, Hoa Phat Group
representative said that the company is still " you" in the form of cash accounts ,
with the goal of reducing cash costs finance charges and does not have specific
projects to invest in the future . This does not mean that Hoa Phat Group to invest
not . STZ in Hai Duong steel syringe to 8,000 billion of HPG and start to bring
significant efficiencies , mainly from closed manufacturing advantages , reduce
costs , can compete with steel fair smuggled from China . Also, thanks to the low
cost advantage , Hoa Phat Steel is the only steel products from being sold in
northern South market . It can be said that the year 2013 is HPG " sweet fruits "
from earlier investments
2 & 3 - customer loyalty and brand value

Their products not only to satisfy the needs of customers in the best way ,
but also to compete with other competitors . If there is customer loyalty and brand
the product will always be made welcome . The most typical example is Apple .
If asked what technology companies with the most ingenious and creative in
the past 10 years , Apple will most likely be one of the first name you think of .
Needless to argue , just look at how Apple makes millions of people queuing in the
cold just to buy a handset then clear . And the fact that many people will be
surprised that Apple is not the first company to come up with energetic products
such as mp3 player , tablet or smartphone . In addition, Apple with its rivals , like
Google , RIM and Microsoft are both using the same components , share human
resources , and have the financial capacity surplus . So here is the difference in
what ? Why do people buy iPods instead of Zunes , select the iPhone rather than
the BlackBerry ?
How can Apple get people fascinated throughout the decades?
"It's like a cult. Main customer loyalty Apple has saved through the crucial
moments worst business that I have not seen anywhere else. "- Former Apple CEO
Gil Amelio implies.
The strategy that Apple has used to be successful are:
Strategy One: Communication from the core message out
As a business owner , how do you approach adapting early customers who are
sensitive to the new one ? And how do they continue to transmit your message to
the mass consumer groups ? Simon Sinek in a speech at TED Apple showed how to
do marketing , and how the inventor , revolutionary in the past such as Martin
Luther King or the Wright brothers did. All of them are in a process of transmitting
messages other than normal . Sinek points out that , although there is not much

money , no relationships , no brilliant minds , the individual or company can stand
out from the reverse way to convey the message to all people . Sinek calls it " The
Golden Circle " . According to him , the marketing message of the company ,
including the companies have large capital and the most famous , usually as
follows :
- 100 % said their companies do
- Some know how they do
- Very few know why they are doing what

Sinek emphasized that : Few companies know exactly why they do what am
doing . The reason companies exist ? Promote motivation CEOs wake up every
morning ? Unless your company is aware of the trust and the core message , and
you will not continue to spread the message in the usual way , for example :
The message of the "The Golden Circle" (which Apple uses):
Why: Everything we do comes from
what beliefs are challenged and
think differently
How: we create beautifully designed
products and friendly
What to do: That is the great computer
was born. Do you want to buy one for


This method is Apple , the Wright Brothers and Martin Luther King used , starting
with the question " Why " : The basic reason for the existence and operation of the
development ty.Su core belief system is the core reason people attracted a cult
following . Once Apple still maintains a strong message from the core , they will
also sell a lot of things other than computers .

Strategy 2 : Find team approach and proactive customer communications to
help them
Creativity and originality is not enough to ensure success . You need to reach and
pass the " tipping point " ( the tipping point ), including consumer groups and the
group soon

adapt to mass consumers early adopters trend . This is explained by the principles
of Diffusion of Innovation Law applies to all technology products , from launch
until it ceased production . Apple has admitted to his mission as passionate
believers technology and creative lovers . These are also the people who will help
them spread the images to others . They carry out this mission for Apple on every
front : from the name engraved on the iPhone to the iPad equipped for primary
schools .

Many innovative products have fallen down "area" (the Chasm) because not
enough customers to create "mass trend early adopters".
If you are passionate about technology as Apple and always wanted to make an
impression at the forefront of the latest technological trends , the Apple products
are things for you . The new trend will spread starting from pioneers like you to all
the rest .
Strategy 3 : Create impressive difference but still not far removed from the
actual needs of customers
Certainly not Apple do not meet the state is denied , and of course you too.
Indeed , until a decade ago , owning an Apple items do you feel that your nuisance
than tech-savvy . Especially with people programming . If wanting to be " stylish
personality " for a while then you probably would choose Linux . But now can see
many programmers chose

Mac.Theo Enchantment Guy Kawasaki writes in his book , the reason the Mac
first failure between the PC era dominated is because the creators of the Mac when

it thought I know everyone's needs . They created different computers and ease of
use , but weak and expensive configuration . Apple has taken the rise ( many
people feel that they have dominated ) in the electronics market in the late 90s of
the last century with the arrival of the iMac with eye-catching colors instead of just
monotonous gray or beige earlier . In addition, the strongest point of the iMac is
the ability to easily connect to the Internet : simply plug the phone in it . This
feature alone has very attractive for new people to use the Internet . But the reason
iPod became the best-selling products ( hit seller ) is not greater storage capacity .
In fact, it is due ( in later generation iPod ) it can connect to a PC ( via iTunes ) .
Thus millions of PC users can organize and enjoy your music collection without
having to have a Mac. For many people , the iPod was Apple's first product they
use . And they like that they can not take away not show it to others . Lessons
learned from the unexpected resurgence of the iMac and iPod are : more innovative
products , more interesting and influential , the more difficult to convince people to
try . The solution is to find out what people really want (not what you think they
want ) and consider whether they are willing to try your product experience to
satisfy the things they want not .

Strategy 4: Create a pleasant feeling when customers receive new things
Sometimes people simply do not want to change whether your new product
better than what they 're used . Change is a difficult thing because people will not
know how to change it , sometimes it's even harmful . To convince people to try
your product , the way that Apple and several other leading companies have done ,


which is to create the most favorable conditions for people to try . Consider the
following questions :
- How to buy and use one of your customers ? How soon they started to see
the difference ?

- It takes time and money when converted to use your product ?
- If you do not like your product you have to try , why ? ( Can you return
it? ... )
As we know , marketing is the way Apple wants to convey the message
priority "why " first . Then tell everyone they know "what " and " how " . Let's
focus on the reason for those general approach to his comrades . These people can
not buy from you , but it does not matter because they are not the largest group of
customers . Apple has a loyal fan base , almost cult , for their products . They
convey the message to the fan base through everything they do , from the Mac vs
PC ad design and product features . Not to say too - that's the fans' unwavering
faith in Apple products , as Sinek said : " People do not buy what you do , but why
buy because you do . " Once people have been convinced that your idea has value ,
they will easily become friendly fast . And it's not just a marketing strategy . Our
brains are programmed in a way only react if and only if the belief system we are
affected . Otherwise, the brain simply giving feedback " does not sound
reasonable ." If the impact of marketing messages to your brain , you will nod
approval a very emotional when considering the features and benefits of the
product , which was created with the intention of buying your example . Whether
you like Apple or not, their marketing tactics result is a very serious thing - a tactic
there is no other technology companies to imitate . It is these very specific

strategies difference Apple has brought its unique brand image of themselves, they
mentions that Apple will think of luxury and technological leader.
In a nutshell with different businesses , with different resources will also
have a lot of different strategies appropriate to force her to give up the business . So
the right strategy in each period , each situation will be the premise as well as the
direction to move forward now .

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