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“Talent” - this phrase is meant to be a talented person. When there is only one
person and said to be a talented. It means that guy is a talented and his talent was
recognized by everyone, even in a certain aspect. So who is he/she among us? How
can we find a talented person? This is the question that makes a lot of headache to
leadership. Many leaders see incompetence around him, but the truth is that until that
incompetence moved to another company, the leader realize that he had lost a talent.
To bring success to the company, the discovery, training and retaining talent is a huge
factor that affects to the success of the company. Sometimes it is a decisive factor for
the company boom. To learn more about the talent, we first review some expression
of talent.
People often say: “beautiful, dirty, and rich”. This statement was summarized
in a long time and it is mostly true. Many people only see the disability and do not
see the genius of talent. A talent person is always with disabilities. According to
Challenges magazine (France), more than 80% of directors in France are at least two
or three times complaining about the problem of disabled talent in the company, such
like being late, smoking in "No smoking" places, or making their working table
become the warehouses desk ..., they dress begrime in meetings with partners. If the
leaders know the struggle and suffer with this disease, they may retain the real gold
stock, whether they act like no other. Do not have an incentive behavior with their

working place if it does not cause too big impact to the surrounding environment.
The outstanding advantage of the talents is that they hate flattery because they
have high "self-esteem indicators", plus pride sometimes styled "the meanest down."
This character makes talent hate flattery or falsehood, requiring everything to be clear


and fair. Talent hates lucky incompetence. For talent, success only comes to those
who have their brains and talented.
Another feature of all most talent is that they prefer working independently.
Though the situation in the entire company personnel required choosing a certain
side, they are always in the middle. Due to the high independent, talents are
considered excel, less sociable and arrogant. An environment full of conflict will
destroy mercilessly talent. Therefore, the wise leader has to solve this problem. Just
because of their character, working independently capacity, they are quite stubborn,
always do what they think is true even if it is totally different from the majority.
Fashion is one of those talents never notice, many of them dress sloppy and
sometimes dirty. Psychology of talent is conservative, not blandish, like going against
the majority. By their own ways, talents usually find great pressure to meet the
conundrum that people often do not find. Therefore, the talent talks, the leaders
should listen. Coming with this way, the talents have a strict right to express them
and the others. They are never easy to be satisfied with the results of what they have
done. They always dig to solve their own way; maybe discard all the research net in
many years just because they find out more excellent answers. Therefore, they are
always busy; they work harder and have more interesting to deal with.
They like working independently. Working under discipline is a real
punishment because it kills their thinking. Talent is always misunderstood by others
as a dominant player, but the lateness of them is ten thousand times valuable than
"absorbed" attitude of the ordinary people. However, everything has the limited. If
they are so extravagant, they will be thought to be eccentric, depending on each case,
the leader should have suitable solution.
The talent is often outspoken. They are not good speaking. So they just have a
few friends, especially good friends because people think that the talent is
extravagant. If only preferring ductility employees, the boss will never have the

opportunity to take advantage of talent. I have a friend, his face always looks like
buckled up. He always talks what he is thinking and never feels fear with what the

others think about him. He is a really talent at working and I always feel relieved
with his help because it is always successful.
The biggest mistake of a talent is the negligent. The neglect is not the same as the
neglect of ordinary people. It is when they are thinking; they never care for anything
around them even a big bang. My friend has that personality. Sometimes, I asked him
about a problem in many times but he never answered. But I am never angry with
him because I know he is concentrating on something so that he never cares for
anything besides. Talents always work more than the others ten times and always
give smartest ideas. If they just accept you, it means all your work will be addressed.
Because of this character, when the other feels satisfy with going to work every
morning then coming back every evening, talents always wrestle with ideas and
ideas. Therefore, they always look frowned irritated.
Talents hardly ever flaunt their knowledge. They only keep silence in the loudly
meeting, even the others scream at the boss. Talent’s initiative is often powerful.
Loving fair so they often require deserved remuneration. This is not the petty whining
of those management and greed resources. The attitude of self-assessment is very fair.
He - in the interviews - go straight to the issue of wages and have dizziness wage
Talent often cannot stand the patronizing tone of others, especially of those who is
useless. In particular, they do not need any experience. If you are an old and pretty
much get from that to "teach away" with them, you will fail. Many people think that
an experience people can do something huge, but reality has proved that much talent
work effectively than those who has "empty" experienced.
All above has been enough for us to realize a talent yet? Indeed, in a corporate
environment, talent has to prove their success in the job. When you see a guy sits all

day and does nothing while being assigned a lot of work. However, until deadline, all
tasks have been solved. That is a talent. They have different ways of working people,
but they always find answers and solve more quickly than the other people doing the
same job. Looking for additional ways to communicate or he is assigned to work
twice as hard to really test the capacity of him.
There are many good people in a company. With an increasingly competitive
environment and the larger the company gets, the more good people are in. Entrance
exam and interview process is one of the recruitment that is used by many companies
to find the best people. For example, good people are good at school. There are a lot
of companies select students at famous university to work. They have stronger
knowledge than many others. Some of the companies seek talented employees who
have positions or from other units because they have to achieve that. However, not all
good people are talents, it is only a necessary condition of a property.
According to the characteristics of the resources noted above, we can put
together the following to identify talented employees in the company:

They always understand their value. They have special skills that no one can

copy and imitate.
They can answer the most difficult questions. Almost anything you asked

them, they know although they did not do on that part.
They do not need the position; they just like working and having adequate

They are confident, less persuasive comments hearing or working

And finally: they are willing to do the task and achieve good results, they do
not mind working until 2am just to settle the job.

When identifying talent, leaders must do to retain their importance and use? That's
what makes them become your talent, not talent of units or other organizations.


According to Professor Dave Ulrich - the human resource brains of the world Talent = Capacity + Commitment + Dedication. Such a person who is considered
to be a talent of the company, they must have the capacity to work; they must
commit for work and dedicate for the company.
About capacity: Capacity is right skills, right place and right job. So first you have
to understand your talents, properly assess their skills, giving them the right
position to work and develop. When given the right position and duties, their
skills will develop extremely effectively. So the question in this case is if their
new skills in the form of potential then how? Being good at theory is not like
being good at practice, as well as a gifted music, without music lessons, piano
lesson, then they finally just a person that has capable of singing, music
perception. But they cannot be a singer. Thus, when leaders discover talent, they
should train and give the right directions for talent so that they can become a true
According to Professor Dave Ulrich with given arguments in the 3C principle,
there are 04 steps to develop talent.

The first is to establish a theoretical benchmark. What current capacity of the
digital society the company having? What problem the company is facing with
changes in the business environment and how to develop strategies to deal
with? Based on the environment and future strategic options, employees need

to demonstrate their technical capability?
Second, assessing individual and collective. Once having standards, the
employee will be evaluated on what they achieved or not achieved. In recent
years, talent evaluation has started based on the results of their work and how

they behave. Of course, talent is going to have outstanding results.
Third, this is talent development. In this step, the company conducts staff
development through training, practical work or life experience. Bringing

knowledge from outside through consultants or partners. Beginning to appoint
the right people in the key positions and eliminating the redundancy and

Fourth is monitoring and capacity development. Talent is the person who has
ability to do good work today, and especially in the future. We will downright
mistake to compare achievements of the past to determine who is talented, but
look forward to see in the future; their organizations will need what kind of

Once talent has been developed with the capability and inherent qualities, they
will progress very rapidly and be different from ordinary people. Then, you will
be faced with an age-old problem. That is how talent has long term commitment to
your work and dedicate to your company. The capacity is not enough without
commitment. Commitment means that employees are willing to dedicate
themselves to the success of the company. In fact, there are very good, smart, and
fluent in but do not "have to" or do not go away themselves, ultimately they create
no value and contribution.
Previously, when evaluating talent, we usually stop at two factors: capacity (the
ability) and commitment (the wills). However, with the current and future human
resource generation, as long as there is not enough, talent must be known and
recognized dedication. This means that they must be aware of the meaning and
purpose of their work, as well as Professor Dave Ulrich: talent needs to get the
"freeze", the "fullness" of life and work. This will be achieved when leaders with
organizations help them to seven answer question:

Who am I? (And they understand their position, role and responsibilities in


their organizations ...).
Where will I go and Why? (What the organization help them to achieve


their goals);
Who am I going with? (How the organization build the support group);


How do I practice mental? (How organizational behave with standards such


as the humble spirit, a spirit of service, forgiveness, gratitude ...);
What challenges will I have to pass? (How organizations help them to


overcome challenges easily, excitingly and interestingly);
How can I access resources? (Organizations help them to solve health


problems, space and financial needs);
What is my inspiration? (What the organization will do to make them feel
comfortable and happy);
Thus, the leaders listen to their opinions whether they presented it odd,

and do not reflect the opinions because talent always has the right resources
and certain ideas extraordinary. After studying, if that opinion is not consistent
with the current circumstances, the leader must show them the reason why that
reason cannot be implemented at the moment. When the talent say an idea,
they are like kids, just want to make immediately to see how the result is. Put
down their wishes or not even listen to them will make them seriously hurt.
The leader should praise and encourage them to set out ideas.
Second, we should create an ambient and comfortable work space for
talent. As mentioned above, talent hates the spontaneous, they can go home
early, but later their work is always guaranteed and no one else can do like this.
You have to be flexible in the way they manage. Along with this, you have to
protect them from the language of the company. Assigning them a position that
does not bear too much of the management of the others so they can focus on
that without anything about them. However, the compassion must be balance
with discipline. The most talented people are brought to success when they are
located within the boundaries of safety. As if they need to be self-governing,
they also need to know their limits. Creating space for their work but also
comfortable enough to allow as possible to develop their talents without


affecting the structure of the company. Let's focus on what can help them
without effort separate from the organization - that is the most important thing.
Third is to facilitate their learning and wake up their potential. As mentioned
above, a good person is not necessarily a good talent because of his infamy is
only potential, and need to wake up to make it grows and becomes a weapon
for the company. Let the talent realize that you always know his power; you
need them for the company, only they can help you overcome the most difficult
problem. You want them with you; accompany you and the company to reach
the targets that they themselves always wanted to reach. Give them the most
suitable jobs, the most difficult task and requires them to make an effort to
complete. Talent loves challenges, the more difficult the more they want it to
be done and they will perform for completion by the optimal answer. When
they do the job, provide resources to the maximum extent around to serve,
making them as comfortable as possible to promote capacity. Talent needed
inspiration to work, they as well as an artist, a musician, to have inspired the
new work most effectively. I know that Google, the world's leading companies
on a meritocratic organization and different work ahead of all other companies
in the world. If the other units, they are organized in departments, positions,
parts, work in the building, with suit, tie and shiny black shoes, then Google
employee working in the design office as in the private room with full of toys,
equipment and utensils activities. (See Appendix 1). Even Google also arrange
for a private chef kitchen and a bedroom for staff. Many Google employees
work at home because they do not want their company to be full all the things
necessary for life. They can both work and play table Foosball, they wear
clothes that they want. Google generate qualified staff and resources to only
need a single work is focused to offer creative ideas for their work and eager to
work. On the management side, Google does not have a particular department.

They include the group project. It follows a project, people working together
and to split each of the other groups can go to a job with a different, nobody
managed each other, only job can manage them.
Of course, achieving conditions such as Google is not easy, but it is an
example for creating workspaces and providing financial resources for the
development of the other units to study.
Finally, an indispensable problem in retaining talent, to their
commitment and dedication to the company, should be paid off. Employees
who expect to be paid well deserved. Talent is longer than that. They always
know who they are and where they stand so they always require the company
to pay compensation commensurate with what they bring to the company. Not
too high, not so low, just pay them properly for what they bring to the
company. In this work should also listen to their opinions and their suggestions
on how to harmonize with the individual interests and collective interests.
In summary, if you are a manager, please see the staff in your company.
There may be more talent in it, they have other characteristics that people share
through this article you can see them in some of their employees. If you
recognize them, to rate their abilities in the right way, enabling them to develop
their own potential for them to reach new heights. To create conditions for
them to grow up and show them you are the same person they can go to the
end of the road. The company is where they will commit and devote their
abilities. As you can see to uncover talent and retain talent through this article
is not too difficult, however, to carry out, the leader is also a talent – talent of
management and using resource.
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Appendix 1: The office of Google
Google's office as a yard of a family




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