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Một số giải pháp xây dựng chiến lược kinh doanh của mipectech e

Một số giải pháp xây dựng chiến lược kinh doanh của Mipectech
Strategy is a rosary, series of activities designed to to create long-term competitive
advantages compared with rivals. In the operating environment of a company,
including market and competitor strategies outlined for a company behaves
consistently. Strategic express a choice, a hit for the company that professionals often
called strategic positioning
The company operates without a strategy such as walking down the street without
identifying yourself go to where, despite every crowd (and market competition)
pushed in any direction they move in that direction. If you go on like that forever he
will only be a mediocre and alone in the crowd.
A leader will not want to bravery consign future of your business and competitor
market wants to go then follow that lead. To do so he must deliberately set out a
direction and try to influence the market to lead in this direction , a direction that his
company has prepared and will therefore get more advantages than those who other .
In any public confrontation, its rivals are imposing your game on the opponent, the
more will be the winning more chance winning.
Therefore the strategy development plays an important role in business
The reality proved otherwise determine a proper development strategy, entrepreneurs
are likely to work themselves into the trap can not be drawn, leading to deteriorating
business conditions and even bankruptcy. Businesses can set goals and decide to
invest in a new field with the hope of development, but that does not evaluate all

competitors, their potential ... which can lead to losses. The cause of the growing
business can decline very much; can be explicit or implicit. Maybe because businesses
do not have a logical organizational structure , human resource management is not
effective , management costs are too high , or it may be due to the product not being
business innovation, market share is declining , do not use the correct pricing
strategy , the marketing..
What is the strategy?


The term derives from the strategic military field to indicate the significance of
large and long -term plans on the basis sure what the enemy can do , not what the
enemy can do. Since then the term business strategy to life . According to the
traditional view strategy is the identification of the basic long-term goals of an
organization and then finding out the specific action programs with the use of
resources in a reasonable manner to achieve the objectives set out .
We can say business strategy is the means to help businesses achieve long -term
goals . Business strategy not to point out the specific way , but it is a general
program , the solution most effectively mobilize resources to implement the identified
objectives .
From 60 decades of the twentieth century , the strategy can be applied in the field
of business and the term " business strategy " was born . From here the concept of
business strategy developed gradually over many different approaches.
Follow Alfred Chandler (Harvard, 1962 university): strategy involves the fixing
of the basic objectives, the organization's long-term, simultaneous application of
action as well as the allocation of resources necessary to achieve these goals.
Follow Johnson & Schole (1999): Strategy is the direction and scope of an
organization in order to gain long-term competitive advantage for the organization
through the format of its resources in a changing environment, to meet market
demands and wishes to the parties concerned.
Follow Brace Henderson, strategist and founder of the Boston Consulting Group:
the search strategy is a prudent action plan to develop and incorporate the competitive
advantage of the organization, the difference between now and the competition is the
basis for business advantage.
Micheal Porter – father of Competitive Strategy said that the business strategy of
the competitive strategy: competitive strategy involves the difference. It is a carefully
selected series of activities to create a different set of unique values .
Thus can be seen: the soul of a strategy is a competitive advantage because it is

the business capabilities that perform especially well and outperforms the other
competitors on the market, helping businesses now create a set of unique value to
meet the expectations of customers and stakeholders, however, whether understood in


a way no matter what the nature, business strategy remains the image outline future
business in the field of operations and ability to exploit it . In this way, the strategy is
the answer to question 3 is the third and the key to the success of joint industrial:

• Where are we organization?
• Where are we want to go ?
• How to way achieve goals need?
So according to his personal opinion I see 3 strategies will have the following basic
The first: Business strategy to help businesses identify goals, its direction as a basis,
the lodestar for all business activities of enterprises.
The second: Business strategy to help businesses understand and take advantage of
business opportunities, and proactive measures to overcome the risks and threats in
the market competition.
The third: Business strategies contribute to improving the efficient use of resources,
enhance the competitive position of the business to ensure the sustainable
development of the business nghiep.Tao solid basis for the formulation of the policies
and decisions on production and business suits of market fluctuations.
In this article I would like to take the example specific about Mipec technology
equipment JSC (MIPECTECH) was established and put into operation in August 2010
by the Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi. The current charter capital of
the Company by the certificate of business registration is 100 (billion) USD. The
company operates in the industrial sector with the goal of becoming a leading
company specializing in providing equipment - chain, fuel and technology transfer.
However, with the development trend of the shipping industry , ports in Vietnam is
growing in size as demand led to devices increasingly large jetty , so put products
MIPECTECH container crane lifting tires ( Rubber Tyre Gantry crane - RTG ) as their
strategic commodities and simultaneously deployed operations 3 for RTG 's products :
sales ( sales ) , service ( service ) , and Spare parts (equipment).
Leader of Mipectech grasp of the international economic integration has brought
nearly 30 years of the Vietnam big change in appearance economy - society.
Especially after joining the World Trade Organization (WTO), Vietnam's economy has


achieved a number of important achievements, the basic overview maintain
macroeconomic stability, sustained growth rate Good economic growth, the
development industry are scale economies increased. From being a net importer, in
recent years, Vietnam has risen to become one of the export powerhouse of the world
many items are popular and gradually the balance of import - export.
International trade between Vietnam and the world has flourished and it really
becomes a very favorable condition for the development of sea transport in Vietnam.
And in the development process , the requirements for the development of maritime
transport services towards modernization with increasingly high quality , affordable ,
safe and limit environmental pollution and save energy ; increasing the
competitiveness of maritime transport is essential to Vietnam's sea transport industry
can actively integrate and expand shipping market in the region and around the world .
With the advantage of a coastal state with more than 3200 kilometers of coastline,
there are many advantages to developing marine economy, the Party and State's
priority for economic development was reflected sea and Documents national
Congress of economic development in the maritime market economy, specified
documents: "Improving market share of international transport by air, sea ..., goods
circulation volume increased from 9-10% / year...” Regarding infrastructure
development: "... Complete renovation, upgrade, expand or build new planning
system for major ports across the country...".
And along with political stability , the open door policy of the Government
economy has created favorable conditions for foreign businesses entering the Vietnam
market through the direct import route - especially for product categories are heavy
industrial equipment . However, the import of these products entirely made of high
production costs ( due to the high tax rates ) , reducing the competitiveness of foreign
firms trading commodities in Vietnam as well as reduce the benefit of customers . On
the other hand , it is also one of the causes indirectly inhibits the growth of ancillary
industries of the country . Therefore, in order to create favorable conditions to
promote the development of ancillary industries in the country , the Government has
launched the import tax policy at the rate of localization of products of mechanical
parts - electricity - electronics, is shown in 1994/1998/QD-BTC Decision dated


25/12/1998 . Accordingly , if foreign firms have production line technology , product
assembly or parts suitable for imported goods will be reduced preferential tax rate
proportional to the rate of product localization . This is an opportunity to help the
foreign companies have long-term investment and all the ancillary industries in
Vietnam to reduce costs , improve market competitiveness , while also creating similar
challenges large for the mere import business in Vietnam.
To gradually realizing the purpose of renovating and upgrading the port system,
enhance the scale and volume of freight movement, equipped with all the modern
facilities to serve the lifting operation of the container shipping port this beach is an
inevitable trend. These are favorable conditions for business enterprises wharf
facilities - including lifting equipment transport - penetrate and expand the domestic
market. This explains why in the past year has been a lot of equipment manufacturers
in the world jetty entering the Vietnam market such as Terex (U.S.), Kalma (Sweden),
Kone crane (Finland), Doosan (South Korea), TCM (Japan), ZPMC (China) ... this
makes the landscape of increasingly strong competition.
In addition, the context, the business must have a strategy in line with the trend of
integration and the development of market.
Stemming from this, implementation of Mipectech leaders identify strategic
business development for its main commodities. Because there is a clear business
strategy has helped business-oriented, clear goals, direction of the department and
individuals to the overall objectives of the business, avoiding localized, dispersed
resources will weakening business.
Some solutions to business strategy of Mipectech
Policy positioning
* The difference:
(1) With sale:
In sales and marketing, point of Mipectech biggest difference compared to the
competitor's high-quality products with fast delivery time. Besides, the company also
associated with the credit institutions, the financial leasing company (VILC,
Chailease..) to deliver products to customers, customer acceptance for opening
deferred LC ... Therefore the company should maintain this difference in strategy


implementation phase of market penetration.
(2) With service:
Service of Mipectech have the strongest rival is another of Terex equipment
available at most Vietnamese seaports so technical workers are trained and
experienced. Mipectech which have very good relationship with the factory repair of
the port, Mipectech investment vehicles and mobile service dedicated fast response
time to customers with criteria not more than 12 hours for the 300km radius than the
setpoint service center.
(3) With spare Parts
Mipectech always have three parts warehouse located at North - Central South. Also Mipectech also represents a number of component manufacturers
specialized in Vietnam. Besides, the company also has navigation links with a large
number of suppliers in order to build a processing plant component in our country so
cheaply than rivals.
Product Policy
Based on an analysis of the strengths / weaknesses of Mipectech for sale 3 array,
service, equipment and spare part of RTG, leader of Mipec had propose a complete
solution for product policy for the company as after:
(1) With sale:
But branded products Terex RTG has been rated as customer good quality
however the main drawback of this device Terex RTG software is relatively complex
controls. This has caused no small obstacle for the company's customers in the
operation If this weakness is not overcome will probably lead to risky customers the
choice of replacement equipment other competitor simple software control over, or
equipment selection scheme RTG competitors of the local assembly Hence, the need
to do right in the future is Mipectech need to conduct work and communicate with
vendors to improve product Terex, simplified control system , making it easier for
customers to use . In addition, companies should strengthen links with organizations
of credit, financial leasing companies (VILC, Chailease ...) to create more favorable
conditions for the supply of products to customers, accepted for the open customers
deferred payment LC…


(2) With service:
Existing strengths of the company is a professional technical team, often working
at the port. In addition, the company is not only representative of Terex RTG
equipment but also provide other equipment wharf of the company, the company can
provide installation services, warranty and product maintenance with high uniformity
and fast supply time. So, in the coming period, to improve the quality of service the
company can add value to the service by the following solution:
The first, Advanced technical qualifications for workers, better meet customer
requirements with a fast time, better quality services, friendly attitude and
enthusiastic. To do this, the company can send technical staff to participate in
technical courses reputed domestic or sent to the partner (Terex) to enhance the
training and knowledge of equipment RTG.
The second, To perform service performance, Mipectech need to modernize
equipment repair new standards of Terex equipment through terex latest, the
modernization of the equipment does not necessarily proceed at the same time that
massive needs and an appropriate roadmap with the necessary equipment in order to
avoid wasting the company's financial.
Among the equipment used for the installation and maintenance of the company,
now the company has rented 25 ton diesel forklift. The lessee can help companies
save costs but to cause inconvenience or disruption if there are unexpected situations
occur. Therefore, to achieve the objective of enhancing the market share service in the
future, companies still need to purchase this equipment to best serve the company's
sewing service.
The third, company should build good relationships with the local government
where the business partners to implement activities package of tax procedures and
registration of safety devices helps customers improve.
(3) With spare part:
The weakness of the array Mipec for spare part inventory management process is
also driven by the stages of the management process is primarily done manually
between discrete and process stages leading to test products in stock slow. Inventory
Management no longer lead to better control the amount of hard work or lack of


inventory, resulting in the forecast and reserves may be delayed or does not close with
the demand. The amount of high inventories will lead to higher inventory costs.
Reserve not enough demand will cause damage of company. Therefore, to improve
this weakness, boldly companies need to invest in software systems advanced
warehouse management to avoid wasting the time of the stages in the process and to
help decision-making process of the the array of spare part management easier and
more convenient . In addition, companies should conduct regular warehouse inventory
and are available in amounts of spare parts to service vehicles can move whenever
Price Policy
The current price of the product Mipec for RTG cranes Terex brand in the $ 1.3
million package / product. This price is lower than the TCM ( 1.35 million / product )
and Kone crane ( 1.31 million / product ) but still higher than the Doosan ( 1,295
million USD / product ) , Kalma ( 1,298 million USD / products ) , and ZPMC ( 1,050
million USD / products ) . As can be seen, the difference in price between Doosan and
Kalma Mipec with not much, but the pricing will create psychological Mipec for
Terex customers at prices significantly higher (1.3 million > 1.2 million). So, the next
time the company should have a policy discounts for products of Terex RTG. The
reduction in price need not be necessarily smaller figure of 1.3 million. We suggest
that companies should set a new price equal to Kalma (1,298 million USD / products)
but other services better. For example, at the same price with the market leader
(Kalma) but of Mipec superior service: increase the warranty period, increase sales
service (increased number of inspections during the warranty period...). This will help
the company attract the customer's attention, given the easy comparisons and notice
the superior of Mipec (more for the same).
To reduce the product, the company should expand cooperation with major component
manufacturers to make sales representative in Vietnam. In addition, the need to
accelerate the company linked to Terex manufactures a number of components/
devices RTG products in Vietnam. This is a good plan to help companies enjoy
preferential tax policies of the state as well as reducing production costs. In addition,
the company should have specific mechanisms for customer rewards introducing new


customer discounts for old customers will motivate the customer to become a bridge
for company marketing.
Distribution policy
Currently, in addition to headquarters in Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, company
has just only 01 representative office at Level 3-29 Ton Duc Thang - Listen Ward District 1 - Ho Chi Minh City. This helps companies more favorable during exposure
to clients in two key market areas are North (Hai Phong, Dinh Vu, Doan Xa, Cai Lan
port) and the South (Saigon, Mep Cai Port) . However, with the direction to penetrate
the central port ( the port of Da Nang , Quy Nhon , Cam Ranh Bay , Cat Lai , Dung
Quat port ) , the lack of a representative office in Central will cause difficulty difficult
for companies in the process of access to customers in this market area . Thus , in the
period 2014 - 2018 , we propose Mipectech company should establish a more
representative offices in Central anymore . Specifically, companies should establish a
representative office in Da Nang. Representative Office will be coordinating and
operating grasp the basic transaction with ports in Central Vietnam.
Promotion policy
Promotion is important work to promote and expand the market share increase
sales of businesses in general. However, depending on particular products, business
forms or objects that enterprise customers identify the appropriate promotion tools.
For MIPECTECH, with a particular client company is a collection of client
organizations to promote tools that our group suggested using the market penetration
strategy period 2014 - 2018 are: advertising, agency public Relations (PR), direct
sales, participation in fairs and exhibitions. Specifically:
(1) For advertising tool:
Advertising is a very important tool to transmit information and message of
products and services to business consumers in the end. For advertising, message
transmission is most important because it affects the ability to acquire and feel of the
client message then the choice of promotional tools.
* On the advertising message: with a particular set of customers is the port
company (group of business customers) so this group special attention to the


following criteria: price, delivery time, quality service. Therefore, the message of the
ad should emphasize characteristics on MIPECTECH.
* Regarding the choice of promotional tools: with customer -specific training
as above, should MIPECTECH selection tool is press advertising. The company can
proceed simultaneously on two ads form: newspapers and electronic media.
Specifically, the newspaper company should opt for traditional newspapers have high
quality read as: Newspaper Employees, Tien Phong newspaper or a number of
professional journals. Besides the newspaper company currently ongoing advertising (
Youth Newspaper , Vietnam Economic Times ... ) , companies can also advertise on
some popular economics journals such as : SaigonTimes and a some local newspapers
in the target market areas such as Hai Phong newspaper , newspaper of Danang ,
Khanh Hoa newspaper . With the form of electronic media, companies should opt for
advertising on websites specializing in shipping economics or commerce as:
www.vietnamshipper.com, www.baothuongmai.com.vn, www.vneconomy.com.vn.
These tools helped the company reduce costs which bring high efficiency.
(2) For direct sales:
Direct selling is considered to be the most effective promotion tools for
enterprise customers is peculiar institution. In the next phase, which continues to be
the main tool in accessing MIPECTECH target customers, the company can perform
this operation under 3 directions:
Firstly, mailing product introductions, catalogs to customers. First, companies need to
pay attention to the updates and the latest catalog in the form of a list of products and
equipment related to RTG crane Terex branded and sent to the customer, then
introduced offers in demand units.
Secondly, proceed to introduce the company offers through the leadership of
Vinalines, the project management, the consulting firm designed to capture investment
needs of customers is the port from which the appropriate policy offers.
Thirdly, through major customers / partners present to showcase products,
services and equipment to the company's other partners. The company should have a
system for regular customer discounts and criticized percent for customers who


introduce new clients to encourage them to become the object of direct sales for
HR solutions
To improve the efficiency of recruitment and assignment of tasks ,
MIPECTECH should implement the following measures :
For the sales team , who can choose good qualities sale , trained Terex
standard, ensuring the remuneration and welfare deserve . Prioritize the knowledge or
technical skills .
Development department to professional market , access new customers ,
communicate with existing customers and control programs in collaboration with
institutions .
Develop job descriptions and standard system -specific job titles for every position
from management to professionals , reflecting job content ; Identify and regulations
written content for each job position highlights the main activities , the job evaluation
criteria , capabilities and requirements of minimum educational qualification and
reporting channels . Construction process of the evaluation results to fit the job
description (KPI’s).
Business strategy is extremely important for the survival and development of
enterprises in general and for particular activities MIPECTECH. No competitive
business strategy, businesses can hardly survive and build a solid foothold, long on the
market. Identification and selection of competitive strategy does not fit or lack of
precision will make the operation of business enterprises deviate, difficult to adapt to
market changes and can not sustainable development.
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5. Mipec technology and equipment, JSC and other website


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