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Lập kế hoạch ứng dụng CNTTTT cho hoạt động của ban thương hiệu truyền thông thuộc ngân hàng bảo việt (BAOVIET bank) ee


I. Openning
1.1 Conception about information and communication technology
Information and communication technology, commonly called ICT, phrase is
often used as a synonym for the broader information technology (IT), but often is a
general term to emphasize the role of unified communications and the combination of
telecommunications (telephone lines and wireless signals), building management
systems and intelligent audio-visual system in modern information technology. ICT
including all technical means used to handle information and aid communication,
including computer hardware and networking, as well as intermediate contact is the
essential software. On the other hand, ICT including IT as well as telephone, media,
handle all types of audio and video, based on transmission control and network
monitoring functions "ICT" used as a general term for all types of technology that
allows users to create, access and manipulate information. ICT is a combination of
information technology and communication technology. In a world increasingly linked
together, the interaction between devices, systems and people is increasing
dramatically. Businesses need to meet the needs of employees and their customers to
enable greater access to systems and information. All communication needs to be
transmitted in a unified way. By providing the infrastructure can expand, the cloud

computing model allows the company to work smarter in accessing information
technology and smart and more cost-effective. This platform combines minimize
upgrade costs and productivity between firms and more. Part of route information
technology and communication should be strengthened in infrastructure, while adding
the benefits for users in collaboration, messaging, scheduling, instant messaging (IM),
audio, video, and Web conferencing. Cloud computing makes the transportation and
energy consumption in IT to become more efficient and bring ICT to new heights
Information and communication technology (ICT) are present and play an
important role indispensable in the process of governance and administration of the
business operations of the enterprise. The strong development and wide application of

information technology is increasingly more useful for the operation of most types of
business. In recent years, the field of activity of the Bank has been a lot of prosperity
and development through the application of common achievements of Information
Technology. This article will provide “Planning software applications takecare Vip
customer in the take care customer department” at BAOVIET Bank commercial JSC.

II. Analysis
2.1 Introduce about BAOVIET Bank
Established under the operation licence No. 328/GP-NHNN issued by the Governor of
the State Bank ofVietnam on December 11, 2008, BAOVIET Bank officially became
the youngest member of the Bao Viet Group and Vietnam’s commercial banking
system. BAOVIET Bank’s inception has contributed to shaping a firm three-pillar
formation of insurance, securities, and banking, thus creating an aggregate strength to
ensure the sustainable and comprehensive development for the entire Bao Viet system.
Apart from Bao Viet Holdings as the main founder, BAOVIET Bank is also so proud to
be created by some other companies which rank at the top of their respective fields those names are well aware in the market as the Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock
Corporation (Vinamilk), CMC Technology Corporation, HiPT Technology
Corporation…, that fact helps to create a solid and important foundation for the Bank
in the course of market penetration, financial arrangement, high-end technology
application so as to provide its clients and partners with optimal and most appropriate
banking services.
We aim to become a leading bank in term of high quality services and comprehensive
financial solutions in banking – insurance - investment
Our mission is to develop the bank into a modern one, which underscores
standardizations in governance, execution and operation to ensure that the top-quality
services are in place and clients’ satisfaction is met, thus creating a source of

sustainable added value for its shareholders, generating long-term benefits for its staffs
and at the same time fulfilling obligations to society and the community. Core values
Towards standards: Standards on organizational model, corporate governance,
technology, banking services, and working environment for construction of a dynamic

Sustainable efficiency: BAOVIET Bank prioritizes endeavors and practical
contributions that help achieve sustainable effectiveness. BAOVIET Bank really places
importance on correct assessment of risks, resource development and capacity building
to maintain the sustainable efficiency
Non-boundary creativity: Capturing and being ready to receive new ideas and
opportunities, to have completion solutions to make a difference. BAOVIET Bank
regards creativity a key of successes in a fiercely competitive and swinging banking
Successful co-operation: Enhancing the spirit of cooperation, respect for colleagues
and promotion of the collective strength,
Unanimity and sharing: Having sense of responsibility, sharing with the colleagues,
customers and community,
“Your trust, our commitment”
Organizational structure

2.2 Reality applications ICT at takecare Vip customer department in Bao Viet bank:

2.2.1. Current status of deployment take care VIP customer at Commercial Bank
Senior Banking (VIP banking) has been the deployment of foreign banks in
Vietnam since 2009 race for market share in the segment of high-income customers
became more active when the Commercial Bank (CB) started domestic participation
the "playing field" potential.
To sign up as a VIP customer, the total asset value is maintained at 1 billion USD or
equivalent value in exchange deposit accounts, or investments. "Standard" VIP
customers at the CB in the country to pay more a little flashy, for example: deposit of
USD 2 billion or more; deposit payment card account within 6 months from an average
of 500 million or more; or shareholders owning shares of a par value of 2 billion or
more; In addition, customers have income from 60-70 million VND / month or more
are considered VIP clients,…
Can see that CB the current domestic and foreign customers as VIP rankings are
primarily based on income criteria or average deposit balances as a basis for
evaluation. The CB also very flexible with customers ranking criteria in each period, in
line with the business strategy of the bank to attract, while encouraging long-term
customer commitment with the bank, become customers VIP customers to be served
with the high standards.
Adequate service level
To efficiently exploit the VIP customer segments, CB is now more focused
investment of resources to roll out the product flexibility consistent with the needs of
customer segments is high. The diversity of products and services in the areas such as
insurance, investments, credit cards contribute to enriching product portfolio to meet
the diverse needs of VIP clients in increasing assets. The bank has also promoted
strategic partnerships with product vendors, service to external banking customer
service Package VIP card only by the issuing bank. The goal is for VIP customers can
use bank cards as a modern means of payment and enjoy the preferential policy
discounts from units outside the banking sector cooperation. In addition, a number of
CB also building data management systems and customer analysis, system gifts, gift

message ... with the desire to maintain social and cultural ties between banks and
Some CB has also built a strategic interest, VIP customer support in all
circumstances (“Joy, Wedding, Funeral). Some other banks to consider outsourcing
service capabilities gifts for VIP clients. But though according to general methods has
been also a basic process.
- Setting the record gift for VIP customers:
With the support of CRM tools (software systems customer relationship
management) is the full archive of information about the customer as well as mass VIP
customers. When conducting a campaign gifts, customer care staff can base on which
to choose gifts, gifts given forms to suit each client's psychological.
Unlike the usual souvenirs, gifts for customers, partners of VIP requires
imagination and to express personalization, relevance and implications of the gift and
the emotional factors experienced favorite experience, rich in meaning from gifts.
That's how the record mark, the invisible thread binding and VIP customer banking
relationship partner trust, mutual understanding.
- Before giving gifts:
Pursuant to the actual situation of the density planned gifts, funding for services
is expected gift. Contact VIP customers to confirm some basic information and learn
about the needs of the customer gifts.
- Proceeing gifts
Customer care staff must be trained guides and detailed customer care skills including
direct style, gestures, and speech communication greetings. Staff should be trained
skills to adapt to each customers personality VIP, processing methods in diverse
situations which may occur in the process of gift giving. The ultimate aim is the
customer experience feeling the individual care, make customers happy and satisfied
with the services they receive.
- After giving gifts:
After giving gifts to customers, from two – four days, customer care department
will contact you (phone / email) to thank customers learn more and incorporate some

information such as the satisfaction level of customers for gifts, stylish gifts, as well as
services banking products are provided to learn more about customers' preferences for
the next time gifts and gift desired form.
In addition, a number of other CB proceed to send financial reports daily to the
office of VIP customers as a value added service their VIP client care.
The competition and exploit high market share among customers CB has started
to become active. A local CB said it would open 30 more outlets VIP; also represent a
foreign bank operating in Vietnam announced that the bank is preparing to roll out a
compelling product for VIP clients ... This promises a new race in the development of
the CB implementation services, products dedicated VIP customer segment in Vietnam
2.2.2 At BaoViet bank
In addition to the aforementioned services as CB, Bao Vietnam service bank
also deployed exclusively for the VIP customers service launched under the name "VIP
banking" or “Private banking”.
Customers enjoy benefits such as ensuring privacy, provides optimal utility and
high security transactions. Privacy Vietnam to launch credit cards for VIP as Gold Visa,
Premier Master, Cremium Visa Platinum,…
In addition to credit cards, Bao Vietnam has many products for VIP customers
such as home loans, investments, insurance, asset management, ... with a commitment
to resolve immediate financial needs and take place , special incentives on service fees
and interest rates, preferential policies for overdraft services and credit card ... with
dominant wide network offering global commitment: VIP customers, they benefit
credit card interest and use of online banking services worldwide, banks can support
customers worldwide.
In addition, customers will enjoy VIP services optimize customer care such as
special privileges when using the service, shopping in the system of banking partners,
gift, reward points corresponding to the number of transactions,…

With a dedicated card for VIP clients, customers immediately receive formal
reception and immediate priority transactions in a separate room, equipped with
wireless internet, books, magazines , coffee, tea tastes. In case customers are not
coming to perform banking transactions, customers simply pick up the phone, call the
dedicated line for VIP customers, their employees will have heard, receive requests,
perform and report back. Everything is fast, accurate and confidential, demonstrating
the level of "VIP customers"
Currently on Vietnam bank's new strategy focuses on providing a total solution
for VIP customers. As enjoyed a reception space with separate amenities; enjoy the
preferential interest rate when VIP customers wishing to borrow or savings, increased
overdraft limit, ATM withdrawal limits, reduction of international payment services,
money transfer; priority to sell foreign currency at preferential rates, receive
meaningful gifts for birthdays, New Year,…
Also, always have a VIP customer service team with its own professional style,
attentive service of a door, where dedicated service, newsletter analyze the real estate
market, Securities Daily ... For VIP banking, customers are also experts sharing advice
and resolve financial needs. That is, the experienced staff will advise investment
securities, gold, foreign exchange and corporate finance services to clients.
2.3 Roadmap and implementation plan for 5 years:
To build a separate space, providing products bring many benefits for VIP
customers can not be the problem too difficult. By current practice, the high-end
products for VIP customers basically banking products for mass retail, plus some are
value-added. But to get a team of professional staff, knowledgeable finance market,
meet the requirements of VIP customers is not easy. It takes the cost and long time of
training, in addition to requiring the employee experience there are certain skills that
trust with customers.
One of the new trends "VIP banking" in the world today is the type of service
called "Lifestyle Management", ie bank dedicated completely to the special VIP
customer manager, or consultant with a lot of responsibility as the organization of

events related to housing, leisure, entertainment, ... or to the more specific obligations
arising as customer support in the flight booking, reservation customer hotels when
traveling; provide information and currency exchange rate information for medical
advice, legal.
Therefore, at this point, the customer care services of the VIP Protection
Vietnamese bank has yet to "hit" is to all the needs of VIP. Partly because profit from
operations services for VIP obtained not commensurate with the costs when products
or services are relatively simple extraction (mainly cards and related financial
transactions directly to the bank another reason is that services can be profitable, high
commissions as capital management, investment consulting, partnership, inheritance
management ... they are not interested in the CB underutilized.
During operation, BAOVIET Bank has developed technology solutions
complement system core software professional help for the management and operation
of professional development services; special bank has developed technical solutions
for a number of Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and is one of the few banks in
Vietnam have the ability to offer Internet Banking services for transfers cash payment.
Besides the investment in technology, human resources and information
technology is a key factor, helping to ensure the operation of the machine. Customer
Care Officer of Bank BAOVIET mostly experienced professionals has worked at the
leading IT corporations Vietnam (CMC, FPT). Thus, although the new bank in
operation, but BAOVIET Bank's IT systems have been operated safely, smoothly and
Organizations and activities as the Center for Information Technology has
operated very effectively in recent years, ensuring and maintaining the IT systems of
BAOVIET Bank operates smoothly, safely, meet most applications require the use of,
make a positive contribution to the overall results of the Bank BAOVIET.
Strategic information technology activities in about 5 years, BAOVIET Bank need
to perform the following steps to further enhance the effectiveness of the application of
information technology on the Bank's activities:

Development of products and services through electronic channels is work focused
in developing strategic customer careVip Bank of Vietnam Bao. Current e-Banking
channels Bank of Vietnam Bao including ATM & POS systems are installed in the
areas where the bank is present; Internet Banking; Mobile Banking; Phone Banking.
Ensure good relationships within the IT department and between the IT departments
with the customer care department;
- Develop an environmental technology reliable;
- Establishing a reputation for applying technology in banking operations;
- Increase productivity through the application of technology;
2.4. Action Plan:
The period 2015 -2016
Create a platform for sustainable development through complete customer care
model Vip according to international standards; development of information
technology; investment in the development of human resources; brand development.
Concentrate on building information technology platform unified, complete system
database mutual customers, investment and development of quality human resources,
improving the system of unified brand, strengthening financial through the capital,
developing new products and services to utilities.
The period 2016-2017
– Building A on Vietnam on a new platform, with quality IT applications across a
comprehensive system of Vietnam Bank Insurance:
The period 2017-2018
– Converting business model, especially for the customer care department carried out
a vigorous change in the quality of customer service, customer focused Senior;
provision of financial services combined; development of new business areas;
complete conversion centralized management service in place.
The period 2018-2020
–Create a strong change in revenue growth and efficiency through the application of
ICT; affirms the professional and powerful internal cooperation, rebranding and quality

of service in Vietnam, enhance international competitiveness; Bao Viet Bank to
become a strong regional.
Before the first period debut in 2015 -2016 is BAOVIET Bank in general and VIP
rooms of customer care in particular need to implement some of the following to
ensure that IT systems operate more efficiently:
Focus application of modern technology, e-commerce on customer care. In our
country telecommunications technology, Internet, TV, satellite ... is growing strongly
favorable conditions for customer care services improve quality. Modern technology
will provide "convenience" and "benefit" to the customer. CB need to answer customer
information they need not only through customer care officers but also via telephone,
email, fax, text chat, voice chat, mobile TV, ... It is important is then all must be stored,
evaluated, analyzed and summarized.
When customers can easily access information anytime, anywhere, the appeal will be
extremely large and the customer will be very effective.
As core banking system upgrade to the latest version; As a new bank operated as
the statistical data of clients to use IT applications for transactions, web design simple
easy convenient etc.) are aggregated for the whole system at the end of each day .
However, in the course of operation, upgrade, update software to perfection, even
higher processing speed is an essential help for accounting tasks, lookup system
smoothly , fast and stable over;
2.5 About Hr for take customer Vip department
For customer care services effective to achieve the highest satisfaction of
customers requiring CB to invest methodical and professional. First, build a
department / customer care team to meet staffing requirements. Customer care staffs
outside the picture, the level of knowledge, language, knowledge and IT ... need to
have communication skills, listening, creating a warm and friendly communication
with customers directly or indirectly.
Currently in Vietnam customer service is quite new, job-training programs take care of
the customers are not paying much attention. Therefore, attention should be paid to
training, professional training and skills in this profession. At the time of construction,

promulgated the Regulations "C Services customer care" includes: functions, duties,
responsibilities, procedures, regulations ... to serve as a basis for customer care services
in the right direction and standards.
III. Conclusion
ICT – a land full of potential and promise that every business can exploit. But to
succeed, you need to combine it with human power and enterprise, and know the link
to the system in order to bring maximum business efficiency. To conduct market
research, auditing company PwC study tend to use electronic forms of banking in the
world, and the results showed that the counter transactions - 6%, Internet Banking 46%, SMS/Mobile - 11%, Phone Banking - 15%, and ATM - 22%. These statistics
suggest that electronic banking services will become a factor in bringing an important
competitive advantage for banks in Vietnam. Therefore the IT investment is essential.
In Vietnam Bank Security is going after banks should inherit a lot of practical
experience and from the great tree before, so there are many advantages in doing
revolutionizing ICT, above is the actual share of that I perceived in Bao Vietnam Bank
plus the knowledge learned from his lectures, would also very much looking forward to
receiving omissions contributions from teachers sent
1. Text book Management Information System –
2. Web baovietbank.com
3. Anh other information on internet

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