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“HR Planning 2015 for Phuc Hung Construction Joint Stock Holdings”

In the market economy, the trend of integration with the fierce competitive environment
companies has to deal with many challenges. To survive and develop strong right now
about all resources including human resources play a decisive role. A business has a good
staff management system; it basically creates a workforce to work effectively, dedication
for the survival and development of enterprises. That is the competitive advantage of the
utmost importance in the market now. The first step plays an important role in the system of
human resource management activities are activities of human resource planning. Planning
human resources help enterprises to have an accurate overview of the labor force in
business, anticipating the needs of human resources in the short term, long term and
offering the best solution for workers in order to successfully implement the goals of the
Phuc Hung Construction Joint Stock Holdings have a long development history in the
construction industry. Through many years of development, the position of the company is
increasingly asserted in the construction industry and aims to become the leading enterprise
in the field of construction. Specifically, on 11/5/2009 officially listed shares on the Hanoi
Stock Exchange floor PHC - HNX. Achieving ISO 9001: 2008 Global Group - UKAS.
Therefore, it creates a strong motivation for all officers and employees in the company and
for the development and growth of the Company.

The contents of the report are presented in three parts:
Part I: Concept of Human Resource
Part II: Overview of Phuc Hung Construction Joint Stock Holdings and features the
company's human resources


Part III: HR 2015 Plan for Phuc Hung Construction Joint Stock Holdings
Part I: Concept of Human Resource
1.1. The basic concepts of human resource plan
To survive and develop a business, we must effectively address the issues related to the four
basic areas such as finance, production management, marketing and human resource
management. The settlement does not only focus on the issue that requires resolution but
also look to the future to anticipate and deal with these problems will occur. Therefore, HR
planning is needed to bring the initiative, reduce risk and increase efficiency. Thus, HR
planning is important, necessary as a basis for effective use of human resources as well as
the efficiency of production and business activities.
There are many different definitions of the staffing plan was launched, namely:
"Human Resource Planning is the process of assessment, determine the need for human
resources to meet the business goals of the organization and construction workers plan to
meet those needs".
"Human Resource Planning is the process of implementing plans and programs to ensure
that the company will have the right quantity, right quality at the right time to be arranged
at the right time, the right amount of quality, place and place ".
1.2. The role of human resource plan
1.2.1. Planning HR plays a central role in the strategic management of human
The workforce has the skills of an organization is increasingly aware, has become a
competitive advantage of the organization. Planning HR organizations have an important
role as the capital plan and the financial resources of the organization. However, for a
period of time, managers are interested in planning capital and financing needs of the
organization, but only recently they have noticed clear competitive advantage of the
organization’s labor force with skill, high-skilled level.
Any organization that wants to survive and withstand the competition will have to conduct
strategic planning of human resources.


Strategic planning is the process of human resources to build human resource strategy and
set of programs or strategies to implement strategic human resources. Therefore, the role of
human resource plan is to help organizations achieve business goals.
The strategic plan of the organization's resources when built correctly will bring many
benefits directly or indirectly to the organization.
1.2.2. HR plan has a great influence on the efficiency of the organization.
Planning personnel have close relations with strategic planning of production and business
organizations. To achieve the goal in time, each organization must have a reasonable set of
workers with the skills and knowledge necessary capabilities.
1.2.3. HR plan is the basis for the recruitment of human resources, training and
development of human resources.
1.2.4. HR plan to regulate the activities of human resources.
HR plan can help enterprises labor turnover from this department to other departments
when necessary to avoid excess labor.
1.3. Factors affecting the HR plan
1.3.1. Type of products and services that the organization will provide social and
organizational strategy
Each type of products and services that the organization will produce trading and market
making will require quantity and quality of labor, occupational structure and level of skilled
labor skills of human resources is very different from each other. Therefore, the HR plan
should carefully consider the complexity of the product to determine the type of labor
structure suitable qualification and skills.
1.3.2. The volatility of the environment
As the changes in the economic, society, politic, science and technical progression will
affect the business operations of the organization. From the effect of demand and supply,
some job has been removed while some have been created.
1.3.3. The length of the HR plan
The length of time is also an important factor affecting human resource planning, human
resource plan can be made in the short term from 1 month to 1 year or longer period of 3
years 5 or 7 years. Determination of long or short duration of planned human resources


depends on the degree of influence of environmental factors internal and external
environment of the organization.
1.3.4. This type of information and the quality of the forecast information on HR plan
The nature of the work will be done.
When planning personnel to determine: What types of work will be done within the
organization; gaps in the organization need to be replaced and additional reasons: labor
transfer, promotion, retirement and generate new jobs. Moreover, human resources will be
attracted from? The ability to train and develop existing employees within the organization
in order to complete the job like? Staff recruited like? The ability to search easy or hard,
long or short? ...
These factors should be considered when conducting assessment and planning of human
1.4. The basis of the plan's
1.4.1. Job Analysis
Job analysis is understood as a process of identifying the tasks and skills in a systematic
way to perform the job in an organization.
Job analysis tools are considered the most important and fundamental to human resources
management; it is the basis for the implementation of all HR functions within the
enterprise. So the first base of human resource planning is job analysis.
Job analysis is the process of collecting the materials and assesses systematically with
important information related to the specific job within the organization in order to clarify
the nature of each job.
1.4.2. The relationship between HR plan and business plan
- Production planning for long-term business with HR plan
To survive and thrive in the long period (about 3 years) the organization should focus on
planning for long-term strategy. The senior management of the organization has to define
strategic thinking such as why your organization exists? But what should be done? ...
Therefore, organizations must clearly identify the products and services that are useful to
the business. Analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the organization as the products and


services will be produce in the coming years. There are serious weaknesses that may harm
or bankrupt organization for a long time.
Strategic Planning requires analysis of labor force as a result of changes in the
demographic, cultural, and social and changes in labor supply ... Each change may have
certain influence to the future workforce of the organization.
- Production Plan mid-term business plan with HR plan
Planning and production of medium-term business organizations include: identifying the
goals and objectives of the organization within 1 to 3 years. Manifestations such sales; the
number of products in each category; or some other indicator of production and business
activities as profitable labor productivity...
- Planning and producing short-term business with HR plan
Production and business plans often offer short-term performance objectives and
operational plans of a year. Short-term business plan plays a very important role for
economic triumph and survival of any organization, especially the forecast of saving and
spending. The planning tool creates the conditions for coordinating the activities of the
organization and direction of the activities of individual employees to achieve superior
1.4.3. Review the job done
As predicted labor supply, one of the important factors that administrators used is resource
information system which is the most important under review the work done.
Assessment work is understood as a systematic evaluation and formal work on the
implementation of the employees in the comparison of standards have been developed and
discussed the results of the assessment for each employee action.
1.4.4. Labor rules
Fully understood, labor rule is a process of research and practical application in the labor
level scientific basis in order to improve productivity and reduce production costs.
In which the quantity of labor is a converted into living labor regulations for employees to
complete certain workloads.
The level of employment is an important basis to conduct human resource planning,
especially for human resource planning in the short term so businesses should care about
this issue.
1.5. The process of HR plan

1.5.1. Predicting human needs Predicting short-term HR needs
Predicting short-term resources is the needs for personnel within 1 year, the primary
method to predict resource needs in the short time analysis tasks / analyzing workload.
Depending on the characteristics of the business, product type and structure of each
organization, and adopted the following methods:
- The method of calculating the amount of labor wastage
Identify staffing needs for the next year (in plan) based on the following grounds: a total
waste of labor to complete the number of products, or the workload and tasks of the plan
year; coefficient of labor productivity growth projected in the plan.
- Method of calculation according to labor productivity
Basic contents of this method are that the total output of the plan year (in kind or value)
divided by the labor productivity of labor a year's plan for the year.
- The method of calculating the standard
A person must undertake standard calculation of workload / tasks. For example, the number
of students that a teacher must undertake; number of beds that a nurse must serve. Predicting long-term HR needs
Long-term HR plan is usually carried out for a period of 1 year, possibly from 3 to 5 years
or 7 years.
Predicting long-term staffing requirements is the task of the human resource management
professionals. Each institution engaged in the production of various kinds of product,
process and management of the organization, technical skills are applicable to the
manufacturing business, so the demand for quantity and quality of human resources in
design planning is very different.
1.5.2. Predicted labor supply
After predicting human needs, it should be conducted to predict the organization's labor
supply during the plan period. Organizations must evaluate, analyze and ability to predict
how many people are willing to work for the organization to take measures to attract, use
and exploit the potential of workers, improve the efficiency of its operations function.
We can predict the labor supply from two sources: labor supply from the organization (i.e.
analysis of existing personnel within the organization) and provision of personnel from
outside the organization.

1.6. Balancing supply and labor demand, these solutions imbalance between supply
and demand
After predict demand and supply personnel for the period of organizational planning,
conducting balance / compare players with not only provide HR personnel in large groups
but also detailed to each job. Results in comparing demand and supply personnel of the
organization will occur the following three cases: Demand is greater than the supply for the
(lack of manpower); the larger labor supply and demand of the (excess manpower); Bridge
personnel by providing personnel (balance). Each case requires organizations to have
specific measures, adaptation.
2.1. Company’s overview
2.1.1. History and Development
- Name: Phuc Hung Construction Joint Stock Holdings
- Abbreviated Name: Phuc Hung Holdings., JSC
- Address: 03 floors, HH2, Duong Dinh Street Art, new urban Yen Hoa, Cau Giay District,
- Phone: + 84.4.6275.60.61 / 62/63 - Fax: +84.4.6275.6065
- Email: Website info@phuchung.com.vn: www.phuchung.com.vn
Phuc Hung Construction Joint Stock Holdings was established on 04 January 07 2001
(formerly known as the Phuc Hung Holdings., JSC), in 2003 joined the "parent companysubsidiary" of Constrexim Holdings.
With industry is the construction of residential, industrial, interior equipment; Investment in
real estate business; Trading & manufacturing of building materials...
Phuc Hung identified own direction of high-tech applications in construction and civil
engineering industry with specialized technology sliding formwork construction and
construction of reinforced concrete structures prestressing steel, this is the advanced
technology in the world.
Orientation is the first 10 ÷ 15 years focused on the construction of tall buildings (offices,
luxury apartment ...), cement plants, plant food ... by the application of advanced

technologies of the developed countries in the field of construction (Germany, Austria,
USA, Korea, China ...) such as sliding formwork, climbing formwork, construction of
prestressed cables ... and promote investment property estate, focused on projects in Hanoi,
HCMC. Ho Chi Minh City and Ba Ria-Vung Tau. Improving competitiveness in the field of
commercial business, first serve the business needs of the company; Non-stop research and
investment projects of building materials factory when eligible.
With a staff of experienced engineers, workers skilled technicians have spent many years of
experience in the construction sector, are mature through the major projects of the Investor
in & abroad demanding progress, quality management methods ... PHUC HUNG
HOLDINGS has been involved in the development, major investment projects, high
technical standards.
The strategic objective of PHUC HUNG HOLDINGS is innovation, increase investment in
the development, production and business expansion in the direction of multi-sector,
diversification of products that focus on the construction sector and civil industrial,
transportation, irrigation, enhance competitiveness, improve business efficiency, sustainable
development towards regional integration and international.
2. The model of organization of the management of the company
Comment: Phuc Hung Holdings operates under the regime of independent accounting, legal
status, there is a seal for trading relations and signing contracts with economic units and
abroad. Currently the company has gradual improvements under the new model which
suitable to meet the business plan from 2015 to 2018 which was approved by the Board, the
functions and responsibilities of each department is clearly divided. Human resources was
identified as the most important in determining the success or failure strategic corporate
development and effective implementation of the objectives set out by the company, in
which the role of the leader, officials Management at all levels, staff engineers and workers
are the biggest assets of Phuc Hung Holdings.


3. Structure of the Company's shares

Currently the use of the entire personnel of the company is to create stability and time
required friction with the company's shares. However, a general orientation in employment
synthesis in the table below, to ensure the development of the company in the coming
months, the company will add several departments such as: construction management
Room, The project Management Board at the investment project...


Looking at the structure of employment by industry trained qualified staff we see
employees of the workers is very high. Number of employees with bachelor's degree
accounted for 13.49% (49 people), number of employees qualified engineers and
technicians accounted for 58.68% (213 people). The workforce will certainly be a huge
advantage for the company in the implementation of construction projects that meet the
technical requirements.
1. The cause and significance of the HR plan
1.1. Reasons:
Looking at the functions and duties of the Organization - Administration, we see the
workload of the room is very diverse, but it was the company programmed to apply from
the beginning with four employee to adapt the workload of the company, but if the work
plan, the number of personnel on the staff is not enough for the job analysis process for all
officials and employees of the company.
Organization with a staff management personnel, but officials did not learn in-depth about
the HR planning process, the remaining three staff only focus on management salaries and
insurance. So when companies plan their personnel will not analyze the work of the
company because the company has multiple departments scattered everywhere to find and
focus on data which having a lot of difficulties, in addition, the deadline of HR planning
process is very limited. In general administrative office don’t have expert on HR planning
and analysis work, this is a huge cause of obstruction.
When building HR planning, the companies have to spend a certain cost to the plan is
completed with a knowledgeable staff and an amount of time to complete this. So the cost
of money is relatively large but not necessary for the company, hence, the company did not
elaborate planning with proper process.
Moreover, the characteristics of seasonal employment, with the management of nonpermanent contracts, we see that the management is very easy to just one person
knowledgeable about construction or have experience in process construction management,
is able to manage these workers, therefore the demand for determining human resources
management for the future is not really urgent for the company.

2. The meaning
The human factor is the most important parts, the machine only work when it's good
progress towards the company's success. So when HR focuses on implementation, the work
of production, sales, new effective implementation arrangements for the company in
accordance with the assigned work, thereby employee performance will increase company
profitability and growth.
- Analysis of the current situation in the company's number of employees, thereby know the
quality of implementation, of each department, division, specific projects;
- Develop a plan staff turnover, recruitment of staff in order to grow in the company in
- Actively funds to pay salaries, bonuses, training and retraining of employees.
- Pursuant to the strategic direction, development planning and implementation of early
human to retain existing human resources, avoid inviting, inducing existing employees of
the company to another work; initiative agreed to invite the factors to be evaluated is
consistent with the work of the company and the expected benefits for the development of
the company.
Our country is in the period of industrialization and modernization so we have more
opportunities for Phuc Hung Holdings; hence the success is or not largely depends on the
company. But the company had to stand in the fierce competitive environment, competing
not only with the state-owned companies but also to compete with private companies and
foreign companies, the business environment is very large and uncertain. Therefore in order
to survive, the companies have to improve from their own work, including HR plan.
The labor needs of the company are quite diverse, rich, if not the plan will cause a great
impact on the business plan.
The company has to predict the labor needs of in the future.
The company will use effectively the available resources when a shortage of labor
happened or hire more people.
3. Develop the planning process at the Phuc Hung Holdings
- To have a reasonable HR plan at first, the companies have to determine construction
methods labor planning.
- The company has knowledgeable staff but in the building but the company needs and
limitations of the lack of specialized human resources management field, the company has

no plans to do HR plan, if possible, the company can hire HR professionals to create
manpower planning process. But they should not forget to build a mechanism for
monitoring and supervising the plan.
+ The company should consider, send people to improve their training, should choose
someone who has studied labor economics or human resources management and are willing
to invest to meet the costs of distribution area of work, of course, to build a team of
surveillance and monitoring mechanisms.
+ Company would hire one or two additional experts in Organization - Administration,
measures difficult for remuneration policy of the company is not high.
+ The company should invest the cost to process HR plan to follow the procedure below.
3.1 Identify the needs and demand forecasting.
Proposed requirements:
Normally HR needs to arise from the requirements of the business plan, especially plan that
is the product of volume and revenue...
Forecasting demand:
It is divided into three methods: short, medium and long term.
• Short term:
Step 1: Conduct a defined workload to implement the plan period: could reflect in the
volume, the amount of product sales...
Step 2: Determine HR requirements needed for each type of work on the basis of using the
conversion rate.
From the volume of work, based on labor norms to calculate the total time required to
complete the work, thus producing the number of workers needed for each job. Norms of
this company can take on the industry, company or job analysis for more accurate rates.
Specifically as follows:
- For the production: can calculate the time, the output of which will be converted into the
labor consumption per unit of product.
- For other works: For those workers will use the conversion rate is very little or no change.
Using standard methods for boundary:
Step 3: Calculate the number of labor management.
To calculate the labor management, use the HR standards to each department. If the
function is more complicated the more people are needed. However, if the organizational

structure of the enterprise is not good, it will make the predicted results increased
unreasonably, so the need to improve the organizational apparatus prior to determining the
amount of labor.
To simplify the work of estimate HR needs in terms of production, the stable business
enterprises can count the number of employees increased, thus producing the overall
staffing needs of the business.
The advantage of this measure is simply cheap but the accuracy is not high.
3.2. Predicting the labor supply

Predicting the labor supply is calculated ability to attract and meet the needs of business
personnel, including human resources inside and outside the labor supply.
3.2.1. Provide personnel within the enterprise
It is to determine the internal labor supply to analyze the current state of the current labor
under the surface.
- The number of people working, the structure of labor by occupation, labor structure
according to the level and structure of labor by gender and ability to develop production in
the future.
The process of forecasting personnel staff:
Step 1: Analysis of the job.
To classify the work must be based on the following basis.
- The nature of work.
- The importance of the work and the complexity of the job ladder of organizations.
- The required knowledge and skills necessary to serve the area.
Step 2: Determine the labor supply in each job in the plan period.
Internal Supply = number of people + resources up and down.
The formula can be used for each type of job in the business. Number of additional
personnel include some personnel were transferred or promoted from other jobs.
Number of the depleted staff includes self-severance; production was discharged, retired,
died or transferred to some other place.
When determining the degree of volatility HR Administrator to be based on the% of
variation of the previous period in combination with the opinions of experts and based on
the proportion of the labor movement.

Ratio = flow out of the organization / total employees * 100%
Step 3: Develop the ability to meet the needs of business people.
This step will use the resources information system to determine the number of employees
have been able to respond to the request.
Human resources information system is a comprehensive list of information about all labor
working in the organization. Include the following information:
- Personal biography, education level, the assessment of strengths and weaknesses, skills
and areas of knowledge, location and type of work being done,
- Seniority work at the current position in the organization.
- Expectation of job and place of work, intended retirement date.
- Potential for development and promotion possibilities, the history of the wages and
- Information on the periodic evaluation of the performance of work and comments of the
leaders directly.
- Information on the law and reward explosive.
Throughout the research process of information system resources are essential for
predicting the supply of internal staff. However, with the large enterprise management is
therefore very difficult, enterprises can be divided into two categories communication skills
and portfolio management to simplify administration.
3.2.2 Provide external personnel
When the supply of the inside does not meet labor demand, businesses will have to take
into account of other sources to supplement the shortage of personnel. When determining
the external labor supply, we must consider the following factors:
- The size and population structure: there is a direct impact factors to the scale and structure
of the human.
- The situation of migrants.
- Percentage of labor force participation.
- Trends in career development, using statistical methods to analyze and forecast factors.
- The education and training to analyze factors.


Human resources of an enterprise may include people who are working in other businesses.
Through form recruiting additional business will be a shortage of personnel from external
3.3. Proposed policies and plans (or balancing supply and demand HR)
Policies and plans are overall decisions and solutions related to balance supply and demand
in the corporate HR.
There are 3 cases occur when comparing the relationship between supply and demand of
human resources.
3.3.1. Demand greater than supply (labor shortage)
The measures were made:
- Transfers: business projects in information systems personnel to conduct the transfer.
There are three types of transfers:
+ Transfers production means the transfer to meet production needs.
+ Transfers employees: to redeploy employees accordingly.
+ Transfers alternative: supplemented by retirement, waste production or expansion of
- Promotions: arrangements in place to work with higher wages, greater accountability,
better working conditions.
- Demote: contrary to the promotion.
- Recruitment: in the case of the above solutions are not able to respond to the supplydemand balance is now recruiting to training and developing to complementing human
resource gaps.
3.3.2. Supply over demand (redundant labor)
These measures can be used:
- Limiting recruitment, transfer, temporary replacement, job sharing, making common
tasks, reducing working hours for temporary leave, early retirement and motor mechanic
3.3.3. Supply vs demand (balance)
Single measure is transferred internally to arrange staffing a most reasonable way to
maximize human potential, we can say that the transfer of the business routine.
3.4. Implement policies

The responsibility of the individual parts of the business is as follows:
- The senior management is responsible for making decisions about human resources and
solutions to balance supply and demand, but with the help of a specialized department.
- Low-level management staff has the responsibility in the planning. Since then they will
conduct human resource planning in the department to meet short-term needs.
- Parts specialized human resources are responsible for building and maintaining a system
of human resource planning in the organization. Simultaneously with the approval of senior
management, will conduct the work carried out in accordance with the policies set out
3.5. Testing and evaluation:
Usually specialized department plays a major role in the examination. Every step of the
planning, personnel managers must constantly evaluate and monitor to conduct timely
adjustments to increase the efficiency of this work in the business.
4. Forecasting demand for human resources Phuc Hung Holdings
4.1. Results at the company business in 2014

Year 2014

Year 2013

1. Sales of goods and service 01




2. The deduction from revenue





3. Net revenue from sales and 10









services (10 = 01-02)
4. Cost of goods sold


5. Gross profit from sales and 20
services (20 = 10-11)
6. Revenue from

financing 21




7. Financial expenses





8. Cost of sales




9. Cost of Enterprise Management




10. Profit from operations




other income





12. Other expenses




13. Other gains (40 = 31-32)




14. Total profit before tax


Current tax expense


16. Deferred income tax expense



17. Profit after corporate income 60






tax (60 = 50-51-52)
18. Basic earnings per share



Comments: Based on the production business of the company in 2013 and 2014 found that
in 2014 the revenue targets, profit before tax and profit after tax, the average income of
employees increased namely:
- Sales of businesses in 2014 decreased compared to 2013 -16 859 million corresponding to
- Profit before tax increased business in 2014 +5630 million corresponding to 36.40%.
- Profit after tax increased by 4,307 enterprises million in 2014 to 27.85% respectively.
- The average income of one employee of the company increased by 0.5 million
corresponding to 15.38%.
These are encouraging numbers reflect the business of the company is continuously
growing and developing. Although revenues decreased in 2014 compared to 2013, but the
results of profits and rising per capita income.
4.2. Expected business plan 2015
Derived from the actual operation situation of enterprises over the years and weigh the
practical ability of the company today, predicting future market demand in 2015 that the
Board has set a target that business Industry achieved in 2015 with sales of 1,000 billion
can be achieved.
Specifically clear business objectives towards 2015 in the following table:
Estimated production and business plan of the company in 2015
Unit: Million VND

Year 2006

I. Revenue


II. Capital + direct costs


III. Gross profit


IV. Cost Management


V. Profit before tax


VI. Tax


VII. Profit after tax


VIII. Basic earnings per share


IX. Distribution of profits


- Appropriation required reserve fund (5%)


- Appropriation Bonus and welfare (2%)


- Investment fund expansion (5%)


- Profit dividends (88%)


+ Dividend distribution


X. Labour and Wages
1. Number of employees (average user)


2. The average income per person / month


Looking at the goal towards which we now see expected in the coming years will continue
to improve the management labor efficiency, labor savings by reducing the number of
unnecessary labor; Besides, would not stop raising incomes for workers through the
company strives for efficient production and business, striving to have a stable growth firm
with indicators: total revenue, profit, dividends each year on year by 10%.
4.3. The volatility of the company's employees from 2014
HR plan to achieve high efficiency, it must coordinate seamlessly with other parts of the
company such as marketing, finance ... etc. if it is not combined with other functions, it
does not achieve the desired effect, can achieve the opposite result desired. Criteria to
measure the effectiveness of HR planning that is the fluctuation of personnel under the
production workload, or rate, quantity and quality of human resources increase, decrease
correspondent to the quality and volume of work. To measure the effectiveness of the
planning staff, it must be based on the following three criteria:
- The total value of production and business from 2013 to 2015, the movement of personnel
and labor structure.
4.4. Labor demand forecasting for Phuc Hung Holdings 2015




Total employees belongs to company’s









long-term contract
Total employees belongs to company’s
short term contract
Direct labor (people) - on the payroll
of the company









contracts seasonal
Company determines the total workload and tasks to complete. Since then build employee
payroll for each department which includes provisions on the number of employees, type of
labor for each department. Then the manager will assign tasks to individuals in the room so
it can be reasonable. When lacking of a certain location or when the work is sometimes too
much, the Head Manager will reassign tasks to other employees (part-time employees each
add some other tasks) or perform overtime. If the workload is too much and people can not
finish everything, then the manager have to write a letter to Administration division to hire
professional people.
The demand for labor which the company estimates that by 2015 had increased compared
with 2014 demonstrates the company is very successful in business, revenue increased in
number of employees on the payroll of the company in 2015 went up compared to 2014 is
29 (people). This is a good sign but if we want the efficiency in labor management, the
company should develop a process to predict the appropriate resources required to produce
the business that the company put out.

Training plan from 2014 to 2015.




Indirect staff


sent to long-term training set



Direct worker


Operate in building





Train and recruit workers





4.5 Advantages and limitations of the planning process at Phuc Hung Holdings
4.5.1 Advantage
- The process of planning HR is simple, easy to follow and low cost for set up
- The Person in Charge always control the actual fact from human resource of the company
The company considers HR as an important matter that needed to be organized frequently.
It is supported by all the staffs in the company and priotized in term of collecting
4.5.2 Limitation:
-The Administration Division and branches has total 15 people, number of staffs in charge
only 8 people is not enough. Therefore, it is extremely difficult analyze the work of 2000
-The Administration Division does not have expertise on building construction; this is also
a limitation for the company.
- Because we do not analyze the work of the company, the data processing department was
very difficult, but the duration of the construction plans is very limited, so they made the
experience is mainly
- Regulation of the company provided penalty for the construction of the plan, in the
process involves the construction of the Plan that are less interested in the results of the
Plan of long-term human resources.
- It is a method of construction is not reasonable, because this is a construction company;
number of employees constantly fluctuating precious months, according to the world that
relies on qualitative predictions is not accurate.
- Method of forecasting the needs of the work not based on the analysis of the workload,
but only based on personal experience, so the result of the process of human resource
planning will be incorrect.
- Limitations of companies in the construction schedules of human resources í the company
has chosen the wrong method of planning personnel with qualitative methods that do not
rely on the grounds of work, mass production business. Because the purpose of planning is
to arrange the right people in the right place in the future.
4.5.3 Reasons:


The amount of work planned staffing is limited, the administrative organization in the
parent company of 5 people, but only two people assigned to this task.
The skill of workers is limited, because the worker is from a law school rather than HR
managers are trained in schools abroad. Company investment costs for the preparation of
the Plan's so limited , the annual training on new technologies, corporate culture ... is not
4.5.4 Recommendation:
-To have a reasonable HR plan of the first companies to redefine the method construction
workers planning.
-The company has many knowledgeable staff in the planning of human resources, but they
do wrong way of method which can hire expert to create process HR planning and combine
multiple methods. So that they are promoting their experience with a precise schedules. But
should not forget to build a mechanism for monitoring and supervising the plan.
+Companies should review and send people improve their training, should choose someone
who has studied human resources management level professionals and are willing to invest
to meet the costs of job analysis. Of course, they still have to build a team of surveillance
and monitoring mechanisms.
+The company would hire one or two experts who had worked overseas (USA, Europe,
Japan, Australia) to supplement in human resources, measures have face difficulties
because remuneration policy of the company is not high.
+Every year, companies should give more regular training costs for employees in the
classes, courses, meetings and presentations by experts on corporate culture. Along with the
creative minds at work and new technologies.
4.5.5 Implementation of these measures:
Transfers: now included in the information systems personnel to conduct the transfer. There
are three types of transfers:
+ Transfer of production means the transfer to meet the needs of production
+ Transfers Employees: In order to arrange the appropriate labor
+ Transfers alternative: Claim by retired or expand production.


+ Promotions: Put in place to work with higher wages, greater accountability, better
working conditions
+ Demote: Contrary to promote
+Recruitment: In case the above solutions do not meet the balance of supply and demand,
enterprises must conduct recruitment training and development of human resources to
complement any gaps. Also it is applicable to overtime and hire mỏe labor.
Policy implementation
Responsibilities of the test individual components in the following businesses:
+ Staff and senior management are responsible for making decisions as well as human
resources solutions supply-demand balance. However, to have the help of a specialized
+ The lower level managers have the responsibility in the work schedules of their parts
management. Since then they have to proceed the schedules human resources department in
order to meet short-term needs.
+ Human resources Division have the responsibility to build and maintain a system
schedules the organization's human resources. Simultaneously with the approval of senior
management, they will conduct the work in accordance with the policies set out schedules.
Testing and evaluation: Usually specialized department plays a major role in the
examination. Every step of the work schedules human resources, managers should regularly
assess and monitor to conduct timely adjustments to increase the efficiency of this work.
“HR Planning 2015 for Phuc Hung Construction Joint Stock Holdings” has completed
a number of tasks:
1. Summarize the knowledge learned on general human resource management, human
resource planning and particularly, the relationship between HR plans with others.
2. Clarification of concepts, facility, influencing factors, how to conduct planning.
3. Collect data on planning human resources in the company history, organization of the
system and the characteristics of the company for production planning business, the
characteristics of the products, power machinery, labor organizations and business

environment of the company Phuc Hung. Since then assess the situation on the work of
human resources plan.
4. Based on the orientation and development objectives of the company, introducing few
measure so that Phuc Hung Holdings can overcome and fufil their mission.

Corporate finance textbooks - Dr. Nguyen Thi Thuy Dung


HR Planning textbooks - Dr. Nguyen Tiep


HR management textbooks - PGSM


Production & Business report, Human Resource, Labor changes over the years
( Collect at Administration Division of Phuc Hung Holdings)


Http:// Phuchungholdings.com.vn


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