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Bài luận về tuyển dụng nhân tài – giải pháp giữ chân nhân tài e

Bài luận về tuyển dụng nhân tài – giải pháp giữ chân nhân tài

In any other country, as well as any business if want to develop and expand the talent is
always one indispensable element in the development milestone of every nation, of every
company. To detect and recruit talent for his work was hard but the question is to keep
them ahead of the competition of rivals pull outside very very much harder times.
At each time different people different notions talent, but has yet to define a
common standard is relatively close to the talent as follows: "Talented people who have
passion and desire to contribute , dedication to the society by all his talent, they have or
will have surpassed others intellectually, physically and efficient work. "

To identify talent we can based on the following points:
* High performer - who work well: the talent always know how to finish
for their assigned work
* Calculated risk taker: Talent always determine the risk of each situation. They
can be very risky, but not "deaf not afraid of guns", because they estimate

* Decision maker: the talented people who dare to make a decision. They can decide

true / false, but the daring decision not to work with many
* Coach & mentor: do not be afraid of talent training, training for colleagues
and his subordinates, they do not mind being displaced by the talented staff
* Empower & build: talent and know how to work the human development
* Have strong WILL do: talent has always acted very strong spirit. They do not need
and then wait for someone else to do before the new work. After thinking and planning,
they are always available
ready to embark on action.
Recommendations have been successful, talented people to have high scores for the
following indicators:
* EQ - Emotional Intelligence: indicators of the ability to control emotions. The index
low to high emotions exploded beyond control. They know anger control,
overcome stress, self-motivated when you feel weak. v. .. v. ..
* SQ - Spiritual quotient: the high-index is always its own rules,
they can distinguish between the good-bad, and do what is good for themselves, without
waiting for anyone
reminders. People with high SQ is also a moral life
* RQ - Rational Quotient: This is the ability of logical thinking and analysis. The RQ


usually high thinking objectively, they know data collection and analysis to provide
most decisions, in other words they are thinking rationally.
* AQ - Adversity Quotient: this is the ability to change the flexibility to adapt
school. People with high AQ that work independently, they have diverse skills that can
deal with most situations that occur
In addition, 2 of the following factors are also important, but not necessarily high. Talent
not too bad for 2 indicators, is enough
* CQ - creativity quotient: create index just high in some specific occupations
(Design, art ..)
* IQ - Intelligence Quotient: IQ for talent just reached the
average. Talent does not need a high IQ.
From time immemorial our ancestors were aware of the importance of human resources
to building up and strengthening the country should have organized the exam in order to
attract and recruit talent.
We can say, recruiting, talent using a systematic and methodical in our country starting

from the Ly dynasty. 1070, King Ly Thanh Tong built the first university, which is Van
Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam. At first, Van Mieu - Quoc Tu Giam talent training only child of
aristocracy, then, the training exam and passed the talents of all classes of people,
irrespective of caste Assembly on man. By 1075, King Ly Nhan Tong Ming open
examination of the first scholars to recruit talent into the (Le Van Thinh was the first
Ph.D. pass in this exam).


Talent recruitment method by testing starting in Vietnam Ly dynasty and lasted until the
Nguyen Dynasty (early twentieth century). Along with Quoc Tu Giam School (documents
relating to training), and Vo is the way to the martial arts training. The arts are also often
involved financial examinations periodically. 1721, Lord Trinh Cuong (1709-1729)
founded the Academy school, in 1724, the first martial arts contest organization. The
highest level is called Creating Degree (Hoang Dinh District Public Security in the top
pass this first test) and this form of martial contests exist until the time of King Tu Duc
(1847-1883) Nguyen.
For Vietnam feudal dynasties, has recruited talent from, but the selection of the best, most
fair is organized examinations. The examinations are held regularly, more serious and
strict; become mechanisms mainly recruited talent for ruling apparatus in the central and
local levels. Under the Le case, examinations were relatively complete rules. How to
have a three-year exams. Each exam, candidates must pass three or four exams (known as
the three or four cases): a test of that period, the second round of competition mats,
manufactured, represented, round three poetic, rich, round four poetry books .
To show the love "the Graduate", many Vietnam feudal king has set various policies to
encourage, motivate learning. Those who pass the examinations in, the implementation
Dinh dynasty were granted a shirt, the cult of honor, Dr. engraved beer and layout of the
match officials.
Nearly ten centuries examinations administration in the history of Vietnam (from first
Confucian examinations under the Ly dynasty in 1075 to the final examinations under the
Nguyen dynasty in 1919), the exam was 118, Dinh competition, 2,898 doctors were
recruited, including 48 who passed poinsettias, £ 48 mark and 78 disaster. Among them,
there are many political, diplomatic, educational, cultural ... famous.
Besides the contest, he was my father used to form the recommendation not to survive
talent, for some reason that did not participate in the exam. Implementation of the
selected form, if a king has given "Screening for talented people," to encourage the

nomination of talent. In order to overcome the "promoted promiscuity" to create factions
and corruption, the king rules, if the right to nominate any person the court observed that
the reward and vice versa shall be subject to very severe .
Thanks guys love degree, without meritocracy in our country at king did not hesitate to
take prompt, using talent, not based on family background and social status to - their
After the August Revolution in 1945, the new government by President Ho Chi Minh had
led many policies to attract talent. President Ho Chi Minh wrote the "Screening for
talented people", calling people, the local talented people nominated by the Government.
While both training and retraining of new civil servants, who boldly use the degree,
patriotic intellectuals for the revolutionary government. Among them, there are many
people who have studied, worked abroad, who have been involved with the apparatus of
the old regime, as Mr. Nguyen Van Huyen, Ta Quang Buu, Dang Van Ngu, Luong Dinh
Vu Dinh Hoe, Tran Dai Nghia Huynh Thuc Khang ... They have made great contributions
to the revolutionary cause of the people.
Attracting and meritocracy today:
Continuing the tradition of national unity, meritocracy, in which: "Improving the system
of mechanisms and policies to detect, training, training and resources used to meet the
requirements of industrialization modernization of the country, particularly, before the
new trend now, the Party and State more clearly identified in the national strategy on
human resources, as well as measures of primary importance in the implementation
strategy officer.
Develop a national strategy on human resources is a complex and difficult task, requiring
"the mind, the mind" of the leader. To attract and strategic use of talent in our country in
the right direction and increasingly effective, it should:
First, in terms of consistency awareness of the role and position of talent.

Unified perception of cadres and civil servants (civil servants), especially leaders, senior
manager of special importance of developing and implementing policies talent in this day
and age is a very important job. To perform this task, it is necessary to consider the
discovery and use of human resources for the industrialization and modernization of the
country is the responsibility of the entire society, primarily the leadership of the Party and
State at central and local, and there must be unity policy, the widespread collection of
talented, virtuous, regardless of who they are in or outside the Party Party, or the people
of Vietnam country residing in foreign countries who are virtuous and talented, devoted
to their homeland, the country must be important advantage, overcoming ideological
prejudice, narrowness, discrimination.
Second, the application forms to detect and attract talent.
In fact, talent recruitment was difficult, but keeping talent is more difficult, especially in
the context of competition for talent from outside the state capital region is very active
and current opportunities . Therefore, the need to develop policies to detect, attract,
talents using a uniform, reasonable and need to follow a consistent process, integrated
multi-stages: detection, training and retraining , layout and use, which use both objective
and motivation of talent development processes. In addition, the need to strengthen the
organizational structure and capacity of the agency staff work, more clearly defined
responsibilities of a leader in the discovery, training and use of talents. Using synthetic
methods discovered talents such as checking backgrounds, experiences, consider the
introduction of personal, organizational prestige and responsibility, inspect, test the
ability cognitive function, capability, forte; combination of different forms of interviews
as interview situations; interview behavior; interview questions rationalism; pressure
interview ...
Third, implement the policy properly appointed and promoted to the leadership.
Focusing on the leadership appointed through competitive examinations, public,
democratic aims to motivate interest and talent. Apply policy "recommendation" and

"self-nominated"; specifies the responsibility of the nomination, the nomination
publicized and talent to be promoted social condition monitoring. Develop criteria for
evaluating officials and appointed officials process. The evaluation criteria to specific
staff, based mainly on account of their faith, based on the tasks, assigned work location,
close to the requirements and characteristics of agencies, units, and , to apply the process
of promotion and talent challenges clearly, openly and transparently. Appointment,
promotion and match capabilities and qualifications to promote both maximum talent
talent, has helped further develop talent and dedication.
Fourth, with remuneration, meritocracy in a satisfactory manner.
In addition to the normal needs of everyday living, CBCC is active scientific research.
Many research works sometimes not even socially acceptable. There have been many
scientific discoveries of just accepted them when they retire, even if no longer living.
Therefore, the remuneration for the talent to be very different from ordinary people.
To attract talent to strong reform of the wage system to ensure that the object of their life
rather than the level of living of all strata of society, their income is not lower income of
those who have the qualifications and ability to work in the private sector, with policy
support for housing and working means necessary. State should consider the Fund's
assets, and that policies to support talented people can join the scientific conference,
advanced courses in the country and abroad.
Fifth, create a favorable environment to develop talent for talent.
The state should create the environment and working conditions for civil servants as
favorable working atmosphere of democracy, openness, adequate working conditions, the
media quickly and timely, ensuring the right talent is Home, personal self-responsibility,
freedom of thinking, developing scientific ideas.
Six, glorify, promote social position of talent.


There are many ways to honor, uphold social position of talent. In the past, doctors who
pass the examination, Detective flowers, table labels, poinsettias are immortalized in beer
Ph.D., is the king bestowed hat, shirt and ordered home, they have the custom of the feast
held comfort when the graduates "the cult of honor." Those who passed the higher are
arranged in the key positions in the state apparatus.
Seven, set up specialized agencies to implement strategies to attract and use of talents.
Want to attract talented people, they must have specific policies of the Party and the State
can not depend on the policy of "the way doctors" of the locality today. Government
needed to establish a specialized agency under the Ministry of the Interior (Department
training may be fostering the talent) to implement a strategy to attract, train and use the
talent. The Authority is responsible for research, development and implementation of
human resources policies uniformly from the central to local levels, and also must have
sufficient authority and financial resources to implement the job necessary in conjunction
with the agencies and organizations involved to resolve the issues that arise in the process
of training and human resource use. In addition to the agency under the Ministry of
Interior, in the provinces and major cities in the country to have a representative office to
direct and monitor the implementation of this important policy.
Eighth, to expand and improve international cooperation.
The state sent the elite students for training in the academy and the university's reputation
in the world in the right direction, should be promoted. Attracting talent is overseas,
overseas Vietnamese living and working in the country is an important policy for
Vietnam to integrate and grow stronger in the coming years.
Today, along with the strong development of international trade and the fierce
competition of the multinational company, the talent of the company will easily entice
and appeal from rival companies with Compensation levels are higher than they are
currently receiving.

So they do matter to retain the management headaches. The external financing using
remaining funds to be used to entice many more ways. Staffing crisis will reduce growth,
integration and competitiveness of Vietnamese enterprises, it could lead to a recession
brought the line. The greatest difficulty now is that businesses can not recruit good
people, can not recruit workers because gray matter ... no to that job. According to a
survey of company Dragon Capital, the foreign companies operating in Vietnam are
willing to pay current income for the CEO position an average of 20.2 million dong /
month. Also this position, business (DN) private pay about 9 million / month, while state
enterprises about 7.4 million / month. The trend today is virtually the SOEs with rigid
policies and levels of advancement in age and seniority in the profession will not be
enough to retain talent while in the private enterprise system and associated with the
dynamic business and higher wages would necessarily dominant state. However, in
Vietnam also one of the largest companies and corporations are well aware of the
importance of the resources and initial use and promote them in your system.
Measures to hold back talent to stay in the company: According to experts, in order to
retain talent, first of all need to create sources of talent. Every business can have its own
way. There are now frequently send people to training courses to improve skills for
managers, professionals to find, meet and interview qualified candidates. It now focuses
on training talent and recruited by election officials and his excellent staff for training
abroad to form a layer of resource personnel, subordinates ... Besides That, the
appointment and use of talents and needs appropriate attention, instead of waiting until

the talent to apply for leave, new businesses seeking to "hold true", keeping the right
people to start right from the new talent "on the door step." In the collaborative process,
enterprises should be transparent, consistent HR policies, fair evaluation capabilities,
creating equal opportunities for development, attracting jobs and positive working
relationship. The key is to use decentralized human resources, talent enabling unleash his
forte. The objects will be decentralized form of management layers in nghiep.Ngoai
business, the business should have policies to encourage and maintain appropriate
personnel through the construction of a reasonable compensation regulations, correct
object. Implementation of this policy, business leaders should not let your employees do
not feel that there is fair between. Talented people tend to stick with the business culture
in line with personal values and can help them achieve success in their careers.
It can be said to hold talent in the enterprise will be a stepping stone to developing
a strong company and attract more talent to work in his company. 1 To use them
effectively managers always innovating and improving your own skills.



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