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TOEIC training reading comprehension 860 1



1. HB HiFi has upgraded its stock from the
BC50 to the new BC100, which features
improved functionality
SD card
slots and USB ports.

(A) plus
(B) together
(C) both
(D) though

2. The aging administrative buildings are
virtually uninhabitable in both winter and
their primitive heating
and cooling vents.

(A) in order to
(B) due to
(G) since
(D) because

moving to the downtown branch
last year, Ms. Taylor stays in touch with
many of her old colleagues at our branch.

(A) Subsequently
(B) Meanwhile
(C) However
(D) Despite


waiting for a formal incident
report, the company's European head
officer called the branch manager for an
informal situation update.
(A) According to
(O) T urther
fC) Instead of
(D) However

company regulations, all
employees will be considered for a yearly
performance-based pay raise.

(A) In common with
(B) According to
(C) In case of
(D) On behalf of


TOEIC Trairwig Reading Comprehension 8f>0

6. In-house legal specialists and hired
attorneys are always very busy

to patent infringement suits against the

(A) suited
(B) conducive
(C) prior
(D) forward

7. Company clients who cannot get through
to an associate or senior executive
due to busy phone lines may always
leave a message
our team of

(A) with
(B) off
(O) from
(D) by

8. Mr. Dumont is going to read the proposal
accuracy before it is sent to the
board members.

(A) in
(B) over
(C) for
(D) from

9. Dr. Christian Nielson is renowned as a
pediatrician devoted
the care of
terminally ill children.

(A) that
(B) of
(C) so
(D) to

10. When owners of company products
source spare parts
suppliers, their warranty may be void.

(A) over
(B) behind
(C) out of
(D) from


Anyone seeking further information
the advertising job should
consult the company's website.



(A) in
(B) so that
(C) even if
(D) about

BNY Infotech is a leader
biggest players in the software industry.
(A) among
(B) (ton i
(C) into
(D) at

Professor Brown will return to the
university when the semester resumes,
which time he will reply to all
requests for post-graduate student

(A) across
(B) at
(C) on
(D) with

The corporation's increase in sales stood
at 5.8% at the end of the last quarter,
which was
the record rate of
growth set late last year.

(A) less
(B) below

(C) little
(D) lower

All departments wanting to contribute
to the monthly bulletin must have their
content submitted
the 30th of
this month.
(A) on
(G) by
(C) between
(t >) except

his time as a faculty member,
Professor Michelson developed the
image of a dedicated and serious
(A) Into
(B) Upon
(C) About
(O) During

17. Mr. Hernandez has finished all of the
studying required for his promotion,
for an accounting unit he will
take during winter vacation.

(A) except
(B) toward
(C) when

(D) instead


some turbulent discussions, the
chairman of Universal Exports eventually
announced a partnership with Cyber
Systems, Inc.
(A) At
(B) Following
(C) Upon
(D) Except

19. The grand ballroom at the Interpark Hotel
was reserved by Ms. Schneider
the company's awards ceremony.

(A) from
(B) for
(C) onto
(D) off

20. A proposal is under consideration
the extension of the Mt.
Hutchison dam system.

(A) for
(B) next
(C) while
(O) onto






Unit 4 Prepositions


21. There are always openings for people
Ms. O'Brian's caliber at our

27. Smith expects to introduce its new
computerized management system
the end of the year.

(A) by
(C) while
(0) of

22. Due to changing trends, there was a
distinct drop-off in the number
speakers at this year's seminar.

(A) of
(B) from
(C) with
(D) foi


half of the DSY Corporation's
annual profits are generated in the Middle

(A) More
(B) Over
(C) Higher
(D) Further

24. Jonathan Kerr was asked to head the
printing division
the downsizing

(A) behind
(B) .shove
(C) except
(D) through

25. The recent changes going on
consumer electronics industry reflect the
new focus on consumer demand.
(A) into
(B) throughout
(C) during
(D) as

(A) tov/ard
(B) regarding
(C) against
(D) above


older versions, the new GetAround Guide to America now features
budget accommodation listings.
(A) Before
(B) instead
(C) Linlike
(D) Contrary

29. In the Windsor Hotel's basement, there
is a fully equipped gym featuring a rockclimbing wall
an overhang.

(A) beside
(B) across
(C) from (D) with

30. In order to apply to move from one
the company to
another, employees should consult Ms.

(A) among

(B) since
(C) within
(D) whereas

31. As most common stationery items are
ordered in bulk, all employees must
not reorder office supplies
consulting the office manager.
(A) without
(B) afterward
(C) then
(D) besides

a level below
26. Interest rates fell
5.5 percent in September, marking their
lowest level since late last year.

(A) to
(B) at
(G) in
(D) on


IOFIC Training Reading Comprehension 860


32. Peter Lawrence has been tasked with
conducting online research to assist
Beverly D'Angelo
she creates
her presentation.

35. The seminar was held so far
the city center that buses were the only
available mass-transit option.

(A) from
(B) next
(C) on
(0) off

(A) than
(B) also
(C) moreover
(D) while


33. Anyone ordering a new MP3 player
the end of the month will receive
a free extra set of headphones.
(A) at
(B) in
(C) upon
(D) before

a sudden increase in the value
of foreign currencies, the imported car
market looks set to remain steady for the
remaining months of the year.
(A) Unless
(B) Because
(C) Barring
(0) Except

34. No vehicle ownership will be officially
such time as it
is registered with the state transport

(A) without
(B) until
(C) between
(D) against

www.nhantr iviet.com

Unit 4 Prepositions



the employees' new details were
entered into the company's records,
salary payment records began arriving


(A) Like
(B) Once
(C) Unless
(D) Despite


McCloud Media has grown steadily at
a rate of approximately five percent
every year
shares were floated a
decade ago.

(A) Although
(B) Until

(C) Despite
(D) Otherwise


(A) if
(B) since
(C) how
(D) than


current city retail psychology
reveals that consumers react favorably
to gardens in shopping precincts,
many towns are now creating attractive
landscapes to attract customers.

the bistro's opening was
delayed, the general consensus was
that the excellent menu there more than
made up for it.

People Movers Recruitment is going
ahead with its plan to open offices in
regional centers
annual returns
declined in the first quarter.

(A) still
(B) however
(C) instead of
(D) even though


the erection of the Hillside
Housing Complex is delayed, houses are
expected to be sold rapidly.
(A) Therefore
(B) So that
(C) Whether
(D) Even if

(A) Since
(B) Despite
(O) IInlets
(D) So

experience with children would
be a positive; it is not regarded as
essential for applicants for the job.

Recruiters from DHC Electronics are
planning to attend trade shows in Berlin
and Prague
they are not going to
(A) in spite of
(B) so as
(G) despite
(D) though

(A) Otherwise
(B) Despite
(C) Although
(I )) Regarding

research for the Collins case
is so complex, Mr. Harris is going to
need to request help from some of the
company associates.
(A) Because
(B) Moreover
(C) Therefore
(D) Nevertheless


Unit 5 Conjunctions


10. Company travel policy states that
executives may fly first class
flight's duration is greater than ten hours.

(A) as if
(B) only if
(C) not only
(D) as much as

11. All employee information held by
Washington Mutual will be kept in
its publication
is otherwise agreed by individual
(A) whether
(B) as if
(C) except
(D) unless

12. Everything looks very positive for the
the current investors
do not default on their agreements.
(A) as if
(B) whereas
(C) whether
(D) assuming that

13. We recommend that all of our customers
register their products' serial numbers
they may be assured of
receiving all software updates.
(A) rather
(B) in case of
(C) as to
(D) so that


inconvenient, all worksite visitors
must wear full safety gear, including

helmets and steel-toed boots.

(A) Almost
(B) Never
(C) Seldom
(t)) However


TOEIC Training Reading Comprehension 860

15. Telecommuter boosters will often
convenient it is for
people wishing to cut down on their work

(A) how
(B) therefore
(C) only
(D) most

16. Laboratory access is restricted to those
registered fingerprints or
retinal scans.
(A) both
(B) every
(C) any
(D) either

17. Neither video cameras
foods are allowed in the cinema.
(A) or
(B) nor
(C) and
(D) either

18. Industry watchers have expressed their
surprise that such a humble company
prospered but also became
a conglomerate.

(A) alone
(B) over
(C) only
(U) less

19. After a solid four decades, Wet and Wild
is the sole remaining publication catering
freshwater and saltwater
aquarium owners.

(A) so
(B) neither
(C) either
(D) both


20. As the venue is now booked
the date agreed upon, Ms. Chen can
commission the flyers for the fundraising

25. The administration requires next-of-kin

details for all employees
members need to be contacted during

(A) while
(B) yet
(C) but
(D) and

21. High-level sportspeople must maintain a
high level of fitness
run the risk
of suffering injuries that cause permanent

(A) therefore
(B) even if
(C) in case
(D) despite

26. Under this liability plan, you are financially

covered in case you damage another
your payments are
person's car,
up to date.

(A) besides
(13) on account of
(C) or else
(D) either

22. The storage facility plan was due last
the manager has now
granted the architects an extension.

(A) so as
(B) provided that
(C) depending on
(D) lather than

27. The factory's internal lights are controlled
so that they are only in operation
workers are present.

(A) but
(B) beyond
(C) until
(D) that

23. Stradbroke Management Optimization
relies on a strong core group of
consultants, and
the company
stresses its human touch in consulting
with new clients.
(A) therefore
(B) now that
(C) in case


(A) during
(B) whereas
(C) while
(D) through


newly hired employees have
completed a trial period, they are set to
receive full medical and pension plans.
(A) Soon
(B) Then
(C) Later
(D) Once

(D) otherwise

24. All employees are reminded to treat each
other with politeness and respect
that we can maintain a civil atmosphere
at all times.
(A) as
(B) ilien
(0) so
(0) if


Unit 5 Conjunctions


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