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từ vựng TOEIC 02

1. We plan to [prevent, renew] our service contract with INC Shipping.
2. The company [reserves, hesitates] the right to revise the contents of the journal.
3, JP Associates will [intend, represent] our company for all future negotiations.
· 4. The new exhibition is expected to [present, attract] many visitors.
5. The products division will [introduce, enclose] a new microwave oven.
6. Please make sure that the hotel reservation has been [confirmed, delivered].
7. Employees are reminded to [handle, retain] all receipts during business travel.
8. The company [attributed, contributed] its success to dedicated employees.
9. You need to carefully [install, review] the terms of the contract.
10. New employees should [submit, implement] personnel forms to their supervisor.
11. Please be aware that shipping [charges, fares] are not included in the total price.
12. Our technicians try to do their best to offer customers complete [appointment,satisfaction].
13. Please accept our [apologies, increase] for the inconvenience caused by the construction.
14. Increasing staff [analysis, productivity] is the new president's main concern.
15. Only those applicants who meet the [requirements, growth] for the position will be interviewed.
16. She received a standing ovation for her outstanding [performance, approval].
17. You can contact my secretary if you have any urgent business that needs my [results, attention].
18. There is a growing [need, compensation] to develop alternative energy sources.
19. We want to express our thanks for Dr. Kim's [contributions, shortage] to our research.
20. Our service representatives are trained to handle [complaints, forecast] from customers in a
professional manner.

21. The company has [spent, invested] a lot on developing environment-friendly vehicles
22. The consultant has [proposed, suggested] adopting more aggressive marketing strategies.
23. All new employees have to [attend, participate] the orientation on company policies.
24. My secretary has [informed, told] all board members of the director's sudden resignation.
25. Kathy [was reminded, was remained] that a full refund will be given only if the pro duct is
returned within 10 days of purchase.
26. The organizer will [offer, provide] all participants with a detailed conference schedule..
27. Customers are asked [to join, joining] the music festival at no charge.
28. To protect the national park, the government has prohibited hikers [from, of] staying overnight.
29. Many customers want to have their credit card [renew, renewed] through the phone
30. Restaurant employees should always take [precautions, proportion] to prevent fires.

31. This site gives customers detailed reviews of products [in agreement with, in
.conjunction with] many informative resources .
32. The current price will remain [in effect, in writing] until further notice
33. Smoking is no longer allowed in the building [in compliance with, in combination
with] the management's policy.
34. Any illegally parked cars will be towed away at the owner's [policy, expense].
35 Please return the survey to our office at your earliest [convenience, invitation].
36. Teachers can take [profit, advantage] of an additional 10% discount for educators.
37. The development plan has been proceeding [on schedule, on request].
38. A special award will be given to Mr. Lennon [in honor of, in excess of] his dedication.
39. Please be aware that the company reserves the [right, facility] to change the prices.

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