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1. When to use which tense? (5 points)

For actions happening regularly, often or never, we use……………………
For actions happening now, we use………..............
The verbs 'be', 'have', 'like' and 'want' are normally only used in…………..
The signal word 'usually' indicates that we have to use……………………..
The signal word 'now' indicates that we have to use ………………………..

2. Complete the sentences. Use Simple Present or Present Progressive.

( 9 points)

a. Maria (want)

to improve her English.

b. Therefore, she (do)

a language course in London at the

c. She (stay)
with a host family and (must)
tube to get to her language school.
d. It (be)

take the

only a five-minute walk to the nearest tube station.

e. The tube (leave)

at half past eight.

f. The first lesson (begin)
g. In the afternoons, the school (offer)
around London.

at 9 o'clock.
sightseeing tours in and

h. Tomorrow, the students of the language school (go)
to Windsor.
3. Fill in the blanks using Present simple and Present continous. ( 11
Harold Black is a famous pianist. He ___gives ______ (give) two or three
concerts every week. He _____________(travel) a lot and this week he is in New
York. He is staying at an expensive hotel. He is at this hotel now. He
____________(have) his breakfast in the dining room. He ________(drink) a cup
of coffee and he _________ (read) a newspaper. Harold _______(be) always
very busy. He ________(play) the piano regularly. He _________(practice) for
four hours everyday. He __________ (go) to bed late and he always

_________(get up) early. But he sometimes ________ (get) dressed so quickly,
and this morning he ______________ (wear) one blue sock and one red one!




1. Fill in the blankets (present simple or present continous) (6 points)
a. Mrs Cooper

in the restaurant every Sunday. (eat)

b. Our cat never

on the kitchen table. (jump)

c. Look! The men

blue uniforms. (wear)

d. Curt always

his guitar in the afternoon. (play)

e. The alarm
f. I

at seven o'clock every morning. (ring)
(take) public transport when I travel around Colombia. It’s

2. Complete the gaps in the three dialogues with the appropriate tense,
present simple or continuous. ( 14 points)
Noemi: What
Victor: Political Science.


(I/ do) Social Anthropology. Where
Victor: I'm from Coimbra, in Portugal.
Noemi: How many hours of classes


(you/have) a day?

(it/ depend) on the day, but usually four.
go) to the party tonight?

(you/mean) the one for new students? I can't,

(I/ need) to get organized tonight.
rented flat tomorrow.
Victor: Where


(I/ move) to a

(you/live) at the moment?
(I/stay) in a bed and breakfast.

Victor: What
(you/ do) on Sunday afternoon? If you
we could meet and look around the city.
Victor: Fine.


(I/ meet) some friends in the afternoon. What about Sunday



Fill in the blanks with the correct form of the verbs in the box.
live – miss – have (x2) – sit – commute – want – pay (x2) – feel – leave

to stay with a host family. The school’s campus is a better

1. They
2. My flatmate never
3. We

to our school at the moment.

4. I usually
5. I

any opportunity for learning new things.

with my credit card, but I
a small rucksack for my trips around the city.

6. Daphne

in Manchester this term.

7. Tim and Hwan
8. I

snacks right now.

really cold today.

9. He

in cash today.


his luggage around the city.

it in a left-luggage office.

10. My classmates

the proficiency exam.

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