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Key 2_Bài tập word form Anh 9

Grade 9
1. You should write a letter of inquiry to that institute. (INQUIRE)
2. Don't eat those vegetables. They're poisonous. (POISON)
3. We’ll live a happier and healthier life if we keep our environment clean. (HEALTH)
4. You are talking complete sensibly. (SENSE)
5. Environmental protection is everybody's responsibility. (PROTECT)
6. In the future, many buildings will be hotter by solar energy. (HOT)
7. My brother can repair electric appliances very well. (APPLY)
8. These innovations will conserve the earth's resources. (INNOVATE)
9. Deforestation is now a serious problem in many countries. (FOREST)
10. Burning coal is an economical way to heat the house. Gas is much cheaper. (ECONOMY)
11. If it doesn't rain soon, there'll be a great shortage of water. (SHORT)
12. Environmentalists are concerned about the use of dynamite to catch fish. (ENVIRONMENT)
13. Nam's sense of humor distinguishes him from other students. (DISTINCT)
14. Sometimes I have some feelings which can't be explained. (FEEL)
15. The earthquake caused terrible destruction. (DESTROY)
16. The cost of the carriage must be paid by the buyer. (CARRY)
17. Some people think that gods create volcanic eruption. (VOLCANO)
18. Everyone has a number of acquaintances, but no one has many true friends. (ACQUAINT)
19. We are now fully aware of the conservation of natural resources. (CONSERVE)

20. Do you understand the saying “Prevention is better than cure"? (PREVENT)
21. His son's behavior has not improved much. (BEHAVE)
22. He draws cartoons for a humorous magazine. (HUMOR)
23. The gas from the chemical factory is extremely harmful. (HARM)
24. You shouldn't criticise others if you also have a lot of mistakes. (CRITIC)
25. They tried to win but their efforts are unsuccessful. (SUCCESS )
26. The ring is not valuable. In fact, it is almost worthy. (WORTH)
27. I'm full of admiration for my English teacher. (ADMIRE)
28. She has short curly hair. (CURL)
29. In that story, the price got married to a poor girl. (MARRY)
30. He fell off the bike, but his injuries were not serious. (INJURE)
31. She gave me a demonstration of the new house. (DEMONSTRATE)
32. Let me get an application form and we can fill out. (APPLY)
33. A lot of people believe that well-paid jobs are plentiful in the city. (PLENTY)
34. The lecture is giving us first-aid instruction. (INSTRUCT)
35. A dog has bitten him. He needs an anti-tetanus injection. (INJECT)
36. It's difficult to find accommodation at busy times in this town. (ACCOMMODATE)
37. The train made a late department. (DEPART)
38. There are some buses to southern destinations. (SOUTH)
39. Ha Long Bay was recognised by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. (RECOGNITION)
40. Mr. Ba is having treatment for his bad back. (TREAT)
41. Unfortunately, the leaders of the Church said the songs were unsuitable. (SUIT)
42. The town now becomes the Buddhist religious center of the whole country. (RELIGION)
43. What is the nationality of Thomas Edison? (NATION)
44. Is PETRONAS Twin Towers the highest building in the world? (HIGH)
45. The child should be punished because of his bad behavior. (BEHAVE)
46. What is the correct pronunciation of this word? (PRONOUNCE)
47. If your work is satisfactory, you'll get a raise. (SATISFY)
48. He always tells lies. His words are valueless. (VALUE) -less
49. You should spend your money economically. (ECONOMY)
50. It is illegal to drive on the left in Vietnam. (LEGAL)
51. Because of his love for his teaching, he continues his teaching career. (CONTINUOUS)
52. It is useful to make a comparison between two things. (COMPARE)
53. The island is only accessed by boat. (ACCESS)
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Grade 9

54. The little boy felt very disappointed because his parents didn’t let him go with them. (DISAPPOINT)
55. Most orphans are bred in orphanage. (ORPHAN)
56. Dickens’ novels were first published in 1938. (PUBLISH)
57. Darkness covers the sky at night. (DARK)
58. What is the real width of the house? (WIDE)
59. I want to make new dress but I don’t have a sewing machine. (SEW)
60. Please don’t make noise. (NOISY)
61. He is a curious boy. He is always asking questions. (CURIOUSLY)
62. Ho Chi Minh is an important commercial center. (COMMERCE)
63. Two representatives from the group “Friends of the Earth" are talking to the students. (REPRESENT)
64. This knife is useless. It can't cut anything. (USE)
65. You don't have to do that work. In other words, it's necessary for you. (NECESSITY)
66. What is the correct pronunciation of this word? (PRONOUNCE)
67. This photo has just been enlarged. (LARGE)
68. He always feels asleep in class because of his laziness. (SLEEP)
69. He is satisfactory with his new job. (SATISFY)
70. He was absent because of his illness. (ABSENCE)
71. She lives with a great religious belief. (RELEGION)
72. He often went to work late. Consequently, he was sacked. (CONSEQUENCE)
73. The company is very efficient and gives a speedy service. (SPEED)
74. People must have responsibility for the air pollution. (RESPONSIBLE)
75. She was too ashamed to tell her teacher about the stupid mistakes. (SHAME)
76. The monetary unit in France was the Franc. (MONEY)
77. It was one of his most important achievements. (ACHIEVE)
78. There have been many wonderful developments in the field of science. (WONDER)
79. My new car is more economical than the one I had before. (ECONOMY)
80. Developed countries need help from developing ones. (DEVELOP)
81. The person who takes care of books in the library is a librarian. (LIBRARY)
82. Red symbolises communist countries. (SYMBOL)
83. To prepare his scientific works, Karl Marx often spent whole days in the library of the British Museum.
84. We must make allowance for his youth. (ALLOW)
85. What a naughty boy! He always does things noisily. (NOISE)
86. You should apologise to your teacher. (APOLOGY)
87. To my amazement the monkey peeled a banana and offered it to me. (AMAZE)
88. Air pollution makes us unhealthy. (POLLUTE)
89. He is considerable and generous. (CONSIDRE)
90. According to the weather forecast, it will be rainy along the coach of Thanh Hoa. (RAIN)
91. You are very intelligent. (INTELLIGENCE)
92. Mrs. Mai often buy new clothes for her children. (CLOTH)
93. Do you like chemistry? (CHEMIST)
94. Fluoride strengthens your teeth, thus preventing tooth decaying. (STRONG)
95. We will enrich our vocabulary if we read books every day. (RICH)
96. They looked at him in astonishment. (ASTONISH)
97. Don’t believe what he says. He is a(an) unreliable man. (RELY)
98. Though Diana is not a professional singer, he sings beautifully. (PROFESS)
99. The circus performed by Tom was very successful. (PERFORM)
100. Are there any similarities between them? (SIMILAR)

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