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Key 4_Bài tập word form Anh 9

Grade 9
1. She would willingly give up her spare time to help you.
2. We were impressed by his will to listen and learn. (WILLINGLY)
3. Bob plans to take retirement at the age of 50.
4. It was fortunate that he was at home when you phoned.
5. He was imprisoned for not paying the debt. (PRISON)
6. Since the accident, they’ve cared for their son with great devotion. (DEVOTE)
7. She was too impolite to point out my mistake.
8. The weather has been terribly hot.
9. They went to see most of the interesting places. (INTEREST)
10. The World Cup competition is open to all countries. (COMPETE)
11. Think carefully before you speak.
12. This new center is an interesting development.

13. Although she is rich, she is unhappy. (HAPPINESS)
14. We were in disagreement on that point.
15. The sky was cloudy. The weather was rather bad.
16. He can look back on his career with great satisfaction. (SATISFY)
17. Vietnam is a developing country.
18. Are you afraid of crossing the busy streets? (CROSS)
19. The new car goes at an amazing speed.
20. He was excluded from school for a week as a punishment. (PUNISH)
21. I would happily give up my job if I didn’t need the money. (HAPPY)
22. She believes she finally find true happiness. (HAPPY)
23. We’re waiting for him to make up his mind. I wish he’d be more decided. (DECIDE)
24. A debtor is a person who is in debt. (DEBT)
25. Your written work is in need of some improvement. (IMPROVE)
26. It’s wonderful to see you again.
27. She has decided to take early retirement.
28. We need your cooperation to finish the work successfully. (COOPERATE)
29. His classmates shouted excitedly when he won the match. (EXCITE)
30. Mai has passed the exam. We can see happiness in her eyes. (HAPPY)
31. It is fashionable to have short hair nowadays.
32. He died of cold and hunger. (HUNGRY)
33. She is a woman of considerable culture.
34. We decided to break with tradition and not send any cards this Christmas. (TRADITIONAL)
35. Their friendship has lasted a lifetime. (FRIEND)
36. They were filled with joyfulness at the good news. (JOYFUL)
37. Congratulations on your new job! (CONGRATULATE)
38. After three years in prison, he was finally free.
39. Sports and games make our body strong.
40. I can’t stand the unpleasant smell of bad fish. (PLEASE)
41. He was an interesting man. Therefore all of us were interested in talking to him. (INTEREST)
42. Let me congratulate you on your nomination. (NOMINATE)

43. He turned off the electricity when he went out of the house. (ELECTRIC)
44. The new law will become effective next month. (EFFECT)
45. The report stresses the necessity of eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. (NECESSARY)
46. We were so proud that our son had been chosen for the national team. (PRIDE)
47. The strength of English is that it is becoming simpler and simpler. (STRONG)
48. A right amount of calcium added to our food will help to solidify our weak bones. (SOLID)
49. In ancient Greece, the owl was a symbol of wisdom. (WISE)
50. Freedom of speakers is one of the fundamental rights. (SPEAK)
51. What old people fear most is loneliness. (LONELY)
52. There are many cultural programs at the Festival in Hue. (CULTURE)
53. It’s education that helps with the richness of knowledge. (RICH)
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Grade 9
54. Esperanto proves to be useless because it is unpopular. (POPULAR)
55. His popularity makes him a famous person. (POPULAR)
56. His unpopularity makes everybody dislike him a lot. (POPULAR)
57. Everything has its own limitations. (LIMIT)
58. The exciting children are opening their presents. (EXCITE)
59. Will you please give me some further explanation? (FAR)
60. You should familiarise yourselves with the environment. (FAMILY)
61. Originally, they didn’t intend to do it. (ORIGIN)
62. The explanation of the accident is very confused. (CONFUSE)
63. His confusion is unreasonable. (CONFUSE)
64. If it doesn't rain soon, there'll be a great shortage of water. (SHORT)
65. We can protect the environment by reducing air pollution. (REDUCE)
66. She was extremely pleased that she passed the exam. (EXTREME)
67. He is one of the most famous environmentalists in the world. (ENVIRONMENT)
68. The explorer who discovered America is Christopher Columbus. (DISCOVERY)
69. He has been nominated as the most effective activist in the town charity program. (ACTIVE)
70. Solar energy doesn’t cause pollution. (POLLUTE)
71. We think that Mother’s Day should be celebrated nationwide. (NATION)
72. You can’t drink water from that well because it is impure. (PURE)
73. Your recent work has some improvement. (IMPROVE)
74. Air pollution makes us unhealthy. (POLLUTE)
75. Journalists are not always accurate in what they write. (ACCURACY)
76. They are very scientific in their approach. (SCIENCE)
77. Bad planning leads to difficulty later. (DIFFICULT)
78. He wants to widen his knowledge of computers. (WIDE)
79. It would be impolite to go to the party late. (POLITE)
80. The exciting children were waiting for their turns. (EXCITE)
81. He was well satisfactory with the success of the airplane. (SATISFY)
82. He finds history fascinating. (FASCINATE)
83. We’re interested in natural beauty of Ha Long Bay. (NATURE)
84. My uncle’s family lived in a distant suburb 3 years ago. (DISTANCE)
85. Have you got any information about the graduation exam? (INFORM)
86. Laos is a developing country. (DEVELOP)
87. We were surprised at his improvement in writing. (IMPROVE)
88. He’s always helpful to his mother. (help)
89. The notebook you are using is made of used paper. The paper has been recycled. (USE)
90. His classmates shouted excitedly when he won the match. (EXCITED)
91. I slept terribly last night. (TERRIBLE)
92. Are you thinking of taking part in the fishing competition. (COMPETE)
93. He is not a very experienced driver. (EXPERIENCE)
94. The man was imprisoned because of his carelessness. (CARELESS)
95. He is a very well-known film producer. (PRODUCE)
96. Salt has a preservation on food. (PRESERVE)
97. How many nations are there in the UNO? (NATIONAL)
98. The national anthem of Great Britain is “God Save the Queen". (NATION)
99. He chooses his career as a mathematician. (MATHEMATICS)
100.Winning the race was an achievement. (ACHIEVE)
101.Miraculously, he survived the crash without injury. (MIRACULOUS)
102.We are faced with a difficult choice. (CHOOSE)
103.The United Nations Organization is an international one. (ORGANIZE)
104.The security of the world, poverty, aids, and literacy, is a burning concern. (SECURE)

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