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Bài tập Word form 3_Anh 9

Grade 9
1. Alice had a _____________day at work and went to bed early. (TIRE)
2. Food and clothing are _____________of life. (NECESSARY)
3. His dream is to be an _____________like his father when he grows up. (ECONOMY)
4. Japan is an _____________country. (INDUSTRY)
5. She can find no _____________to her financial troubles. (SOLVE)
6. She is extremely _____________ about the history of art. (KNOW)
7. My tooth was really _____________, so I went to see the dentist. (PAIN)
8. A holiday in America can be _____________cheap. (SURPRISE)
9. Lucy got _____________quickly and went to work. (DRESS)
10. We all looked _____________after the summer holiday. (HEALTH)
11. Is PETRONAS Twin Towers the _____________building in the world? (HIGH)
12. Is New York _____________from London? (DIFFER)
13. Every week, there are two v from Hanoi to Nha Trang. (FLY)
14. In the story, the tiger wanted to see the farmer's _____________. (WISE)
15. I must clean this _____________floor. (DIRT)
16. It was _____________of me not to write down the address. (FOOL)
17. He was acting in a very _____________way. (CHILD)
18. You shouldn't have done that! It was very _____________of you. (THINK)
19. Some of the shanty towns are dreadfully v. (CROWD)

20. The team that he supported were able to win the _____________. (CHAMPION)
21. He wants to be a _____________when he grows up. (MATHEMATICS)
22. There were only a _____________of people at the match. (HAND)
23. She had no _____________ of going to see him. (INTEND)
24. He spent half an hour _____________himself with the building. (FAMILIAR) -ise
25. Although that laptop is _____________, I will buy it. (COST)
26. My brother would like to be a _____________. (JOURNAL)
27. Because Mai lives in a remote area, the internet isn’t _____________for her. (AVAILABILITY)
28. It was extremely _____________of you to leave your library books on the bus. (CARE)
29. She got very angry but later she apologized for her _____________. (PATIENT)
30. Jackson had another violent _____________with the referee. (AGREE)
31. The result was very strange! In fact it was _____________. (BELIEVE)
32. Some animals can escape from a _____________cage. (WOOD)
33. Use public transport or we won’t _____________pollution. (MINIMUM)
34. We suggest _____________ the light bulb. It is broken. (REPLACEMENT)
35. She isn’t satisfied with her _____________for Tet. (PREPARE)
36. Mr. John is displeased that his secretary solved the problem _____________. (EFFECT)
37. We should learn all the new words by heart in order to _____________our vocabulary. (RICH)
38. The party is _____________, so you don’t have to dress up for it. (FORM)
39. That _____________has composed a lot of beautiful songs. (MUSIC)
40. He always drives _____________. He has already been in hospital so many times. (CARE)
41. This school has excellent _____________. (REPUTE)
42. _____________are able to ask questions by using their remote control. (VIEW)
43. I want some more _____________about the witnesses. Mr. Baker had an accident. (INFORM)
44. He is a strict _____________. (EXAMINE)
45. He is an _____________of this new paper. (EDIT)
46. This book is _____________. I can't find it at any bookshop. (AVAIL)
47. He _____________answered these questions. (EXACT)
48. There was some new _____________in the laboratory. (EQUIP)
49. Many designers took _____________from Vietnam’s ethnic minorities. (INSPIRE)
50. His attempt to break the world record was sadly _____________. (SUCCESS)
51. Not long ago, I was introduced to a famous _____________. (ART)
52. Nothing is more precious than _____________. (DEPEND)
53. She is one of the top _____________working in our space project. (SCIENCE)
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Grade 9
54. Your rice field is more _____________than ours. (PRODUCT)

55. In order to _____________the road, they have to limit the pavement. (WIDE)
56. Some people still think that it is _____________for men not to stand up when a woman comes into the
room. (POLITE)
57. The representatives joining the festival were of different _____________. (NATIONAL)
58. Nancy won the first prize in the drawing _____________. (COMPETE)
59. We have a good _____________who helped us a lot. (RELATE)
60. He looked very _____________because the messenger came to invite him to the laboratory. (EXCITE)
61. Faraday spent his _____________in the countryside. (CHILD)
62. Many people think that Faraday is the greatest _____________in history. (INVENT)
63. People hate him because of his _____________. (HONEST)
64. Tom is very _____________. He is an extrovert. (TALK)
65. Students at this university have to learn _____________terminology when they are freshmen.
66. That I got zero mark is _____________. (FORGET)
67. With the storm, the rate of _____________in Brazil has increased. (INFLATE)
68. Thunder makes me _____________. (TERRIFY)
69. Thousands of people have been made _____________by the flooding. (HOME)
70. We had left the city _____________before tidal waves came. (SAFETY)
71. If we want to look after the environment, we should protect _____________rainforests. (TROPIC)
72. They are watching _____________programmes on TV. (ENTERTAIN)
73. They are trying to look for another _____________. (EXPLAIN)
74. UFOs are just the _____________of some writers. (IMAGINE)
75. UFOs means _____________Flying Objects. (IDENTIFY)
76. That plan can’t be developed without the _____________of the republic. (COOPERATE)
77. This library is open to all _____________. (READ)
78. Air and water are _____________in our life. (NECESSARY)
79. He was _____________when he did the test badly. (HOPE)
80. I don’t know why they call him a _____________. (LIE)
81. The old hotel we used to stay at has been _____________. (MODERN)
82. _____________, they were unable to make his dream come true. (FORTUNE)
83. Take them to the _____________center, please. (CYCLE)
84. Mothers are always _____________towards their children, aren’t they? (PROTECT)
85. They were _____________that he refused to help them when necessary. (SURPRISE)
86. He is an _____________storyteller. Everyone likes listening his stories. (AMUSE)
87. He came in the room and looked around _____________. (ANGRY)
88. _____________, she manages to sell that motorbike at a high price. (SURPRISE)
89. Don’t ever complain about this and that. No one wants to hear your _____________. (COMPLAIN)
90. In an _____________world there is no poverty and disease. (IDEA)
91. I think most children are _____________enough to write beautiful poems. (CREATE)
92. We are talking about the _____________of natural resources. (PRESERVE)
93. The teacher _____________that the school would take part in the competition. (DECISION)
94. Did the book have a _____________ending? (HAPPILY)
95. There have been complaints about the _____________of prisoners. (TREAT)
96. _____________place is a big problem for drivers nowadays.
97. He is among one if the best _____________in Vietnam. (TRANSLATE)
98. He felt _____________at anything he saw. (SURPRISE)
99. Wood pulp is used _____________paper.
100.That used to be the _____________of our country. (SYMBOLIZE)

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