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Bài tập Word form 4_Anh 9

Grade 9
1. She would _____________give up her spare time to help you.
2. We were impressed by his _____________to listen and learn.
3. Bob plans to take _____________at the age of 50. (RETIRE)
4. It was _____________that he was at home when you phoned.
5. He was _____________for not paying the debt.
6. Since the accident, they’ve cared for their son with great _____________. (DEVOTE)
7. She was too _____________to point out my mistake.
8. The weather has been _____________hot.
9. They went to see most of the _____________places. (INTEREST)
10. The World Cup _____________is open to all countries.
11. Think _____________before you speak.

12. This new center is an interesting _____________. (DEVELOP)
13. Although she is rich, she is _____________. (HAPPINESS)
14. We were in _____________on that point.
15. The sky was _____________. The weather was rather bad. (CLOUD)
16. He can look back on his career with great _____________. (SATISFY)
17. Vietnam is a _____________country. (DEVELOP)
18. Are you afraid of _____________the busy streets? (CROSS)
19. The new car goes at an _____________speed.
20. He was excluded from school for a week as a _____________. (PUNISH)
21. I would _____________give up my job if I didn’t need the money. (HAPPY)
22. She believes she finally find true _____________.
23. We’re waiting for him to make up his mind. I wish he’d be more _____________. (DECIDE)
24. A _____________is a person who is in debt. (DEBT)
25. Your written work is in need of some _____________.
26. It’s _____________to see you again. (WONDER)
27. She has decided to take early _____________.
28. We need your _____________to finish the work successfully. (COOPERATE)
29. His classmates shouted _____________when he won the match.
30. Mai has passed the exam. We can see _____________in her eyes. (HAPPY)
31. It is _____________to have short hair nowadays.
32. He died of cold and _____________. (HUNGRY)
33. She is a woman of considerable _____________.
34. We decided to break with _____________and not send any cards this Christmas. (TRADITIONAL)
35. Their _____________has lasted a lifetime. (FRIEND)
36. They were filled with _____________at the good news. (JOYFUL)
37. _____________on your new job! (CONGRATULATE)
38. After three years in prison, he was finally _____________. (FREEDOM)
39. Sports and games make our body _____________. (STRENGTHEN)
40. I can’t stand the _____________smell of bad fish. (PLEASE)
41. He was an _____________man. Therefore all of us were _____________in talking to him.
42. Let me congratulate you on your _____________. (NOMINATE)

43. He turned off the _____________when he went out of the house. (ELECTRIC)
44. The new law will become _____________next month. (EFFECT)
45. The report stresses the _____________of eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. (NECESSARY)
46. We were so _____________that our son had been chosen for the national team. (PRIDE)
47. The _____________of English is that it is becoming simpler and simpler. (STRONG)
48. A right amount of calcium added to our food will help to _____________our weak bones. (SOLID)
49. In ancient Greece, the owl was a symbol of _____________. (WISE)
50. Freedom of _____________is one of the fundamental rights. (SPEAK)
51. What old people fear most is _____________. (LONELY)
52. There are many _____________programs at the Festival in Hue. (CULTURE)
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Grade 9
53. It’s education that helps with the _____________of knowledge. (RICH)
54. Esperanto proves to be useless because it is _____________. (POPULAR)
55. His _____________makes him a famous person. (POPULAR)
56. His _____________makes everybody dislike him a lot. (POPULAR)
57. Everything has its own _____________. (LIMIT)
58. The _____________children are opening their presents. (EXCITE)
59. Will you please give me some _____________explanation? (FAR)
60. You should _____________yourselves with the environment. (FAMILY)
61. _____________, they didn’t intend to do it. (ORIGIN)
62. The explanation of the accident is very _____________. (CONFUSE)
63. His _____________is unreasonable. (CONFUSE)
64. If it doesn't rain soon, there'll be a great _____________of water. (SHORT)
65. We can protect the environment by _____________air pollution. (REDUCE)
66. She was _____________pleased that she passed the exam. (EXTREME)
67. He is one of the most famous _____________in the world. (ENVIRONMENT)
68. The explorer who _____________America is Christopher Columbus. (DISCOVERY)
69. He has been nominated as the most effective _____________in the town charity program. (ACTIVE)
70. Solar energy doesn’t cause _____________. (POLLUTE)
71. We think that Mother’s Day should be celebrated _____________. (NATION)
72. You can’t drink water from that well because it is _____________. (PURE)
73. Your recent work has some _____________. (IMPROVE)
74. Air _____________makes us unhealthy. (POLLUTE)
75. Journalists are not always _____________in what they write. (ACCURACY)
76. They are very _____________in their approach. (SCIENCE)
77. Bad planning leads to _____________later. (DIFFICULT)
78. He wants to _____________his knowledge of computers. (WIDE)
79. It would be _____________to go to the party late. (POLITE)
80. The _____________children were waiting for their turns. (EXCITE)
81. He was well _____________with the success of the airplane. (SATISFY)
82. He finds history _____________. (FASCINATE)
83. We’re interested in _____________beauty of Ha Long Bay. (NATURE)
84. My uncle’s family lived in a _____________suburb 3 years ago. (DISTANCE)
85. Have you got any _____________about the graduation exam? (INFORM)
86. Laos is a _____________country. (DEVELOP)
87. We were surprised at his _____________in writing. (IMPROVE)
88. He’s always _____________to his mother. (help)
89. The notebook you are using is made of _____________paper. The paper has been recycled. (USE)
90. His classmates shouted _____________when he won the match. (EXCITED)
91. I slept _____________last night. (TERRIBLE)
92. Are you thinking of taking part in the fishing _____________. (COMPETE)
93. He is not a very _____________driver. (EXPERIENCE)
94. The man was imprisoned because of his _____________. (CARELESS)
95. He is a very well-known film _____________. (PRODUCE)
96. Salt has a _____________on food. (PRESERVE)
97. How many _____________are there in the UNO? (NATIONAL)
98. The _____________anthem of Great Britain is “God Save the Queen". (NATION)
99. He chooses his career as a _____________. (MATHEMATICS)
100.Winning the race was an _____________. (ACHIEVE)
101._____________, he survived the crash without injury. (MIRACULOUS)
102.We are faced with a difficult _____________. (CHOOSE)
103.The United Nations _____________is an international one. (ORGANIZE)
104.The _____________of the world, poverty, aids, and literacy, is a burning concern. (SECURE)
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