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Book. Roots of Nadi - Satyanarayan Naik

Roots of
Naadi Astrology:
A Comprehensive Study

Ch. Description


Prologue ............................................................. vii

Roots of Naadi Astrology Introduction ................ ix
What You Read ............................................... xxvii


Dhruva Naadi based- Satya Jaataka .................. 1


Chandra Kala Naadi - Deva Keralam ................. 93


Bhrighu Nandi Naadi ................................·....... 144


Stellar Based - Naadi System - Method 1 ........ 206


Stellar Based - Naadi System - Method 2 ........ 251


Stellar Based - Naadi System - Method 3 ........ 315

Informative articles on Naadi have flooded the internet and
many authors have come up with Naadi books with different
titles which contain either the material from Bhrighu Nandi Naadi
or some stellar based system.
My books on Naadi Astrology like Revelation from Naadi
Jyotisha, Orbital Providence, Celestial Matrix, and Prashna Hora
are research based works on Bhrighu Nandi Naadi and Kasyapa
There are other good works under Naadi system. In order
to organize these works with workable principles which will be
helpful for those who wants to do further research in application
of these Naadi principles, I have ventured into bringing out all
of them in one volume.
Satyacharya's Dhruva Naadi, Stellar Based astrological works
by scholars like Late Sri. H.S. Seshadri Iyer, Sri. R.Gopalakrishna
Row, Sri N V Raghava Charry, Late professor K S Krishnamurti's
stellar astrology and of-course the Bhrighu Nandi Naadi principles
are included in this work.

Utmost importance is given to explain workable principles
of different Naadi systems and their method of application.
Therefore, this volume does not repeat the fundamentals
I am thankful to Sagar publications for being instrumental
in bringing this work.

We as a team dedicate this work to Late Sri R G Rao
the legend living in the hearts of Naadi Astrological

Roots of Naadi Astrology
There are various types of Naadi granthas. Chandra Kala
Naadi, Dhruva Naadi, Bhrigu Naadi, Nandi Naadi, Saptarishi
Naadi, Vidyamadhaveeyam, Kakabhujandar Naadi, Guru Naadi,
Buddha Naadi, Surya Naadi, Kapila Naadi, Vashistha Naadi,
Shukra Naadi, Saptarishi Naadi and Pushya Naadi. Some of them
are in different libraries or with traditional families in south India
and North India.
These Naadi systems have five different methods of giving
readings. One set of granthas relates reading based on
horoscopes with divisional reference points as with Dhruva Naadi,
Chandra kala Naadi. Another set of Naadi goes with the stellar
division which has some basis in Vidya Madhavaveeyam. Yet
another set of reading is based on signification of planets with
or without relating to Dasha bhukti like Nandi Naadi and Bhrigu
Naadi. One more set is called Mantra Naadi which has some
occult interference in reading through the palm leaves. Very
rarely I have come across a Naadi reader having this mantra
Naadi. However, some Naadi palm leaves and old scripts are
available in the south Indian and North Indian libraries. Most of
them are in Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada languages.
The Sth one is Naadi reading based on thumb impression index
and identifying the palm leaf having the whole life reading
including the names of relatives. This has become famous across
the world over two decades. Originally this was restricted in
and around Chidambaram and some places in Tamil Naadu.
Now we can find branched out readers across the word and in
every city there are number of such Naadi centers.


Roots of Naadi Astrology: A Comprehensive Study

There are number of articles on this type of Naadi, many
giving their experiences hosted on the internet. There are
arguments for and against the thumb impression Naadi system.
Foreigners who visited Chidambaram have recorded their
experiences and opinions. Many Indian scholars like Dr. B.V.
Raman, Sri C.G. Rajan Sri. Santanam, Sri. C.S.Patel and some
scholars from Andhra and Karnataka have also experimented
with this system and have documented their experiences.
There are recorded instances about the experience of the
legend Dr. B. V. Raman who encountered certain Mantra Naadi
exponent having the Guru Naadi palm leaves. He exhibited an
empty palm leaf witnessed by Dr. Raman. With closed eyes
certain mantras were recited and when eyes were opened the
empty leaf had written messages in Kannada, a south Indian
language. Again mantras were recited with closed eyes and
they turned into another south Indian language Tamil. It is learnt
that this Naadi reader explained niceties of this system of Naadi.
Dr. Raman had also experience of another Naadi called Agastyar
Naadi by which the exponent used the thumb impression of Dr.
Raman and predicted certain events which came true. It is learnt
Dr. Raman's group has a copy of Dhruva Naadi.
Naadi in Sanskrit means, any tube or pipe, son of nada,
vein, any tubular organ of the body, Nerve, pulse, box of a
wheel, tubular stalk or any plant or any tubular organ, artery,
deception, sort of bent grass, any hole or crevice, flute, strap of
leather, any pipe or tube, juggling trick, thong,
Naadika means osmium sanctum, any tubular organ, hollow
stalk, and another pot-herb, windpipe or throat, trachea.
In Muhurtha, Naadika is half of Muhurtha that is 24 minutes.
In Naadi astrology possibly the meaning of pulse, or the box of
a wheel, that is out of 12 zodiac sign wheel, a sign is considered
as a box, or the juggling trick, or a string, or cord ( that is
thong), or 24 minutes of Muhurtha, might have been attributed
to word Naadi. It also means the subtle channels in the body.

Roots of Naadi Astrology Introduction


In Tamil the word Naadi gives many expressions such as "Search"
or search of existence, search of past.
Recordings of human life predictions by Rishis Bhrigu,
Angirasa, Atri, Viswamitra, Kashyapa, Vashistha and Agastya
are known as Naadi. How they recorded the destinies of human
race including those yet to born is a million dollar question yet
to be answered. The personal experience of Dr. Raman about
the changing contents in a palm leaf is an astonishing
phenomenon for which no answer can be found within the frame
work of science which has limited resources. Writings of rishis
are not only confined to Astrology, but also include medical
science, Yoga, Metaphysical life, and Occult science. Whether
these subjects also have similar magical powers to situational
changes with regard to content and languages? I have no
evidential research findings on this aspect.
Contents of Palm leaf if written by Rishis in Sanskrit, which
is evident from the libraries having some of the original works
on Naadi, then the Naadi which books are in Tamil, Telugu and
Kannada or Hindi must have been translated at a later date.
Even these translated versions are also in palm leaf that
means they date back to an era when paper was not in use for
writing. In 2nd century BC China has the archeological record 6f
fragments of paper making. That means these translations
should have taken place before 2nd century BC. The
earliest epigraphic records found on rock edicts and hero
stones date from around the 3rd century BCE. The Sangam
literature dates back from the 300 BCE. Tamil language history
has been classified into three categories attested by scholarly
research. Old Tamil dates back between 300 BCE - 700 CE,
Middle Tamil dates back between 700-1600 and Modern Tamil
dates between 1600-to date. Since the language of Tamil used
is very old it can be traced between 300 BCE- 700 CE and
therefore these palm leaves must belong to this period when
paper was not in use.


Roots of Naadi Astrology: A Comprehensive Study

Prior use of written language, the subject Naadi was taught
orally to the disciples. Later on some of them have been
transcribed. in to vernacular on palm leaves. That's how the
"taala-patra granthas" came into existence. The wonder incident
that Dr. Raman experienced where the blank palm leaf converted
into contents and then changing in the choosen language
· languages endorses the miraculous powers of transcribers. Such
occult powers which are flowing through the palm leaves till
recent centuries cannot be ruled out based on our limited
perception levels framed in modern scientific outlook. There
are others who had wonderful experiences with regard to Naadi
reading. One of the famous Astrologer and an advocate by
profession vouchsafed similar experience with little variations.
He was dumbstruck when the Naadi reader said in Tamil
"Kumbha lagnathil kelvikaaran ..." (The person born in Kumbha
Lagna is waiting for reading).
To record description and events of generations in coded
language on Talapatra bundles there must be a secret key which
is known only to these traditional Naadi readers. The original
Sanskrit contents were transformed into many regional
languages like Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi.
Segregated regionally, the collection of talapatra granthas run
in to thousands which are by legacy possessed by the Naadi
readers. These Granthas include Agastya Naadi, Brighu Naadi,
Brahma Naadi, Shiva Naadi, Kaushika Naadi, Kashyapa Naadi
Unfortunately some of these great works were lost due to
destruction of the talapatra and some have been lost due to
negligence of people who did not realize the importance of these
granthas. During 10th and 12th century AD kings of Chola dynasty
helped to preserve these granthas duly classified and kept in
the library of Tanjore in Tamil·naadu.
The rich knowledge data base of Indian heritage suffered
destruction due to invasion of Mughals and British. Mughals
ruthlessly burnt most of the materials and nonetheless English
men transported many Naadi granthas to Britain. However they


Roots of Naadi Astrology Introduction

did not destroy it but sold mostof them 'to those connected
with astrology. Some community hailing from Chidambaram has
brought them. This Vallavar community settled down around
Vaitheeshwaran Koil in Tamil Naadu which is now famous for
Naadi readers. It is learnt that Lord Kartikeya is the key diety
who is changed to protect these granthas. The planet Mars is
attributed to Lord Kartikeya and this place is especially auspicious
to ward of evils of planet Mars.
The Map of Tamil Nadu is appended below marking


."•·v' ,.

rOUr,st Ofishrctt!On I

. --,

ANOHRA PRAOf.SH ..." ... ., ... "" _/


,, .J t

• -


--~·-; /~u


·.I.,-...;;:;,.-.• \1;\--r .,.;;.~

- ..: ... ·~~)·- -,


.~ ~-''{,>,)'<~. :···~_;

I '



·:.,;;~~ /:i




:-..,~~'··, j- ----~~~:~~~j:;~~~~~~::::.J~7


,_ ,...., ..........




J"\ I)





~ ·~:~ ~ ~·~-:-,'!:~'f-.:t~.,._;:__j,.:··~. =~-~-:~"?~~~~", .~.?~ ·~:;_j;}>~ •7,



.~-'<::~.:~)'. .,~·~,_~:-

,--';~.;·,:~~; ... ' -:::•-. ..•.:'

:V,t"<' ..;~.-

SaWl , 0
y·.t;':_f<_.~ ··-·_;

__ -,



~ •:,··~/~_tHj>

-.~. tft:';,A~2J·y'l'


·t:l'! . U'·;_~-.--.-':(3/i_

_, •• ·~•c-.,i'1.,,f.r·•



- "--~~/

''Sff-::::·.~~5~~:\ ·~~}~;::~~,~~

The entire area is covered by many Naadi readers where in
the Naadi granthas are under protection of Lord Shiva and
Kartikeya. All of them follow a typical methodology of taking
thumb impression, finding the index bundle then getting
confirmation of events and later on gives general reading. These
Naadi readers need not have any astrological background. Some
of them even do not know how to draw a chart. They just know
how to interpret the poetic coded language from the palm leaf.·
In the normal course if they get right bundle of leaves they can
uninterruptedly read the past present future and also suggest
remedies. If they encounter a palm of incomplete information
or mismatch of events they stop reading.


Roots of Naadi Astrology: A Comprehensive Study

It is learnt that unless a person approach the reader with
due respect to the knowledge and to the place of worship, the
person will not get right readings or even find a relevant leaf.
Mostly with faithless approach you are bound to land in front of
a wrong interpreter. There is also myth about time of meeting
the Naadi reader. If you approach a Naadi reader on a wrong
Muhurtha you may get irrelevant readings or readings of
displeasure. I have experiences of various persons who have
gone there and returned with displeasure of having not found
their leaf. Some were given wrong readings about future. But
there are instances where every bit of life matched with that of
The first step in these Naadi methodologies is taking the
thumb impression. For male the right hand thumb impression
is taken and for female it is left hand. From 1008 types of thumb
impression coded in Naadi granthas the impression of the
consultant has to be segregated and matched with the batch of
Naadi bundle related to the life readings.
This establishes the fact that there is a relation between
lines on the hand and the Naadi system of reading. In other
words palmistry is also a part of Naadi reading.
Once the right leaf is found then you will have different
sections belonging to your life. They are called Kandams. This
is more or less the regular reading of a horoscope based on 12
In Kandam one, many matters of general nature including
the parental, spousal, siblings and progeny details are covered
at times with their perfect names. It will have a general reading
of all the houses with regard to past present and future. If
requested specific reading of a Kandam will be read at an extra
cost for each Kandam.
The· 2nd Kandam contains readings of second house of
horoscope which generally covers the matters relating to Wealth,
Family, and Education etc.
The 3'd Kandam reads about Siblings and Communications.

Roots of Naadi Astrology Introduction


house matters like property, happiness and mother are
covered in the 4th Kandam.

The 5th Kandam covers the higher knowledge, Progeny and
its positive and negative aspects.
Diseases, debts and enmity factors are covered in


Kandam seven reads about marital life and related matters
Kandam 8 is about eighth house covering Dangers,
difficulties and Longevity matters.
Spiritual matters, fortune and endowment and father are
covered in gth Kandam

tQth house Karma, in material concept profession and
business are covered in lOth Kandam
Second marriage, gains and loss factors are read through
11th Kandam
Twelfth house matters like foreign journey, loss,
emancipation and next birth are read through 12th Kandam.
Up to this the procedure is just like that of custom horoscope
readings covering 12 houses.
Normally a horoscope of the person is also given in writing
in Tamil language marking Lagna and planetary positions.
However this does not match always with that of horoscope ,
erected by modern methodology as these Naadi horoscopes
are based on Vakya panchangam where in the ayanamsha differs.
The system described upto this level of horoscope based
on the 12 houses, most of the reading given by the Naadi readers
tally exactly when the Saturn in the horoscope is rotated in
every sign and taking the planets posited in 2, 12 and 7th houses
and matching the significations of planets with regard to
transiting Saturn. This system is from Nandi Naadi and Bhrigu
Naadi decoded by an eminent Astrologer Late Sri R.G. Rao of
Bangalore and is discussed in subsequent chapters.

Roots of Naadi Astrology: A Comprehensive Study


Incidentally the scribe has a practical episode narrated by
his friend l'vlr. R.Narasimha Murthy who visited Chidambaram.
He met a Naadi reder from Agastya Naadi center at
Vaideeswaran koil during 1977. He was asked to give his thumb
impression. The reader searched for the relavent index bundle.
After several attempts he could find bundle related to Narasimha
Murthy. Many questions were asked and the bundles were
disposed when not matched. In the last bundle the following
question and answer session tookplace.

Reader: Your father is a singer
Narasimha Murthy: Yes
Reader: Your father suffered family problems
Narasimha Murthy: Yes
Reader: Your's is case of dual marriage
Narasimha Murthy: Yes
Reader: Your father's name belongs to Vishnu and Lakshmi
or it may relate to soorya
Narasimha Murthy: Can you be more specific
Reader: It may start with Female goddess Lakshmi or Ram a
de vi

Narasimha Murthy : Yes his first name is Rama
Reader: Then the second part of the name may relate to

Narasimha Murthy: Yes to a certain extent it may tally
because the sencond par\: is Kantha
Reader: That is.Ramakantha is the name of your father
but he must have one more name attached to it which may
relate to Vishnu or Narayana.
Narasimha Murthy: Yes his name is Ramakanth

Roots of Naadi Astrology Introduction


Reader: Ok the leaf belongs to you. What to do you want
me to read: sepcific kanda or general reading?
Narasimha Murthy: General reading is enough for the
time being. Can you give me my horoscope:
Reader: Ok I will write and give you: Then I will give
general discription of your life.
The following is the horoscope given by the Naadi reader in
Tamil. Astonishigly though no date of birth was asked, and none
of the confirmation question relates to any clue towards date of
birth the reader produced the horoscope which is given below:





He gave the following reading:
Your father had to go in for a second marriage and this has
the effect on your marital life also. Your first wife is not surviving
at this time of consultation and she has left two children for
you. Prior to your second marriage the bride had some
relationship problems. You must have had some accident due
to which you suffered injuries to head and foot which has resulted
difference in your gait. You had troubled education and might
have discontinued the education. Your professional life is also
not settled till date. After 40 years of your age things start
progressively beneficial and your profession will relate to
accounting but you will not continue the same and you will
settle down in some cinema or TV related firms and will have

Roots of Naadi Astrology: A Comprehensive Study


some technical experience. From 44th year onwards you may
settle down with good earnings and even you may have your
own business with the help of your friends and relatives. Children
born to your first wife will be away from you and suffer troubles.
You may suffer due to your second marriage. The general reading
of Naadi ends here as lord Murugan has stopped the reading
and advised remedial measures: Do you want me to read the
remedial palm leaf?

Narasimha Murthy: No not at this juncture I shall visit
Couple of years after this incident Narasimha Murthy met
me and narrated the entire episode and he wanted some
clarification regarding profession. Computer generated birth
chart is given below. His date of birth is 18/11/1938 at 6 am at
SaR 18

Ke 24

Ju 0

Su 2
Me 22

Ra 24


Mo 14
Ma 21

He then produced the horoscope given by the Naadi reader
in an exercise book it was in Tamil as shown above. Since he
has explained me about his experience as detailed above, I was
astonished to see the correctness of the horoscope given by
the Naadi reader and the one generated by me. The occult
power hidden in Naadi granthas is fabulous. As a matter of fact
I follow the Rao's system of Naadi astrology based on Bhrigu
Naadi Naadi. I started to study his horoscope. Transit Saturn
was about to come to Libra and I told him his career progress

Roots of Naadi Astrology Introduction


will commence shortly and you may even start your own. I also
indicated the problems of first wife born children and also about
the problems facing with his second wife. I suggested some
remedial measures. Incidentally he told me that he had contacted
Sri R.G. Rao in Bangalore and more or less the prediction read
out by him also similar to what the Naadi reader as said and
some of which the scribe predicted now. He told me that his
horoscope matches with one of the horoscopes in Bhrighu Nandi
Naadi in Kannada. The scribe took out the book and searched
as this book contained horoscopes for period between 1889
and 1980. I found on page 229 a horoscope numbered 180
which exactly matched. The following is the reading and its
comparison with facts.
Bhrigu Nandi Naadi contents for this horoscope:
The person is divine contemplative. He has the nature of
helping others. His father is an intelligent person and a musician.
But his father is deprived of family happiness. Moon if posited
between Taurus and Virgo the father will have dual marital affairs
but if Moon is in Virgo, the native will have dual marriage. Native
will have two children a male and a female from his first wife
and she will end her life after that. Native will go for second
marriage. Unfortunately the second wife prior to marriage had
an affair with a low class person who commits suicide after she
gets married to this native. Due to aspect of Mars on Saturn
having Ketu approaching and having link of Jupiter, the person
will have different gait due to functional defect in the feet.

(Fact: I cannot call him an atheist but he was normal just
like others to perform a few minutes Pooja at home and visit
temples once in a while. Helping nature was only a thought
process in him and never was it practical. His father was a vocal
singer but not a celebrity. There was not much unhappiness in
his father's marital life nor did he have dual marriage. Native
had to go in for second marriage. The second wife might have
had some affair before marriage but there is no information
about involvement of a low class person in her life and ending
his life after her marriage.)


Roots of NaadiAstro/ogy: A Comprehensive Study

The children born to first wife will undergo difficulties and
will not have harmonious relation with the second wife of native.
However after 18 years of age they will see prosperity. From
the second marriage the native will get one male child physically
handicapped and will have miscarriage and then a female child
having disease relating to Vayu.

(The fact: As said the children of first wife did not have
harmonious relationship with the second wife of the native.
However he had one child from the second wife and one
miscarriage. The male child born is healthy. The children born
to first wife progressively settled in their education and
professional career).
Mercury signifying education is with Sun and Venus is also
under the sway of Saturn and Ketu which indicates break in
education. But there is an exchange of Jupiter by which Jupiter
will help Mercury to get knowledge in shadow related technical
learning. This is due to the fact that Jupiter from his original
position links to Rahu and then when get exchanged he gets
the link of Moo, Mars, Venus Sun and Mercury.
Professionally he had to suffer a lot and struggle for a square
meal this is due to effect of Mars Moon and Ketu on Saturn. Up
to the age of 44-45 he will not settle down in any profession.
He may do odd jobs relating to accounts and shifts many jobs
of similar nature. At the age of 44 he will get into a job relating
to light and shadow. Later he will also own a business relating
to that which will also have some technical nature. He will involve
his brother in the business and take help from others for this
business. Up till 60 years there will be prosperity.

(Facts regarding education and profession: His School
education suffered and he was a dropout. Luckily he had an
opportunity of doing a diploma course in accounting from Pune
for which minimum education was only S1h or gth standared.
This diploma is recognized by other Universities as equal to
their Intermediate education. After this he started working in
private firms as accounting clerk. He could not stick to one
organization and moved to different places doing the same job.

Roots of Naadi Astrology Introduction


He went to Pune and started working in an organization having
night shifts. During that period he went to film institute in Pune
and got an admission for film photography course. He was 28
years of age when he did that course. After that he left the job
in Pune and came back to Hyderabad. He tried his level best to
become a cameraman but all his trials failed. He was doing
some part time job in some company to earn his bread. He
struggled for many years to meet the two ends. He lost his wife
during that period leaving two children. It was difficult for him
to concentrate on professional life due to taking care of his
children. He decided to go for a second marriage. He found a
desperate family to settle a match for their daughter. He married
her. She was adamant and self-centered and due to this the
two children could not get the right care. The purpose of second
marriage at one side of it failed. He lodged them in a hostel. 10
years from this time was a hell for him as his earnings were
meager and he was doing odd jobs in firms and he was also
doing some commission jobs for photographic studios for
arranging different functions to them. Somehow he made some
money and changed the idea of becoming a photographer. He
accumulated some money and bought a film Camera equipment.
He started lending it on rental basis. His earnings increased
and he further invested on equipment and accessories. His
professional life got settled.)
His second wife will physically handle him by hitting on his
head and the native will go unconscious. He will not have
happiness from the second marriage.

(The fact: No doubt the lady is self-centered and
concentrated only on her son and herself. She was short
tempered and quarrel some in many aspects and eccentric.
This normally would take place when this man gets drunk and
wastes money on entertaining his friends with parties. However
never ever she raised her hand on him; instead it was reverse
case. In drunken mood several time he slapped her)
From 4S1h year till 601h year he will see fortune and enjoy
life. This commences when Saturn transiting in Libra.


Roots of Naadi Astrology: A Comprehensive Study

(Fact: from 1984 he was doing well in his business in leasing
out Cinema equipment. He enjoyed the life very well. His
business went on well and made money upto 2002.)

In 2004 he breathed his last due to diabetic effect
on heart and brain.
There are many matters which exactly tally with the reading
of Naadi when the same were compared and read with the
rules of Bhrigu Nandi Naadi of Sri. R.G. Rao. Some of my friends
who visited thumb Naadi reader and got their horoscopes were
studied by applying the R.G.Rao principles. Sri R.G.Rao has
done extensive research on the delineations of horoscopes from
Bhrigu and Nandi Naadi. In these works only the results were
given for each horoscope and the reasons were scarcely given.
Sri R.G. Rao with his efforts zeroed in the key factor behind
these results. He found out that the entire predictions were
based on the Karakatwa of Planets and their combination in the
chart. In his book "Bhrigu Nandi Naadi" he has applied his
principles of combination of planets and given 500 horoscopes.
His system was totally deviating from the traditional house
system hence this book was not received well in the beginning.
In his later works he clarified the principles elaborately. However,
still his system was not acceptable in the traditional circle. My
research on his works and I consolidated the method of Sri.
R.G. Rao and came out with a structured approach in my book
"Prediction secrets Naadi astrology" and further modified in the
next work "Revelation from Naadi Jyotisha", Orbital providence,
Celestial Matrix and Prashna Hora. Having seen the accuracy
percentage of this system many astrologers shifted to R.G. Rao's
system. There are many who even wrote articles and books on
Naadi claiming their individual credits or inherited credits.
However the credit of inventing the methodology of analysis
definitely goes to Late Sri R.G. Rao.
Based on my experience with these principles, some of the
horoscopes belonging to my friends who have had the experience
from thumb Naadi and got their horoscopes written in a book
were put to experiment.

Roots of Naadi Astrology Introduction


In the thumb Naadi most of the past events tallied and as
far as future predictions some have tallied and some failed
miserably. When these horoscopes were studied with the Rao's
method, 90% of future results came true. I found the reason
for failure in thumb Naadi readings where in the results were
mostly based on Saturn rotation and therefore most of the past
results exactly tallied. They used Saturn for future results and
presumably missed the rotation of Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu in
transit rotation. But when I rotated Jupiter, Rahu and Ketu along
with Saturn, results relating to Marriage, Health, Profession,
Progeny and many more exactly matched and I got the
. confirmation for future readings also.
With more charts coming to me I have zeroed is on the
methodology used by Palm leaf contents which the Naadi reader
spells out and it is mostly based on Saturn rotation. This may
be one factor of the truth. However it worked on many charts
brought by friends who visited Naadi centers. Logic here is Saturn
is karma karaka who gives the results of past karma. Therefore,
it is but natural that the past predictions tally. It is the Jupiter,
the present living factor, who when encounters Karma becomes
future karma. Similarly every planet has to be moved as different
segments of life to understand the effects of future with regard
to their signification. In the "Brighu Nandi Naadi" section I will
deal in detail about the principles and the methodology of Late
Sri R.G. Rao.
The whole wonder is these 12 Kandams which closely relates.
to 12 houses counted from Lagna seems to have no signification
as none of the readings, the Dasha bhukti factors are considered.
Only the age factor is mentioned. What I construed then is that
these 12 Kandams are relatively structured based on the
signification of planets. For example to know about health and
personality matters, the Jupiter and Sun links are taken into
consideration, for 2nd house and 7th house matter the Venus or
Mars is considered for 3rd house matters Mars and Mercury are
considered. For 4th house Moon, Ven, Mar, for Sth house, Sun
and Venus are considered, for 61h & 81h house matters, Mars,


Roots ofJVaadi Astrology: A Comprehensive Study

Moon, Rahu and Ketu are considered. For gth house Sun, Venus
are considered , lOth house linked to Saturn, 11th house linked
to Ven, Jup, Mer and 12th house Ketu, Saturn and Jupiter are
taken into consideration.
In several cases such experiments yielded satisfactory results
yet we cannot confirm this is the only key adopted in Naadi
readings. Once again the occult powers referred in earlier
paragraphs restrict our experimental curiosity. There are cases
of astonishing predictions from Naadi palm leaves which cannot
be attributed to any system of horoscope analysis. Definitely
there must be some wavelength which is prevalent in heritage
of Naadi community.
There other Kandams in this Naadi system.
Shanti Kandam: This is similar to past life regression; where
in the sins committed in past has to be relieved by performing
certain rituals. Rightly accepted in literal sense but greed grown
giant will interpret differently and corrupt the originals for
personal gains. Cautiously getting read this Kandam and not
yielding to titanic demands, they can be consulted elsewhere
for proper remedies. Usually Navagraha and their adhi devata
and pratyadhi devata propitiations with proper Dana prakriya
will suffice to clear many maladies.
Deeksha Kandam: In this Kandam initiation of a secret
knowledge will be given which will help to use right mantras for
protection and prosperity. This Kanda cannot be independently
read and performed. This has pre-condition that the Shanti
Kandam rituals must be completed. This is the crux of the
intention of materialistic gains for Naadi community. Because I
have personally seen umpteen cases at Chidambaram where
the chief Naadi reader demands golden idols with a specific
weight, golden bangles, or golden coins etched with certain
Yantra etc. In some cases they demand groceries. worth
thousands of rupees. Some of them even read out in the palm
leaf a certain amount to be paid to the Naadi reader as parihara.

Roots of Naadi Astrology Introduction


Aushadha Kandam: This refers to healing diseases with
I have no idea about how this is read and its efficacy and
have no comments.
Next is Dasha Bhukti Kandam. It is difficult to understand
what type of Dasha they use and what they delineate because
if a person makes them to read all twelve Kandams he will have
covered all the matters of life as the events are time based age
Since I have not come across any experienced person on
this issue I reserve my comment.
Much has been written about the Naadi systems with varied
opinions and arguments for and against. Yet this peculiar
methodology is a traditional secret. Centuries down the lane
eminent personalities of astrological fraternity have been
discussing Naadi astrology. Though I have reservations in
discussing this methodology of Naadi Astrology, I have tried my
level best to give some clues regarding this methodology with
due respect to my friends who shared their experiences with
me and my own experiences during research stay over a period
of 5 months at Chidambaram.
When I was asked to write about Naadi in detail reluctantly
I accepted because, unfortunately there are no sufficient material
to support a particular methodology which I can share with
regard to great works like Dhruva Naadi (not of Satyacharya),
Saptarishi Naadi or for that matter any of the above Naadi
granthas in their original formats. Translated versions Satya
Jaataka (Dhruva naadi) of sage Satyacharya, Chandra Kala Naadi ·
some portions from Saptarishi Naadi and Bhrighu Naadi of Sri R
G. Rao of Bangalore, are with me in both English Kannada
versions. Modern works from scholarly authors like Sri H R
Seshadri Iyer, Sri R Gopala Krishna Row, Sri NV Raghava Chary
and Sri K S KrishnaMurthy, deals with stellar system which is
the base for Naadi systems.


Roots of Naadi Astrology: A Comprehensive Study

From the first set of classical works I have tried to pick up
the main theme and explain the principles in more lucid manner
especially with Dhruva Naadi. From Chandrakala Naadi I have
picked up general principles applicable in traditional astrology.
Saptarishi Naadi has only predictions and does not have any
adoptable principles. Sri J. N. Bhasin's book under the same
title contains a few horoscopes for six ascendants with principles
derived from his and adopted to support the delineations. Either
I have to reproduce a few from his book with his point of view
of prediction or include a few horoscopes from the version which
I am having with my personal hypothetical formule to support
the predictions. In both the cases it will not be of any help to
reader. I prefer to skip this.
From the second set of modern scholarly works, I restricted
myself to pick up the main principles and explain them with
examples at right places. In many sections I have also introduced
my research materials. I have presented the gist of these works
in a structured method establishing there applicability and also
offered my opinion on several points. In this section the work is
classified into two groups as follows:


Principles of Dhruva Naadi


Selected rules from Chandra Kala Naadi


Principles and application of Bhrigu Nandi Naadi


Stellar Based Naadi System - Iyer's Method-1


Stellar Based Naadi System- Meena's Method-2


Stellar Based Naadi System- Krishnmurthy's Method-3

Bowing my head to Rishis, I offer this this work as a tribute
to all those legends who gave such wonderful works for the
astrological fraternity.


What You Read
In the introduction of Roots of Naadi Astrology, essence of
Palm leaf naadi systems are discussed with authenticated
experiences of great personalities like Sri B.V. Raman besides
an interesting case study of the friend of the scribe. This contains
the details of 12 kandams and the methodology of Naadi readers
situated across the world. At the end the subject selection and
organisation of this book is given. Now summrising each method,
I wish to give a summary of what you gain:
By the Prninciple of Dhruva Naadi:


Determination of fortune:

The Lord of Lagna (Lagnadhipathi)


Navamsa sign lord where Lagna falls in Navamsa


Star lord of the birth Star of Moon or Ascendant
whichever is stronger (Janma nakshatridhipati) (Same
lord can also appear as sign lord)


Dispositor of the above (sign lord where these lords
are posited in Rashi chart) Compute strength of the
above planets according to Shadbala. The computation
of d, is the extended strength or weakness of
Dispositor who will decide the ultimate strength of
the Planets in a, b, c. If the Dispositor gets minimum
strength, then the planet gets supported. If the
Dispositor becomes weak, the planet gets weak.


If all the 3 planets gets more than stipulated shadbala
and their Dispositor also gets minimum required
shadbala, then the Native will have excellent fortune.

Roots of Naadi Astrology: A Comprehensive Study




If any 2 planets and their Dispositor gain full strength
as above the native will be in a good status and position


If only one planet along with Dispositor gain strength
the native will be have average position


If all 3 of them along with their Dispositor are weak
the native will have poor yoga (difficulties in life)

Pancha Siddhantika



2. Karaka


4. Vargottama


In grahasheela you get detailed account of planetry
significations especially their natural signfications which is the
basis for any system of analysis.
Karaka Siddhanta explains the significations of planets that
are empowered to give during their Dasha periods based on
their strengths.
Nakshatra Siddhanta is the most important deviation you
find and needs logical application particularly in Dasha system
and Bhava analysis.
Vargottama Siddhanta is again a planetary strength matter
and Adhipatya siddanta is about the capabilities of lords of
By the. Prninciple of Chandra Kala Naadi

Selected rules which are universally applicable to traditional
method of astrology are given.

What You Read


By the Principle of Bhrighu Nandi Naadi
You will understand the diffrence between the traditional
astrology and the prediction secrets hidden in Bhrighu Nandi
Naadi in which only Sign and Planetary signfictions are used for
studying the chart. This is a powerful method of prediction. It
has simple rules but needs lots of practice to devleop the logic
to study the horoscope in detail. If a person is a saadhaka
(especially of Navagrahas) then this system works wonders for
Unfortunately this system founded by late Sri R.G. Rao was
pushed aside for quite long period by the so called stalwarts of
tradtional astrology as it does not consider Lagna for prediciton.
Even now many of them do not accept it as a system of prediciton
though they use this system internallly for their commerical use
and externally claim the credit thorugh traditional method. Some
of them claim that they have better Naadi seecrets and consider
Late R.G.Rao's system as just one drop out of the ocean of
knowledge they have which neither they teach to others nor
publish it as workable systems.
No matter what others claim, there are umpteen number
of disciples of Sri R.G. Rao, some of them are Ekalavyas but
have mastered the subject and give excellent prediciton.
The scribe conducts classes regularly on Naadi, traditon
and KP systems and train students in live prediction methods.

Stellar system:
Tithi Vara and Yoga in predictive system:
Late Sri H.S. Sheshadri Iyer introduced Vara, thiti and yoga
in his systme with his intellgently woven system of yoga avayoga
and the Dasha analysis. Yes, there are really good workable
points that can be applied to in traditioal analysis and being a
system which brings in deviation and divisional effects involging
Nakshatra it is considered as Naadi system.


Roots of Naadi Astrology: A Comprehensive Study

Meena system:
This is a pure Nakshatra system where the point of focus is
on that a planet gives the results of the Planet in whose nakshatra
it is placed. One of the other interesting factor is about Jeeva
and Sareera concepet basing it on Nakshtra. The authors have
focused mainly on these two points. These two points can be
taken up while traditionally analysing the horoscopes for better

Krishnamurti Paddhati
This system is well known across the world due to its
sturctured approach. Like in every system this system has also
certain unfocused issues, but largly it is claimed to be a successful
predictive tool. The fact is it has used the exisiting calculation
of Nakshatra dasha and bhukti of Parasara and super imposed
its digital configurations in a blank chart renaming them as Star
and Sub. The marvel of Professor Krishnamurti is bringing Naadi
Karakatwa combination in these divisions of signs, star and sub.
Amazingly these 249 subs through signs and its star denoting
results of these plantary signficaitons is sufficient to predict
answers to question when the person asking question indictes
a number for his quesiton. However there is a system of Prashna
Paddhati introduced seperately. Focused on the Sub and star
using essentials from traditional astrology this system is
appreciablly an essential tool for prediciton.

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