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Unit 6 lesson 1 getting started listen and read period 31 week 11

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TuÇn: 11
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Gi¸o ¸n TiÕng anh 8
TiÕt: 31
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Unit 6 the young pioneers club
Lesson 1 Getting started & Listen and read

A. The objectives
- By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to understand the topic of the lesson and
the activities that the Y&Y participate in. They’ll use the language to talk about their
CV and practice enrolling for the activities for the summer.
b. content: Vocabulary: words to describe the activities that the Y&Y participate in:
helping the elderly/ the blind, cleaning up beaches, raising funds, helping disabled/
handicapped children, etc
Grammar: Present simple to talk about personal information; Gerunds: love/ enjoy +

C. Materials: Pictures, OHP, disk, CD player, application form, worksheets,
Work arrangements: Individuals, pairs, groups, T-WC
Anticipated problems: Students may not know about the activities that the Y&Y
participate in
D. Procedure
I. Warmer
Study habits
Which subject do you like best?
What is the topic of the last unit?
Why are you learning English?
In one minute, think about the
Which subject do you need to
questions and answers on this topic.
Now you’ll work in groups of three to
What can you do to improve your
ask and answer about your study
Stand up and find your partners.
Change your partners.
Now, stop. Come back to your seats
Teacher gives comments on the
language and performance
II. Checking the old lesson
III. New lesson
Lead in: Look at these symbols. What
do they symbolize?
Look at these pictures. What are they
So in this Unit we’re going to learn
about the topic The Young Pioneers
club and the activities that the Y&Y
participate in.
Let’s start our lesson
I. Getting started
Now you’re going to identify the

activities that the Y&Y participate in
Look at the pictures. What activities
do they take part in? What are they
Can you think of any more activities
that the Y&Y participate in? (Do it as
Let’s move to Listen and read

 The Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneer and
Youth Organization (Y&Y)
 They are about the activities that
the Y&Y participate in.

I. Getting started
Identify the activities that the Y&Y
participate in
 Cleaning up the beaches and
Helping the elderly and blind people
Helping handicapped children
Taking part in sports
Planting trees
Raising funds
II. Listen and read

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II. Listen and read
1. Vocabulary
Eliciting: visuals, examples
Modeling, choral & individual
Written record, pronunciation, VN
Checking: what’s this in English?
What is she doing? What are they
doing? Do you like acting? I like
traveling and cooking. What am I
talking about?
2. Presentation dialogue
Set the scene: Look at the picture.
Who are they? Think about the
What does Nga want to do?
What does the secretary ask her to
Listen and answer the questions
Get students to listen to the dialogue
once, then answer the questions
Listen again and answer the question:
What personal information do they fill
in the application form?
Get students to listen and repeat the
dialogue in chorus
Students practice the dialogue in pairs
Get some pairs to practice the dialogue
Reading comprehension
Ask students to read the dialogue
again and complete Nga’s details
Students work on their own first
Then they pair and compare
Teacher gets feedback by asking
What’s her full name?
Where does she live?
Show the answers on the OHP
3. Model sentences:
I like drawing and outdoors activities.
And I enjoy acting, too.
Concept check: meaning
Use: to talk about hobbies/ interests.
Picture drill
Run through the pictures
Modeling, choral & individual
Students practice in chorus with the
4. Practice: Role play
Now you’ll act as a secretary and an

1. Vocabulary
- an application form:
- fill out / in:
- enroll (v):
- sign (v):
- a hobby: (= an interest)
- act (v):
2. Presentation dialogue
They are Nga and the secretary
 Nga wants to enroll for the
activities for this summer
 She asks her to fill out the
application form.
 Age, address, phone number, Date
of birth, Interests/ hobbies

Complete Nga’s details:
• Name: Pham Mai Nga
• Home address: 5 Tran Phu
• Phone number: Not available
• Date of birth: April 22nd 1989
• Sex: Female
• Interests: drawing, outdoor
activities and acting
3. Model sentences
I like
I enjoy acting

4. Practice
Secretary: Hello. Can I help you?
You: Good morning. I’m enrolling ...

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applicant. Think about the questions
and answers.
Organize group work
Student A: secretary
Student B: applicant
The rest: Observers/ next applicants
Time limit: 5 minutes
Students can change their roles.
Teacher monitors and gives prompts,
encourages them to speak in English.
Correction: Teacher gives comments
on students’ performance, language
and content
IV. Consolidation

V. Homework

Identify the activities that the Y&Y
participate in
The dialogue about enrolling for the
activities for the summer
- Learn new words and the model
sentences by heart.
- Practice the dialogue again and write
a similar dialogue.
- Practice asking and answering about
the personal information
- Prepare new lesson: Speak & Listen

Vò M¹nh Hµ / yamaha91103@yahoo.com / 0982928076


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