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Unit 5 lesson 3 write period 29 week 10

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Unit 5 study habits
Lesson 4 Write
A. The objectives
- By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to identify the format of an informal
letter. They’ll use the language to write a letter to a friend, using the
suggested words and phrases.
b. content: Vocabulary: words to talk about study habits: good grades,
school subjects, improve, etc

Grammar: Past simple tense, Going to form
C. Materials: OHP, transparencies, poster, etc
Work arrangements: Individuals, pairs, groups, T-WC
Anticipated problems: mixed tenses
D. Procedure
I. Warmer
Questions and answers
How do you learn words?
II. Checking the old lesson
III. New lesson
 Pre-writing
Do you ever write a letter in
To whom do you write?
 to a friend/ pen pal/ to my
parents/ etc
What do you often tell him/ her in
your letter?  about my study/
about my holiday
Study the example letter
Ask students to look at the letter.
Who wrote the letter?
Who did she write to?
Is it for friends?
 That’s an informal letter.
 Notes: use informal language,

I. Write
1. Look at Hoa’s letter to Tim. She
wrote it at the end of term. Identify
the sections and label them with
correct letter.

An informal letter
Heading: writer’s address,
telephone, date

Vò M¹nh Hµ / yamaha91103@yahoo.com / 0982928076


you can use the abbreviations and

Ask students to look at Hoa’s letter
to Tim again. She wrote it at the
end of term. Identify the sections
and label them with correct letter.
Students work on their own, then
they share and compare
Teacher gets feedback on the OHP
How many sections are there in a
What are they?
What language should you use in
each section?
Comprehension questions:
Did Tim have an enjoyable
Christmas vacation?
When did Hoa receive her first
semester report?
Which subject did she get good
grades for?
Was her math result good?
What did her math teacher ask her
to do?
What is she going to celebrate?
Where? And with who?
What will she send Tim from
Ask students to look at the letter
again. Which can you change/
replace/ transform?
 While-writing
Set the scene: Now you are Lan,
you have a pen pal, Donna, in San
Francisco. Write a letter to her
about your report, using the
information in the box
Run through the words and
Ask students to work in groups of
four to write a letter to Donna
Students write on the transparent

Opening: Dear …,
Body of the letter:
Closing: Your friend,/ Regards,/
Love,/ …

Comprehension questions:
- Yes, he did
- A few days ago
- Science, English and History
- No. It was poor
- She asked her to spend more
time on it. She must study
harder next semester
- She’s going to Hue tonight to
celebrate the Lunar New Year
Festival with her
- She’ll send him a postcard
2. Now help Lan write a letter to
her pen pal Donna in San
Francisco. Use the information in
the box
Suggested letter:
Dear Donna,
Thanks for your letter. I’m glad to
hear that you had a happy
Mother’s Day
I received my second semester
report last month. I got good
grades for …

Vò M¹nh Hµ / yamaha91103@yahoo.com / 0982928076


Teacher goes round and monitors,
gives prompts if necessary
Write a letter to a friend, telling
Time allotted: 10 minutes
her/ him about your recent report,
Ask each group to present the
and your intention for the vacation.
letter on the OHP, other groups can
give comments on the language.
 Post-writing
Ask students to work individually
to write a similar letter to one of
their friends.
IV. Consolidation
V. Homework

Write an informal letter
Past simple tense, going to form
Study vocabulary by heart
Write the letter again
Prepare new lesson: Language

Vò M¹nh Hµ / yamaha91103@yahoo.com / 0982928076


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