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Unit 3 lesson 7 revision period 18 week 6

Gi¸o ¸n TiÕng anh 8

Phßng gi¸o dôc MÜ hµo
Trêng thcs d¬ng quang

TuÇn: 6
Ngµy so¹n:

TiÕt: 18

for the first achievement progress test N0 1
A. The objectives
- By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to do some revision on the
vocabulary and structures learned in the last three units. They’ll improve their
listening, reading and writing skills.
b. content: Vocabulary: Words to talk about characters and appearance;
words to talk about home/ house and the chores;
Grammar: enough + to infinitive; going to to talk about intentions; simple

tenses; modal verbs: must/ have to/ ought to;
C. Materials:
Work arrangements: Individuals, pairs, groups, T-WC
Anticipated problems:
D. Procedure
I. Warmer
II. Checking the old lesson
III. New lesson
I. Grammar and Vocabulary
1. Modal verbs
- Have to / must
- Ought to
2. Enough
S + V + Adj + enough + to
Ask students to do exercises:
Workbook Unit 1 Ex2,5,6
3. Tenses:
3.1 Present simple tense
3.2 Past simple tense
Ask students to do exercises in the
workbook Unit 1 Ex1,2
4. Future simple tense and Going
Going to to talk about intentions
Will: to talk about someone
decides to do something at the
time of speaking; to give offers/
promise/ request/ invitations/ etc
Ask students to do exercises in the
workbook Unit 2 Ex1,2,3

1. It is not (cold enough/ enough
cold) to wear a heavy jacket.
2. Do you have (enough sugar/
sugar enough) for the cake?
3. He does not have (enough
money/ money enough) to attend
the concert.
4. There were not (enough people /

people enough) to have the
5. She drove (enough fast / fast
enough) to win the race.
1. The furniture was so expensive
that I didn’t buy it.
 The furniture was too
2. I didn’t arrive in time to see him.
 I wasn’t early
3. It was very late .They didn’t go
to the party.
 It was too
4. The water was so cold that the
children could not swim in it.
 The water was not
5. My friend is too weak to lift the
 My friend isn’t

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5. Vocabulary
Words to talk about the chores
Words and phrases to give advice
Words to talk about people’s
appearance and characters.
Words describing home and house
II. Skills
1. Listening
- Listen and write the telephone
- Listen and complete the
telephone conversations, using the
phrases in the box
- Listen and order the sentences to
make a complete telephone
- Listen and write the recipe
2. Reading
- Read the text and answer the
- Read the text and decide whether
the statement is true or false
3. Writing
- Write a description of a room in
your house
- Write a telephone message, using
the information in the dialogue
- Write a paragraph about your

1 Did you remember to book
seats? ~ Oh no, I forgot. I
(telephone) for them now.
2 He has just been taken to
hospital with a broken leg. ~ I'm
sorry to hear that. I (send) him
some grapes.
3 I can't understand this letter. ~ I
(call) my son. He (translate) it
for you.
4 You (buy) meat? ~ No, I (not eat)
meat any more. I (eat)
5 You've bought a lot of paint. You
(redecorate) your kitchen?
1. He is not tall enough...... the top
of the shelf.
reach/ reach)
2. They bought two new racquets.
They ...... tennis this afternoon
(play / are going to play/
will play)
3. They don’t talk much in public,
they are quite ......
sociable/ reserved).
4. The kitchen is a(n) ...... place for
the children to play.
(interesting/ suitable/
5. I know something about the
Earth. It ...... around the Sun
(is going/ goes/ will go)
6. “I’m afraid Mr Kelvin’s gone out.
Would you like to ...... him a
message ? (leave/ take/ make)
7. I want to talk to Tony in
England. I’m going to ......... a call.
(do / take / bring /
8. Alexander G. Bell ......... the
telephone in 1876.
( invents / inventor / invented
/ invention)
Oh, yes! Shall we go on Friday
evening or Saturday morning?
Would you like to go away for the
That would be great.

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Where shall we go?
OK. I’m going to be near the travel
agent’s in the morning so I can call
in and book something.
How about Paris?
Let’s go on Friday. Then we can
have longer there.
peas in
Use the big
Wait until
it’s hot

Put in a little
of cooking oil
Fry the garlic
Put the rice
teaspoon of
salt in

IV. Consolidation
V. Homework

Study vocabulary and structures by
Do the exercises again
Prepare for the test

Vò M¹nh Hµ / yamaha91103@yahoo.com / 0982928076


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