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Unit 1 lesson 2 speak listen period 3 week 1

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Unit 1 my friends
Lesson 2 Speak & Listen
A. The objectives
- By the end of the lesson, Ss will be able to revise some adjectives and
describe people’s appearance. They’ll use the language to talk about their
friends’ appearance. They will listen to some conversations and use the
language to introduce people and respond to introductions.
b. content: Adjectives: tall, short, fat, thin, heavy, beautiful, pretty, straight,
curly, long, short, black, dark, blond, fair, …
Expressions: Come and meet, I’d like you to meet, Nice to meet you, etc

C. Materials: Pictures, disk, CD player, poster,
Work arrangements: Individuals, pairs, groups, T-WC
Anticipated problems: He is tall and thin/ He has short dark hair.
D. Procedure
I. Warmer
Listen and draw.
Ask students to listen and draw the
description. Pair and compare.
This is my friend. He is tall and
thin. He has short black hair. He
has an oval face.
II. Checking the old lesson
III. New lesson
 Pre-speaking

I. Speak
- tall ≠ short
- fat ≠ thin
- light ≠ heavy
Elicit the adjectives from the
- slim
Get students to listen and repeat in Hair:
- straight
- curly
Individual repetition
- wavy
Picture presentation
- bald
He is tall and thin
 long ≠ short
He has short dark hair
Model sentences:
• black/ dark
He is tall and thin
• blond/ fair

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 S + to be + Adjective
He has short dark hair
 S + have/ has + (a/ an)
adjective + N

 While speaking
Board drill (From the
brainstorming)/ Picture drill (The
6 pictures in the textbook)
She’s pretty. She’s tall and slim
She has long black hair
She has an oval face
She’s in her twenties
Guessing game
Ask students to listen to the
description and tell which picture
or whom the teacher is describing.
Anyone who guesses correctly
takes turn to describe.
Describing friends
Ask students to work in groups of
four to describe their friends/
 Pre-listening
Set the scene: You are going to
listen to four conversations about
introducing people and responding
to introductions. Now you guess
and complete the four dialgues on
P12-13 with the expressions given
in the box.
Open prediction
Students work individually
Share and compare
 While-listening
Ask students to listen and
complete the conversations, using
the expressions in the box
Students work on their own first
then pair and compare.
Teacher gets feedback by asking
some students to practice the




an oval face
a round face
a square face
a small face

over/ about forty
in his/ her teens
in his/her forties
in his/her early/mid/late
- pretty
- beautiful
- ugly / not very pretty
- good-looking
II. Listen
1. I’d like you to meet
2. Nice to meet you.
3. I’d like you to meet.
4. It’s a pleasure to meet you.
5. Come and meet
6. How do you do.

S1: Nam, come and meet my
S2: Nice to meet you, Mrs Lien
S3. Nice to meet you, Nam

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conversations in groups of three
Role play
Introduce your new friend/
classmate to your mother/ father/
brother/ sister.
IV. Consolidation

V. Homework

Describe one’s appearance
Listen to conversations about
introducing people and responding
to introductions
Study vocabulary by heart
Practice describing people’s
Practice introducing people and
responding to introductions
Prepare new lesson: Read

Vò M¹nh Hµ / yamaha91103@yahoo.com / 0982928076


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