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Yesterday once more - Tài liệu text
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Yesterday once more

Yesterday once more – The Carpenters

When I was _______ I'd ________ to the radio
_______ for my favorite songs
When they ______ I'd sing _______, it made me ______
Those were _______ happy times and not so ______ ago
How I wondered _______ they'd gone
But they're back ______ just like a long _______ friend
All the _______ I loved so well
Every sha-la-la-la
Every wo-o-wo-o, still ________
Every shing-a-ling-a-ling, that they're _______ to sing's, so _______
When they get to the ______
Where he's ________ her heart
It can _______ make me cry, just like _______
It's yesterday once more

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