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Từ vựng speaking theo topic

Từ vựng/Phrase Speaking
Busy: as busy as a bee, on the go, work around/against, work like a dog, up to one’s ears in
Expensive: cost me an arm an a leg/a bomb/a fortune >< within sb’s budget
Monthly bills: make a living/earn a living, cover living, make ends meet, meet basic needs, shoulder
financial burdens.
Save money: put money aside/set aside money, save money for a rainy day
Rich beaucoup: Have money to burn, live in the lap of luxury, have a deep pocket., made of money in the
Famous: Have reputation for, hold somebody in high esteem
Entertainment: Balance my mind, Find peace of mind, escape from the hustle and bustle of busy life, let
my hair down, feel at ease, take it easy, feel refreshed, recharged and reenergized, cultivate creativity
and imagination, recharge my battery, free myself from work/study/the bombardment of work, satisfy
my passion
Knowledge: Broaden my mind/horizon, deepen my knowledge, get access to a reservoir of knowledge
Health: Prevent weight gain, encourage weight loss, Reduce cholesterol and blood pressure, keep fit and
stay healthy, in good shape, set a limit on the amount of stress, put on abs.
Tradition: have a deeper understanding of the sacrifice of our predecessors/of national culture, tradition,
bridge the relationship between generations, cultivate patriotism, learn from the past, revise the past,
attach importance to traditional values, cultivate national pride, to be a mirror for young generation’s
soul searching, promote national images.
Fashion: to be the height of fashion, up to the minute, the in-thing, dress to kill, slave of fashion, satisfy

the passion, set a good role model.
Free time: leisure
Do the cooking: to be responsible for the cooking, take charge of, take the responsibility for, paddle my
own canoe, guarantee food safety.
Travel: hit the road, have itchy feet, pay a visit to, set foot on, dig deeper into something, local cuisine,
culture, travelling forms a young man, live out of the suitcase, discover the hidden charm of new places,
make friends, expand relationships, the more the merrier.
Live together: Have a heart of gold >< have a heart of stone = lose your temper, put sb first, live under
the same roof, strengthen relationships, nurture/cement, tighten family bonds/relationships.
Happy: In a good mood, in high spirit, make me look on a bright side, on cloud nine, over the moon, on
top of the world,
Sad: a bad mood, in low spirit, down in the dump, have a broken heart, look on the dark side.
Clebrities: public figures, news maker, household names, big name, superstars, renown for reach/unique,
claim to fame

People who are hungry for knowledge,
S pay respect to sb,
It is a task of challenge for me to estimate how much time I (...) but it’s about (...)
Lotus = Patriotism, Rose = Love, Sunflower = optimism
 Lotus is the symbol/demonstration/illustration/message of patriotism
To be as different as chalk and cheese
Nurture sb to/harbor to become (...)
Do something at sb’s convenience
A waste of time
Deprive sb of sth
Provide covenience
Boost self confidence
Enhance social status
Give rise to, responsible for, the culprit of sth
I have a memory like a sieve
Have a knack for sth
Immense myself in sth
Dễ: easy on ABC, easy as a piece of cake
Khó: not a bed of roses, a task of challenge.
Động lực: A source of motivation and inspiration to keep moving forward,
Bâng khuâng: find peace of mind, in deep thoughts

First Idea:
At the outset,
I’d like to begin with,
the first thing I should mention is that,
I could start of by saying/highlighting the fact that,
My initial point would be,
The main thing you need to know is

Second Idea:
The second idea is that
In addition,/furthermore
Equally important, additionally,
The second feature I should mention is that
Another point I could add is that
On top of that I can also add that

Third point:
Last but not least
And I shouldn’t forget to mention that
Something else I need to comment on is that
I guess I could also remark on the fact that

Fro my point of view
To my mind,
It seems to me that
In my view
In my estimation

For the reason that/an explanation for this is that
This is due to the fact that
I suppose the reason has something to do with the fact that

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