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Topic : My family( english 6)

Presentation 1
Topic:My family

My family

My family
 Your name(spell your family name)?
 How many people are there in your family?
 Have you got any brothers or sisters?
 Who gets up first in the morning?
 What do you do with your family at the weekend?


My family
Hello Miss Nhung and everybody!
My name is Quynh Chi and my English’s name

is Betty..I’m 12 years old.I’m from Viet Nam and I live in Ha Noi with my
family.I’m a student in class 6A3 at Dich Vong Secondary School.And I’m a new
student in Miss Trang-Nhung’s class.I want all of you in Miss Nhung’s class are
friendly,condescending and in difficult exercise you can help me in learn to build a
collective soladarity.

My family
My name (My family name)
My full name is La Thi Quynh Chi.L-A.It’s very different because no family in Viet
Nam has family name is La.Who will hear very strange with this family name.

My family
People in my family
There are 4 people in my family:my dad,my mum,my older sister and me.My dad’s
name is Minh.He is 40 years old.He is fat and tall.He is very sensitive.My mum’s
name is Thuy.She is 39 years old.She is thin and lustful.

My family
Any brothers or sisters
Yes,I has only 1 older sister.Her name is Thuy Chi.She is 15 years old.She is a
student in class 10A3 at Cau Giay High School.She is fat and tall same my dad.In
Mathematics,she has more knowledgeable than me.But in English she lost her roods
and she has to re-learn the Basic Keyword of English Elight Centre.

My family
Who is the first riser in the morning?
In the morning,my mum was the first riser.Because she have to goes to the market
and prepare breakfast for everyone.

My family
At the weekend,our parents let us go camping to the forest to have a real
experient.After go home we very happy dispite very tired.Thanks my parents very


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