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ANH văn CHUYÊN NGÀNH 2 topica

Why did you turn ……… their job offer? Don’t you want to work for them?
B) down
Sarah invited me round for dinner last night. Her husband is a wonderful ………C) cook
Buick felt that sponsoring Tiger Woods was ……… doing
D) worth
‘That was a wonderful dinner, thank you. The food here is so ………!’
B) tasty
They decided not to ……… through with the deal as it was too expensive
B) go
It’s important to have good ……… so that no one gets into a building without permission. B) security
‘I don’t have a car. Can you give me a ……… to the airport?’
C) lift
We need to ……… back on spending if we want to make a profit this year
Mark worked in Bangkok for a year, and he is very interested in Thai ………D) cuisine
“A person who makes money by starting or running businesses, especially when this involves taking
financial risks”. Match this definition with a correct word:
C) entrepreneur
When someone has a lot of knowledge and experience, we say they have ………C) expertise
Your sister in-law has just come here. Why don’t we ……… her ……… tonight? There are a lot of night
clubs in the Old Square.

C) take/ out
In the 1997 recession, a lot of Asian companies had to ……… corporate gift giving as they wanted to
reduce their expenditures.
B) cut down
“Most important things”. Match this definition with a correct word:
C) priority
“A person who is being taught to do a particular job”. Match this definition with a correct word:
D) trainee
Last week, I had to look…………five clients from Portugal.
C) after
If Mr. Jaminson is your guest, then you are Mr. Jaminson’s ………C) host
Hurry up, kids. …………..the milk. We got to go now!
D) drink up
Many people have two ………. a day: breakfast and dinner.
A) meals
If you make a ……… you give a talk to people about a specific subject
A) presentation
Some of our volunteers wanted to get involved ……… the fight against poverty.
B) in
Our partner wants to ……… Hanoi before he goes back to Canada
B) look around
Taking clients to a golf course to entertain them is a good way to prove that your company is
C) wealthy
What do you want to do when saying: “ I think that’s everything”
C) Finishing a conversation
What do you want to do when saying: “ Sorry, I didn’t catch that”
A) Checking information
_____ you like to talk to our Marketing Manager?
D) Would
_____ new products did you launch? Were theretwo or three?
C) How many
The boss would like us to predict how much we could sell in the next quarter. He wants us to make _____
A) sales forecast.
What do you want to do when saying: “ Thanks very much. That was very helpful.”
C) Finishing a conversation
An amount of money that is available for advertising during a particular period is called _____
A) advertisement costs
……… is the construction site? About 3,000 square meters
A) how big

When you inform customers about products and persuade them to buy, you are trying to _____ your
D) promote
The length of time people continue to buy a product is product _____
D) lifecycle
Numbers showing how much a company has sold in a period are _____
C) sales figures.
This company is gathering information about what customers want and need at the moment. On the other
hand, it is carrying out a market _____
B) research
______ is the cost to the buyer of goods or services.
C) Price
A group of customers of similar age, income level and social group is _____
A) market segment.
_____ money did you spend on campaign?
A) How much
……… is the CEO? He is sitting next to the green window
A) Who

What do you want to do when saying: “ Did she say when she’d like to meet?”
B) Asking for information
______ is a term used when you talk about how and where people buy things.
A) Consumer behavior
______ didn’t you contact an advertising agency?
D) Why
The percentage of sales a company has is its market _____
A) share
A good marketer must be aware of the company’s strengths and______
C) weaknesses.
What do you want to do when saying: “ Let me read that back to you.”B) Checking information
A good marketer has to do a lot of hard work to get a deep______ of customers’ needs, and everything
that really motivate them.
D) understanding
What would you like for your main ………, smoked tuna or steak?’
D) course
‘______did you launch this advertising campaign?
D) When
Moviegoers may not even be aware of all the examples ofproduct_____ in an average Hollywoodfilm, but
they might remember enough details to boost sales after the fact.
A) placement
_____ did you target your new product at?
B) Who
_____ you read my quarterly sales report?
D) Have`
Having a _____ curiosity for the customer is one of the keys to successful marketing.
D) passionate
The description of a typical customer is consumer _____
C) profile
Did you_____ your sales targets?
B) meet
Things people buy for their own use are consumer _____
B) goods
RBS chose to sponsor golf because it ……… clients in both the USA and Europe.
B) targets

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