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Conversation about the first meeting of every student of 10 class Chi

Conversation about the first meeting of every student of 10 class
Chi: Today we have a short talk among the members about the things you like/
dislike at school . Now before talking the topic, let’s introduce about yourselves of
this group. Let’s start. Are you ready? Okay, Duong, first. Can you begin.
Duong: Er… Okay. My name is Duong. I am a student at Lam Kinh high school.
My nickname ………. . I like playing basketball and I am joining a basketball Team
at school.
Chi: oh, That’s great. Next Hoang. Can you introduce?
Hoang: I am Hoang, I am similar to Duong. Now, I am a member of the basketball
team at high school. My hobby is being a very skillful basketplayer.
Chi: So cool, okay . I have to have 5 minutes for others introducing
Nguyet Anh: Hi, I am Nguyet Anh. I am a student at Lam Kinh high school ( Xuan
Anh, Đình Giang, Dũng nói giống như Nguyệt Anh)
Now, we talk about the school, the thing you like and dislike
Do you think about the school?
Dũng: I think the school is very normal. Studying many subjects is very difficult to
me. The students at school have to do much homework. I think it is the thing that I
dislike. However, at school, teacher and my friends is very friendly.
Nguyet Anh: What subjects do you like the most. Why
Dung: I like English the most . Because, it is very interesting and my teacher of
english brings the interest for me. Moreover she is very funny.

Nguyet Anh: And Duong, you think about the school.
Duong: I think the school should hold many outdoor activities for students such as
playing sports or activities about life skill. Because it is very nessary for student.
Hoang: I think so. The school should have many clubs: art club, basketball club,
English club,….
Xuân Anh: I agree with Hoang and Duong. Studying much makes student feel
tired when they go to school.
Chi: Okay, I will summarised all idea. Thanks everyone.

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