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1-3 Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently. Mark your choice on the answer sheet
4-5.Choose the word whose main stress syllable is different from the rest.Mark your ce on the answer sheet

6-30.Choose the best option A,B,C,D to complete the sentences.
6.I am interested in natural science subjects like mathematics, physics and ________
7.I am tired_______having to wash the dishes every night.
8.I often go to school _____to borrow books in my free time
9.You can borrow_______books as you want.
A.as many
B.as much
C.so much
D.too many
10.It rained heavily ,_______I couldn't come to see you yesterday
11.I wish you _______harder for your examination
A.will work
C.have worked
12.Mary______with her friend in an apartment since last Sunday
A.is living
B.has lived
13.I could ______recognize her when she put on her suit and change her hairstyle.

B.not hardly
C.hardly not
14.Yesterday I was ill so they took me to the hospital_____only a mile way.
D.in which
15.To our_______, Geoffrey’s illness proved not to be as serious as we had feared
16.I've never seen_______
A.such a tall man
B.so tall man
C.such tall man
D.as tall man
17.They wanted to know what foreign language_____besides English
A.did they teach
B.they taught
C.they teach
D.do they teach
18.The doctor ______that he should slow down a bit
A.told to Jim
B.said Jim
C.asked Jim
D.told Jim
19.You___see the doctor if that back ache persists
B.better have
C.have better
D.had better
20._______is the natural environment in which plants or animals live
21.Many plants and animals ______are now in danger of extinction
22.The disappearance of one or several species may result in the lost of_________
23.______is considered one of the most complete forms of exercise , it is the basic part of many other aquatic sports
B.Water polo
C.Scuba diving
24.The Asian Games is on accasion when freindship and_______are built and deepened
25.Our company didn't pay______for that banner advertisement
A.much funds
B.many funds
C.many money
D.much money
26.All the iron doors ____by wooden doors
A.must be replaced
B.must replaced
C.must repalced D.must to be repalced
27.The bigger the supermarket is,___________
A.the choice is wide
B.the wider the choice will be
C.the more the choice D.the wider the choice it is
28.When he was driving to work, he stopped _________
A.to get some petrol
B.so to get some petrol
C.getting some petrol D.for getting some petrol
29.My problems are getting_____________
A.more and more bad B.bader and bader
C.worse and worse
D.the worse and worse
30.It would have been a much more serious accident if ______fast at that time
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)


A.had she have driving B.was she driving
C.she had driven
D.she drove
31.-35 Read the passage and choose the best option A,B,C,D to complete the passage
Environment, housing , employment and nutrition are all factors that affect our quality of life. Health is, however,
possibly the most important element. With good health, people can function to their fullest capacity and provide for
those(31)________are incapable of providing for themselves- the elderly , the sick and children Health is not just
absence of disease, though freedom disease is of major important.(32)_________is the state of total physical, mental
and social well-being. To be healthy, people need and a reasonable(33)______physical labor, a decent environment,
which includes sanitation and clean water, a balanced, dear diet and adequate rest. In developing countries diseases
are not the only (34)_______of high mortality rates. Unhealthy or exhausting work, crowded living conditions, too
little food and a poor diet are also prime causes of the numbers of death Providing basic health care and preventing
and treating disease are primary goals today. Hygiene and immunization must available to all. Health care
(35)________everybody cannot be just a noble aim, it must be a basic human right.
36-40.Read the passage and choose the best option A,B,C,D to answer the questions
The first few days after getting home from college were okay but then I began to feel rather bored and lonely. My
parents were busy working and most of my friends were either away on holiday jobs. I had tried to get a job myself
but without success. I was beginning to wish I had not come home when I saw an advertisement for holiday course in
the local newspaper For a small fee you could lots of different activities organized by town's youth club. Each activity
lasted half a day. I had not expected the courses to be very interesting but they were excellent. I also met new people
as many of the tourists staying in the town joined in. You could do things like painting, acting, playing -writing or
computing. I met some students from Bulgaria who invited me to visit their country next year. You can imagine how
excited I am, in fact it was one of the best summer holidays I've ever had !
36.What is the writer trying to do in the passage ?
A.to describe a holiday in the country
B.to explain how she spent a holiday
C.to describe her new holiday home
D.to explain why she couldn't go on holiday
37.Why would somebody read the passage ?
A.to find out about holiday courses
B.to discover the writer's news
C.to make contact with Bulgarian students
D.to read about the advertisements
38.How did the writer feel when she arrived home?
A.she was pleased to have time to herself
B.she felt nervous about being alone
C.she was delighted to see her friends
D.she almost regretted coming back
39.Why is writer looking forward to next year ?
A.there will be new holiday courses
B.she has found a holiday course
C.she is planning to go to job
D.her friends will visit her
40.Which of these adversitements did the writer see ?
A.A week's free on activity of your own choice. Open to visitors and residents alike. Name your course and you can
spend a week enjoying yourself
B.Join a holiday course! We are offering half -day courses in a variety of water sports. During the summer holiday
period all courses are half price
C.Through the summer holiday we are offering cheaper entry to the town's sports and leisure facilities. Special low
prices for tourist . Don't miss this opportunity !
D.We welcome everyone to join in our holiday program. A wide range of sports and activities is available a morning
or afternoon timetable
41-45. Choose the underlined or phrase in each sentence that needs correcting
41.(A)Eaten (B)too many sweets (C)may (D) cause a stomach ache
42.Pam has (A) a broken wrist (B) so she (C) can't play (D)the tennis for two months
43.This problem has proved (A)difficult to solving (B) because different countries(C) have (D) different laws on the
copyright issue
44.She (A) has disappeared three days ago, (B) and they (C) are still looking (D) for her now
45. There (A) are also(B) many single mothers and single fathers(C) which are raising children(D) by themselves
46-50. Choose the closest meaning A,B,C,D to the original
46.'' they are playing soccer now'' the passive voice is
A.Soccer is played now
B.Soccer is being played now
C.soccer are being played now
D.Soccer is be played now
47.'' No parking'' means_________
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)


A.There is no park here
B.You can'y go to the park here
C.You are not allowed to park your car here D.There's not enough space for parking here
48.It rains , so we can't go to school
A.If it rains, I could go to school
B.If it didn't rain, I could go to school
C.If it not rain, I could go to school
D.If it rains, I can go to school
49.Both Peter and Mary enjoys scientific expedition
A.It is not peter, but Mary, that enjoys scientific expedition B.Peter enjoys scientific expedition. Therefore, does Mary
C.However Peter enjoys scientific expedition and Mary does D.Peter enjoys scientific expedition and so does Mary
50.He asked me how I earned my living
A.He wanted to know what my job was
B.He wanted to know how I lived
C.He wanted to know how I enjoyed my life
D.He wanted to know how much I got for a salary
1-5 : Choose the word whose main stressed syllable is different from the rest
6-30: Choose the best option A,B,C,D to complete the sentences
6.The teacher asked him why he ________the test
A.doesn't finish
B.hasn't finished
C.won't finish
D.didn't finish
7.Happiness is something _______money cannot buy
8.The famous product is named after the person ______invented it
9.I would rather _______a quiet cup of coffee in the office than sit in a noisy cafe
B.to have
D.prefer to
10. After _____his homework, Tom went out to play with his f riends
A.to finish
B.to finish
D.the finish of
11.I was very surprised ________that she didn't pass the exam
B.to hearing
C.at hearing
D.to hear
12.We have an exam next week. It was very necessary ________
A.study hard
B.to study hard
C.hard study
D.to hard study
13.'' I just won the lotery'' '' Stop kidding. I__________you !''
A.am not believing
B.didn't believe
C.don't believe
D.wasn't believing
14.The people at the party were worried about Janet because no one was aware ________she had gone
A.where that
B.of where
C.of the place where
D.the place
15.Lee contributed fifty dollars, but she wishes she could contribute _______
A.one other fifty dollars
B.another fifty
C.the same amount also D.more fifty dollars
16.My brother told me he was soon going to visit__________
A.The United State
B.The United States
C.United States
D.United State
17.The children are all______beautiful clothes on New Year's day
18.Arthur Conan Doyle is the ________who writes many exciting stories about Sherlock Holmes.
19.What are the ____between women in old times and women in modern times ?
20.In the past people believed that women 's________roles were as mothers and viwes
21.In time of peace, the _____gives medical aid and other help to victims of disasters
A.Red Cross
B.Red and Cross
C.Cross Red
D.Cross and Red
22.If you take a good book on your hand, You will find it hard __________
A.to pick it up
B.to put it down
C.to read it
D.to enjoy
23.She didn't get _____well with her boss, so she left the company
24.It is against the law to_______on the basic of sex, age, marital status or race
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)


25.The acronym of WHO stands for________
A.World Healthy Organization
B.World Health Organization
C.Word Health Organizing
D.World Healthful Organization
26.We'll have to____down the options before coming to a decision
27.Your TOEFL score_____to admissions office
A.must submit
B.can be submitted
C.must be submitted
D.can submit
28.Nowadays women ___the same wages as men
A.should pay
B.will be paid
C.will pay
D.should be paid
29.The number of Vietnamese sport officials and referees of international stand ______regional tournaments has
increased rapidly
30.At the station, we often see the sign ''________for the pickpockets''
A.Watch on
B.watch out
C.watch up
D.watch at
31-35: Choose the option A,B,C,D to complete the passage
Dining Etiquette in Japan : An honoured guest sits at the centre of the table furthest from the door and begins eating
first. Learn to (31)______chopsticks- never point them, never pierce food with them, and rest them on the chopstickrest when breaking (32)________ drink or chat. It is good etiquette to try a bit of everything. Dining Etiquette in
Turkey: Meals are a (33)_______affair .Conservations are friendly and loud. The head of the family of honored guest
is served first. It is good etiquette to insist the most senitor served first (34)_______of you .Asking for
(35)_______food is a compliment. If taken to a restaurant, Turkish dining etiquette has strict rules that the one who
extended the invitation must pay
B.so many
C.the most
36-40. Read the passage and choose the best option A,B,C,D to answer the question
I had a week visit to England last year on the occasion of my gaining excellent prize. I went with a group of ten boys
and girls. Each day, before going to bed we often discussed places to visit the following day. We decided to visit
Buckingham Palace. We arrived at the Palace early in the morning. It was very hot. It was much hotter than we
expected. Everybody felt thirsty .Unfortunately, there was no ice cream stall around the palace. We wanted to get out
of the area to buy some drink, but we hadn't taken any pictures at the palace. There were a lot of visitors in front of
the palace gate so we couldn't find any space to take any photos. Half an hour passed, were all too tired to wait any
longer. We decided to get out of the crowd to get some drink and go back later. We caught a bus to Regent Street, one
of the busiest streets in London. There were a lot of shops there. The shop windows were full of beautiful goods so
we forgot our thirst. Everyone tried to look for the things they planned to buy. And nobody thought of the time. When
I got out of the souvenir shop, it was already dark. It was time to come back to the hotel. We were all thirsty and
hungry. We went to the hotel in silence. That ended our third day in England.
36. How many persons visited England last year on the special occasion ?
37.How long did they spend in London ?
A.the whole day
B.all the afternoon
C.all the morning
D.Half a day
38.Why couldn't they take any photos at Buckingham Palace ?
A.Because they didn't want to keep waiting
B.Because they were too tired to wait for photos
C.Because the couldn't find space to take photos
D.Because they weren't able to take photos
39.What made them forget their thirst ?
A.Busy streets
B.the goods at the shop windows C.The need of taking photos
D.Things they wanted to buy
40.How long did their visit last ?
A.three days
B.Four days
C.Five days
D.seven days
41-45. Choose the most appropriate way of forming meaningful sentence A,B,C or D
41. always/ give/ his/ him/ smoking/ friends/ ask
A.His friends always ask him to give up smoking
B.His friends ask always him to give up smoking
C.his friend always ask to him give up smoking
D.his friend always ask to him give smoking up
42.What/ population/ of / Ho Chi Minh City ?
A.What Ho Chi Minh's population is it ?
B.What is the population of Ho Chi Minh city ?
C.What makes the population in Ho Chi Minh city ?
D..What population is in the Ho Chi Minh city ?
A.I will pass the test no matter how hard it is
B.I will pass the test no matter how hard is it
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)


C.I will pass the test no matter what it is hard
D.I will pass the test no matter what hard is it
44.If/ you/ not help/ I not meet/ my brother/ last month
A.If I didn't help me, I couldn't meet my brother last month.
B.If you hadn't helped me, I didn't meet my brother last month.
C.Had you helped me, I couldn't meet my brother last month.
D.If you hadn't me, I couldn't have met my brother last month.
45.year/ college/ most/ first/ year/ probably/ best/ and/ challenging/ my/ life
A.The first year at college was the best and probably most challenging year of life.
B.The first year probably at college was the best and most challenging year of my life.
C.The first year at college was probably the best and most challenging year of my life.
D.The first year of college was probably the best and most challenging year at my life.
46.Lan doesn't have enough time to make her wedding cake
A.If Lan had more time, She'd make her wedding cake
B.If Lan had more time, She'd have made her wedding
C.If Lan had more time, she'd make her wedding cake
D.If Lan had more time, she will make her wedding cake
47.Mary, as well as her sister, is playing tennis
A.Mary and her sister are playing tennis
B.Tennis is Mary as well as her sister's play
C.Mary plays tennis as well as her sister
D.Mary and her sister play tennis well
48.He won't come to your birthday party unless you invite him
A.He will come to your birthday party if you invite him
B.He will come to your birthday party if you don't invite him
C.He will not come to your birthday party if you invite him
D.He will come to your birthday party when you invite him
49.We can't see the dark side of Mercury from the Earth
A.The dark side of Mercury can be seen from the Earth
B.It's possible to see the dark side of Mercury from the Earth
C.The dark side of Mercury can be seen from the Earth
D.It's impossible to see the dark side of Mercury from the Earth
50.I want to buy her a handbag on her birthday but I haven't got enough money
A.I'd buy her a handbag on her birthday if I had enough money
B..I'd buy her a handbag on her birthday if I had few money
C..I'd buy her a handbag on her birthday if I have few money
A.I'd buy her a handbag on her birthday if I have enough money
1-3. Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently
4-5.Choose the owrd whose main stressed sylabble is different from the rest
6-30.Choose the best option A,B,C,D to complete the sentence
6.______aspects of learning English do you find the most difficult ?
7.We are a very _______family. All of us have very close relationship with one another.
8.I remember _____the letter of a few days before going on holiday
A.to receive
B.to have received
9.Her suggestions were ___________. We couldn't approve of them.
10.Do you agree that a happy marriage should be based ________love ?
11.Mary____in London for 15 years
A.is living
B.was living
D.has lived
12.She said she________collect the stamp for me after work
13.To enter that school, you will have to fill in the ________form.
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)


14.Today we can find many _________farms in our country
15.I cannot understand my neighbour's accent. I wish she would ________
A.speak clearer
B.clearer speak
C.more clearly speak D.speak more clearly
16.The sink in the locker room tends to_________
C.flow over
D.over flowing
17.He went to the cinema _____he had done his homework
C.by the time
18.The peole next door are furious_____us_______making so much noise last night
B.with /for
C.for/ to
D.about/ in
19.The Vietnamese participants always take part ______sports events with great enthusiasm.
20.The average TV ______time of the British is about 25 hours a week
21.She doesn't want anything alcoholic now. She would rather _____a soft drink
B.to have
D.prefer to have
22.That news came very fast. They'll be surprised ______it
B.to hearing
C.at hearing
D.to hear
23.'' It was very cold yesterday. The winter is just around the corner.'' I think today will be _______yesterday''
A.as cold as
B.so cold as
C.as cold like
D.so cold like
24.On Saturday evening I____go to the cinema ________stay home watch TV
A.both/ and
B.neither/ and
C.either / or
D.either / nor
25.'' If I were you, I would advise her_____the new teaching method''
A.to try
26.Tom went to see the optician. He wanted to have his glasses________
C.fit on
D.fitted on
27.Her grades have improved, but only________
A.in a small amount
B.very slightly
28.Working for 12 hours a day ______her very tired
29.He went back to work in his country after he_______his course on advanced Engineering in London
B.had finished
C.has finished
D.was finishing
30.I'd prefer to stay at home tonight______to the cinema
A.rather than go
B.rather than would go C.rather than will go
D.rather than went
31-35. Choose the best option A,B,C,D to answer the question
Saving energy means saving money. Homeowners and renters know this basic fact, but they often don't know what
kinds of adjustments they can make in their homes and apartments that will result in savings. For those willing to
spend some time and money to reap long-term energy savings, an energy audit is the way to go. An energy auditor
will come into your home and assess its energy and offer solutions to lower your energy use and costs. Trained energy
auditors know what to look for and can locate a variety of flaws that may be resulting in energy inefficiency,
including inadequate insulation, construction flaws and uneven heat distribution.There are quicker and less costly
measures that can be taken as well. One way to save money is to replace incandescent lights with fluorescents. This
can result in savings of more than 50% on your monthly lighting costs. When it 's time to replace old appliances, it's
wise to spend a bit more for an energy-efficient model, and be sure that you are taking advantage of energy- saving
setting already on your current refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine or dryer. Windows provide another
opportunity to cut your energy costs. The old windows that might be leaky to prevent drafts, and choose doublepaned windows if you're building and an addition or replacing old windows Most areas of your home or apartment
offer opportunities to save energy and money. The results are significant and well worth the effort
31.Which two main organizational schemes can be identified in this passage ?
A.hierarchical order and order by topic
B.order by topic and cause and effect
C.hierarchical order and chronological order
D.chronological order and compare and contract
32.Which of the following ideas is NOT included in this passage ?
A.You can reduce your $ 130 monthly lighting costs to $ 65 by using fluorescent bulbs instaed of incandescent
B.Double-paned windows can cut energy costs
C.Your local energy company will send energy auditor at your request
D.Some appliances have energy -saving setting
33.Which of the following best expresses the main idea of this passage ?
A.There are many things a homeowner or renter can do to save energy and money.
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)


B.Hiring an energy auditor will save energy and money
C.Homeowners and renters don't know what they can do to save energy and money
D.Replacing windows and light bulbs are well worth the effort and cost.
34.According to the passage, which of the following would an energy auditor NOT do ?
A.check for construction flaws
B.Look for problems with heat distribution
C.Offer solutions to lower your energy cost D.Locate a variety of flaws that may result in inefficiency and fix them
35. According the passage, double-paned windows
A.are energy efficient
B.should only be used as replacement windows
C.should only be used in new additions to homes D.will lower your heating costs by 50%
36-40. Choose the best option A,B,C,D to complete the passage
There are two main factora that make it difficult to overcome poverty in the countryside.First, there is a (36)_____to
inherit one' accupation. If a person's parents work in agriculture, he will have chances to work in agriculture, and the
income levels of many(37)________ are very low. Another main problem is that families in the countryside are
usually (38)______.Before machines and modern technology are applied to farm work, the farm family used children
as workers. But now (39)_______conditions have changed they still remain large families including several
generations. The older members are (40)_____work hard and the young men go to the cities to look for jobs. Those
who are left behind have an ever-greater burden to bear
40.A.too old to
B.so old to
C.very old to
D.so old that
41-45 Choose the one word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct
41.Dinosaurs (A)became extinct millions of years ago (B)because of (C)the earth's climate changed (D)drastically
42.Many (A)charity organizations (B) have brought food supplies and clothes to (C)flood-effecting areas in (D)the
Mekong Delta
43.After Tom (A)returned to (B)his house, (C)he (D)read a book
44.Our (A)form teacher (B)told us(C) not talk when the teachers were (D) explaining the lesson
45.Her (A) last book(B) is (C)published in 20 languages (D)years ago
46-50.Choose the correct sentence that has been completed from the given words and phrases
46.Mary/ not stand/ kept/ wait/ such / long
A.Mary can't stand being kept to wait such a long time
B.Mary can't stand be kept waiting such a long time
C.Mary can't stand being kept waiting such a long time D..Mary doesn't stand to be kept waiting such a long time
47.As/as I/ concerned/ you/ call/ police
A.As much as I concerned you should call police
B.As far sa I am concerned, you should call the police
C.As long as I'm concerned, you call the police
D.As far as I'm concerned, you call police
48.Jungee/ wish/ we/ speak/ English/ well
A.Jungee wishes we spoke English well.
B..Jungee wishes we will speak English well
C..Jungee wishes we speak English well
D.Jungee wishes we are speaking English well
49.Maths/ Literature/ compulsory subjects/ children/ Vietnam ?
A.Are Maths and Literature compulsory subjects of children in Vietnam?
B.Are Maths and Literature compulsory subjects for children in Vietnam?
A.Are Maths and Literature compulsory subjects for children of Vietnam?
A.Are Maths and Literature compulsory subjects of children of Vietnam?
50. children/ take/ Ha Noi Opera House/ parents/ last night
A.The children took to Ha Noi Opera House with their parents last night
B.The children were taken to Ha Noi Opera House with their parents last night
C..The children were taken to Ha Noi Opera House by their parents in last night
D.The children took to Ha Noi Opera House their parents last night

Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)


1-2 Choose the word whose underlined pasrt is pronounced differently
3-5 Choose the word whose main stressed syllable is different from the rest
6-30.Choose the best option A,B,C,D to complete the sentences
6.He's a______.His first play was performed in a very small threatre
7.I'd rather you_______in here. There's a room for smokers out there
A.not smoke
B.don't smoke
C.didn't smoke
D.won't smoke
8.My father _____to the Golf Club for the past 25 years
A.was belonging
B.has belonged
C.has been belonged
D.has belonging
9.'' Excuse me. Do you know where the bus terminal is ?''-'' It is____the large police station''
B.opposed to
C.opposite with
D.opposite to
10.'' Bill is not doing well in class''- '' You must______, that he is just a beginer at this level''
A.keep minding
B.keep to mind
C.keep in mind
D.keeping in mind
11.'' We should buy a new microwave''- '' But our old one will do for_______''
A.a time being
B.the time being
C.a being time
D.the being time
12.Jane is the _____of the two sisters.
D.more old
13.My new neighbour has two children,_____are very lovely.
A.both of whom
B.all of whom
C.who both of
D.both of that
14.Schooling is compulsory for all Vietnamese children _____from six to foourteen
C.at age
D.on age
15.Is Jane married with a Korean man ?-______________________
A.I think
B.I don't think so
C.I think not
D.I don't think that
16.The wedding day was_____chosen by parents of the groom
17.Peter usually helps his mother with the_________
18.Mrs. Edward is at the market. Right now she_______at the apples. They______fresh
B.has been looking/ looked C.is looking/are looking
D.is looking/look
19.'' Would you mind if I smoke?''-''_____________''
A.never mind
B.Yes, please don't
C.Not at all
D.Yes, please do
20.Don't worry. By the time we_____cooking, they ______their homework
A.fnished/ will ahve done B.have finished/ will have done C.finish/ will be doing
D.are finished/ will do
21.Who is responsible for moving the________?
22.We are having a________party next week. Would you like to join us ?
A.house moving
D.new housing
23.________econimics is the study of_________management
A.House/ home
C.Home/ household
D.Housing/ homehouse
24.I don't mind your____________the phone as long as you pay for your calls
B.to use
25.Suddenly ________hungry, he stopped to buy a bar of chocolate
B.having felt
26.It is essential that household chores should be divided ________family members
B.up among
27.The local authorities all agreed to close some_________factories.
28.I am well _______with problems encountered in starting a business
29.It is no use_______to school if you____to wwork hard
A.going/ do not ready
B.to go/ do not ready
C.going/ are not ready
D.go/ are not ready
30.Some parents didn't approve________a lot of television
A.in their children watching B.of their children watching C.on their children watching D.at their chuldren watching
31-35.Choose the best option A,B,C,D to answer the questions
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)


New York City is located in the southeastern part of New York state. The city was founded by Dutch in 1624. At first
it was called Fort Amsterdam, and then New Amsterdam. In 1664, The English took over the city and renamed it New
York. With the population of more than 7 million in the city and 19 million in the metropolitan region, New York is
the largest city in the United States. It id divided into five parts, which are Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens
and Staten Island.The total area of these parts is 946 square kilometers. Visitors to New York are all attracted by
places such as the statue of Liberty, The Empire State Building , Wall street, and Broadway threatre distric. New York
is also where tourists can visit some world famous art galleries and museums.
31.Where is New York City ?
A.in the south of New York state
B.In the southeast of New York State
C.In the east of New York state
D.in the north of New York state
32.What was the city called at first ?
A.Fort Amsterdam
B.New York
C.New Amsterdam
D.New York city
33.What is its population ?
A.seven million
B.nineteen million
C.twenty-six million
D.ninety million
34.How many parts are there in the city ?
35.What can tourists also visit in New York ?
A.Statue of Liberty
B.art galleries and museums C.art galleries
36-40. Choose the best option A,B,C,D to complete the passage
Water is necessary for life. People can live only a few days (36)________it. Yet nearly 25 million people die each
year because of it. Both industrial nations and developing countries are worried about the (37)_________and quantity
of water in the world. Even though people, animals, agriculture and industry use a lot of water, there is more than
enough on the earth. Water covers about three-quarters of Earth's surface. However, 97.4 percent of it is salt
water.Three-fourths of the Earth's fresh water is frozen in glaciers and in the great polar ice caps. Most of the water
we use (38)_______from rivers, lakes, and the atmosphere. Less than one percent of the Earth's water is usable, and
we use it over and over again. One of the (39)________about water is distribution. Water is not always distributed
where the large (40)_________centers are. Some regions get enough rain. But it is all in one or two short rainy
41-45. Choose the one word or phrase that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct
41.John announced (A)that he could(B) not longer tolerate the conditions(C) of the contract (D)under which he was
42.Mary was determined (A)to leave the office(B) by 4:30 (D)for catching the early train (D)home
43.Their free trip, (A)which they won(B)on a television game show,(C) include four days in London and(D) a week
in Paris
44.The(A) fastest way (B)to get to England from France is(C)over the tunnel linking (D)the two countries
45.(A)The little boy's mother bought(B) him a (C)five-speeds racing bicycle(D) for his birthday
46-50. Choose the sentence that has the same meaning as the original one by circling the corresponding letter
46.The flight lasts twenty-four hours
A.It is a twenty -four-hours flight
B.It is a twenty -four-hour flight
C.It is twenty -four-hour flight
D.It is twenty -four-hours flight
47.Someone has stolen her bike
A.She has had her bike stolen
B.Her bike was stolen
C.She had her bike stolen
D.She has her bike stolen
48.Susan is more attractive than her sister
A.Susan's sister looks attractive
B.Susan's sister is not as attractive as her
C.Susan is not so attractive as her sister
D.Susan looks more attractive than her sister
49.They will buy a new house next year
A.A new house is bought next year
B.A new house will be bought next year
C.A new house has been bought next year
D.A new house will been bought next year
50.You ought to do your homework every day
A.Your homework ought to be done every day
B.Your homework ought be done everyday
C.Your homework ought to do every day by you
D.Your homework should be done every day
1-2 Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)


3-5 Choose the word whose main stressed syllable id different from the rest.
6-30. Choose the best option A,B,C,D to complete the sentence
6.He isn't independent_____any means. He depends___his father _______everything
B.for / on/ in
C.of /in/ for
D.on /in /with
7.I can't find my umbrella. I______it in the restaurant last night
A.must have left
B.had left
D.might leave
8. The prisoner ______to have escaped by climbing over a wall
B.is thought
C.is think
D.has thought
9.She has made an______for the job as a nursery teacher because she likes children
10.We were made _______hard when we were at school
A.to study
11._____he was sick, he still turned up for his guitar lesson
12.The work of the charity is funded by voluntary________
13.We have just been told some________news
14.'' What a lovely hat you have ''-'' Thanks.______________''
A.I'm glad you like it B.I don't care
C.That's OK
15.It was the most exciting film I__________
A.ever saw
B.have ever seen
C.never saw
D.had ever seen
16.The contest aimed to stimulate the spirit of learning _______students
17.Such questions provide a useful means of________students' interest.
18.We took part in a sponsored walk_______to support the poor
C.that organized
D.had organized
19.I________about him when suddenly he________in
A.talk/ come
B.talked / came
C.am talking/ come
D.was talking/ came
20.The picnic _______because Peter has just had a traffic accident
A.will cancel
B.will be canceling
C.will be cancelled
D.will have cancelled
21." How's your class this term ?'' -'' Great. I have seventeen students, most of___speak English very well''
22.I don't like hunting'. _____________
A.Either do I
B.I do, too
C.Neither do I
D.I don't neither
23._______my hat of the peg, I went out of the room
24.He may be quick_______understanding but he isn't capable______remembering anything
A.in/ of
B.on /at
C/at/ of
D.of/ at
25.Mary was sacked,_______wasn't surprising
B.for that
D.for which
26.I don't suppose you like pineapples,_______?
A.do I
B.do you
C.don't I
D.don't you
27.My younger sister is very_____and so she loves going out but I am much quieter and prefer to stay at home.
28.Nowadays, young men with a technical education _______because of the great demand for highly skilled
A.is well-paid
B.should pay well
C.are well -paid
D.could pay well
29.While they were________tables, he was_________the radio
A.arranging / listening to
B.arranging/ hearing
C.laying/ listening to D.making/ hearing
30.At first I found it difficult _______on the left-hand side of the road
A.to get used to drive
B.to get used to driving
C.being used to drive
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)

D.in getting used to driving
Page 10

31-35 Choose the best option A,B,C,D to complete the passage
It's quite rare to meet teenagers who don't like sport. When you are young, you know how important (31)________to
do physical exercise if you want to be healthy and strong and for that reason you often concentrate on just one sport
with so(32)________enthusiasm that in the end you can't live without it. The problem is, though, that as you grow up
you have less and less spare time. At your age, you have to study harder if you want to get good marks to go to
university with perhaps only one afternoon a week to do any sport. This happens just when you are at the best
(33)_________for many sports, such as gymnastics and swimming. By the time you finish all your studies you will
probaly be too old to be really good at sports like those, but you spend enough time on (34)______while you are
young, then one day you will find that you are very good at your sport but too old to study, and you will find it
(35)_____to get a good job. Somehow, it doesn't seem fair
31.A.this is
B.you are
C.it is
D.things are
36-40. Read the following passage and then choose the best answer to the questions
It is a characteristic of human nature that people like to get together and have fun, and people live during America's
frontier days were no exception. However, because life was hard and the necessities of day-to-day living took up their
time, it was common for recreation to be combined with activities necessary for survival. One example of such a form
of recreation was logrolling. Many frontier areas were heavily wooded and in order to settle an area it was necessary
to remove the trees. A settler could cut down the trees alone, but help was needed to move the cut trees. After a settler
had cut a bunch of trees, he would then invite his neighbors over for a logrolling A logrolling is a community event
where families got together for a combination of work and fun .The women would bring food and have a much
needed and infrequent opportunity to relax and chat with friends, the children would play together exuberantly and
the men would hold lively competitions that involved rolling logs from place to place as quickly as possible. This was
a day of fun for everyone involved, but as its foundation was the need to clear the land.
36.The main idea of the passage is that America's frontier days_________
A.people combined work with recreation
B.people cleared land by rolling logs
C.It was necessary for early settlers to clear the land
D.A logrolling involved the community
37. The expression day -to- day could be best be replaced by which of the following ?
C. day after day
38.According to the passage, what did people have to do first to settle an area ?
A.Develop recreation ideas B.Bulid farms
C.Get rid of the trees
D.Invite neighbors over
39.According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true about a logrolling ?
A.it involved a lot of people B.It could be enjoyable
C.there could be a lot of movement
D.it was rather
40.. This passage would probably be assigned reading in which of the following courses ?
B.Environmental Studies
41-45. Choose the one word or phrases that must be changed in order for the sentence to be correct
41.(A)During the school year, I'm not allowed (B)to watch television (C)when I've finished my(D) homework
42.(A)Reading several (B)books on that subject, Bill (C)considered himself an (D) expert
43.Ralph (A)wishes that he(B) went to the bank this morning (C)before he (D)went to work
44.(A)The company did not (B)want to hire a man (C) that experiment was (D) so limited
45. Mrs .Alien was concerned (A) about (B)me having to drive (C)so far (D) every day
46-50 Choose the sentence that has the same meaning
46.I have not seen her for 2 months
A.It's 2 months since I last saw her
B.It's 2 months after I last saw her
C.It's 2 months before I last saw her
D.It's 2 months when I last saw her
47.'' Do you watch TV every evening, Van ?'' said Long
A.Long ashed Van If she's watched TV every evening
B..Long ashed Van did she watch TV every evening
C.Long ashed Van If does she watch TV every evening
D..Long ashed Van If she watched TV every evening
48.'' Don't tak in class'' the teacher said
A.The teacher told his students do not talk in class B.The teacher told his students did not talk in clas
C.The teacher told his students not to talk in class D..The teacher told his students not talking in class
49.My parents made me study hard when I was young
A.My parents always force me to study hard
B.My parent made me study hard when they were young
C.My parents wanted me to study hard when I was youngD.I was made to study hard by my parents when I was
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)

Page 11

I/ Choose the letter to indicate the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently
1. A. shown
B. known
C. town
D. snow
2. A. cooks
B. loves
C. joins
D. spends
3. A. interfered
B. allowed
C. visited
D. played
II/Choose the letter to indicate the word which is stressed differently from that of the rest in each of the following.
4. A. position
B. family
C. century
D. politics
5. A. interviewer
B. preparation
C. economics
D. education
III/ Mark the letter to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
6. Body language is a potent form of _______ communication.
A. verbal
B. non-verbal
C. tongue
D. Oral
7. In _______ 22nd SEA Games, Vietnam won 158 _______ gold medals.
A. Ø / the
B. the / Ø
C. a / the
D. the / the
8. Nam: “You are a great dancer.” Hoa: …………………………….I’m an awful dancer.
A. You are so kind
B. That’s a nice compliment C. You must be kidding D. Oh, thank you very much
9. If I _______ 10 years younger, I _______ the job.
A. am / will take
B. was / have takenC. had been / will have taken
D. were / would take
10. I’ve applied ............ a job at the factory. I don’t know if I’ll get it.
A. for
B. in
C. on
D. at
11. When I came to the cinema, the film.........shown for ten minutes.
A. will have been
B. has been
C. had been
D. was
12. Binh: “I didn’t get the job” Van: ………………………………
A. Never mind, better luck next time.
B. Good heavens! C. The same to you
D. Sure.
13. The …… we study, the more prizes we receive.
A. best
B. worse
C. better
D. worst
14. Look! The ball …………………down.
A. falls
B. is falling
C. fall
D. has fallen
15. What is the name of the blonde girl ………………..?
A. whom just came in B. who just came in C. when I have just seen D. who she met you.
16. Tom: “I’m taking my entrance exam tomorrow” Daisy: ……………………………………………
A. Good idea
B. Good time
C. Good luck
D. Good night.
17. It is found that endangered species are often concentrated in areas that are poor and densely populated, such as
much of Asia and Africa.
A. disappeared
B. increased
C. threatened
D. reduced
18. . …… the heavy traffic, they left very early.
A. Though
B. Despite
C. Because
D. Because of
19. The laptop is………..expensive for me to buy.
A. to
B. very
C. enough
D. too
20. Alex: “Would you like to have dinner with me?” Kim: ………………………………
A. You are so kind
B. Yes, I’d love to. C. Yes, I would. D. Yes, so do I.
21. This is the school ……………………… he used to study.
A. which
B. that
C. where
D. whose
22. Terry used……………in the forest.
A. to live
B. to living
C. live
D. lives
23. The local clubs are …………… every effort to interest more young people.
A. doing
B. making
C. taking
D. having
24. Neither Sandra nor Mary ………. part in the singing contest.
A. has taken
B. hasn’t taken
C. have taken
D. haven’t taken
25. Loan: “I’ve passed my diving test.” Viet: ………………………………
A. Do you?
B. It’s nice of you to say so.C. Congratulation! D. Oh, thank you very much.
26. He was the only ……………… that was offered the job.
A. apply
B. application
C. applicant
D. applying
27. The International Committee Red Cross has about 12,000 staff members worldwide, about 800 of them working
in its Geneva ……
A. factories
B. companies
C. headquarters
D. buildings
28. Anna needed some money, …………., she took a part-time job.
A. furthermore
B. moreover
C. however
D. therefore
29. Sue didn’t go to the movie.
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)

- …………………………
Page 12

A. So did I
B. I did, too
C. Neither did I
D. Either did I.
30. Read the book ……………..and you can find the information that you need.
A. care
B. careful
C. carefully
D. carefulness
31. They are painting the kitchen now
A. The kitchen was being painted now
B. The kitchen is being painted now
C. The kitchen are being painted now
D. The kitchen is painted now by them
IV/Mark the letter A, B, C or D on your answer sheet to show the underlined part that needs correction.
32. The bridge (A) was destroying by (B) during a (C) sudden storm (D) last week.
33. Many (A) optimist people have made (B)predictions about the (C) positive
impact of the increasing mechanization ( D)on human life.
34. Laura - one of their children (A) who (B) has studied English (C) before they went (D) to London.
35. The students (A) who (B) don’t have library cards (C) they can’t borrow books (D) from the library.
V/ Mark the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
36. “When did you leave school?” the interviewer asked me.
A. The interviewer told me when I had left school.
B. The interviewer asked me when I had left school.
C. The interviewer asked me when you had left school. D. The interviewer asked me when I left school.
37. I’ve never eaten this food before.
A. It’s the first time I’ve eaten this food.
B. It’s the most tasty food I’ve ever eaten.
C. I’ve never eaten such a good food before.
D. The food is so good that I’ve never eaten before
38. I like watching TV more than listening to the radio.
A. I prefer watching TV to listening to the radio.
B. I prefer watching TV than listening to the radio.
C. I’d better watching TV to listening to the radio.
D. I’d better watch TV to listening to the radio.
39. She was tired, so she didn’t enjoy the party.
A. If she weren’t tired, she would enjoy the party.
B. If she were tired, she wouldn’t enjoy the party.
C. If she had been tired, she wouldn’t have enjoyed the party.
D. If she hadn’t been tired, she would have enjoyed the party.
40. It takes me one hour to drive to Da Nang city from Hoi An.
A. Da Nang city is one hour to drive from Hoi An.
B. I spent one hour to drive to Da Nang from Hoi An.
C. I spend one hour to drive to Da Nang from Hoi An. D. I spend one hour driving to Da Nang from Hoi An.
IV/ Read the following passage and mark the letter to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks
Conservation is the protection and wise management of the environment. People practise conservation so that the
environment can preserve their needs of all other living things. Without conservation, all the resources necessary for
life _ air, animals, energy, plant, soil, and water _ would be damaged, wasted, or destroyed. Conservation also
includes a concern for the quality of the environment, so that people can enjoy living. It means keeping the
environment comfortable and safe _ and an interesting place to live in. A healthy environment includes clean streets
and highways, with open spaces in cities for parks and playgrounds. Ideal surroundings mean landscapes free of junk
and litter. They include wilderness regions where animals and plants can be safe from destruction by human beings.
41. Which necessary resource(s) for life are NOT mentioned?
A. land
B. trees
C. species
D. minerals
42. What would happen if there were no conservation?
A. The environment is kept safe and comfortable.
B. The environment would be damaged
C. Animals and plants can be safe from destruction by human beings.
D. The resources would be reserved.
43. Which shows an unhealthy environment?
A. comfortable environment
B. clean streets and highways
C. open spaces in cities for parks
D. landscapes full of junk and litter
44. “free of junk and litter” means____. A. clean B. much garbage C. full of rubbish
D. rubbish
45. What does the word “They” in the last sentence refer to?
A. the environment
C. wilderness regions
B. ideal surroundings
D. landscapes

VII/ Read the following passage and mark the letter to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)

Page 13

One of the interesting things about Cuba is its educational (46) . . . As in many other countries schools are
free. What is unusual is that schools combine study with manual work. Each school has a plot of land (47)…children
work for a few hours each day. They (48)……….vegetables, which they weed and water and later they harvest the
crop. In this (49)………they develop good working habit and learn how important it is to produce. Usually, children
do not like (50)…….vegetables such as spinach, Cuba children soon develop a taste for them. During the summer,
older children also go to the country to help the farmers with the crops. In this system, the children spend part of their
school time studying and the rest working in the open air helping increase the nation’s production.
46. A. school

B. system

C. secondary

D. children

47. A. which

B. who

C. when

D. where

48. A. plant

B. raise

C. do

D. eat

49. A. time

B. way

C. is

D. day

50. A. grow

B. grew

C. grown

D. growing

Read the passage and choose the best answer
For many years, no one could communicate with people who had been born without hearing. These deaf
people were not able to use a spoken language . But, early in the 1700s, the deaf were taught a special language.
Using this language, they could share thoughts and ideas with others. The language they used was a language without
sound. It was a sign language. How did this sign language work? The deaf were taught to make certain movements
using their hands, faces, and bodies. These movements stood for things and ideas. People might move their
forefingers across their lips. This meant, “ You are not telling the truth.” They might taps their chins with three
fingers. This meant “ my uncle.” The deaf were also taught to use a finger alphabet. They used their fingers to make
the letters of the alphabet. In this way, they spelled out words. Some deaf people could spelled out words at a speed of
130 words per minute. Sign language and finger spelling are not used as much as they once were. Today, the deaf are
taught to understand others by watching their lips. They are also taught how to speak.
1/ In the 1700s, the deaf were taught…
A. to speak
B.sign language
C.to watch others
D.move their fingers across their lips
2/ A tap on the chin with three fingers means
A. “ hello”
B.“ come on”
C.“ I have a toothache”
D.“ my uncle”
3/ How did sign language help the deaf?
A. It helped them learn to read.
B.The deaf could understand body movements made by normal people
C.It helped them communicate with other people D.It helped them spell out words
4/ Why are sign language and finger spelling not used as much as they used to?
A. Because there are other ways to help the deaf communicate.
B. Because it is difficult to use a finger alphabet.
C. Because the speed of 130 words per minute is too difficult for most deaf people
D. Because sign language and finger spelling have no sound.
5/ What is the main idea of the passage you’ve read?
A. How the deaf communicate
B.Learning to spell
C.Teaching the deaf to speak
D. comparision of sign language and finger spelling.
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently
6/ A. trousers
B. country
C. shout
D. amount
7/ A. beard
B. word
C. heard
D. third
8/ A. character
B. challenge
C. chemistry
D. scholarship
9/ A. fan
B. bad
C. catch
D. wash
10/ A. asked
B. loved
C. fixed
D. stopped
Choose the best answer
11/ After seeing the movie Centennial,…………
A. the book was read by many people
B.the book made many people want to read it.
C.many people wanted to read the book.
D.the reading of the book interested many people
12/ He spoke for such a long time …………………..
A. so people began to fall asleep
B.so that people began to fall asleep
C.that people began to fall asleep
D.so as people began to fall asleep
13/ Can you tell me ……………….?
A. which book you want to buy.
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)

B.which book you want to buy it
Page 14

C.you want to buy which book
D.you want which book to buy.
14/ The more the match lasts,………
A. the players become the more exhausted.
B.the more exhausted the players become.
C.the exhaused the players more become.
D. the players become exhausted the more.
15/ It was very late ……………
A. after we arrived in London.
B.before we arrived in london.
C.while we arrived in London.
D.when we arrived in London.
Choose the word which best fits each of the following sentences
16/Susan and Geogre are getting married , ………. not having very much money .
A. in spite
B. however
C. but
D. despite
17/ When he …….. all the letters, he took them to the post office.
A. has written
B. had written
C. wrote
D. had been writing
18/ Don’t get off a bus……. it is still moving.
A. whenever
B. until
C. while
D. incase
19/ ……. that we were late, we began to run.
A. Knowing
B. To know
C. We know
D. As knowing
20/ He was told to ………. for being rude to the guest.
A. excuse
B. forgive
C. confess
D. apologise
21/ Do you mind ………… in here?
A. my smoking
B. to smoke
C. if I smoking
D. me to smoke
22/ “ I usually go dancing at night.” – “ ……… do that.”
A. You had better not B. You had not better C. You should not to D. You had better not to
23/ The successful ………. must be hard –working, responsible and honest.
A. applicant
B. application
C. apply
D. applying
24/ The light ……. when she was making a cake
A. went off
B. went away
C. went out
D. went through
25/ She passed the exam,….. made us surprised
A. that
B. it
C. which
D. this
26/ I saw you yesterday. You …….. in a cafe.
A, sat
B. were sitting
C. had sat
D. had been sitting.
27/” I have passed all my examinations” – “……..”
A. My dear !
B. Best wishes ! C. Well done !
D. That’s very well!
28/ I am ………… single-handed, I don’t need any help.
A. used to sail
B. used to sailing C. used for sailing
D. using sail
29/ Choose the correct sentence with the same meaning as the one given
“ Let’s go to the cinema tonight,” said Jane.
A. Jane wanted us to go to the cinema that night .
B.Jane invited us to go to the cinema that night.
C.Jane suggested going to the cinema that night.
D.Jane allowed us to go to the cinema that night
30/ Mrs Brown was the first owner ………. dog won three prizes in the same show
A. that
B. who
C. which
D. whose
31/ I understand your point of view. ……… I don’t agree with it.
A. Although
B. So
C. However
D. Despite
32/ My father often ………. cycling in the countryside in his free time.
A. does
B. goes
C. plays
D. takes
33/ Every animal on earth is important and the …….. of one threatens us all.
A. danger
B. extinction
C. development
D. population
34/ Next year , I’m going to get married …… John and we are going to move to Bristol.
A. to
B. for
C. with
D. by
35/ Choose the correct sentence with the same meaning as the one given
He never shaves, that ‘s the only reason he looks so unattractive.
A. He would look very attractive if he shaved.
B.If he doesn’t shave, he will look so unattractive.
C.If he didn’t shave, he would look so attractive
D.He would look very unattractive if he shaved.
36/ …… I have these documents photocopied for you?
A. Do
B. Will
C. Shall
D. Should
37/ The family has a very important role in ……… children
A. social
B. socialist
C. socializing
D. socialism
38/ “ We’ve got a new flat.” – “ ………..”
A. What kind flat is it?
B. How is it like? C. What for a flat is it?
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)

D. What’s it like?
Page 15

39/ Please ………all the lights before going out.
A. give up
B. tunn off
C. take off
D. cut down
40/I had an accident last night. I wish I …… more attention to the traffic lights.
A. had paid
B. paid
C. would pay
D. was paiding
Choose the underlined part that needs corrections.
41/ As I drove south, I could see that the old road was rebuilding.
42/ It spent a long time to travel to the skiing resort but in the end we got there.
43/ I’ll make some sandwiches before I’ll leave for the office in the morning.
44/ Can you see who is coming down a street?
45/ There has been a suddenly increase in the number of visitors to this town.
Choose the word which best fits each gap of the passage
The camel can go without water for a long time. It lives …….(46) in a desert. Some people think it …….(47)
water in its hump. This is not true. It is food that is kept there. The camel’s body changes the food into fat, which it
needs for …..(48) in such a harsh environment where the number of plants and animals is limited. Fat keeps it warm,
too because in some deserts, the temperatures well below the freezing …… (49). The camel has long thick hair and
long eyelashes which prevent the sand from going into its eyes. Arabic has about 150 words to ……(50) a camel.
Arabs need them because the camel is very important to them.
46/ A. near
B. closely
C. mainly
D. most
47/ A. has
B. stores
C. encloses
D. provides
48/ A. meal
B. supply
C. travelling
D. survival
49/ A. point
B. score
C. mark
D. place
50/ A. say
B. tell
C. explain
D. describe
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the rest in each group
1. A. panda
B. parrot
C. swallow
D. habitat
2. A. precede
B. secure
C. reject
D. expand
Choose the word whose syllable is stressed differently from the rest in each group
3. A. confide
B. reform
C. legal
D. neglect
4. A. sacrifice
B. marvelous
C. compliment
D. supportive
5. A. compulsory
B. kindergarten
C. curriculum
D. certificate
6. .................. he took off his dark glasses, I recognized him.
A. Whenever
B. As soon as
C. Then
D. While
7. The noise of the trains .............. into the station was deafening.
A. that come
B. that coming
C. coming
D. which was come
8. My brother is busy ....................
A. write
B. writting
C. in writing
D. writing
9. When the lights ................., we couldn’t see a thing
A. went out
B. switched off
C. put out
D. extinguished
10. You’d better stop spending money; ..................... you’ll end up in debt.
A. if
B. otherwise
C. in case
D. unless
11. I know him by ...................., but I have known idea what his name is.
A. sight
B. myself
C. heart
D. chance
12. I wish I _______ all about this some weeks ago.
A. knew
B. have known
C. had known
D. would know
13. He said that he _______ his bicycle.
A. has lost
B. loses
C. had lost
D. lost
14. _ “Excuse me. May I come in, Madam?” _ “Yes. …………………… .”
A. Please don’t
B. Please do
C. You’re welcome D. Never mind
15. Libraries save space by reproducing books in small film reproductions ……….
A. called
B. calling
C. was called
D. was calling
16. _ “Would you mind closing the window for me?" _ "…… I'll do it right now."
A. Certainly
B. Not at all
C. Of course
D. Yes, sure
17. We stayed at home last night ……………. the bad weather.
A. because
B. since
C. as
D. because of
18. Sue is so afraid of heights …………….. she will not walk across a bridge.
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)

Page 16

A. that
B. which
C. so
D. and
19. Record companies ………….. the compact disc, a digital audio recording medium, in 1982.
A. introduces
B. introducing
C. to introduce
D. introduced
20. The football team's teacher, called the ……., organizes practice sessions to prepare the team for each game.
A. manager
B. coach
C. captain
D. referee
21. The selling and servicing ……………..
will be more and more computerized.
A. of cars
B. cars
C. and cars
D. with cars
22. ………….. a diamond is extremely hard it can be used to cut glass.
A. Because of
B. Since
C. Due to
D. Owing to
23. Clocks in ………………
parts of the world do not all show the same time.
A. varied
B. variety
C. variation
D. various
24. I wrote down the time and date of my appointment ………. I wouldn't forget to go.
A. that
B. so that
C. because
D. although
25. Automated systems ……. some jobs more quickly and cheaply than people can.
A. that can do
B. to do
C. can do
D. which do
26. For centuries, people ………… paintings on the walls of homes as decoration.
A. have hung
B. have hanged
C. hung
D. hanged
27. - "Would you like to go out with me tonight." - "Yes…….. .
Where shall we meet?”
A. Of course
B. I'd love to
C. I like too
D. So do I
28. ………… Dick was warned about the dangers of smoking, he continued to smoke.
A. Even though B. Despite
C. However
D. In spite of
29. _ "Can you tell me how to get to the post office?" _ "Sure, ………………
on the left."
A. Follow the first turning B. Turn next
C. Take the first turning
D. Take turns
30. _ “What are you going to buy in this store'?" _ "…………. .What I want is too expensive."
A. Nothing
B. Everything
C. Many
D. A lot
III. READING: Choose the best to complete this passage:
Water has been vital to the development and survival of civilization. The first great civilizations arose in the (31) …..
of great rivers. They built large irrigation systems, made the land productive, and prospered. The challenge of today,
as in ancient times, is for people to make the best use of water. But the challenge is greater than ever before because
more water is needed as the world's (32) ….. increases. Scientists estimate that nearly 50 countries will face water
shortages by 2025. Also, many people do not conserve water, and they (33) ……. water and manage it poorly in
other ways. Countries are working together to try (34)……….. .water problems. The United Nations has been heavily
involved in these efforts. In addition, groups of countries (35) ........... .lands are drained by major rivers and seas have
formed regional organizations to fight water pollution.
31. A. valleys
B. water
C. bottoms
D. front
32. A. people
B. inhabitants
C. residents
D. population
33. A. use up
B. drain
C. pollute
D. irrigate
34. A. solving
B. to solve
C. explaining
D. to explain
35. A. their
B. what
C. whose
D. which
Read the passages below and choose the correct answer among A, B, C or D.
As far back as 700B.C., man has talked about children being cared for by wolves. Romuhts and Remus, the legendary
twin founders of-Rome, were purported to have been cared for by wolves. It is believed that when a she-wolf loses
'her litter, she seeks a human child to take its place. This seemingly preposterous idea did not become credible until
the late tenth century when a French doctor actually found a naked ten year-old boy wandering in the woods. He did
not walk erect, could not speak intelligibly, nor could he relate to people. He only growled and stared at them. Finally
the doctor won the boy’s confidence and began to work with him. After many long years of devoted and patient
instruction, the doctor was able to get the boy to clothe and feed himself, recognize and utter a number of words, as
well as write letters and form words.
36. The French doctor found the boy_______
(A) wandering in the woods ( C) growling at him
(B) at his doorstep
(D) speaking intelligibly
37. In this passage, the word litter most nearly means
(A) garbage
(B) master
(C) offspring.
(D) hair
38. The doctor was able to work with the boy because
(A) the boy was highly intelligent
(B) the boy trusted him
(C) the boy liked to dress up
(D) the boy was dedicated and patient
39. Which of die following statements is not true?
(A) She-wolves have been said to substitute human children for their lost litters
(B ) Examples of wolves' caring for human children can be found only in the nineteenth century.
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)

Page 17

(C) The French doctor succeeded in domesticating the boy somewhat.
(D) The young boy never was able to speak perfectly.
40. In this passage, die word preposterous most nearly means
(A) dedicated
(B) scientific
(C) wonderful
(D) absurd
41. (A)Each year, tourists from (B)all over the world travel to Poland(C) to visit(D) a birthplace of Frederic Chopin.
42. New (A)appliances have made household(B) works(C) easier for American(D) families.
43. (A)In many areas(B) of the world, millions of people(C) go hungry and many(D) die with starvation.
44. Many(A) deaf children(B) receiving their education in(C) special classes with specially(D) trained teachers.
45. Television as(A) us know it(B) today was(C) not developed until(D) the 1920’s.
46. .She found it strange to drive on the left.
A. She was not used to driving on the left.
B. She was not used to drive on the left.
C. Driving on the left is too strange for her to find.
D. Driving on the left is too strange to find for her.
47. The play was so boring that we left in the interval.
A. It was such a boring play that we left in the interval. B. It was so a boring play that we left in the interval.
C. The play was too boring for us to leave in the interval.
D. The play was very boring for us to leave in the interval.
48. People rumoured that the man stole many cars.
A. It was rumoured that many cars to be stolen by the man.B. The man was rumoured that many cars are stolen.
C. Many cars were rumoured to have been stolen by the man.D. That the man stole many cars were rumoured.
49. "Why don't you go to clubs at the weekend, Mary?" said Jane.
A. Jane asked Mary why she doesn't go to clubs at the weekend.
B. Jane invited Mary to go to clubs but Mary refused to go.
C. Jane suggested that Mary should go to clubs at the weekend.
D. Jane wondered why Mary didn't go to clubs at the weekend.
50. If only I had remembered to water the plants, they wouldn't have died.
A. I didn't remember to water the plants and they had died.
B. I only remembered to water the plants when they had died.
C. If I only remembered to water the plants, they would not die.
D. I wish I had remembered to water the plants - then they wouldn't have died.
I.Chọn từ (ứng với A hoặc B, C, D) có phần gạch chân được phát âm khác với những từ còn lại trong mỗi câu
Câu 1. A. cleaned
B. stopped
C. washed
D. reached
Câu 2. A. pens
B. boots
C. dogs
D. lies
Câu 3. A. see
B. sort
C. sure
D. sing
II. Chọn từ (ứng với A hoặc B, C, D) có cách nhấn âm khác với những từ còn lại trong mỗi câu
Câu 4. A. pollution
B. quantity
C. intensity
D. reclaiming
Câu 5. A. economic
B. manufacture
C. investigate
D. sociology
III. Chọn từ/ cụm từ thích hợp( ứng với A hoặc B, C, D) để hoàn thành mỗi câu sau đây
Câu 6. We try to help our mother ...............household chores.
A. make
B. take
C. build
D. do
Câu 7. We would save thousands of lives if ……………the remedy for the flu.
A. we had not found out
B. we found
C. we will found
D. we find out
Câu 8. She was……..........she couldn’t say anything.
A. so surprised at the news that
B. such surprised at the news that
C. so surprised of the news that
D. so that surprised for the news.
Câu 9. – “Thank you very much.” ........................................
A. Not at all
B. You are welcome
C. That’s all right
D. All are correct
Câu 10. “Where have you been hiding?” she asked. She asked me where…………hiding
A. I had been
B. I have been
C. have I been
D. had I been
Câu 11. Your house needs ………..before the new year.
A. paint
B. painting
C. to paint
D. painted
Câu 12. The harder you learn,…………
A. the more is your English
B. the gooder your English will be
C. the better becomes your English
D. the better your English will be
Câu 13. I can find my own way there. You .................. wait for me.
A. should
B. must
C. needn't
D. mustn't
Câu 14. The development of wildlife habitat reserves is a good conservation measure ............
A. to prevent endangered species
B. to feed endangered species
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)

Page 18

C. to benefit from endangered species
D. to save endangered species
Câu 15. In times of war, the Red Cross is .............to reducing the sufferings of wounded soldiers, civilians, and
prisoners of war.
A. mounted
B. excited
C. dedicated
D. interested
Câu 16 It was quite cold .................... it was sunny .
A. although
B. because
C. so that
D. as
Câu 17. I like Nha Trang, ........................
A. which has a beautiful beach
B. it has a beautiful beach
C. where has a beautiful beach
D. that it has a beautiful beach
Câu 18. Please wait here until the manager……….....in a few minutes
A. will come
B. comes
C. have come
D. to come
Câu 19. ..................! The tree is going to fall.
A. Look out
B. Look up
C. Look on
D. Look after
Câu 20. He said he………………..his project by the end of this year.
A. will complete B. would have completed C. will have completed D. was completing
Câu 21. Doi Moi has placed man in the centre of social .............................................
A. development B. develop
C. developing
D. developed
Câu 22. Vietnam has been....................to host the Asia Sports Games at some point between 2010 and 2015.
A. agreed
B. admitted
C. proposed
D. suggested
Câu 23. Men are ...............at making decisions than women.
A. better
B. good
C. more
D. well
Câu 24. I can’t speak Chinese,…………
A. so can’t Peter B. Either can’t Peter C. Peter can’t, too
D. Neither can Peter
Câu 25. Tom:“I’m taking my driving test tomorrow Mary:“....................................”
A. Lucky!
B. Best wishes !
C. Good luck!
D. Good chance!
Câu 26. When her....................... for the job was refused, she felt very disappointed.
A. applicant
B. applicable
C. application
D. apply
Câu 27. ......................Sahara of .................... Africa is the world's largest desert.
A. Ø / the
B. The / Ø
C. A / an
D. The / an
Câu 28. I’m going .......................... for a few days so don’t send me any more work.
A. away
B. over
C. in
D. after
Câu 29. She didn’t want to go.....................she knew all her friends would be there.
A. wherever
B. therefore
C. so that
D. even though
Câu 30. Peter has been working for 10 hours. He .....................be very tired now.
A. needn't
B. must
C. has to
D. should
III. Chọn câu ( ứng với A hoặc B, C, D) thích hợp với mỗi câu sau
Câu 31.“ If I were you, I would go to the doctor”. Peter said to Mary.
A. Peter told Mary to become a doctor.
B. Peter told Mary that he would go to the doctor.
C. Peter advised Mary to become a doctor.
D. Peter advised Mary to go to the doctor.
Câu 32. People say that the Chinese invented gun power.
A.The Chinese is said to invent gun power.
B. The Chinese are said to have invented gun power.
C. The Chinese are invented gun power.
D. It is said that the Chinese have invented gun
Câu 33. He/ be/ accuse/ cheated/ his final exam/ last week..
A. He was accused for having cheated in his final exam last week.
B. He was accused of having cheated in his final exam last week.
C. He was accused of having cheat in his final exam last week.
D. He was accused for being cheated in his final exam last week.
Câu 34. The boy was too weak to run far.
A. The boy was very weak and couldn’t run far.
B. The boy’s weakness didn’t stop him running far.
C. The boy had to run a lot because he was weak. D. The boy became weak because he ran too far.
Câu 35. Because the street was crowded with people, I couldn’t drive fast.
A. If the street weren’t crowded with people, I could drive fast.
B. If the street hadn’t been crowded with people, I could have driven fast.
C. If the street were crowded with people, I couldn’t drive fast.
D. If the street had been crowded with people, I couldn’t have driven fast.
IV. Chọn phương án ứng với từ có gạch dưới cần phải sửa để các câu trở thành chính xác
Câu 36. Her friend lied to her, but she doesn’t trust him anymore
Câu 37. All the information you will need can find in the employees’ manual.
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)

Page 19

Câu 38. The child became angrily and stamped his feet
Câu 39. We whispered so as to no one could overhear our conversation.
Câu 40. Everyone want to reduce the pollution of our environment
V. Đọc kỹ đoạn văn sau và chọn phương án đúng cho mỗi trống từ 36 đén 40
Once there were lots of pandas in the mountains of Western China. Today, they are .....(41)......extinct. The reason is
that they can not find enough food. Pandas eat .....(42)...... leaves. They do not like another food. The bamboo grows
very slowly. It can take 10 years for a bamboo to grow from a seed to a big plant. Some types of bamboo have seeds
only once every 60 years. Pandas .......(43)...... wait many years for their food to grow. While the bamboo is growing,
pandas do not have enough leaves to eat. China and World Wildlife Fund ( WWF ) are trying to save the panda. In
1979 they began to set up special parks ..........(44)...........pandas live. Scientists come here to study the panda’s eating
and mating habits . By learning more about the panda’s habits, scientists can save it from ......(45)....... .
Câu 41. A. being
B. becoming
C. having
D. making
Câu 42. A. banana
B. cabbage
C. grass
D. bamboo
Câu 43. A. must
B. should
C. ought
D. might
Câu 44. A. what
B. because
C. where
D. when
Câu 45. A. appearance
B. destruction
C. extinction
D. damage.
VI. Đọc kỹ đoạn văn sau và chọn phương án đúngcho mỗi câu từ 46 đến 50
There are many issues over computers and the education of today’s children. One concern that parents face
now is how young is too young to start educating a child about computers? Parents and teachers alike have mixed
opinions as to when it is appropriate and most beneficial to the child. Many preschool children learn to work with a
mouse and play interactive games before they learn to write or lean their ABC’s. It is true that computers can be used
as very effective tools for learning, but at what age do you begin? Some parents believe that computer education
should be much like a young child taking piano or hockey lessons. They feel that if you start a child early enough you
might find a computer genius. This will help develop the child’s knowledge quickly while they are still young.
Parents who currently work using computers understand the importance of computer education and desire to give
their children a head start. On the other hand, some parents are concerned that computers deprive children of their
creativity and socialization skills. They argue that children become brainwashed and less socialized by being exposed
to computers too early.
Câu 46. Teachers and parents are not sure about _________
A. how much computer games children should play
B. the time when children learn ABC
C. the suitable time to teach computers to children
D. the relationship between computers and children
Câu 47. All of these groups of people can be the readers of this article EXCEPT:
A. Parents
B. linguistics
C. educators
D. children
Câu 48. Where in the passage does the author talk about the benefits of computer education?
A. Paragraph 1 B. paragraph 2
C. paragraph 1&2
D. paragraph 3
Câu 49. This article can be taken from _______
A. a textbook B. a fashion magazine C. a science fiction
D. an educational magazine
Câu 50. What can be the title for this article?
A. Computer education for children.
B. The influence of computer to children.
C. How can children benefit from computers?
D. Science and children.

I.Pick out the word which has the underlined part pronunced differently from the rest:
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)

Page 20

1. A. desert
B . insert
C. teacher
D. certain
2. A. pudding
B. puncture
C. put
D. pull
3. A. works
B. stops
C. shifts
D. plays
4. A.awarded
B. depended
C. allowed
5. A. goal
B. above
C. polo
D. hold
II. Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word or phrase:
The American Red Cross( also (6).................as the American National Red Cross ) is a humanitarian
organization that ( 7)...............emergency assistance, disaster relief and (8).................inside the United States , as (
9)..............of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.Today, ( 10).................to domestic
disaster relief , the American Red Cross offers services in five other areas : community services that help the
necessary ; communications services and comfort for military members and their family people ; the collection,
processing and distribution of blood and blood products ; educational programs on health and safety ; and
international relief and development programs.
6. A. called
B. known
C. named
D. used
7. A. provides
B. brings
C. delivers
D. carries
8. A. educate
B. educative
C. educational
D. education
9. A. body
B. part
C. board
D. portion
Choose the best answer:
11.Are you aware_______time ?
A. about
B. of
C. with
12. Nam and Lan are looking forward to ..............you
A. of seeing
B. seeing
C. to seeing
D. to see
13. You have made................mistakes in your writing
A. so much
B. a lot of
C. little of
D. much of
14. During his ........................., his family lived in the United States.
A. child
B. childlike
C. childish
D. childhood
15. Farmers often..............their soil by adding fertilizers.
A. enrich
B. riches
C. rich
D. enrichment
16. The house with the pictures...................since last week
A. sold
B. are sold
C. has been sold
D. have been sold
17.Would you mind not...................?
A. smoke
B. smoking
C.to smoke
D. smoked
18.Avoid.............a lot of sweets.
A. eat
B. eating
C. to eat
D. for eating
19. Please tell me ................you look so sad
A.that the reason
B. why the reason C. the reason that
D. the reason why
20.Are you good ................?
A.in speaking English B.on speaking English C.at speaking English D.at speak English
21. I have two sisters................are doctors.
A. both of which
B. who both
C. both of whom
D. whom both
22.Oil lamps...........for years before electricity was discovered.
A. had used
B. are used
C. has been used
D. had been used
23. We had a river.................
A. where we could swim in
B. to swim
C. which we could swim
D. to swim in
24. If I had time , I............to the beach with you this weekend
A. will go
B. would go
C. would have gone
D.will have gone
25.The suffixes of hope are...............
A. - less
B. - ful
C. - ness
D. A and B are correct
26. He won first...............in the swimming competition
A. award
B. champion
C. prize
D. medal
27. I can not stand this weather . It is getting ..........................
A. more and more
B. worse and worse C. further and further
D. coldest and coldest
28. The more you water this plant , the..............it will grow.
A. best
B. tall
C. wetter
D. faster
29. You ..................smoke here .
A. mustn’t
B. needn’t
C. must
D. have
30. The telephone rang , .................nobody answer it.
A. but
B. however
C. so
D. therefore
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)

Page 21

31. I have to agree with his point of view...............I don’t like him.
A. although
B. because
C. so
D. in spite of
32. .....................Columbus was one of....................first people to cross ...............Atlantic.
A. X ( nothing) - a – an
B. X – the
C. X – the – an
D. X – the - a
33.”Thank you very much”. “............”
A.You are welcome
B. Ok
C. Not at all
D. A and C are correct
34.The room..................when I arrived yesterday.
A. was cleaned
B. would be cleaned
C. was being cleaned
D. has been cleaned
35. “ I have bought you a new handbag . Happy birthday to you !. “.................”
A. The same to you
B. Have a nice day !
C. What a pity !
D. What a lovely handbag ! Thanks
IV. Choose the sentence ( A,B,C,D) which has a similar meaning to the original sentence.
36. “ Walking a lot made Tom tired “. Mean....................
A. Tom was tired of walking
B.Tom was tired from walking.
C.Tom was tired because he had walked a lot D. B and C are correct.
37..” They had no intention of selling their house”. Means.........
A. They didn’t intend to sell their house
B. They hasn’t intended to sell their house
C. They hadn’t intended to sell their house
D. They don’t intend to sell their house
38. ” Why hasn’t Peter phoned ? “. She wondered
A. She wondered why Peter has not phoned B.She wondered why Peter did not phoned
C.She wondered why Peter had not phoned
D. She wondered why had not Peter phoned
39.Would you please open the windows?
A. Would you mind open the windows?
B. Would you mind to open the windows?
C.Would you opened the windows?
D.Would you mind opening the windows?
40. Do you remember the day ? I first met you on that day. Means..................
A. Do you remember the day where I first met you ?
B. Do you remember the day when I first meet you ?
C. Do you remember the day on which I first met you ?
D. B and C are correct.
V. Identify the one underlined word or phrase that must be changed in order to make the sentence correct.
41. The problems of pollution is too difficult for us to solve
42. New Year Day is the day where all family members gather and enjoy it together
43.I don’t think he is agree with what we are going to do
44. The well from where we get water is nearly empty because of drought
45. You have to finished writing the report yourself
VI. Read the text carefully and the choose the correct answer.
Tropical forests have supplied us with many sorts of plants for food , medicine and industry. They could probably
supply man much more . They also reduce floods and droughts, keep water clean, and slow down the Greenhouse
Effect. However, the tropical forests are being destroyed to make rooms for things like farms and fields. Beside that,
forest fires are the most terrible destruction. About 20 million hectares are lost every year- an area that is twice larger
than the size of Australia. The World Wildlife Fund is working to protect and save the forests that are in danger; to
plant new trees for fuel wood and to slow down the Greenhouse Effect. It encourages governments to think about the
forests and their importance when giving international aid.
46.What are the useful things of tropical forests?
A. They supply us with many sorts of plants
B.They reduce floods and droughts
C.They keep water clean and slow down the Greenhouse Effect D.All are correct.
47.The most terrible destruction of tropical forests is.......................
A. farms and fields
B. fires
C. water
D. Greenhouse Effect
48. How many hectares of forests are lost every year?
A. an area which is as large as Australia
B. an area which is three times larger than Australia
C. about 20 million hectares
D. it can not be estimated
49.The World Wildlife Fund is working to......................
A. protect and save the forests that are in danger
B. fire forests
C. encourage people to destroy trees
D. all are correct
50. The World Wildlife Fund......................
A. gives no money to protect forests
B. supplies aid to protect forests
C. encourages the government to cut trees as many as they like D. pays no attention to forests
Choose the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from the others in each line .
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)

Page 22

1. A. established
B. worked
C. stretched
D. invented
2. A. helps
B. provides
C. documents
D. laughs
3. A. match
B. chair
C. character
D. church
4. A. around
B. mouse
C. count
D. country
5. A. seat
B. leave
C. increase
D. ready
Choose the best option to complete the passage
We are all slowly destroying the earth. The seas and rivers are(6)……..dirty to swim in. There is so much smoke in
the air that is unhealthy to live in many of the world’s cities. In one well-known city, for example, (7)…….. gases
from cars pollute the air so much that traffic policemen have to wear oxygen masks. We have cut down(8)……..
many trees that there are now vast areas of(9)…….. all over the world. As a (10)…….. famers in parts of Africa can’t
grow enough to eat. In certain countries in Asia, there is too little rice. Moreover, we don’t take enough (11)…….. of
the countryside. Wild animals are quickly (12)…….. For instance, tigers are rare in India now because we have killed
too many for them to (13)…….. However, it isn’t enough simply to (14)…….. about the problem. We must act now
before it is too late to do (15)……. about it. Join us. Save the earth. This is too important to ignore.
6) A. very
B. too
C. much
D. so
7) A. poisonous
B. serious
C. unhealthy
D. bad
8) A. so
B. such
C. too
D. enough
9) A. forests
B. fields
C. wasteland
D. regions
10) A. fact
B. matter
C. problem
D. result
11) A. attention
B. care
C. time
D. consideration
12) A. saved
B. preserved
C. disappearing
D. running
13) A. die
B. continue
C. preserve
D. survive
14) A. talk
B. discuss
C. solve
D. decide
15)A. nothing
B. anything
C. everything
D. something
16.The match was cancelled due to the weather was bad.
17.Our beautiful forests will destroy if we do nothing to preserve them.
18.The little girl refused to tell us why was she crying.
19.He isn’t going to the conference in March and neither they are.
20.The primary causes of species extintion or endangerment are habitat destruction, commerce exploitation and
21. Peter: “Let’s play some music.” Tom: “……………….”
A. Yes, please
B. Thank you
C. Certainly
D. Good idea
22.“That's a very nice dress you're wearing”. – “….. .”
A. That's nice
B. I'm glad you like it C. That's all right
D. I like it
23/-“I have bought you a toy. Happy birthday to you! -“………………………………………………….”
A.The same to you B.What a lovely toy! Thanks C.Have a nice day D.What a pity
24. “-Thank you very much for a lovely party.” “ - ________ .”
A. Thanks
B. Have a good day
C. You are welcome
D. Cheers
25.“I’ve passed my driving test.” “- ________”
A. Congratulations!
B. That’s a good idea. C. It’s nice of you to say so. D. Do you?
Choose the best answer to complete each sentence.
26. We are going to ….. .
A. have our house to be decorated
B. have our house be decorated
C. get our house being redecorated
D. have our house redecorated
27.If I had enough money, I……………..a good dictionary.
A.will buy
B.will have bought
C.would buy
D. would have bought
28. He performed very well in the interview;………….., he didn’t get the job.
A. since
b. but
C. therefore
29. Will you…………me to post this letter tomorrow.
A. remember
B. suggest
C. remind
D. mind
30. Mark wasn’t there last night.- ……………………….
A. I wasn’t either
B.So was I
C. I wasn’t too
D.Neither I was
31/They worked hard…………………..they could pass the final exam.
A.so that
32/He failed the exam again, ……………….made his parents very disappointed.
33/Nobody was injured in the accident,…………………… ?
A.were they
B.was he
C.weren’t they
D.was there
34/When the storm….................this area tomorrow, it will bring with great destructive force.
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)

Page 23

A.is going to rich
B.will reach
D.is reaching
35/We took part in a sponsored walk……………..to support the poor.
C.that organized
D.to oprganize
36/We were made…………….hard when we were at school.
A.to study
37. ____ the end of the book, they get married and live happily ever after.
A. At
B. In
C. On
D. To
38. “Why don’t you take _____ tennis? It will help you become fitter”.
A. up
B. on
C. in
D. to
39. When he was little, he ____ his summer holidays with his grandparents.
A. spend
B. had spent
C. was spending
D. used to spend
40. In your _____ letters you should mention your education, qualifications, and work experience.
A. applicant
B. apply
C. application
D. applicable
41/He only feels happy whenever he doesn’t have much work to do.
A.The more he works, the happier he feels. B.The less he works, the happier he feels.
C.His work makes him feel happy.
D.He feels happier and happier with his work.
42/It is believed that the man escaped in a stolen car.
A.The man is believed to be escaped in a stolen car. B.The man was believed to have escaped in a stolen car.
C.The man is believed to have escaped in a stolen car. D.The man is believed to escape in a stolen car.
43……………………… going on an excursion to Huong Pagoda this weekend?
A.Why don’t we
B.How about
C.Would you like
D.Shall we
44. He was very busy , so he couldn’t come to the meeting.
A.If he weren’t so busy, he could have come to the meeting.
B.If he hadn’t been so busy, he could have come to the meeting.
C.If he hadn’t been so busy, he couldn’t have come to the meeting.
D.If he had been so busy, he could have come to the meeting.
45.We are now facing the possible ………………….. of many rare species.
46.We cannot use our car now……………………………………………
A.It’s still repairing B.It’s still being repairing
C. It’s still repaired
D. It’s still being repaired
47.You’ll be ill ……………………………………………
A.if you take a few days’ rest
B. unless you take a few days’ rest
C.when you take a few days’ rest D. because you take a few days’ rest
48.Nearly 1,000 of the World’s bird species are threatened with …………………………
A.prevention B.extinction
49.People keep killing elephants to get their ivory.They are believed to be a (an) ………… species.
A.endangered B.dangerous
C. endangering
50.Mexico City ,…………… is the fastest growing city in the world , has a population of over 10 million.

Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)

Page 24

Read the following passage and mark the letter A , B,C or D to indicate the correct word for each of the blanks
from 1 to 5 .
We are all slowly destroying the earth. The seas and rivers are (1)…………….. dirty to swim in . There is so
much smoke in the air that it is unhealthy to live in many of the world ‘s cities . In one well-known city , for
example ,poisonous gases from cars pollute the air so much that traffic policemen have to (2) …………….. oxygen
masks. We have cut down (3) …………….. many trees that there are now vast ares of wasteland all over the world
.As a (4) …………….., farmers in parts of Africa cannot grow enough to eat . In certain countries in Asia there is too
little rice. Moreover , we do not take enough care of the countryside . Wild animals are quickly (5) ……………... For
instant , tigers are rare in India now because we have killed too many for them to survive . However, it isn’t enough
simply to talk about the problem . We must act now before it is too late to do anything about it . Join us now . Save
the Earth . This is too important to ignore.
1. A. very
B. too
C. much
D. enough
2. A. take
B. bring
C. wear
D. carry
3. A.so
B. much
C. too
D. enough
4. A. fact
B. matter
C. problem
D. result
5. A. saved
B. preserved
C. running
D. disappearing
Choose the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the word whose underlined part is pronounced differently from that
of the rest .
6. A. laughed
B. washed
C. closed
D. danced
7. A. thank
B. tooth
C. think
D. these
8. A. water
B. wake
C. way
D. wait
9. A. medals
B. trees
C. containers
D. wastes
10.A. seat
B. heat
C. great
D. team
Choose the letter A, B, C or D to show the underlined part that needs correction.
11. I am going back to my homeland after I will graduate from university .
12. Everyone want to reduce the pollution of our environment .
13. He practises speaking English everyday in order to he can speak it fluently.
14. She had such many books that he did not know where to put them .
15. When we returned home late at night , he has already left .
Read the following passage and mark the letter A , B,C or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the
Today , in many parts of the world, it is customary for people to shake hands upon meeting as gesture of good
will.Originally,however ,the practice of shakeing hands had a more practical purpose. Shaking hands originated in
medieval times .In those days,when a man came on a stranger , he would often automatically reach for his sword with
his right hand, in case he had to use the weapon to defend himself. Sometimes, both parties found themselves circling
around each other , weapons in hand, until it was mutually agreed that the weapons could be laid aside .Then, the two
parties extended their right hands to show they had no weapons , and clasped them. This was the beginning of the
handshake. The custom of shaking hands is not a universal one. In the Orient, people have ,for centuries, clasped their
own hands in front of them upon meeting to show that they held no weapons . In France , a custom developed in
which people who met would kiss each other on both cheeks. The natives of some South Seas islands greet by
rubbing noses.
16. At first the purpose of shaking hands was……………
A. to show a good relationship with each other
B. to show that there was no weapons in hands
C. to show that both parties were ready for a fight D. a gesture of good will
17. To show that one has no intention to fight , ……………
A. shaking hands has been practiced all over the world B. the oriental people kiss each other’s hand .
C. people laid aside their weapons
D. there have been various ways depending on different
18. According to the passage , the practice of shaking hands……………
A. was used to extend greetings.
B. used to be popular , but now it is out of date.
C. is replaced by other customs in some countries. D. is considered not to be very polite
19. The word “ came on ” in the second paragraph can best be replaced by……………
A. waited for
B. visited
C. attacked
D. happened to meet
20. Which of the following is not true about the handshake ?
A. It happened for the first time very long times ago.
B. It is a gesture of good will .
C. It is very popular all over the world.
D. It is one of the social customs.
Choose the letter A, B, C or D to indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.
21. The car is too expensive for him to buy.
Trần Ngọc Duy (2018)

Page 25

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