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review instagram lesson

Arabic Learners’ Preferences for Instagram English Lessons

2 variables:
Preferences of Arabic Learners
Instagram English Lessons



Background: good
Main variable: The use of Instagram
Procedure/ Tool: Established an Instagram account - Created in 2015 - More than 480000

Reasons to use this teaching method (3 reasons)
Purpose/ aim/ objectives:

The study aimed to investigate how Arab learners view, share and react to English language
educational content via Instagram.

Result of study:

Implicate to all English language teachers who teach adults with access to wireless internet
and smartphones

2.Literature review:

Citing both directly and indirectly with time order, even the French Study.
Positive and negative aspects (Facebook)
Citing from student by the qualitative researches.

→detail, many authors, different aspects of the variables. The author read as well as he cited the
page of the books

Online studying

Sample: big population (480000 learners from multiple nationalities of the Arab world)
Sampling: Random sampling
Setting the tool and collecting data (count the Likes and read Comments)
Participants DID NOT know that they were covert observation.


Quantitative research (count Likes and Comments)
Illustrated by Tables, Images
Explain reason why the followers prefer simple and ready-to-use expression
According to the author: the Preferences of Learners may change over time


Remind the aim of the study:

The central aim of this study was to determine the impact of Instagram as a platform for learning
English among Arab learners.
→data related to the literature review

4. References:
The citing sources of article are mentioned adequately in reference list
Author of this article used The APA style for citing sources

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