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Speaking topics for A2 level

Topic No.6
Describe a job that you would most like to do in the future.
You should say:
What the job is
What you will do exactly
What skills and qualifications you would need to get the job
and explain why you would like to do this job.

In the future I want to become an electric engineer and Thuy Loi University is the first step for
this dream. I always try my best to make my dream come true. To become an engineer, I need to be
very careful and willing to learn new things. I want to bring the best value and experience for people
that I serve.

Topic No.7
Describe the weather in the town or city where you live.
You should say:
How many seasons there are. What they are
What it is like in each season
Which season you like most and why
and say what you often do in this season.

I come from VinhPhuc province. My province is very beautiful and peaceful. The people
there are very friendly and helpful. There is also a famous mountain named Tam Dao. The weather
here is also very nice with four seasons including spring, summer, fall and winter. Spring is the
season of flower, summer is hot, fall is cool and winter is very cold but I like spring most because Tet
holiday is in Spring and it is the season of happiness.

Topic No.8

I like to go by motorbike. I use it every day to go to my university and other places. It
is very convenient and useful. I can go everywhere I want very quickly. I can save a lot of time
thanks to my motorbike. It has become my great friend since I am 18 years old. I am happy with my
motorbike and it will be an important part of my life.

Describe your favourite means of transport.
You should say:
What the means of transport is
How often you use it
What advantage(s) this means of transport offers

Topic No.9
Topic 9

Describe a famous person you like or admire.
You should say:
Who the person is
What kind of job he/she does
What is special about him or her
and explain why you like or admire him/her.

The famous person I like most is David Beckham. He used to be a great football player and play for
my favorite football club . And now he is very famous for being a wonderful man of his family: a
great husband of his wife and a good father of his children .He does a lot of volunteering work every
year to help poor people. He is also an ideal man for every girl. He is a good example for me to


Topic 10
Topic No.10

Describe a teacher whom you impressed most.
You should say:
Who he or she was
When, where, what he/ she taught you
How he/she taught you
and say what you could learn from him/ her.

The teacher whom I impressed most is my English teacher. She teaches English very well. I can
understand her lectures very easily. In the past, I really hated English because it was difficult but now
I am interested in this subject thanks to her and I spend more time learning this subject . She often
tell us about her stories so that we can relax after stressful lessons. My English has been improved so
much. I really respect her.

Topic No.11
Describe a subject at university (môn học) that you like most
You should say:
What the subject is
What the subject deals with
How useful it is for your job in the future
and say why you like it most.

The subject I like most in my university is Information technology. I spend much time learning this
subject. I know more about how to use computer to do many useful things through this subject.
Sometimes it is very hard to understand but with the help of my teacher I can overcome difficulties

in that subject. I always try my best to study it well. It helps me a lot to become an engineer in the


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