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All kinds of markets 9 trang

Kinds of
by Ann Rossi

Kinds of
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Markets in North America
Pike Place Market began as a
market where farmers sold foods
they grew. Farmers still sell fresh foods
there. Now people also sell Þsh and
other goods.




Mexico has many markets. Some people
sell things they grow. They sell fruit, ßowers,
and vegetables. Other people sell goods
they make.

Markets in Europe
The Alkmaar Cheese Market
is held on Fridays. It begins in spring
and ends in fall. Some people have
a special job. They carry wheels of




Amsterdam has a ßower market on
water. The ßowers are on boats. People go
onto the boats to buy the ßowers.


Markets in Asia
The Temple Street Night Market
is open at night. Much of it is outside.
People buy clothes and other goods.
They eat seafood there, too.



Istanbul has many markets. One of
them is the Grand Bazaar. It has hundreds
of shops. People buy all kinds of goods
there. It is fun to visit this market!

GoldÞsh Market
At the GoldÞsh Market in
Hong Kong you can catch
your own Þsh from a tank!


1. What do people grow to sell at
2. What is different about the ßower
market in Amsterdam?
3. What can people eat at the Temple
Street Night Market?
4. Why is it fun to visit markets?

Draw a picture of a market you like.
Show the goods for sale there. Write
a caption about your picture.

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