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2/23/06 12:22:14 PM

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2/23/06 12:37:45 PM

written by
Rozanne Lanczak Williams

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2/20/06 7:57:34 PM

Look on this leaf.
What do you see?

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2/20/06 7:57:37 PM

I see a little caterpillar.
What will it be?

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2/20/06 7:57:40 PM

Look on this stick.
What do you see?

CXECA08ARD_ALR_U3.indd 4

2/20/06 7:57:44 PM

I see a little pupa.
What will it be?

CXECA08ARD_ALR_U3.indd 5

2/20/06 7:57:48 PM

Look on this flower.
What do you see?

CXECA08ARD_ALR_U3.indd 6

2/20/06 7:57:52 PM

I see a butterfly!
That is what I see.

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2/20/06 7:57:57 PM

Fly, fly, butterfly!


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2/20/06 7:58:01 PM

Teacher/Family Member
Take your child for a walk outdoors to obser ve animals. Ask your child in
what ways each animal you see will grow and change.
High-frequency words: do, see, what, you, I
Word count: 54

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2/23/06 12:42:03 PM

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