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We like water 11 trang


2/22/06 5:09:13 PM

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2/23/06 5:12:37 PM

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2/21/06 5:15:45 PM

We like water with ice.


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2/21/06 5:15:50 PM

Ice makes water cold.


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2/21/06 5:15:54 PM

Heat makes ice melt.


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2/21/06 5:16:11 PM

Heat makes water go into the air.


CXECA08ARD_ALR_U1.indd 5

2/21/06 5:16:23 PM

Put the top on.


CXECA08ARD_ALR_U1.indd 6

2/21/06 5:16:32 PM

The water will not go into the air.


CXECA08ARD_ALR_U1.indd 7

2/21/06 5:16:36 PM

More water please!


CXECA08ARD_ALR_U1.indd 8

2/21/06 5:16:45 PM

Teacher/Family Member
Invite your child to tell other ways he or she has used water on a hot
day. Have your child draw a picture and write a sentence about it.
High Frequency words: water, ice, makes, the, go
Word count: 35


2/21/06 5:30:09 PM

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