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Motivation leter for volunteer the best one

Nguyễn Thị Mai Anh
Student at English Departmet, Hanoi University.
Dear SJ Vietnam,
I am glad to see that SJ Vietnam want to find volunteers in this summer. I feel that
i am one of potential candicates for this positon .
I am a student so i am confident that i have enough health, enthusiasm, dynamic
that you need. Moreover, i usually join in voluntary works like summer camp,
teaching children. Especially, i used to join in blood donation club and work with
team so often. So i have so many chances to contact with various people and i
know how to get on well with others as well as team work skills. My friends
comment that i was a friendly, hard- working and approchable person.
Beside, i am a student at English Department, english is another advantage of me.
I can exchange information with other Japanese volunteers by english.
I really want to become a volunteer of this campaign with the hope to join in more
society activities and have environment to use my english. Besides, i want to know
more about the Japanese, Japanese cultures and learn Japanese as well.
I significantly appreciate your time and consideration, and I am looking forward to
receiving good news from you in the near future.
Your sincerely,
Mai Anh

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