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Characters: Doanh : a new six student
Le Na and Kha: 8 grade students
Situation: - Doanh comes out the stage with shyness and nervosity
- Le Na and Nhu come out later with happiness because a new school – year has
started. Suddenly, they see Doanh standing out of school – gate. Guessing Doanh is a new
student, they come near and talk with her
Na and Nhu (sing a happy song)
Na (see Doanh first): Hey, Kha, look at this girl. What is she doing?
Kha: No idea! Well… She looks strange. Maybe she is a new student.
Na: Uhm – hu. Let’s come and talk with her. Maybe we can help her something
(Na and Nhu come near Doanh and start the conversation with her)
Kha: Excuse me!
Doanh (turn back with surprise): Yeah..?
Na: Are you a new student in our school?
Doanh: Yes, I am…. How do you know that?
Na: Cuz you look so strange.
Doanh: Uh…? There are so many students. You know all their faces?
Na and Nhu: Of course!
Na: In our school, there are many activities between students of all grades, so we can study and
play together. That’s why we know almost all students in our school.

Doanh: Wow… That’s great!
Kha: Yeah… What’s your name?
Doanh: I’m Doanh
Kha: Why are you standing here? Come in….
Doanh: Well. It’s so strange here. New school….. with new friends… I’m a little nervous
Na: Don’t be afraid. All people here are very friendly. Let’s go… We’ll take you to your class.
Kha: Which class are you in?
Doanh: I’m in class 6A
(The 3 characters go around the stage)
Doanh: Could you tell me more about the activities in our school. I’m so excited with them
Kha: Sure! In our school, some competition are organized like golden bell, Olympic for
English and Math, competition in study or in singing and so on
Doanh: I love taking part in these activities

Na: Look..! That is our principal, Mr. Pham Duc Duy. You know…? Our teachers are very
good at teaching and devoted with students. For them, we feel like living at home with our
Doanh (Suddenly see a room): Look! There are many students here. Which room is it?
Na: This is the library. There are various types of books here. We can borrow books and take
them home or read them right at school, because we have a reading room for students. We
usually come here to read book
Doanh: I like reading book, too.... Now, where is it? I guess it’s computer room.
Kha: Right! There are enough computers for students in each class to learn using computer. We
also use it for the Olympic competitions.
Doanh: What a modern school!
Kha: This’s not all. Come here to see the room I like most. This is the room for lessons on
computer. The sound and the picture here are really clear and clean. The lesson becomes so
lively and interesting.
Na: This is his favorite room. My favorite room is the room for practicing. It’s so facilitated
with modern equipments. I can do many experiments in this room. This helps me study better.
Doanh: Wow… I feel so proud to be a student of Thanh Tien secondary school. How nice our
school be. When I came in, I was really impressed y our school yard. It’s wonderful to play
baseball, badminton, volleyball or shuttlecock here. You know? They are my favorite sports
Na: You look very sporty… Here is your classroom, Doanh
Doanh: Thanks so much. You two are so kind
Na: You’re welcome. We’re so happy to see and help you.
Kha: Hope to see you again
Doanh: I hope so. Bye!
Na and Kha: Goodbye!

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