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Heidi murkoff sharon mazel what to expect when youre exp ing (v5 0)

Why Millions of Moms, Dads, and Doctors Love What to Expect® When You’re
“What every mother can’t do without!”
“What to Expect is an incredible pregnancy resource….
The book is very user-friendly and has an excellent index….
Any topic you can think of can be looked up right away.”
“This book quite literally has it all. I have never found a more
complete yet completely enjoyable guide to a healthy, happy pregnancy.”
“What to Expect When You’re Expecting is a lifesaver. Muchisimas Gracias!”
“As a mother this book was my survival guide to getting through the day.”
“A fabulous bible for new moms! I would have been 20 lbs. heavier and a little less sane without
What to Expect When You’re Expecting!”
“I love these books! They’re full of useful information.”

“I started reading What to Expect When You’re Expecting the moment I found out I was pregnant.
[It] provided me with a road map to a stress-free pregnancy.”
“Excellent to allay patients’ fears and provide information…. I recommend it highly.”
“This book revolutionized prenatal care in America.”
“I read them faithfully for my two pregnancies and as a pediatrician find them to be right on.”
“This is the only book I recommend to my patients!”
“This is the ‘must have’ book for any expectant mother, whether it’s your first baby or your fifth!”
“As a maternity designer and as a mother myself, I know that there is no other book that means so
much to so many pregnant women everywhere.”



by Heidi Murkoff and Sharon Mazel
Foreword by Charles J. Lockwood, MD
The Anita O’Keefe Young Professor of Women’s Health and Chair, Department of Obstetrics,
Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences, Yale University School of Medicine

To Emma and Wyatt, my greatest expectations
To Erik, my everything
To Arlene, with so much love, always and forever
To all the moms, dads, and babies everywhere

Copyright © 1984, 1988, 1991, 1996, 2002, 2008 by What to Expect LLC
What to Expect is a registered trademark of What to Expect LLC
Design copyright © by Workman Publishing
What to Expect® When You’re Expecting and the What to Expect® series were conceived by
Heidi Murkoff, Arlene Eisenberg, and Sandee Hathaway.

All rights reserved. No portion of this book may be reproduced—mechanically, electronically, or
by any other means, including photocopying—without the permission of the publisher. Published
simultaneously in Canada by Thomas Allen & Son Limited.
Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data is available.
eISBN-13: 978-0-7611-5268-2
Book design: Lisa Hollander
Cover design: John Seeger Gilman
Cover illustrations: Tim O’Brien
Cover quilt: Lynette Parmentier, Quilt Creations
Cover photography: Davies + Starr
Interior illustrations: Karen Kuchar
Medical illustrations: Tom Newsom
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Thanks A Lot (More)
IF I’VE LEARNED TWO THINGS OVER the last 23 years, it’s that kids don’t raise themselves—and
books don’t write themselves (no matter how long you look at a blank screen).
Fortunately, I haven’t had to take either job on by myself. For the kid raising (officially finished,
though, let’s face it—does it really ever end?), I’ve had the best partner-in-parenting out there, my
husband, Erik—who also happens to be my partner in What to Expect. For the book writing, I’ve had
dozens of colleagues and friends pitch in—contributing support, insight, and ideas in the creation (and
re-creation … and re-creation … and re-creation) of four editions of What to Expect® When You’re
Some of those helpers have come and gone—but others have stood by since day one, and edition
one. Thanks a lot to:
Sandee Hathaway, for all your valuable contributions to What to Expect. You’re a great sister and
an even greater friend.
Suzanne Rafer, editor and friend, who has faithfully guided What to Expect from conception
through delivery four times over—dotting every “i,” crossing every “t,” deleting every misguided pun
(and pair of parens). What’s in a name? When it comes to What to Expect, a lot—and we have
Suzanne to thank for the memorable moniker that helped launch not only 29 million copies, but
hundreds of headlines, cartoons, and parodies.
Peter Workman, a publisher of uncommon integrity and uncompromising commitment—who
believed in our book when bookstores didn’t, who let What to Expect’s grass roots take their slow
and steady time sprouting, who never gave up on the little series that could, and did.
Everyone else at Workman who’s helped with our latest delivery: David Matt, for believing in
evolution (of Cover Mom), taking artistic chances, and overseeing our very challenging—and very
successful—Extreme Makeover. John Gilman, for your extreme patience in this extreme makeover—
and for making illustration magic happen. Lisa Hollander, for always being my favorite designing
woman, as well as to Weiheng Tang. Tim O’Brien for bringing to life Cover Mom, The Next
Generation—and for finally getting her off her rocker. Lynette Parmentier for re-creating as an actual
quilt our iconic illustrated quilt. Karen Kuchar for inking our hot mamas (almost makes me want to
run out and get pregnant again!) and Tom Newsom for our fabulous fetuses. Irene Demchyshyn for
going with the flow and keeping the flow going. And my other phenomenal friends at Workman,
including Suz2 (Suzie Bolotin), Helen Rosner, Beth Doty, Walter Weintz, Jenny Mandel, Kim Small,
and Amy Corley.
My other partner, Sharon Mazel. You’re my mini-me, my other (better) half, my BFF—and I love
you. To the beautiful Daniella, Arianne, Kira, and Sophia, for sharing your amazing mom with me
(and for getting sick and breaking bones only when absolutely necessary). And to the doctor in the
house, Jay, for his great biology lessons and his good nature—but mostly, for letting me be the other
woman in Sharon’s life.
Dr. Charles Lockwood, our remarkable medical advisor, for your concise and precise advice,
your meticulous attention to detail (medical and otherwise), and your obvious compassion for moms
and babies. It’s truly incredible how much you know, how much you do (I get exhausted just reading
your CV), and how much you care.
Steven Petrow (MG), Mike Keriakos, Ben Wolin, Jim Curtis (CSOB), Sarah Hutter, and all my
wonderful friends and partners at Waterfront Media, for making our vision of whattoexpect.com and
My What to Expect a reality. Thanks, also, to the amazing community of moms—not only for making

our site the special place that it is, but for sharing your bellies, babies, and toddlers with me every
The two other guys in my life (a girl could get spoiled): Marc Chamlin, for your keen legal eagle
eye, your business smarts, your unflagging friendship and support; and Alan Nevins, for your
masterful management, phenomenal finessing, endless patience, persistence, and hand-holding.
Jennifer Geddes and Fran Kritz, for helping us get our facts straight (check … check … check!).
Dr. Jessica Wu, for your impeccable pregnancy skin care counsel, and Dr. Howie Mandel, for being
such a good sport about the What to Expect questions I’m always sneaking in at my annuals. And
always, to always-inspiring Lisa Bernstein, Executive Director of the What to Expect Foundation, for
making miracles happen (plump, full-term miracles), and to Zoe, Oh-That-Teddy, and Dan Dubno.
To Erik, my partner in everything I do, always and forever, for all the reasons listed above, and
more than I can list. There’s no one I’d rather mix business and pleasure with, and I love you forever.
And speaking of love, to my pride and joy (I’m not saying who’s who), Emma (the baby who started
it all) and Wyatt (the baby who followed). I love you guys—you’ve made me one lucky mama.
The adorable Howard Eisenberg, father and friend (not necessarily in that order); Victor Shargai
(and John Aniello) for your love and support; and to the world’s best (and newly trimmest) in-laws,
Abby and Norman Murkoff. And to Rachel, Ethan, and Liz, Sandee’s fantastic three, and to Tim, her
Numero Uno.
To ACOG, for being advocates for women and babies, and to all of the doctors, midwives,
nurses, and nurse practitioners who work every day to make pregnancy safer and happier for
expectant families. Most of all, to all the expectant, new, and old moms (and dads) who’ve helped
make each edition of What to Expect better than the last. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again,
parents are my most invaluable resource—so keep those cards, letters, and e-mails coming!
Thanks again, and again, everybody … and may all your greatest expectations come true!

Foreword to the Fourth Edition, by Charles J. Lockwood, MD
Introduction: Why This Book Was Born Again, Again
Part 1: First Things First
Chapter 1: Before You Conceive
Preconception Prep for Moms
Putting It All Together
It Takes Two, Baby
Pinpointing Ovulation
Conception Misconceptions
Preconception Prep for Dads
Chapter 2: Are You Pregnant?
What You May Be Wondering About
Early Pregnancy Signs
Diagnosing Pregnancy
A Faint Line
Testing for the Irregular
No Longer Positive
If You’re Not Pregnant …
A Negative Result
Testing Smart
Making the First Appointment
Your Due Date

Choosing and Working with Your Practitioner
Obstetrician? Family Practitioner? Midwife?
Birthing Choices
Types of Practice
Finding a Candidate
Division of Labor
Making Your Selection
Pregnant and Uncovered
Making the Most of the Patient-Practitioner Partnership
So You Won’t Forget
Chapter 3: Your Pregnancy Profile
Your Gynecological History
This Book’s for You
Birth Control During Pregnancy
HPV (Human Papillomavirus)
Other STDs and Pregnancy

Signs and Symptoms of Genital Herpes
Your Obstetrical History
In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)
The Second Time Around
Your Obstetrical History Repeating Itself
Back-to-Back Pregnancies
Having a Big Family
Previous Abortions
Do Tell
Preterm Birth
Incompetent Cervix
Your Pregnancy Profile and Preterm Birth
Rh Incompatibility
Your Medical History
Rubella Antibody Levels
Immunizations in Pregnancy
Pregnancy After Gastric Bypass
An Eating Disorder
Having a Baby After 35
Is 35 the Magic Number?
The Father’s Age
Uninsured, Mama?
Genetic Counseling
Pregnancy and the Single Mother

Prenatal Diagnosis
First Trimester
First-Trimester Ultrasound
First-Trimester Combined Screening
Chorionic Villus Sampling
It’s a … Surprise!
First and Second Trimester
Integrated Screening
Second Trimester
Quad Screening
A False Screen
How to Freak Out a Pregnant Woman
Second-Trimester Ultrasound
If a Problem Is Found
Chapter 4: Your Pregnancy Lifestyle
What You May Be Wondering About
Sports and Exercise

Caffeine Counter
(Don’t) Put That in Your Pipe
An Early Baby Present
Breaking the Smoking Habit
Secondhand Smoke
Marijuana Use
Cocaine and Other Drug Use
Cell Phones
Hot Tubs and Saunas
The Family Cat
Is Hot Stuff Not So Hot?
Household Hazards
The Green Solution
Air Pollution
Domestic Violence

Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Chapter 5: Nine Months of Eating Well
Have It Your Way
Try These Instead
Nine Basic Principles for Nine Months of Healthy Eating
The Six-Meal Solution
No More Guilt
The Pregnancy Daily Dozen
Count ’Em Once, Count ’Em Twice
Vegetarian Proteins
Can’t Find Your Favorite?
White Whole Wheat
A Little Fat Goes a Long Way
The Good Fat Facts
What’s in a Pill?
What You May Be Wondering About
Milk-Free Mom
Pasteurized, Please
A Red-Meat-Free Diet
A Vegetarian Diet
Low-Carb Diets
Cholesterol Concerns
Junk Food Junkie
Shortcuts to Healthy Eating
Eating Out

Reading Labels
You Can’t Tell a Fruit by Its Cover
Sushi Safety
Hot Stuff
Spoiled Food
Sugar Substitutes
Herbal Tea
Chemicals in Foods
Something’s Cooking
Pick and Choose Organic
Eating Safe for Two
Part 2: Nine Months & Counting: From Conception to Delivery
Chapter 6: The First Month Approximately 1 to 4 Weeks
Your Baby This Month
Making the Pregnancy Connection
Pregnancy Timetable
What You May Be Feeling
Symptoms? Starting Soon
A Look Inside
What You Can Expect at Your First Prenatal Visit
The Wholly Healthy Pregnancy
What You May Be Wondering About
Breaking the News
For the Other Pregnant Half
Vitamin Supplements
Morning Sickness
Your Nose Knows
Excess Saliva
Metallic Taste
Frequent Urination
Breast Changes
Lower Abdominal Pressure
When to Call Your Practitioner
No Worries
HCG Levels
HCG Levels
Relaxation Made Easy
Expect the Best

Your Pampered Pregnancy
Your Hair
Your Face

Your Teeth
Your Body
A Day at the Spa
Your Hands and Feet
Making Up for Pregnancy
Chapter 7: The Second Month Approximately 5 to 8 Weeks
Your Baby This Month
What You May Be Feeling
A Look Inside
What You Can Expect at This Month’s Checkup
What You May Be Wondering About
Heartburn and Indigestion
Bringing Up Reflux
Heartburn Today, Hair Tomorrow?
Food Aversions and Cravings
Visible Veins
Spider Veins
Varicose Veins
An Achy, Swollen Pelvis
Dry Skin
Belly Piercings
Come and Go Belly
Losing Your Shape
Measuring Small
Measuring Big
Difficulty Urinating
Mood Swings
Panic Attacks

Weight Gain During Pregnancy
How Much Should You Gain?
At What Rate Should You Gain?
Why More (or Less) Weight Gain Isn’t More
Breakdown of Your Weight Gain
Weight Gain Red Flags
Chapter 8: The Third Month Approximately 9 to 13 Weeks
Your Baby This Month
What You May Be Feeling
A Look Inside
What You Can Expect at This Month’s Checkup
What You May Be Wondering About

Another Reason for Being Tired, Moody, and Constipated
Lack of Constipation
What’s a Corpus Luteum Cyst?
Stretch Marks
Body Art for Two?
First-Trimester Weight Gain
Boys Will Be Boys
Showing Early
Carrying Multiples?
Baby’s Heartbeat
At-Home Dopplers
The Heart of the Matter
Sexual Desire
Cramp after Orgasm

Pregnant on the Job
When to Tell the Boss
The Pregnant Worker’s Rights
Making the Announcement
The Juggling Act
Staying Comfortable on the Job
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Staying Safe on the Job
Quiet, Please
Getting All the Facts
Staying on the Job
Changing Jobs
Unfair Treatment at Work
Chapter 9: The Fourth Month Approximately 14 to 17 Weeks
Your Baby This Month
More Baby
What You May Be Feeling
A Look Inside
What You Can Expect at This Month’s Checkup
What You May Be Wondering About
Dental Problems
A Gum Alert
Pearly White Wisdom
Expecting X-Rays?
Nasal Stuffiness and Nosebleeds

Snooze or Lose?
No Peanuts for Your Little Peanut?
Vaginal Discharge
Elevated Blood Pressure
Sugar in the Urine
Get Your Flu Shots
Symptoms of Anemia
Fetal Movement
Body Image
A Pregnant Pose
Maternity Clothes
Looking Slim When You’re Bulking Up
Pre-Baby Jitters
Unwanted Advice
Unwanted Belly Touching

Exercise During Pregnancy
The Benefits of Exercise
Working in Workouts
Can You Kegel?
Exercise Smarts
Exercising the Right Way When You’re Expecting
Thirty Minutes Plus?
Shoulder and Leg Stretches
Dromedary Droop
Neck Relaxer
Choosing the Right Pregnancy Exercise
Pelvic Tilt
Biceps Curl
Leg Lifts
Tailor Stretch
Hip Flexors
Waist Twists
Exercise in Bed
If You Don’t Exercise
Chest Stretches
Chapter 10: The Fifth Month Approximately 18 to 22 Weeks
Your Baby This Month
What You May Be Feeling
A Look Inside
What You Can Expect at This Month’s Checkup

What You May Be Wondering About
Heating Up
When Too Much Is Too Much
Abdominal Aches
The New Skin You’re In
Foot Growth
Fast-Growing Hair and Nails
Fetal Movement Patterns
Second-Trimester Ultrasound
A Picture That Lasts a Lifetime
Baby’s First Mall Portrait
Placenta Position
Sleeping Position
Carrying Baby, Fifth Month
Class Womb?
Carrying Older Children
Approaching Parenthood
Wearing a Seat Belt
Jettisoning Jet Lag
Pregnant at a High Altitude
Pregnant Women Are Delicious

Sex and the Pregnant Woman
Sex Through the Trimesters
What’s Turning You On (or Off)?
The Ins and Outs of Sex During Pregnancy
When Sex May Be Limited
Getting Comfortable
Enjoying It More, Even If You’re Doing It Less
Chapter 11: The Sixth Month Approximately 23 to 27 Weeks
Your Baby This Month
What You May Be Feeling
A Look Inside
What You Can Expect at This Month’s Checkup
What You May Be Wondering About
Trouble Sleeping
Save Time (in a Capsule)
Protruding Navel
Baby Kicking
Itchy Belly

Numbness in the Hands
Leg Cramps
Stretching Away Leg Cramps
When Something Just Doesn’t Feel Right
Breast Lump
Childbirth Pain
Bleeding in Mid- or Late Pregnancy
Diagnosing Preeclampsia
Labor Inhibitions
Calling the Labor Shots
Hospital Tours

Childbirth Education
Benefits of Taking a Childbirth Class
Choosing a Childbirth Class
Back to School
For Information on Pregnancy/Childbirth Classes
Childbirth Education Options
Classes for Second Timers
Chapter 12: The Seventh Month Approximately 28 to 31 Weeks
Your Baby This Month
Baby Brain Food
What You May Be Feeling
A Look Inside
What You Can Expect at This Month’s Checkup
What You May Be Wondering About
Fatigue Revisited
Take Them Off, While You Can
Strange Skin Bumps
Lower Back and Leg Pain (Sciatica)
Restless Leg Syndrome
Count Your Kicks
Fetal Hiccups
Accidental Falls
Orgasm and Baby’s Kicking
Dreams and Fantasies
Preparing Fido and Whiskers
Handling It All
A Birth Plan
Some Cookies with That Birth Plan?
Your Main Squeeze
Don’t Hold It In

Lifesaving Screenings for Newborns
Glucose Screening Test
Doulas: Best Medicine for Labor?
A Low-Birthweight Baby
Signs of Preterm Labor

Easing Labor Pain
Managing Your Pain with Medications
Pushing Without the Pain
Managing Your Pain with CAM
Just Breathe
Making the Decision
Chapter 13: The Eighth Month Approximately 32 to 35 Weeks
Your Baby This Month
What You May Be Feeling
A Look Inside
What You Can Expect at This Month’s Checkup
What You May Be Wondering About
Braxton Hicks Contractions
Not-So-Funny Rib Tickling
Shortness of Breath
Choosing a Pediatrician
Lack of Bladder Control
How You’re Carrying
Carrying Baby, Eighth Month
Your Size and Your Delivery
Your Weight Gain and the Baby’s Size
Baby’s Position
Breech Baby
Turn, Baby, Turn
Face Forward
How Does Your Baby Lie?
Other Unusual Presentations
Cesarean Delivery
Be in the Know
Elective Cesareans
Scheduled Classes for Scheduled C’s
Repeat Cesareans
Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)
Group B Strep
Eat Up
Taking Baths Now
Driving Now
Traveling Now
Making Love Now

Your Twosome
Considering Cord Blood Banking

Why Breast Is Best
Prepping for Breastfeeding
The Breast: Sexual or Practical?
Why Some Opt for the Bottle
Making the Choice to Breastfeed
Nursing After Breast Surgery
Got Pierced?
Mixing Breast and Bottle
When You Can’t or Shouldn’t Breastfeed
When Father Knows Breast
Chapter 14: The Ninth Month Approximately 36 to 40 Weeks
Your Baby This Month
What You May Be Feeling
A Look Inside
What You Can Expect at This Month’s Checkup
What You May Be Wondering About
Urinary Frequency—Again
Leaky Breasts
Spotting Now
Water Breaking in Public
Baby’s Crying Already?
Baby Dropping
Changes in Baby’s Movements
Going Down?
Nesting Instinct
Getting Ready
How Is Baby Doing?
When You Will Deliver
Do-It-Yourself Labor Induction?
The Overdue Baby
Massage It, Mama
Inviting Others to the Birth
Foods to Bring It On?
Sounds Like a Plan
Another Long Labor?
What to Take to the Hospital or Birthing Center
Fill ’Er Up

Prelabor, False Labor, Real Labor
Prelabor Symptoms

False Labor Symptoms
Real Labor Symptoms
When to Call the Practitioner
Ready or Not
Chapter 15: Labor and Delivery
What You May Be Wondering About
Mucous Plug
Bloody Show
Your Water Breaking
Darkened Amniotic Fluid
Low Amniotic Fluid During Labor
Irregular Contractions
Calling Your Practitioner During Labor
Not Getting to the Hospital in Time
Emergency Delivery if You’re Alone
Having a Short Labor
Back Labor
Labor Induction
Eating and Drinking During Labor
Emergency Delivery: Tips for the Coach
Routine IV
Fetal Monitoring
Artificial Rupture of Membranes
An Episiotomy
Vacuum Extraction
Vacuum Extractor
Labor Positions
Labor Positions
Being Stretched by Childbirth
Apgar Score
The Sight of Blood

Stages and Phases of Childbirth
Stage One: Labor
Phase 1: Early Labor
For the Record
Call Your Practitioner If …
Phase 2: Active Labor
On to the Hospital or Birthing Center
Are Things Slowing Down?
Don’t Hyperventilate
Phase 3: Transitional Labor
Stage Two: Pushing and Delivery

A Baby Is Born
A First Look at Baby
Stage Three: Delivery of the Placenta
Cesarean Delivery
Part 3: Twins, Triplets & More: When You’re Expecting Multiples
Chapter 16: Expecting More Than One
What You May Be Wondering About
Seeing Double—Everywhere?
Detecting a Multiple Pregnancy
Fraternal or Identical?
Choosing a Practitioner
Pregnancy Symptoms
Eating Well with Multiples
Weight Gain
What to Gain When You’re Gaining for Two or More
Multiple Time Line
Mixed Feelings
Insensitive Comments
Multiple Connections
Safety in Numbers
Multiple Benefits
Bed Rest
Vanishing Twin Syndrome

Multiple Childbirth
Laboring with Twins or More
Twin Timing
Position, Position, Position
Delivering Twins
Recovering from a Multiple Delivery
Breastfeeding for Two Is Good for Mom, Too
Delivering Triplets
Part 4: After the Baby Is Born
Chapter 17: Postpartum: The First Week
What You May Be Feeling
What You May Be Wondering About
Perineal Pain
When to Call Your Practitioner Postpartum
Delivery Bruises
Difficulty Urinating
That First Bowel Movement
Excessive Sweating

Engorged Breasts
Engorgement if You’re Not Breastfeeding
Where’s the Breast Milk?
Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?
Recovery from a Cesarean Delivery
Coming Home with Baby

Nursing and the NICU Baby
Breastfeeding Basics
Keeping Track
Engorgement: When the Milk Comes In
Next Stop: Easy Street
The Breastfeeding Diet
Leaking Milk
Medication and Lactation
Sore Nipples
When Breastfeeding Gets Bumpy
Breastfeeding After a Cesarean Delivery
Breastfeeding Multiples
Bottle Baby
Tandem Nursing
Give It Time
Chapter 18: Postpartum: The First 6 Weeks
What You May Be Feeling
What You Can Expect at Your Postpartum Checkup
What You May Be Wondering About
Hair Loss
Postpartum Urinary Incontinence
Fecal Incontinence
Help for Leaks That Won’t Let Up
Postpartum Backache
Baby Blues
Postpartum Depression
Getting Help for Postpartum Depression
Thyroiditis Got You Down?
Losing Weight Postpartum
Long-Term C-Section Recovery
Resuming Sex
Craving More?
Becoming Pregnant Again


Getting Back into Shape
Basic Position
Pelvic Tilt
Leg Slides
Head/Shoulder Lift
Workout Rules for the First Six Weeks
Phase 1: Twenty-Four Hours After Delivery
Phase 2: Three Days After Delivery
Close the Gap
Phase 3: After Your Postpartum Checkup
Milk It
Part 5: For Dads
Chapter 19: Fathers Are Expectant, Too
What You May Be Wondering About
Get Ready, Get Set … Then Go
Dealing with Her Symptoms
A Partner in Parenting by Any Name
Sympathy Symptoms
Feeling Left Out
Resources for Dads
Expectant Sex Explained
Pregnancy Dreams
It’s Your Hormones (Really)
Surviving Her Mood Swings
Your Pregnancy Mood Swings
Labor and Delivery Worries
Anxiety Over Life Changes
Being There
Fathering Fears
Your Baby Blues
Keep an Eye on Her Mood
Feeling Unsexy After Delivery
Postpartum Sex?
Part 6: Staying Healthy When You’re Expecting
Chapter 20: If You Get Sick
What You May Be Wondering About
The Common Cold
Is It the Flu or a Cold?
Flu Season
Flu Shot for Two

Strep Throat
Urinary Tract Infection
Yeast Infection
Bacterial Vaginosis
Stomach Bugs
Fifth Disease
Staying Well
Chicken Pox (Varicella)
Lyme Disease
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Hepatitis C
Bell’s Palsy

Medications During Pregnancy
Common Medications
Keeping Current
If You Need Medication During Pregnancy
Herbal Cures
Chapter 21: If You Have a Chronic Condition
What You May Be Wondering About
Cancer in Pregnancy
Cystic Fibrosis
Helping Others with Epilepsy
Making the Most of Your Meds
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Multiple Sclerosis
Physical Disability
Rheumatoid Arthritis

Sickle Cell Anemia
Thyroid Disease

Getting the Support You Need
Part 7: The Complicated Pregnancy
Chapter 22: Managing a Complicated Pregnancy
Pregnancy Complications
Early Miscarriage
Types of Miscarriage
You’ll Want to Know …
If You’ve Had a Miscarriage
Management of a Miscarriage
Late Miscarriage
Repeat Miscarriages
Ectopic Pregnancy
You’ll Want to Know …
Subchorionic Bleed
You’ll Want to Know …
Hyperemesis Gravidarum
You’ll Want to Know …
Gestational Diabetes
You’ll Want to Know …
The Reasons Behind Preeclampsia
You’ll Want to Know …
HELLP Syndrome
Intrauterine Growth Restriction
You’ll Want to Know …
Placenta Previa
You’ll Want to Know …
Placental Abruption
You’ll Want to Know …
Preterm Premature Rupture of the Membranes (PPROM)
You’ll Want to Know …
Preterm or Premature Labor
You’ll Want to Know …
Predicting Preterm Labor
Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD)
Cord Knots and Tangles
Two-Vessel Cord
Uncommon Pregnancy Complications

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