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Phân biệt hai phuơng pháp hạch toán hàng tồn kho kê khai thường xuyên kiểm kê định kì

It’s the same for all of us. We try to know and get close to the people who live next door. It’s easier to give
them a polite nod than to ask what’s wrong. It safer to keep walking by than to get involved. True
,we sometimes do get to know the people we share a fence with and end up lifelong friends. But mostly,
we keep our distance because we’d rather our neighbours know nothing about us than know too much.
And then, we keep on walking and put on a straight face to keep your neighbours from picking up a
friendly chat with you. Most people end up living as an Island. Since no man is an island, the secrecy
doesn’t usually last. We just have to be careful with one’s neighbour and live our lives in the best way we
can without breathing in anyone’s space.

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