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Mô hình nhiều tầng(ntiers architecture)

Job Title: .Net Engineer
AS White Global is looking for talented and experienced developers for our Software
Development Team in Malaysia. Are you the one who is always eager to learn more, want
to work in a highly-skilled, professional and international team of developers? The one
who always wants to be on the edge of technology and ready to invest the next couple of
years in becoming a master in programming? Then you might be the one we are looking
Key accountability:
 Have a daily stand-up with your global team in Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and
 Communicate directly and collaborate closely with our counterparts in Malaysia
and Philippines
 Coordinate your task with team member’s from other countries
 Write awesome .NET code, using appropriate technologies and framework (MVC,
WCF, EF) to be efficient while giving the best UI.
 Design the project using appropriate technologies and framework to be efficient
while giving the best UI.
 Research new technologies, work multi-task and multiple projects
 Report and update your working progress to your supervisor
 Attend interesting seminars/presentations about technologies or soft skills
Technical requirements:

 You must have experience in .NET technologies such as: ASP.NET Web Forms,
ASP.NET MVC, WCF, Entity Framework, Biztalk, Sharepoint etc, and enjoy using a
variety of languages and development tools.
 Excellent knowledge in web usability and web programming frameworks.
 Initiative and the ability to work independently and in a team.
 Experience in Agile Scrum is a big plus
Other requirements:
 At least 4 years of relevant expereince with solid technical knowledge will be ideal
for the team
 Excellent English communication skills (both verbal and written) are compulsory

Analytical, organised and detail oriented

 Bachelor’s Degree/Professional Degree/Master’s Degree in Computer Science,
Software Engineering, Information technology or equivalent

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