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Application letter 1

Ho Chi Minh City
November 17, 2015

My Dung Nguyen
Director of Administrator HR
XXX Coporation
3 Nguyen Van Bao street,
Go Vap District, HCM City
Dear Ms. My Dung:
I’m interested in the job opening posted on the Vietnamwork website. To reply to your opening of the job, I am
pleased to enclose my C.V to apply for M&E technical engineer position.
I graduated from HCM University of Technology in 2005, major in Mechanical - Electrical and HCM University of
Industry, major in Mechanic in 2007
I have had 9 years experience working in ABC Coporation at Technical Staff position and one year as a CAD
designer in XYZ Furniture Join Stock company.
With my qualifications,and the experience working in the last time, I believe I will contribute of the development to
your company in this position.
Besides of the job requirement I’m a funny and dynamic person, and I thinks it’s necessary element of professional
enviroment in your company
If you require more information from me, I will supply it for you and I am available for interview at any time in

your company
Quang Tung Bui
12/34 – To Ky Streets,
Trung My Tay Ward,12 Dist
Ho Chi Minh City
Phone: 0933 xxx xxx
Email: tungquang@live.com
Document enclosed
Degree and qualifications

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