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1. A. facsimile B. transfer C. spacious D. fax
2. A. equipped B. delivered C. transferred D. received
3. A. helps B. provides C. documents D. texts
4. A. supply B. dirty C. energy D. happy
5. A. decreased B. influenced C. endangered D. established
6. A. heat B. nuclear C. feat D. clean
7. A. power B. slow C. snow D. show
8. A. plenty B. energy C. only D. hydropower
9. A. rugby B. nearby C. cycling D. apply
10. A. strength B. event C. athlete D. wrestling
11. The Vietnamese participants took ____ in the 14
Asian Games with great enthusiasm.
A. notice B. notes C. part D. role
12. How many sports are there ____ the 14
Asian Games?
A. in B. on C. at D. to
13. The Olympic Games is one of the biggest sporting ____ all over the world.

A. problems B. athletes C. cultures D. events
14. Swimming is one of the ____ sports.
A. mountainous B. aquatic C. racing D. running
15. ____ can help n athlete to improve the strength of muscles and the appearance of the body.
A. Shooting B. Table tennis C. Weightlifting D. Playing chess
16. Vietnam won 3 gold ____ in the 15
Asian Games.
A. degrees B. medals C. awards D. boards
17. Nearly 500 ____ from 11 nations took part in the first Asian Games in New Delhi, Indian.
A. viewers B. spectators C. athletes D. passers-by
18. There were many scientists at the meeting, several of ____ were very young.
A. That B. whom C. who D. which
19. This is the novel ____ I’ve been expecting.
A. that B. which C. x (nothing) D. All are correct
20. Fencing was first introduced at the 13
Asian Games, ____ in Bangkok, Thailand in 1998.
A. to be held B. holing C. when was held D. which was held
21. Each country sends its best athletes ____ participation expresses the friendship and solidarity.
A. who B. which C. that D. whose
22. ____ came from France were really more friendly than any others.
A. The athletes, that B. The athletes whom
C. The athletes who D. The athletes which
23. That is Mr. Pike, a referee, ____ I told you about.
A. that B. which C. whom D. whose
24. This is a picture in the newspaper of a high jumper ____ leg was seriously hurt.
A. who B. who C. whose D. that
25. I like the book ____ you lent me last week.
A. who B. when C. where D. Þ
26. I know the man ____ Miss White is talking to.
A. him B. which C. whose D. Þ
27. My father is an ____ guitarist.
A. accomplishing B. accomplished C. accomplish D. accomplishment
28. He is very good at ____ people singing with his guitar.
A. making B. getting C. accompanying D. having
29. My uncle is interested in ____ stamps.
A. collect B. collecting C. collected D. to collect
30. A ____ is a series of musical notes that is pleasant and easy to remember.
A. musical instrument B. guitar C. practice D. tune
31. My ____ for my mother is infinite.
A. admire B. admirer C. admiration D. admirable
32 I am quite keen on my father’s valuable stamp ____.
A. collect B. collecting C. collection D. collector
33. I had forgotten all about it because I had been so ____ with other things.
A. occupied B. interested C. accomplished D. successful
34. You should not indulge yourself ____ anything that can form a bad habit.
A. in B. on C. for D. at
35. I really admire him, for his ____.
A. succeed B. success C. successful D. successfully
36. ____ I bought the golden fish.
A. It was from this shop thatB. I was from this shop where
C. It was this shop which D. It was this shop that
37. It was Tom ____ to help us.
A. comes B. that comes C. to come D. who came
38. ____ the police had rescued from the fire.
A. The baby B. The baby that
C. It was the baby whom D. The baby whom
39. ____ my parents gave me the fish tank.
A. It was on my birthday when B. It was my birthday on that
C. It was my birthday that D. It was on my birthday that
40. ____ I first met my girlfriend.
A. It was in London that B. It was in London where
C. It was London that D. It was London which
41. ____ on the phone.
A. It is his mother whom is B. It was his mother whom is
C. It was his mother who is D. It is his mother who is
42. ____ a high level of blood cholesterol.
A. It is eggs that contain B. Those are eggs it contains
C. It is eggs that contains D. It is eggs contain
43. It is the library ____.
A. that I often borrow booksB. that I often borrow books from
C. where I often borrow books from D. from that I often borrow books
44. ____ England won the World Cup.
A. It was in 1966 that B. It was on 1966 that
C. It was in 1966 when D. It was 1966 in that
45. ____ took my car.
A. It was you B. It were you C. It was you that D. It was you whom
46. British people are very interested in ____ in sports.
A. entering B. interfering C. involving D. taking part
47. Which of the following leisure activities do you think British people often do in their spare time? The word “spare” is
closest in meaning to “____”.
A. empty B. absent C. free D. lost
48. He got a scholarship so his parents did not have to pay his school ____.
A. report B. fee C. equipment D. master
49. There are several sophisticated hobbies that require hobbyists a lot of time and money. The word “ sophisticated” is
closest in meaning to “____”.
A. complex B. simple C. easy D. pleasant
50. There are many other pursuits such as listening to music, reading, and gardening. The word “pursuits” is closest in
meaning to “____”.
A. hobbies B. sports C. courses D. decisions
51. What are you interested ____ doing in your free time?
A. for B. in C. over D. on
52. Some training courses can provide people ____ practical skills.
A. from B. on C. for D. with
53. Our recreation is quite different ____ yours.
A. between B. among C. with D. from
54. Television viewing is by far the most popular pastime, and nearly all households have a television set. The word
“pastime” is closest in meaning to “____”.
A. translation B. invention C. emotion D. recreation
55. I left it ____ on the table ____ in the drawer.
A. either – nor B. neither – or C. either – or D. either – either
56. Not ____ did she refuse to speak to him, but she also vowed never to see him again.
A. even B. only C. at all D. always
57. He neither drank ____ smoked so he had good health.
A. nor B. or C. but D. also
58. Neither the TV nor the video sets ____ properly.
A. works B. work C. has worked D. is working
59. She ____ hard but also gets on well with her classmates.
A. doesn’t only study B. studies not only
C. not only studies D. not studies only
60. Either you leave now ____!
A. I will also call the police B. but I will call the police
C. or will I call the police D. or I will call the police
61. Not only John but also his two brothers ____ football as their recreation every weekend.
A. play B. plays C. were playing D. has played
62. ____ Julia ____ her sister are going to the party.
A. Both-and B. Neither-nor C. Either –or D. Not-only-but also
63. The hotel staff is friendly and ____.
A. unhelpful B. courteous C. discourteous D. impolite
64. We are proud of our ____ staff, who are always friendly and efficient.
A. well-done B. well-appointed C. well-behaved D. well-trained
65. EMS stand for ____.
A. Electronic Mail Service B. Express Mail Service
C. Economic Mail Service D. Environment management Service
66. If someone want to send a document and does not want to lose its ____ version, facsimile service will help you.
A. beginning B. last C. original D. recent
67. People can buy daily ____ in many local post office in early morning.
A. newspapers B. books C. postcards D. letters
68. Fax transmission has now become a cheap and ____ way to transmit texts and graphics over distance.
A. inconvenient B. convenient C. uncomfortable D. comfortable
69. If you ____ to your favourite newspapers and magazines, they will be delivered to your house early in the morning.
A. buy B. book C. pay D. subscribe
70. Your EMS mail will be ____ in the shortest possible time.
A. provided B. delivered C. taken D. caught
71. I can answer the question ____ you say is very difficult.
A. which B. whom C. who D. whose
72. This is Mr. Jones, ____ invention has helped hundreds of deaf people.
A. which B. that C. whose D. whom
73. Tom, ____ sits next to me, is from Canada.
A. that B. whom C. who D. whose
74. The waiter whom served us yesterday was polite and friendly.
75. This class is only for people who’s first language is not Chinese.
76. The man with who I spoke in the meeting used to work here.
77. He is moving to Lang Son city, that is in the north – east of Viet Nam.
78. She asked me if I knew whom had got the job.
79. It was a kind of machine with that we were not familiar.
80. The song to that we listened last night was beautiful.
81 The man to speak to me is John’s brother.
82. He is the second person be killed in that way.
83. They work in a hospital sponsoring by the government.
84. A dam is a wall building across river to stop the river’s flow and collect the water.

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